Fainting Victorian SJW Female Students Attack, Fire Acting Coach Professors For Touching Them

(3) ‘Shakespeare too violent? Skip the course,’ Cambridge University tells students – YouTube


Yes, Russia Today News is correct, it is now too scary for children raised on movies like the huge Halloween franchise, are suddenly unable to digest basic Shakespeare’s plays anymore.  This neo-Victorian hysteria is not cultural at all, it is the product of mostly young females wanting attention very badly.  Hollywood is nonstop blood, gore and sex and the latest ‘best picture’ at the Oscars was an R rated film all about alien sex in a laboratory!  How insane is this?  Very insane.


Tenure votes are usually private, but some accuse Dixie State of using breach of confidentiality claims to fire two professors: this academic journal is run by liberal pro-SJW writers and they fret about everything, of course, while being OK with screaming female students physically attacking people, males and females trying to burn down Berkeley due to a gay man giving a humorous pro-conservative speech, etc.


These violent lunatics want us to think they are also fragile flowers of femininity who faint when seeing blood!  They are utterly unaware of the fact that they are neo-Victorians and are destroying women’s rights by painting us females as weak, helpless and infantile!


Davenport in an interview reiterated that a faculty review panel recommended against dismissal. But even before that, he said, administrators on campus attempted to sway that vote — including by repeatedly insinuating to members of the senate that there was “more to the story” in his case. He said that many tend to assume that the allegations against him involved sexual assault, but they did not. He was accused of pulling a student’s hair as part of a physical resistance exercise sometimes used in acting classes to make students uncomfortable and thereby tap into new emotions to better identify with the characters they play.


HAHAHA.  Seriously, this is to laugh to death.  Young ladies go to Weinstein hoping desperately to land a job in Hollywood where they knew they would play sexy females who have sex on camera since Hollywood is all about sex and violence.  He ‘vetted’ them by demanding they first give him sex to prove they were real prostitutes and now fainting Victorian ladies.


Now, he is on the run, ruined for this with the triumphant fake virgins sneering at him and declaiming, they will now rule the roost and what is the final fix they are imposing?


NO MORE SEX STUFF!  Yes, they are killing the Golden Sex Goose.  Aside from often violent (with sexual overtones like the Smurf movies) children’s movies, anything devoid of sex and violence are losing money.  The ones with lots of this make money.  We are seeing a decline in movie going these days just like all other systems protesting males especially white males.  Some people are having great fun doing this but it is also very destructive to the bottom line.


Davenport has said that he pushed down on the student’s shoulders for approximately 30 seconds to hold her in her chair and put some of her hair in her face, but did not pull her hair or hurt her. Student witnesses in the criminal trial all denied having seen Davenport pull the student’s hair.


This lunacy actually went to trial.  I see the future clearly: either male teachers will vanish and they are highly prized by female students who love having male teachers!  Or we will end up with sexually segregated schools again.


I bring this up because my own grandmother, Hannah Pettit, was one of the very, very first women in the Victoria era to go to a men’s school where she met my grandfather.  She was very adventurous and rode horses like a man, swam lakes in competitions, she climbed mountains and was an all-around adventuress.  As was my godmother, her best friend.  Both women hated the idea of a fragile Victorian lady who fainted all the time.


Both didn’t wear corsets, by the way, which was OK out in the Wild Wild West back then.  So they never fainted.


As for what might have motivated the university to target him for termination, Davenport said he believed it was typical “academic politics” — he and Houser did not get along — and a possible fear of litigation by the student involved in the incident. Dixie State was previously sued by student athletes who said their basketball coach discriminated against them on the basis of race, made them participate in religious activities and questioned their sexual orientation.


Davenport’s pending lawsuit against Dixie State says that he warned all his students that they could ask him to stop an exercise at any time. It also accuses Houser of keeping private files on him in order to build a disciplinary case against him in cooperation with unnamed administrators, purposely working to elevate the student’s complaint to have him fired and — interestingly, given the language in Peterson’s termination letter — telling a faculty member that he intended to “take Davenport out.”


What alarms me isn’t campus politics.  It is the amazing push by young females to re-impose the odious rules of 120 years ago.  My ancestor and godmother were both women who fought for the right to vote, too.  They wrote books and made speeches and defied angry males to win our collective civil rights and I am enraged at all these loopy, stupid young children (they are not real adults yet!) who working tirelessly to destroy everything I and others built for I filed my very first demand to take ‘boy’s courses’ in high schools and won via political choice by our governor and Senators in Arizona way back in the late 1960’s!

(3) Top 10 Most Violent Movies – YouTube

All this work, down the drain due to stupid girls who are too immature to attend any colleges or universities.  First, they have to grow up and harden up for the rigours of higher learning.  I would suggest they go to highly popular modern movies to innoculate themselves from the weakness of helpless female hysteria.


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12 responses to “Fainting Victorian SJW Female Students Attack, Fire Acting Coach Professors For Touching Them

  1. Sunger

    “my own grandmother, Hannah Pettit, was one of the very, very first women in the Victoria era to go to a men’s school where she met my grandfather. She was very adventurous and rode horses like a man, swam lakes in competitions, she climbed mountains and was an all-around adventuress. ”

    Maybe she was one of the first transgender FTMs?

  2. Petruchio

    “What alarms me isn’t campus politics. It is the amazing push by young females to re-impose the odious rules of 120 years ago.” These are the women who don’t figure things out until they approach their 50th Birthday!! Then it’s too late! The men VERY quickly ignore these screeching man haters and their fellow SJW/Feminists are also too old for ANYBODY to care about. You can spot this type at the grocery store. They look that age but they always buy 120 cans of cat food when they shop. Only then do these females start to think, “Gee, what the ‘F’ was I thinking?!!” Too late sweethearts. Have fun as Old Maids!

  3. timothy carroll

    For the past fifty years, women and blacks have been told that white men are their oppressors and need to be destroyed. The (((folks))) preaching this message are well known throughout history. (((They))) specialize in turning society on its ear, uprooting all institutions, and then stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. (((They))) started with the Federal Reserve and are now in their final throes of annihilating the white race. They’re almost done with Europe. Next comes Canada and the U.S. Give up your guns at your own peril.

  4. Sunger

    “(((They))) started with the Federal Reserve and are now in their final throes of annihilating the white race.”

    Now (((THEY))) are coming for (((YOU))).


    oh I mean (((AHAHAAHAHAAHA))).

  5. timothy carroll


  6. Rob

    This will bring tears to your eyes (13-yr old skater’s routine):

  7. Floridasandy

    Regarding comment ;There are people who buy lots of cat or dog food ( notice you didn’t mention dog food) who had or have great sex lives and relationships. It’s called empathy.

    Otherwise, I get the point. Women and girls who want someone to help them in life or share their lives are destroying their potential relationships with their perpetual victimization– thereby actually guaranteeing their victimization and likely poverty–unless they are older Jewish abortion/
    CIA peddlers like Gloria Steinem who find their own niche)

    Most of the Hollywood types don’t bitch about sexism until their careers are done, I’ve noticed, just like the Fox news women- and probably nobody is hitting on the MSNBC women –so they stay “safe”.

  8. The social disorders which have accelerated greatly since WWII, are now coming to a head thanks to ‘open borders’ pushed by the Bilderber gang. This destroys patriotism and cohesion of societies and makes individuals powerless and anyone trying to raise a power base using old tools of organization (appeals to race/class/culture) are attacked by the Bilderberg machine.

  9. Melponeme_k

    The heart of this problem is the ill socialization that is pushed via the media. Children from 60s onwards learned about life through television with deepening shades of dependency into present time. They are now building a panopticon of virtual living around us via phones and other devices. In a few decades we will never have to look at the real world again. We could just live in fantasy places. Star Wars world 24/7. Or any other world you want.

    The damage is done. The CIA/Tavistock MK Ultra brain washing paid in spades. Now no one is able to form healthy relationships.

    Brainwashed transgenders of the media elite (Steinem etc.) have told women to be mean and nasty. Men have been bamboozled into thinking they will end up with the transgender teen boys of their dreams. They then shun every real, healthy woman as unattractive. The goal is destroy women in totality because the elites don’t want the peasants to reproduce. They have stated so in their own hand written literature.

    This damage will take a century jor more to fix even though it was broken in only a time span of 40 to 50 years. The first step is to turn off the TV and throw it out. Stop listening to popular music (full of brainwashing trigger phrases). Don’t go to the movies. Examine every paperback book you read for

    The hard part will be to reassess EVERYTHING you know about your own knowledge, culture and people.

  10. Petruchio

    Gloria Steinem. What a sleazy, disgusting person. And, big surprise, she’s Jewish!! Isn’t it just amazing how, even though they are just 3% of the Population, jews are always at the top of destroying a Society? s it really a shock to see that Jews have been thrown out of every country they have ever infested? And do you notice the Feminist Movement is silent about the Rape Crisis caused by the Muslim invasion? Rot in Hell Gloria Steinem.

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