Arctic Conditions Locks Down Northeast While Bloomberg Campaigns Against Global Warming

Yes, it is a real news story.  I am now buried under nearly three feet of snow and all of March the daytime temperatures has been below or just above freezing and this is going to continue until at least mid-March.  So much for ‘global warming’.  I live on part of this ‘globe’ and am pissed off, big time.  Also, the Bilderberg gang is freaking out over Trump’s trade war as he forces corporations to return production to the USA and hire American workers!  The Real Rulers hate this idea, totally.

China, the biggest supporter of one way trade, is allying itself with Japan who is also one of the biggest one way trade nations, all of Asia is one way trade.  So what are they going to do?


According to the NYT which is a paper run by traitors who hate American citizens, these lopsided traders who have huge barriers, mostly hidden, to prevent fair trade, they will now join forces and trade with…get this joke?…EACH OTHER.


HAHAHA.  Trade what?  There was no ‘trade’ with the US, it was totally onesided business.  Now, all the one sided business countries will try to pull off this with each other?  Impossible, of course, and they know this.


This was just a temper tantrum.  Now on to Europe threatening us for wrecking their lopsided one way ‘trade’ with the US: I say, pull out all our troops and tell them to negotiate with Putin.


Obviously, they don’t need us and we certainly don’t need them!  I have been calling for the end of NATO for a long time due to Europe forcing us to foot the bill for protecting these lousy, ungrateful wretches.


Now on to DC: the GOP leaders are angry that Sessions won’t start an investigation of the DNC conspiracy to throw an election illegally to their party via dirty tricks, spying illegally, destroying evidence.  What more does he need?


Is Something Brewing? Sessions Says He Appointed Someone “Outside of Washington” to Look at Allegations House Judiciary Committee Sent DOJ


On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) demanded the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate FISA abuses.


Last week, GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin sent a letter to AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging him to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate FISA abuses and how/why Hillary’s probe ended and Trump’s Russia probe began.


The GOP has many stop Bilderberg gangsters involved in running the USA off the cliff and these clowns and traitors are pissed off at protectionism, they want no protections at all for any citizens, they hate us.  They want Trump removed which is why there is little investigation of the Bilderberg candidate, Hillary.  Trump is the only non-Bilderberg President in the last half a century.


We have been run off the financial cliff by a conspiracy of GOP and DNC leaders to loot the US taxpayers and burden us with a mountain of international and national debts.  This is treason!  And no one is going to stop this treason except the voters.


Trump 2020 Manager Brad Parscale Warns Big Tech: ‘We Are Watching’ and will stop the purge of ‘wrongthink’ at these online sites:


Brad Parscale, who was recently appointed as campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid, has warned Google, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain a “level playing field,” following a month of high-profile revelations of bias at big tech.


Twitter also continues to be caught up in bias scandals: we recently reportedthat the platform is hiding tweets from President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. The platform also conducted a recent mass-lockout of Trump supporters, and has refused to apply their terms of service evenly, allowing a campaign of harassment against Pamela Geller’s daughters while banning right-wingers for stating facts.


What happened to Geller is particularly obscene.  When gangs of ANTIFA supporter leftists decided to scare her and her family, they dug up all the information about her family and then posted it online, calling on members to send death threats, etc.


Scared, the daughters of Geller had to stop doing business online.  None of the sites promoting illegal harassment of non-political citizens were eliminated by the tech overlords.


Yahoo News Hails ‘New Generation’ Of Anti-Gentrification Activists Who Use Violence To ‘Frighten Off Invaders’: yes, there is a war against ‘white Europeans’ and it is very violent.


Their “fighting” consists of vandalizing businesses with messages such as “F–K WHITE ART,” inundating “white gentrifiers” with death threats, holding rallies outside their busineses where they chant “don’t feel safe, we’ll be back” and holding masked, flare lit marches through the streets shouting “gentrifiers get the f–k out!”


Note that no one at the top of the political pyramid is condemning this.  This is happening in other ‘minority’ neighborhoods.  It has gone on in NYC nearly all my life.


I was a renovator who came into desperately degraded neighborhoods and rebuilt these.  Even back in 1980, we were attacked by politicians and fighting crime took up a great deal of my time because the criminals attacked us relentlessly and I attacked them relentlessly.


Open racism by ‘oppressed people’ is common.  Open violence to enforce segregation is coming not from white people but from all the other people.  They openly demand we retreat and they be allowed to do as they please.


This is the death of integration. The cocky ‘minorities’ openly call for genocide and that should scare everyone greatly.  Mexicans have invaded the US illegally and now demand we give them everything they want including segregation so they can have a power base which they control totally.


They are at war with us now.  The Muslims have the same goals.  Far from being nice neighbors, they want to terrorize everyone around them so they go away.  Entire cities have been invaded this way.  Note how the left supports this and how black football players refuse to honor the flag, etc.


They hate us and want us all to die or be enslaved.  Look at how much the DNC cares about the abuse of whites in South Africa, for one glaring example.  They don’t care that the new President of SA is confiscating the last properies of the whites and is openly talking about eradicating them via Nazi-style death camps.


But then, Israel has been at this, too, with Gaza and their invasion of the West Bank.  Our rulers are OK with that, too.


I wonder why Jewish politicians support all this.  So far, they use these genocidal minority power leaders to win elections for Jews like Schumer in Brooklyn.  But I know from personal experience that the blacks and Muslims and Hispanics hate the Jews a great deal.


If Schumer thinks he will be their ‘leader’ forever and Jews will pull the strings forever, he is delusional and insane.  The leaders of these populations are licking their chops for the opportunity to annihilate all the Jews.  This is so utterly suicidal, it is just astonishingly stupid and shortsighted of the Jewish community.


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6 responses to “Arctic Conditions Locks Down Northeast While Bloomberg Campaigns Against Global Warming

  1. Lou

    Thanks for the image of those 2 creeps, under the thumb of the UN.
    Do you know who donated the land for the UN?

    ‘I wonder why Jewish politicians support all this’–I dont. Hatred on non joos and their own suicide gene.

    While you just offer insults which you must think appear poetic. grandiose thinking is a symptom of mental illness. In an article recently published in the most prestigious scientific journal, Nature, Israeli researchers announced the discovery of a genetic marker for major psychiatric disorders with high heritability like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, manic depression and bipolar disorder linked in a genome-wide association in the Ashkenazi Jewish population, in lay language a mutated gene that makes Ashkenazi Jews 40% more likely to develop these severe psychiatric disorders than non-Jews. This is especially poignant information. The researchers discovered this info, due to the large number of “wrongful birth” lawsuits filed by Jews against their obstetricians, over so many of their infants being born with genetic defects inherent in Jew’s DNA. All that inbreeding within a small population over millennia, has bad results. But you are so very special…


    A Polish J*w whose family immigrated to South Africa and then skipped the country when the people his confrères championed came to power?
    In their zeal to confiscate white property, does anyone imagine the government of South Africa will nationalize the DeBeers/Oppenheimer diamond mines? Not a chance.
    A Rabbi just blessed the new President of SA for his white confiscation and genocide policies…

  2. Lou

    ‘I wonder why Jewish misbehave the way that they do?
    Their hatred for the host country is greater than their desire to be safe in the host country, for one thing.

  3. Nani

    Recently Tillerson warns African countries against Chinese loans and investments in their countries. His comments drew sharp criticism from the Russian foreign minister:

    “I didn’t know that Rex Tillerson is a specialist in Chinese-African relations,” Lavrov said after he met with Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare. He added that “it’s not exactly appropriate for Tillerson to speak about Africa’s relations with other countries while a guest on the Dark Continent – especially in such “a negative way.”

    “We don’t share such an approach. I consider it neo-imperialist. And we will never pursue such policies,” he added.

    Russia and China are now key allies, and they will support each other, and cooperate in countering US attempts at dominance, provocations and aggression.

  4. Yes, Russia and China are now allies, they hated each other back when Khruschev and Mao ruled. They actually went to war against each other and Mao hated the Vietcong who were supported by Russia, not China.

  5. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Your comment:

    ” . . . and Mao hated the Vietcong who were supported by Russia, not China.”

    got me to checking the cranial archives and do I correctly remember that within two years of the fall of Saigon in 1975 – the North Vietnamese Army [NVA] took a two week road-trip on their T-34 and newly acquired ‘Patton’ tanks 50 miles into southern China – just to show Peking they could?


  6. Yes, there was a border war back then. I was highly aware of it when it happened due to having non-US news systems. I actually hauled that information out of my brain where I store all my top information. Very few Americans know about that little border war.

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