Gateway Pundit Eliminated From Facebook: The SJW Bilderberg Purge of Internet Continues, Infowars Banned From You Tube Too

 Click. here to see the news that You Tube has stopped Alex Jones posting videos: Emergency Transmission: Massive Purge To End Internet Freedom Right Now » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


The war on everyone who isn’t a California/NYC/Bilderberg operation online is intensifying!  Criminal Facebook Corporation Shut Down Gateway Pundit Today Because of Our Conservative Beliefs… Where the Hell Is the GOP?   Alex Jones has been shut down by You Tube where the raging war against anyone who isn’t a far left winger.  This censorship and destruction of people’s businesses is because of the looming Congressional elections which the DNC hopes to win power via police state tactics and violent thug mobs attacking any political rallies like we saw in the previous election which the mainstream media refused to report.

The Gateway Pundit has a graph showing how they have grown over the last several years.  A quarter million viewers, it is doing better than the Wall Street Journal, for example.  The mainstream media is also very angry at the popularity of nearly anyone who isn’t mainstream media that is, Bilderberg gangsters.

These asses think that they can reimpose their fake news on us which is why they raged about ‘fake news’ when we all were agreeing that THEY were the fake news, they insist they are real when it is repeatedly proven that they lie, twist and conceal news and are untrustworthy.


Like all the collapsing systems this last decade, they think if they have a Disney-level semi-monopoly, they can force us to go to their movies or read their news but we won’t because they are insulting us regularly and think we can’t put 2+2 together.


All major institutions that bring in big money are collapsing due to pushing agendas on the US public that we utterly reject.  In Europe and Canada and other places, they are destroying free speech and free assembly and terrorizing the people with gangs of violent ANTIFA thugs allowed to run wild alongside armies of millions of illegal aliens.

Breotbart is next.  They are more popular than the Washington Post and Huffington Post.  The monsters destroying all systems of communication, congregation and pleasures will now bend their twisted minds into figuring out how to eliminate Breitbart, too.

YouTube’s Censorship is Out of Control – YouTube

Watch Alex Jones Show here on his own transmission site.

Below is a good explanation of the history of You Tube censorship:

YouTube is Lying to Us (Censorship is Here) – YouTube


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9 responses to “Gateway Pundit Eliminated From Facebook: The SJW Bilderberg Purge of Internet Continues, Infowars Banned From You Tube Too

  1. Ken

    Off topic (sorry Elaine),

    The global warming advocates like to point to the sorry condition of the polar bears as proof that global warming is real and is endangering the bears first. We are next. In effect, the polar bears serve the same purpose as a canary in an old fashioned coal mine.

    Except, one of the world’s leading experts on polar bears just completed an extensive study of the bears, on behalf of the global warming activists. She found that the polar bears are doing just fine. They are not starving, and their numbers have not decreased. If anything, they are doing better under global warming than they did before, and their numbers are increasing.

    Expect this study to be swept under the rug.

  2. Floridasandy

    Who uses Facebook anymore?

  3. ziff

    luckily , for now , we don’t HAVE to have youtube to watch infowars. i can’t listen to jones anyway , but more power to him .

  4. Sunger

    Ken- Anybody who goes to an extreme partisan group like Breitbart for accurate news about science has got to be more naive than a newborn babe.

  5. Sunger

    No, I take that back. Anybody who goes to Breitbart for news on climate science is a total moron.

  6. Ken

    Sunger @ 4 & 5,

    Name calling is always the last resort of someone who doesn’t have a solid argument to make.

    I go to many sites for my information. Some are liberal, and some are conservative. On the whole, I find that the conservative ones are less biased than the liberal ones.

    Please notice that I did not cite to some opinion piece by a conservative commentator. I cited to an actual study. One originally commissioned by liberals. It seemed news-worthy to me to draw attention to a study by a world recognized expert in her field.

  7. Ken

    Sunger @ 4 & 5,

    Frankly, I find Breitbart to be less biased than Infowars. The fact that you choose to attack me and not the people citing Inforwars articles tells me that I touched a nerve.

  8. Lou


    An angry-looking gorilla statue named “Dobby” had occupied a cage in a park playground for 19 years with nary a complaint nor a protest. But since the world is falling apart and everyone seems hell-bent on going absolutely freaking insane for no good reason whatsoever, a recent hue and cry emerged over the fact that the playground housed what appeared to many racists in the town to be an angry naked black man in a cage.

    Over the past few weeks phone calls began pouring in expressing severe outrage that the city was making fun of naked incarcerated black males across this great land with its “stupid” and “not very funny at all, nope, not one bit” gorilla statue. So after 19 years, “Dobby” was set free from his cage. At press time we remain uncertain whether he is living on government assistance, nor whether government assistance is even available for toy statues of primates that trigger deep-seated paroxysms of guilt among people with way too much time on their hands/ Taki Mag.

  9. Putting any gorillas in cages is terrible. I am serious, it is so demeaning to a sentient creature.

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