Kim Surrenders To Trump, Trade Wars Begin With Our Obnoxious ‘Allies’ And With China, Too

Trump triumphs with not one but two great victories: he forced North Korea to negotiate for peace!  This is a huge victory for him.  And he started a trade war with our allies and rivals like Germany and China!  So far, our ‘allies’ are threatening to destroy our economy which is normally viewed as an act of war.  I say, go right ahead and do that, fools.  The open contempt for US citizens and workers coming from ‘close allies’ is monstrous and evil and finally, exposed to the public.  Our allies hate us and want to exploit us for their own benefits while bankrupting America who is protecting them.


Both of these stories are from the evil gnomes running the New York Times:

Of course, the very evil founders 70 years ago of the Bilderberg gang, the New York Times has pushed ‘free trade’ since my childhood.  This treasonous paper is now going into hysterics becasue of Brexit and Trump screwing up the German push to control everyone who defeated Hitler.  At the same time, Germany opened the gates of Europe to foreign invasion by millions of Muslims!  Germany is now one of the most unpopular countries in the EU which is breaking apart rapidly now.

President Trump’s North Korea Gamble – The New York Times continues to whine and wail when Trump succeeds:


This is stunning: President Trump has accepted an invitation from Kim Jong-un for a summit.

It’s also, I think, a dangerous gamble and a bad idea.

HAHAHA.  And the alternative with Obama?  Oh, let Kim shoot missiles and explode nuclear bombs and not lifting a finger or doing anything at all!  Great way to do diplomacy, dude.

I can’t believe I’m saying that. For many years, over several trips to North Korea, I’ve argued for direct talks between the United States and North Korea, and it’s certainly better to be engaging the North than bombing it. If the choice is talk versus missiles, I’ll go with the talk.

HAHAHA. I say, then shut up, you moron.  You can’t claim you want ‘talks’ and then yell at Trump to shut up.

But the proper way to hold a summit is with careful preparation to make sure that the meeting advances peace — and certainly that it serves some purpose higher than simply legitimizing Kim’s regime.

Good lord, this clown is even older than I and he is senile.  What does this Bilderberg clown think we should do?  I hear crickets.  Does this clown who supports Clinton of ‘four minutes to nuclear launch’ and her ‘final solution’?

He is a warmonger and a liar.  He lied about a huge number of wars now, he lies when the Bilderberg gang decides to kill world leaders, he orchestrates propaganda leading to illicit wars and we hung German propagandists for this crime after WWII.


Well, now Trump is playing hardball.  He is intensifying all systems so that change happens.  I fully support this.  I am amazed that he can do all this while howling females assail him and accuse him but not the Clintons for being a sex fiend.  They are so blind to reality, they don’t know how these silly liberal females look demented.


They think none of us are aware that the Clintons persecute and abuse women who Bill has had sex with, no, women who are angry at Bill are attacked by gangs of vicious female editors and reporters who hate them for telling us the truth about these two fake feminists.


And the war against protecting America from foreign imports destroying our industries heats up, we have ‘liberal’ news feeds howling like rage and now the idiots running the Huffington Pest has decided that protectionism is…anti-semitic?  HAHAHA.  Here we go… HuffPo Declares War on the Word “Globalist” – Says it’s a Racist and ‘Anti-Semitic’ Word


There’s perhaps never a bad time to stretch or rethink one’s vocabulary.


The term “globalist” was used to describe an outgoing Trump administration official during Wednesday’s White House press briefing, raising eyebrows on social media because the term is increasingly used in xenophobic and anti-Semitic contexts.


the outgoing director of President Donald Trump’s National Economic Council, Gary Cohn, who is Jewish.


“He was a noted free trader, a globalist. Will the president seek another globalist, another free trader?” Fox News reporter John Roberts asked.


There is no ‘free trade’ there is unidirectional trade.  Our partners want to have one way trade which is what free trade really means in the real world.  I am happy that the Jewish money man who betrayed us for tens of years is now gone.  Good riddance.  ‘Globalist’ is elite speak for ‘Bilderberg gang’.


“The Last Jedi Has Fallen”: Wall Street Reacts To Cohn’s Departure | Zero Hedge reports in full hysteria.


“Not only countries may retaliate, reciprocal trade is not a 1 for 1 trade, especially when tariffs are placed on high quality/low cost foreign goods that are a benefit to the domestic consumer.  The favorable global synchronization theme from 2017 is morphing into a de-synchronizing theme that can impact markets negatively.”


The Zero Hedge article is very stupid and readers of that news service find this rather ironic:


Mr. author: Who do you think you are kidding?

Under the Demon-Marxist and Repussican Parties MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers) policies we’ve been in a trade war for at least three decades. The political parasites exported factories by the 10’s of thousands and jobs by the 10’s of millions to their good COMMIE buddies in Red China.

  • George H. W. Bush: MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers);
  • William Jefferson “Bill the Pedophile” Clinton: MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers);
  • Goerge W. Bush: MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers);
  • Barack Hussein “The Magic Halfrican” Obama: MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers);
  • Hitlery Rotten Clinton: MAUL (Make Americans Unemployed Losers);

President Donald J. Trump: MAGA (Make America Great Again)


I am pleased to see that the majority of comments to the pro-free trade article at Zero Hedge is against free trade and for protecting our industries and bringing home jobs.  This is a good sign indeed.  All our ‘cheap’ goods flooding into America are a death trap.  The Chinese made is very clear to me way back in 1984 that they intended to bankrupt the US in debt to them and thus, win the war with us.  I reported this to the Bush Sr. administrators as a warning about Chinese intentions and they brushed me off.


I know this sounds insane but thanks to my father’s high position in the shadow government, I was assigned to host top Chinese officials in my own home years ago.  And as always, no one listened to my warnings, either.


Poll: More Than 80 Percent of Americans Support Trump’s Trade Economic Nationalism | Breitbart reports while the New York Times will never report this news.  They want it to appear as if everyone wants the status quo.


In a Harvard-Harris poll, about 83 percent of Americans said they supported Trump’s effort to level the playing field on foreign trade to reverse the decades-long pattern of multinational free trade agreements which have wiped out broad portions of the Rust Belt and middle America.


About 93 percent of Republican voters say they strongly or somewhat support Trump’s plans to renegotiate free trade to benefit American workers and to prevent multinational corporations from easily moving U.S. jobs overseas.


The base of the DNC was the US working class.  Now, the DNC is at war with the working class and openly saying they intend to continue importing legal and illegal labor as well as sending jobs overseas and will register all illegal aliens so they can vote for looting the US workers!  This is thoroughly enraging many US voters and is the #1 reason Trump won the election.

Ted Cruz Puts Tech Giants On Notice! – YouTube


The big online businesses claim they do NOT censor everyone online.  You Tube, for example, lies about this in front of Cruz in Congress which is illegal, grounds for ‘contempt of Congress’ going on here with endless lies about how Facebook, Twitter and You Tube attack everyone who doesn’t agree with the SJW political beliefs.


The tech giants are big Hillary supporters and are now openly at war with the rest of the citizens and hatred of You Tube and Google and Facebook and Twitter executives is rising rapidly.  I despise all of them very intensely now.  I want them under control as they are openly discriminating against citizens here in the USA and are treasonous operations determined to take control of our government via a coup by only broadcasting or enabling leftists to communicate and publish online.


This way, they hope to engineer a coup.  So I say, haul them before Congress and this is already happening as the GOP warns these clowns to stop attacking citizens online.  More and more people are suing these corporations and I hope they win big.  How dare they impose their political will on us!






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16 responses to “Kim Surrenders To Trump, Trade Wars Begin With Our Obnoxious ‘Allies’ And With China, Too

  1. Melponeme_k

    The tariff percentages are so small it is laughable that the foreign powers are even screeching.

    The elites want WWIII. According to one occultist, named Jason Louv, this insanity got stared with John Dee and his Enochian magic system. Apparently the Angels told Dee that their aim was to move the world closer to the Apocalypse. This was why they gave Dee and his coworker, the keys to the Watchtowers. I suppose some of the elites really believe they are following the plans of God and his Angels. In their crazy system even Lucifer (which apparently is a different entity from Satan) is doing God’s work and all gung ho for apocalypse. And of course, they are chosen, because all of them are trannys just like their God. The rest of us are Satanic abominations who identify as male and female will be taken up in a flash of nuclear explosion.

  2. Nani

    European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström slammed Donald Trump’s protectionist policies on trade and migration, predicting that the new U.S. president was doomed to fail.

    “Those who in the 21st century think that we can become great again by rebuilding borders, reimposing trade barriers and restricting people’s freedom to move, they are doomed to fail,” Malmström said at a conference run by the Bruegel think-tank.

    “Building a wall is not the answer,” the commissioner continued, emphasizing that Europe had learned from the “dark days” of its past in which it was divided by borders and walls.

    This dumb hag is from Sweden, the country that has taken in more third world migrants per capita than any other European country. As a result Sweden is starting to resemble a crime ridden third world hellhole.

  3. Petruchio

    I can remember reading comments from our Trade “partners” years ago. I was struck by their immediate, reflexive response to ANY talk of Tariffs. The very first words out of our “allies” mouths was “We will retaliate and counter every tariff, even BAN US goods in our country”. Some ally!! I would think that the US, in any kind of Trade War/dispute would have a lot of leverage when it comes to Trade. The US is THE biggest and Richest market in the world–by far. I always thought our Trade allies would at the very least be conciliatory towards their “Big Daddy” trade partner.

  4. Nani

    The EU leaders are furious with Donald, they resent him deeply.

    EU’s anti-Trump hit list: Everything including the kitchen sink

    The EU is set to hit a wide range of American products — ranging from yachts to peanut butter — with duties of 25 percent to retaliate against President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum.

    In agriculture, the EU will go after kidney beans, bourbon whiskey, rice, cranberries, orange juice, peanut butter, tobacco and cheroots. The total value of the farm goods targeted, based on the EU’s 2017 imports, is €951 million, including €604 million worth of processed goods.

    In the industrial sector, the EU is going after a broad range of tubes, pipes and rolled steels, as well as appliances such as grills, sinks, ventilators and ladders. The list also includes iron and steel containers for compressed and liquefied gas. The total value of iron and steel goods targeted is €854 million.

    Motor boats are identified as a particularly high-value import.

    Other miscellaneous items on the list include lipstick, bed linen, motorcycles and trousers.

  5. The big question is, why is Europe so damn suicidal? Seriously!

  6. Floridasandy

    Americans won’t be taking advice from countries who have no go zones now.

  7. Floridasandy

    Oh, and more great unemployment numbers from the US again

  8. paul

    trump has always called out china (japan ) refusal to float currency.

    I expect the intention of this “trade war” is to force floating of currency.

    If china floats the yuan doubles in value and china will have to compete on quality and not flood with junk.

    Their steel is crap .

    Thoughts ??

  9. hans

    surrender? i think the Koreans want to live in peace and don’t won’t americans in their region, same as Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei said, america want to discuss about our region, this is our region not yours go away. Stop using words like surrender, the arrangement was between North and south.

  10. Lou

    7–great or fake employment facts?

  11. Nani

    Clinton Smells Danger and Lack of Professionals in Trump-Kim Meeting

    In an interview with Dutch tabloid Algemeen Dagblad, Hillary Clinton said that the Trump administration “was not recognizing the danger” in discussing denuclearization with North Korea and underscored a lack of experienced diplomats capable of handling the talks.

    “If you want to talk to Kim Jong-un about his nuclear weapons you need experienced diplomats. These are people familiar with the dossiers and who know the North Koreans and their language,” she told the media outlet.

    Hillary is a very experienced diplomat.

  12. Yes, I remember all the DNC diplomatic victories…NOT. They are utterly insane due to Bilderberg media petting them nonstop. Thus, no lessons are ever learned.

  13. Petruchio

    @#10 Lou: Lou, I read a headline in the local newspaper: “Employment on fire” meaning the unemployment numbers are not just positive, but “on fire”!! Our Rulers have been reduced to this. Just flat out LYING about employment numbers. Up is down and down is up…

  14. Floridasandy

    I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but here in Florida there are help wanted signs all over Brevard county

    So I would expect the unemployment improvement is real everywhere

  15. Lou

    Volvo is owned by the Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweden is sewer den…muslims run amok.

  16. Lou

    14–Look deeper. A US economy kept afloat by debt.
    sub prime auto
    sub prime realty
    student loans
    credit cards
    people working 2-3 part time, low paying jobs.

    Trump may add another 5 trillion to the debt.

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