Smug New York Times Author, Mangu-Ward, Pretends Left Isn’t Extremely Violent

When Smug Liberals Met Conservative Trolls – The New York Times


The title of this story at the headquarters of the Bilderberg smug liberal psyops operations is very funny and above all, misleading.  For the entire editorial is all about how evil conservatives are and how sweet and kind the SJW/ANTIFA/liberal left is!  Naturally, the suffocating atmosphere is invisible to these clowns in Manhattan where the leftists only talk to each other and don’t dare set foot outside their snuggly, smuggley bolt hole.  Ms. Mangu-Ward is a Yalie/DC operative who is…Jewish like so many of them in DC these days on the left.


This smug, sneering female (she is no lady) pretends, in the title of the NY Times editorial, to be ‘even handed’ but then lies outright about the left and ANTIFA by ignoring the raging violence in our universities, the terrorism of the left as they systematically attack anyone slightly to the right of Madame Mao, etc.  Instead, she uses trash talk every time she mentions anyone conservative while sugar coating ‘liberal’ leftists.


 It’s hard to tell who started it.


Lie #1.  Right out of the gate, a blatant, total lie.  I recall virtually no violence on campuses from conservatives.  The only real fights were when the police in DNC-run cities allowed ANTIFA terrorists to attack conservatives who were not moving towards attacking anyone but staying where the police asked them to stay and getting permits, too.


Was it the populist right, reared in the meme swamps of Reddit and 4chan, who emerged blinking into the daylight of politics and set about baiting anyone who disagreed with their chosen Republican king?


So, doing any rallies at all is ‘baiting’?  Publishing stories is ‘baiting’?  Arguing with armies of armed, violent leftists, is ‘baiting’?  The utterl refusal to tell the truth is classic here: the NY Time has totally abandoned telling the truth about nearly anything these days.


Or was it liberals, cozy in their elite enclaves on the coasts, who burrowed down into self-righteousness, lecturing working-class Republicans about how they misunderstand their own interests?


Even this feeble attempt at being ‘fair’ fails: she and her Bilderberg gangster ilk are the ones lecturing everyone else about ‘misunderstanding their own interests’.


These clowns tell us endlessly that ‘free trade’ is good and healthy and we need it.  When citizens lose their jobs, entire massive cities tip off the cliff and go bankrupt and are burned to the ground and hell holes due to free trade, the liberals snear at the workers and blame them for the catastrophes.


Two terrible tendencies now feed off each other, growing stronger every day: the more smugness, the more satisfying to poke holes in it; the more toxic the trolling, the greater the sense of moral superiority.


This totally smug Jewish lady is a shining example of ‘smug moral superiority’.  She believes in huge walls, utterly rank discrimination, genetic isolation and removal of all ‘aliens’…in her home state of Israel.  Everyone else is supposed to kneel to her and her ilk and eradicate their families and cultures or else.


The result: an odoriferous stew of political rhetoric that is nearly irresistible to those on the inside and confusingly abhorrent to those on the outside.


The NYT is very smug here. They, the worst people on earth when it comes to smearing entire populations and pushing for destructive wars, killing millions of people, lying about everything…are chiding us for being ‘impolite’!


The explosion of the smugs-vs.-trolls phase of our political discourse is traceable to a now infamous 2004 confrontation between Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson in the waning days of “Crossfire,” in which Mr. Stewart, a comedian, dropped his jester’s mask and accused Mr. Carlson and his ilk of undermining serious discourse with their partisan feuding and made-for-TV talking points. “Stop hurting America,” was his specific request.


Here is yesterday’s editorial by Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America -note how grave and patient he is unlike the DNC clowns on TV.
Back to the NYT smear editorial:  note how this clever Jewish female who is published because she is One of the Family, is calling the rest of us ‘ilk’.  She also calls Carlson, a smart and steady host/commentator on Fox News, a ‘jester’.  Well, she is no jester, she is too evil to be a mere jester.  She is a faker, a liar and a traitor.


Mr. Carlson sputtered and fumed; it was generally agreed that Mr. Stewart won the day.


HAHAHA.  Stewart and she and her ilk family/friends/buddies all laughed and laughed in Manhattan.  Sneering and making Yiddish jokes, they thought they won the battle only to see Stewie go down and down and now looks like a homeless man, a senile homeless man and Carlson is flying higher and higher.


Right around the same time, New York University psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, was formulating a theory about why liberals and conservatives have such a hard time productively conversing.


Ja, ein Manhattan Juden sagt, ‘Die Christien sind dumm, HAHAHA.  Ich kann sie nicht verstehen.’  Oops.  Wrong era.  He said, ‘Why can’t conservatives talk with us when we are screaming, banging on drums, hitting them with clubs, burning down their homes and stealing from their stores?  How rude of them!’


After mucking around in a lot of survey data, he came up with this basic idea: Liberals and people of the left underpin their politics with moral concerns about harm and fairness;


I swear, these clowns in Manhattan want to kill us by making us die laughing.  There are zero morals on the left these days.  They have not taken the high road, they read up on how Weimar Germany collapsed and chose that road.


…they are driven by the imperative to help the vulnerable and see justice done.


Right, so they release violent criminals allowing them to kill again and again and release violent illegal aliens and these go back into crime and DNC cities are reown as crime hell holes. The longer the DNC rule, the move vile and dangerous the city.


Conservatives and people of the right value these things as well but have several additional moral touchstones — loyalty, respect and sanctity.


This is the only sentence in the entire article that wasn’t totally infused with liberal smugness and vile name calling by liberals who have no shame.


They value in-group solidarity, deference to authority, and the protection of purity in mind and body. To liberals, those sincerely held values can look a lot like, in Dr. Haidt’s words, “xenophobia, authoritarianism and Puritanism.” This asymmetry is the fountainhead of mutual incomprehension and disdain.


Mr. Stewart’s smugness was itself a form of trolling. And conservatives, no matter what liberals might think of them, are not stupid. The clear lesson was that if you want to win, stop being the debate team kid in the bow tie and start being the class clown who gives that guy a wedgie.


This stupid female falls back into name calling and fake comparisons.  She is basically saying the conservatives are ‘the class clown…’  She is the clown, of course.  But is too stupid to check the mirror.


And the rest of the movement has evolved — or devolved — alongside him, from the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference who invited Marion Le Pen and Sheriff David Clarke, to the campus conservatives who’ve doubled down on their strategy of inviting Ann Coulter and her spiritual descendants to speak to the very audiences likely to be most aggravated by them. For many campus conservatives, the invitations are driven by a sincere desire to give their values an airing and spark debate. It is, of course, also fun to annoy people who disagree with you.


Good lord, the left tries to KILL people who try to speak on campuses!  The left physically attacks people trying to talk on campuses.  The left isn’t talking, they are the ones screaming, rioting and attacking and assaulting even ‘innocent’ bystanders and putting cops in hospitals.


The conservatives are not having ‘fun annoying’ leftists.  It is very dangerous to do this.  You can be killed, doing this.  The fact that this evil female ‘reporter’ for the NY Times totally hides the extreme violence including burning down part of Berkeley recently, is a crime, is a sign the NY Times is evil, a lying pile of stinking execretions of disgusting filth.


They lie all the time, lie by omission, lie deliberately, smugly and with evil intentions of destroying the USA, they want open borders and to loot the Treasury for Israeli Jews only, and are criminals and are…traitors.


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12 responses to “Smug New York Times Author, Mangu-Ward, Pretends Left Isn’t Extremely Violent

  1. ziff

    humans endless capacity for self deception ;

  2. melponeme_k

    More E Michael Jones and his take on the war for popular music control in America. I really like his take on the meaning of Das Rheingold.

  3. Sunger

    OMG! This is the screamiest craziest screed ever.

    What a bunch of cowpie.

  4. Sunger

    ‘Crazy, crazy’ Arctic Winter was Warmest Ever Recorded, with Stats that are Staggering Climate Scientists

    ‘These heatwaves, I’ve never seen anything like this’
    PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2018, 1:02pm
    UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2018, 8:08pm

    The Arctic just finished its warmest winter on record. And sea ice hit record lows for this time of year, with plenty of open water where ocean water normally freezes into thick sheets of ice, new US weather data show.

    Scientists say what’s happening is unprecedented, part of a global warming-driven vicious cycle that likely plays a role in strong, icy storms in Europe and the US Northeast.

    “It’s just crazy, crazy stuff,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Boulder, Colorado, who has been studying the Arctic since 1982. “These heatwaves, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

    It’s been so unusually warm that the land weather station closest to the North Pole – at the tip of Greenland – spent more than 60 hours above freezing in February. Before this year, scientists had seen the temperature there rise above freezing in February only twice before, and only ever so briefly. Last month’s record-hot temperatures at Cape Morris Jesup have been more like those in May, said Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute.

    But it’s more than that one place. Across the Arctic Circle in Barrow, Alaska, February was 10 degrees Celsius warmer than normal and the entire winter averaged 7.8 degrees Celsius above normal. Of nearly three dozen different Arctic weather stations, 15 of them were at least 5.6 degrees Celsius above normal for the winter, according to data from climatologist Brian Brettschneider of the International Arctic Research Centre at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  5. Sunger, I should drag your carcass to my mountain and force you to shovel the two feet of snow off my roof and road. Teach you a lesson in global warming. Oh, and it is going to be the coldest March in 150 years here this year.

  6. ziff

    sunger, just look at nullschool or , see whats going on

  7. Lou

    Cold winter in coastal California.

  8. The temperatures all this month and into the future are way, way below normal. We are getting another blizzard in two days! This is INSANELY cold and snowy and it is mid-March, this is when birds return and begin building nests. Desperate birds are hammering my feeders right now due to unable to find any food.

  9. Lou

    Yes, today is 3-11, start of mid March. Winter ends NEXT WEEK.

  10. Lou

    Winter ends NEXT WEEK.

    Daylight savings today.

  11. I wish winter will end next week. Two feet of snow on the ground, only half melted and tonight and all week long, another foot and a half of snow!

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