Brave Sir Ingle Dared To Dispute SJW Female Professor About Two Sexes In Class Debate

The Facebook page of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania is filled with postings of people angry about the attack on the young grad student who said there were only two sexes.


The internet is all abuzz about yet another odious example of ‘universities’ which are actually Maoist indoctrination facilities, tormenting a very young student for daring to dispute feminist claims about the basic sex of mammals.  Yes, there are gay mammals, there are also mutants who have both sexual organs or deformed sexual organs and surgery can correct this and it happens but it doesn’t change genetics.  There are only two sexes in all animals and amphibians, etc. for the last several hundreds of millions of years, that is, in the chromosomes.


Now, 150 years after Darwin, we have neofascists demanding everyone has to accept that there really aren’t two genetic sexes.  The 10% or less mutations/psychological changes in one’s preferences that exist even in lobsters, doesn’t mean there are infinite numbers of sexes since this is genetic, not expressive due to hormones changes like when chemicals seep into the water table, for example.


If any creature is fed chemicals that increase or decrease the creation of basic chemical actions causing sexual maturity, this is unnatural and thus, a mutation.  Or a suppression of systems caused by chemistry coming in from the outside…it is not ‘a new sex’.  It is a ‘deformity’.


This happens to human babies, for example.  Living in modern society in New York City which was very, very polluted, water and air, in the 1970’s, I had a baby that had problems caused by all this.  It was external, not genetic but it has a huge impact on the maturing organs especially the sex organs.


Respecting people who have different expressions of various organs due to environmental situations means they can, via taking pills and or also getting surgery, they can correct or change their situation.  This doesn’t make them a new sex, it does make them a different situation when it comes to services and systems since they are now differently set up than before.


All this leads me to talking about the latest news of a young student barred from class by a dragon ‘teacher’ who is teaching pure propaganda and won’t allow even the smallest debates:  Student barred from class for claiming there are two genders.


According to Ingle, the class was forced to watch a Ted-Talk on February 28 featuring Paula Stone, a transgender woman, who gave examples of “mansplaining,” “male privilege,” and systematic sexism. Following the video, Ingle wrote that the instructor “opened the floor to WOMEN ONLY. Barring men from speaking until the women in the class have had their chance to speak.”


This is pure sexism on the part of the silly ‘teacher’.  It is disgusting, stupid and the only lesson learned is, ‘Do not mess with insane, communist ideologue fake teachers or they will flunk you and ruin your school records, being vindictive dragons.’


After some time had elapsed, Ingle stated he “took this opportunity to point out the official view of biologists who claim there are only two biological genders,” and refuted the “gender wage gap,” after which class resumed as normal.


HAHAHA.  Even the poor female students were scared of the SJW dragon!


“The floor was opened, and not a single woman spoke. Thirty seconds or so passed and still no woman had spoken. So, I decided it was permissible for me to enter the conversation, especially because I felt the conversation itself was completely inappropriate in its structure,” Ingle told Campus Reform. “I objected to the use of the anecdotal accounts of one woman’s experience to begin a discussion in which they were considered reality. It was during my objection that Dr. Downie attempted to silence me because I am not a woman.”


HAHAHA.  I will die laughing.  What was going on here?  The females were terrified of irritating the monster teaching them so they sat silent hoping no one would notice!  Then a brave male lifted his verbal sword and drew it from the sheath and poked the dread dragon in the snout!  Touche!


That one brave student should have been given an award for daring to argue with a fake professor and the professor fired for being inept, stupid and vindictive.  This creature is teaching students how to be stupid, not smart.

Not happy with giving out nasty punishing grades, this dragon demanded the brave warrior kneel to her so she could blast him with her bad breath flames.  He refused.  He is beyond brave, I think we should write an epic poem about Brave Brave Sir Ingle who slew the torpid, evil dragon holding an entire class of helpless mute females hostage.

The stupid dragon was backed by the evil wizards hiding in this huge tower where all the administrators of this evil empire camp out.  They banished the good knight from the damsels being destroyed by the dragon staff and he is now persona no grata but he is retaliating and suing these idiots.


Talking about idiots, the DNC continues to self destruct, more crimes show up as they conspired openly with Obama to let illegal aliens vote illegally for only Democrats: Doing the Work Americans Won’t Do: Illegal Aliens Indicted on Felony Charges After Voting in 2016 Election.


Criminal Obama assured illegal aliens that nobody would be able to track them down and there would be no repercussions if they voted in the election so they had nothing to worry about.


Obama also told the illegal aliens, “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where somehow the voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating etcetera.”


Millions of illegals voted in DNC-run states.  Even with that, the countryside in all the states without exception, voted for Trump.  Only the bigger cities voted for Hillary.  And that was mainly a fraud and I hope Congress has hearings about all this.  Come, come, wake up.  Heed the warnings of Sir Ingle, the only way to fight these dragons is to be brave, very brave and not be Bilderberg tools.


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21 responses to “Brave Sir Ingle Dared To Dispute SJW Female Professor About Two Sexes In Class Debate

  1. Nani

    Britain is supposed to be a first world country, and a Western power. However, when you travel around in certain parts of London or other British cities, you can’t help but wondering wheter you still are in Britain.

    British cities are turning into shitholes, with Sharia patrols, acid attacks and lots of other crimes. British authorities seems to have no problem with this. Muslim takeover is fine.

  2. Sunger

    “I do admit that my speech in Germany was about my plans to enter East Germany so I could discover the truth about Operation Paperclip, the Nazi secret rocket tunnels which my father entered in WWII. ”

    Links, please.

    This is ridiculous.

  3. Sunger

    “Meanwhile, the far left uses very violent force and it works! DUH. Instead of admitting that terror and threats of violence do work, the fake liberals who really want dictatorship, tell us it doesn’t work. ”

    Links, please.

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Sunger

    “We are under sustained attack by these fascist clowns in Europe and Canada and inside the USA. The service providers online are being ordered to censor all speech and wipe out anyone who disputes the Bilderberg gang. These dirty monsters allow wild sex, cussing and tremendous violence in movies and music and other venues they exploit for money and power while telling us, talking about politics in public is evil and bad and you can be arrested for doing this both online and in real life. ”

    Links, please.

    This is totally ridiculous.

  5. Lou

    White conservatives have been refused entry into Canada, as well, if I rec all.

    More on England s censorship, From Robinsons you tube;

  6. Lou

    5— Jews control movies, TV, other media.
    What they offer has declined in quality over the decades.

    Pat Buchanan, in one of his books, lists what some ‘juried’ movie list is of
    Greatest films. Only one in post 1970— that is, ‘The Godfather.’

  7. Lou

    5—ridiculous TV commercials featuring Negroids–there are plenty,

    Sometimes I play a game with myself while watching TV. I count how many commercials in a row feature black characters, no matter how inapplicable the topic is to blacks, or how they are so sorely miscast in roles they would never play in real life.

    One wonders if it is now, at least unofficially, almost against the law to have commercials without blacks.

    One type of commercial, however, always lacks blacks, and those are the ones about crime, such as alarm systems, insurance coverage for theft losses, etc. The criminals are always portrayed as whites and never as blacks.

    We know what would happen if blacks were (accurately and correctly) featured as criminals.

    If a black appears at all, it is as the wise homeowner with a tidy yard informing his doofus White neighbor on why he needs this alarm system or that insurance policy. He would never be cast as the perp.

    And he and his family would never be cast as the reason other families in the neighborhood are moving out, selling their homes at a loss, to escape black dysfunction before it’s too late.

  8. My computer screwed up things and put comments from another article here, I sometimes load up two articles on two different servers and pages and then post them individually and this time, something went haywire. Sorry about that.

    The above comments are in regard to another story about another school doing similar stupid things so the comments still work with this article, funny, isn’t that?

  9. About Sunger and this person’s inability to put 2+2 to equal 4: Look, if you can’t see for yourself obvious facts or truths, it is your problem in your brain, not my task to document very obvious things that even a child can see. Go google stuff I talk about and see if you can learn something.

    It is painfully obvious that media and Hollywood have been lecturing us about sex and violence and pretending to be the good guys while they sell sex and violence nonstop to anyone even little children.

  10. Melponeme_k

    A family friend had a child who was born intersex. They didn’t know what to do and wanted to leave the child alone as both. But the medical establishment pushed for a decision and they encouraged keeping the female parts. I’ve read that this was often the decision because it was easier and less complicated. I grew up with this child but she displayed no strong female or male leanings. Later, after puberty, the child expressed more masculine traits and requested to be a male.

    I can’t stress enough that these cases, plus people who are not intersex but desire to be the opposite sex openly, are not the group I’m complaining about. I have deepest sympathy for them and they are being put into danger by the black magic elite who use transgenderism to build personal power.

    What makes me angry are a group of people, due to their religious belief, who knowingly transgender their children in the womb and after birth to be the sex they are not. Then these children are used as idols in our society in order to build magic charisma in order to direct mass populace emotion. They are also used to create sexual confusion in the masses that directs social cultural mores into weird developments. THAT is what I’m against.

  11. Lou

    Elaine, maybe the NYT could do a story, ‘Elaine shovels show on first day of spring while presumed felon gets 50k.’

    Go fund me–he gets 50k—

  12. Floridasandy

    I can see the future. The decline of odious universities which put students in massive debt, and the rise of online courses for under 15 dollars at Udemy and other sites. Their days of bigotry and bullying are winding down. Kids will get educated and start out debt free

  13. JimmyJ

    I see the future too and it will be indoctrinated, amoral people coming out of this university system and deciding on Gov policies that lead to forced euthanizing the elderly and infirm then eventually whatever group they dislike for the moment.

    In Canada we are already at the thin edge of the wedge with the Death with Dignity laws. The social worker system here talks about dignity and respect but warehouses aged and disabled folks with little resources to look after them while the statistics for those choosing Death with Dignity rises ever onward. Euthanasia is already forced by virtue of the lack of resources for a substantial group and people with despair choosing to die legally. The voices against these policies are drowned out by the ‘human rights’ voices which are anything but pro human rights. It’s downright evil and it’s the spawn of these so called pro rights liars teaching gullible kids in schools.

  14. Henry

    Here’s the bio page for this despicable human being (Professor Alison Downie) along with her picture as well as her email address if you want to tell what you think!

  15. Greg

    Sunger is a fool, disregard theyre comments

  16. It is really hard taking care of elderly who are collapsing and increasingly deranged. I had to do this for a number of years now and they finally passed away, over 90 years old but a hard haul for me during the last years.

  17. Blissex

    «Millions of illegals voted in DNC-run states.»

    That’s an improvement over democrats getting the dead to vote, which was their usual angle, and the republicans try every means to bar legitimate voters from elections in right-wing states, and they have done that for centuries. Both matter a lot less than it seems because these tricks are possible only if the majority is already strongly pro-democrat or pro-republican, so the level of votes under first-past-the-post does not change the winner.

    Voting by the dead or non-citizens or non-voting by people presumed to vote for someone else is as american as apple pie and machine politics; this is a report from A deTocqueville in 1834, chapter XX of “Democracy in America):

    «I said to someone who lived in Pennsylvania: “Kindly explain to me how, in a state founded by Quakers and celebrated for its tolerance, free Negroes are not allowed to exercise their civil rights. They pay their taxes; is it not fair that they should have the vote?”
    “You insult us,” he replied, “if you imagine that our legislators committed such a gross act of injustice and intolerance.”
    “Thus the blacks possess the right to vote in this country?”
    “Without any doubt.”
    “So, how does it come about that at the polling-booth this morning I did not notice a single Negro in the crowd?”
    “That is not the fault of the law,” said the American to me. “It is true that the Negroes have the right to participate in the elections but they voluntarily abstain from making an appearance.”
    “That is indeed very modest of them.”
    “It is not that they are refusing to attend, but they are afraid of being mistreated. In this country it sometimes happens that the law lacks any force when the majority does not support it. Now, the majority is imbued with the strongest of prejudices against the blacks and the magistrates feel they do not have enough strength to guarantee the rights which the legislator has conferred upon them.”
    “So you mean that the majority, which has the privilege of enacting the laws, also wishes to enjoy the privilege of disobeying them?”»

  18. So, don’t we have modern systems for tracking people and insuring safe legal elections? HAHAHA.

    Of course, we do! 100%. As I have said for many years, no one…NO ONE at the top of power wants to fix the messes of our voting systems. NEVER. They freak out when forced to make even small corrections that would fix things properly.

  19. Rob

    So why is this guy even taking this class “Self, Sin, and Salvation”?
    “barred from attending a religious studies class *required * for graduation”

    I guess a better question, why did he pick that college. Duh,
    “During my time as a Religious Studies major, I have had professors insult me for opposing views”.

    Anyone have any idea what jobs that qualifies for? Is it going to pay off his loan anytime soon?

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