New York Times Fake Story Of Nike Executive Who Pretends To No Longer Gets Any News Because Hatred Of Trump



I come from a family that was very deeply involved in national and international politics.  My parents were advisors to a number of Presidents since WWII.  I have been extremely active in both international and national politics and even forced a President to do what I wanted and what China and Bush Sr. didn’t want to do…and my siblings sue each other, won’t talk to each other, hate each other and don’t talk about anything sane, they are all trapped in some form of social insanity or denial of reality.  This is not unusual right now, the entire nation is experiencing this breakdown in family unity.


The complete breakdown in my own family began in 1967.  I sued for my civil rights and had a lawyer but my parents voluntarily allowed me to be a full, legal adult at age 16 and I left the family to live on my own.  This often has hazardous, very hazardous and at the same time, I am happy I did this for it was my life, my way.


I was OK with being outside the family and sometimes siblings, when disowned and our parents did this repeatedly to family members, I would take them into my own home or I moved into their homes depending on what was happening, always flexible.


The funniest thing for me was, when my parents had troubles while overseas doing business for the government, they always turned to me, not the State Department, to save their lives!


Then they would disown me again!  I was accustomed to this due to our rift being caused by my pursuit of my father’s involvement in Operation Paperclip, the push into Nazi Germany to haul out the rocket scientists and their blueprints, etc.


What we see right now is blowback from the Obama experiment which is now erupting into flames that will eventually take down Saint Obama and Saint Hillary.  Just like the Republicans refused to believe, even today, old Republicans still refuse to believe, that Nixon was no saint, he was a criminal who got off with no prison time as Hillary will also get as a gift from the Bilderberg gang.


Many of the criminals running our country will see no prison time.  The New York Times owners have been traitors for generations now and the best we can do about those Bilderberg creators is bankrupt them.  And they are doing poorly, financially.


They have been feeding family feuds with continuous fake news.  I find this to be a major criminal operation.  If they wanted one sided ‘truth’ that would be OK with me but they have tons of utterly fake news especially the Russia/Trump news cycles that have been daily there and which are all based on rumors and not facts.


Lying about basic information is now rampant in DNC supporting media.  From Breitbart news: China: ‘We Fully Commend and Support’ Trump Summit with Kim Jong-un

Now here is the NY Times with their fake news:


They also have headline top news of Trump who may have banged a professional floozy who does sex with everyone.  Quick, call the Kennedy family that the NYT loves nonstop!  Tell them they are fiends!  Oh, the humanity.


Note how the Jews running the NY Times operates: nakedly aggressively hypocritical especially since this sex fiend paper celebrates all forms of sex including threesomes for married couples, etc.  Pretending to be hysterical Victorian nuns screeching at the sight of a. man’s chest, these clowns think they fool all of us with this sex hysteria.


This disgusting family lives in gay Greenwich Village and other Manhattan gay hot spots!  They see all sorts of wild sex stuff all the time including during the X rated gay power parades!  They celebrate these sex parades!  Now, they are pretending to be sweet little scared rabbits who faint when a lady flashes an ankle.


Give me a break, you creeps.  The Man Who Knew Too Little – The New York Times highlights a man who is hiding from news about Trump due to being a pussy:


GLOUSTER, Ohio — At first, the experiment didn’t have a name.

Right after the election, Erik Hagerman decided he’d take a break from reading about the hoopla of politics. Donald Trump’s victory shook him. Badly. And so Mr. Hagerman developed his own eccentric experiment, one that was part silent protest, part coping mechanism, part extreme self-care plan.


I hope all of Hillary’s supporters copy him.  Then the NYT will go bankrupt.


He swore that he would avoid learning about anything that happened to America after Nov. 8, 2016. “It was draconian and complete,” he said. “It’s not like I wanted to just steer away from Trump or shift the conversation. It was like I was a vampire and any photon of Trump would turn me to dust.”


Yes, he is a vampire.  I hope he stays out of politics forever.  But he won’t.  He is at the NYT whining about living in the real world.  The reporter, being a NYT entity, is very clueless, too.  According to him, nothing is happening politically.  All the female marchers wearing pink pussy sex hats are phantoms of my imagination according to the reporter.


What is very, very stupid in this article is, this clown who is ‘boycotting the news’ is in the news because paradoxically (or because he is a liar) he wants himself to be in the news to advertise his own website.  I read in the article that this unknown man is actually an insider, a Nike executive who handed out bribes to DNC politicians.


He is one of the rich bastards who spent a lot of money to gain power in elections.  I hope he stays out of politics forever but of course, his buddies at the NYT who knew exactly who he is and responded quickly to his invitation to write a FAKE STORY about how he is retired from politics which is obviously false because…here he is, talking nonstop politics at the NY Times who won’t visit me to chat, no way in hell.


HAHAHA.  They openly refused to talk to me years and years ago even when I made the news in a big way.  I, not the Nike boss, am the one locked out of the political news.


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8 responses to “New York Times Fake Story Of Nike Executive Who Pretends To No Longer Gets Any News Because Hatred Of Trump

  1. Lou

    The rich get richer and the NYT fades, with the rise of the WWW.
    Hence the importance of Facebook, Google-You tube etc for the rich to disinform us.

  2. Sunger

    “I come from a family that was very deeply involved in national and international politics. My parents were advisors to a number of Presidents since WWII. I have been extremely active in both international and national politics and even forced a President to do what I wanted ”

    OMG! Seriously?

  3. Mewswithaview

    Colonel Says Israel Is Dragging the United States Into World War III

    I don’t think this will surprise many readers of this blog

  4. Petruchio

    I read a report that said Israel is preparing for a war on 6,7 fronts. What planet do the khazarians live on? The Israelis got their noses bloodied back in 2006 when they invaded Lebanon. And Hezbollah is much stronger now than in 2006! I think the Russians have told the Israelis: “If you use nukes on ANYBODY, we nuke YOU”. I think the Russian mean it.

  5. ziff

    Hey good news !! ,another ”surprise ‘ swing to the right , Ford gets ontario PC , this after Soros tried to run it by getting patrick brown out [ see diana davison vid]

  6. ziff

    or not ,looks like theres some Soros skullduggery

  7. Ken

    The latest headline I saw attempting to diminish the significance of Trump’s meeting with Kim questioned whether Trump had the negotiating skills necessary to go toe-to -toe with Kim. Seriously. The press is willing to report anything derogatory about Trump.

  8. Nani

    In Britain it is illegal to express concern about mass immigration from the third world and islam:

    Austrian hipster-right Identitarian leader Martin Sellner was detained and refused entry to Britain on Friday at Heathrow airport ahead of a planned speech at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.

    Sellner, along with his partner, YouTube political commentator and author Brittany Pettibone, was refused entry into the UK according to the British branch of the Generation Identity movement.

    In a press release, the group said that Sellner and Pettibone arrived in Britain at Luton airport at 1 pm and were told they were being detained because of the planned speech, with authorities claiming Sellner represented, “a far-right group and intend[s] to incite racial hatred.”

    The pair were then moved to Heathrow airport at 1 am where they were both placed in detention, along with other foreign nationals waiting to be deported.

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