BBC Tries To Explain How Evil Poland Is For Not Allowing Muslim Invaders

(3) Poland’s identity crisis – BBC Newsnight – YouTube


The British BBC attacks the Polish people who are very anxious to not take in millions of angry Muslim males.  The UK did this and look at how lovely it has been like in Germany and Sweden and France: high crime rates, lots of terror attacks and lots of rapes.  So why are these insane nations demanding Poland ape them in self destruction?  Ask the insane people at the BBC who are all liberals and who hate modern civil rights and freedoms and want no free speech to discuss all this garbage.


It is downright painful to watch that video.  We have the usual ‘so sweet, so kind’ cucks who want desperately to import terrorists so they could kindly show them how to behave all proper.


This lunacy is all over the leftists who have embraced violent radical Muslims as saviors.  They seriously want more violent Muslims to invade and thus, ‘teach everyone a lesson’ only these Muslims hate liberals more than anything except for Jews.


So why are liberals so bent on bringing over hostile Muslim males?  I look in horror at all this, they are insane.  Seriously insane.


They even believe stories from cunning Muslims (I have tangled with the Muslim community in NYC and New Jersey for many years!)  that they won’t impose their iron rules of law and society like they do in all Muslim nations without exception.


Some are worse than others by some degrees but all are similar: they believe no humans who are not Muslims, are humans.  One has zero rights in any Muslim country where Muslim men rule.


So why do flaming liberals who scream about sex and hate men who touch them, why do they want to import millions of Muslim men who want to violently rape then?  Calling Dr. Freud!
Europe Is Killing Itself – YouTube
Yes, Germany is censoring You Tube lest the German people learn about reality.  The Muslims wish to censor all the internet and prevent discussion about their plans for domination and destruction.

Britain’s Hate Speech Police – YouTube

Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State” – YouTube

Muslims want to kill free speech.  Europe has no free speech rights.  Canada doesn’t have free speech.  The US still has this but online, the dictators running the systems are imposing speech rules with one of the top rules being, Muslims have more rights than citizens of the USA.


Will the West wake up or dream on until the new masters put everyone in the noose or on a leash.  How stupid an end to modern civilization.  Well, Europe tried three times, with WWI, communism and WWII, to destroy civilization now they will succeed in inviting in destroyers which Europe has fought desperately for 1,000 years.


This is pathetic. How sad and how stupid it is.


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7 responses to “BBC Tries To Explain How Evil Poland Is For Not Allowing Muslim Invaders

  1. Lou


  2. jason

    Doesn’t it strike you that all the pieces are being put into place for a major conflagration?
    This is probably not by design more part of a cycle of war. Britain is being perceived as weak by all its major adversaries so the recent response to the Russian killing could get out of control fast. Germany is just as weak as Britain and both the United States and Russia are pressing their advantage. The € block are also sitting on a time bomb with the head of the ECB (Draghi) hoping to exit before it all comes down and he gets the blame.

  3. jason

    Goodbye cheap borrowing interest rates are on the way up. Look at the trend in Minor in the graph.

  4. Lou

    Irish Savant –
    BBC Correspondents and Editors:

    JEW Jon Sopel…….USA/Washington (former “Jewsnight” presenter)
    JEW Katya Adler……Europe Editor
    JEW Steve Rosenberg……Moscow Correspondent
    JEW David Stern….Ukraine Correspondent
    JEW Nick Robinson….Chief Political Editor (formerly ITV)
    JEW Robert Peston…Economics (now presenter ‘Peston On Sunday’ ITV)
    JEW Jo Coburn..presenter ‘Daily Politics’ ,’Sunday Politics’ etc
    JEW Emily Maitliss…presenter, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Ian Katz……Editor, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Cathy Newman….presenter, Channel 4 News
    JEW Emma Barnett (Orthodox) presenter/writer BBC and ITV
    JEW James Harding…BBC Head Of News
    JEW Anthony Rueben…BBC Head Of Statistics
    JEW Alan Yentob..BBC ‘Creative Director’ ,former Controller, BBC TV
    JEW Danny Cohen….former Controller, BBC TV
    JEW David Abrahams……Boss, Channel 4 TV
    JEW Joshua Rozenberg….Legal /Law
    JEW (Orthodox) Martin Lewis….Saving/Coin-Clutching (Also ITV)
    JEW (Orthodox) Roz Altman…Pensions
    JEW Simon Gompertz…Personal Finance
    JEW Will Gompertz…Arts and Culture
    JEW Suzy Klein…Classical Music
    JEW David Grossman..reporter, ‘Jewsnight’
    JEW Tim Samuels..reporter, ‘Mens Issues’
    JEW Lucy Seigel..reporter, ‘The One Show’
    JEW Jonathan Maitland..reporter,presenter, ‘Tonight’ (ITV)
    JEW Anthony Barnett…reporter, presenter ‘Dispatches’ (Channel 4)
    JEW Simon Israel…reporter, Channel 4 News
    JEW Natasha Kaplinsky…..newsreader, ITV
    JEW Simon Schama , JEW Simon Sebag-Montefiore…..History
    JEW Nigella Lawson, JEW Heston Blumenthal…..TV Cooking
    JEW Jay Rayner….JEW Matthew Norman…Gastronomy
    JEW Giles Coren JEW Victoria Coren…….BBC TV presenters

    JEW LESBIAN Sue Perkins JEW QUEER Stephen Fry JEW QUEER Dale Winton….QUEER JEW Robert Rinder ,QUEER JEW Simon Amstell, QUEER JEW Matt Lucas, JEW Gaby Roslin , JEW Alice Levine , JEW Rachel Riley, JEW Howard Jacobson, JEW Vanessa Feltz, JEW Ruby Wax, JEW LESBIAN Suzie Orbach, JEW LESBIAN Laurie Penny, JEW Esther Rantzen, JEW Lesley Joseph, JEW Arlene Phillips, JEW Melanie Phillips, JEW Maureen Lipman, JEW Tracy Ann Oberman, JEW Rebecca Front, JEW David Schneider, JEW Tom Rosenthal,JEW Angela Epstein
    JEW Micheal Rosen, JEW Adam Gopnik ,JEW Jon Ronson, JEW David Baddiel, JEW Jerry Springer , JEW Charlie Wolf, JEW Miriam Morgoyles, JEW Claudia Winkleman, JEW Simon Brodkin, JEW Sasha Baron Cohen, etc etc etc…..TV presenters /pundits /talking heads etc
    The Times: Editor: JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Daniel Finkelstein
    Deputy Ed: JEW David Aaronovitch

    The Guardian: Editor JEW Katherine Viner ,
    Deputy Editor JEW Jonathan Freedland

    The Telegraph: EditorJEW Jonathan Seiken

    etc etc etc JEWS are 0.2% of UK population.

    UK TV, 10.30am – 11am Wednesday

    BBC2: Victoria Derbyshite is talking about
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and
    JEW Sharon Waxman

    ITV: Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have put on their serious, concerned faces and are talking to American
    JEW Sam Rubin about American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow. They talk to an Australian actress/model who he clumsily attempted to seduce 20 years ago, ending up with him crying on a bed in his bathrobe, saying ” You don’t like me cos Im fat”

    Channel 5: Matthew Cunt is talking to
    JEW Steve Furst and FAGGOT David Bull about American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein and American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow….. this absolute non-story

    (powerful sleazy -and probably coked-up Hollywood jew studio boss wants to use his position to access every new hot fresh vagina /anus / mouth he encounters …a non-story as old as the Hollywood Hills )

    has saturated the media in a co-ordinated way and the Oy Veygas shooting is literally history, chip-wrappers.

    As we all know, there are FAR FAR worse “scandals” to be “exposed” in Hollywood, involving PREDATORY, UNTOUCHABLE WEALTHY HOMOSEXUAL PAEDOPHILES, the “kosher pink mafia” .
    Names like JEW Joel Schumaker, JEW Bryan Singer and JEW David Geffen have been linked to stories like this. So the motive is obviously not to “expose” any moral improriety. Weinstein,as it will turn out, probably never “raped” anybody, not in the old sense of the word. Many of these females come across as Snowflakes:

    “Oh I had NO IDEA that if I sucked this fat old kike’s stumpy ,cut schmeckle it might help my career in Hollywood” Right….

    Ever read (((Carrie Fisher)))s book “Postcards From The Edge” ? Hollywood / LA is or was a blizzard of cocaine and sleazy one-night-stands. She describes how she’d wake up each day with every orifice plugged up with various white substances..

    Meryl Streep says “This is not the Harvey I know”
    Poor Streep, even a predatory sleazy coked up fat rat-faced Hollywood heeb didnt fancy a slice of her pie.

    In 1978, she won an Emmy Award for her role in the miniseries Holocaust.
    Created and written by
    JEW Gerald Green Directed by
    JEW Marvin J. Chomsky , starring
    JEW Tovah Feldshuh
    JEW David Warner
    JEW Sam Wanamaker
    JEW John Houseman Theme music composer
    JEW Morton Gould

    Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice (1982) (HOLOCAUST MOVIE) directed by JEW Alan Jay Pakula Music by
    JEW Marvin Hamlisch

    and cohencidentally, Postcards from the Edge (1990) directed by
    JEW ‘Mike Nichols’ ( Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky , music by
    JEW Carly Simon

    Holocaust is a 1978 American four part television miniseries which tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of the (fictional) Weiss family of German Jews and that of a rising member of the SS, who gradually becomes a merciless war criminal. Holocaust highlighted numerous important events which occurred up to and during World War II, such as Kristallnacht, the creation of Jewish ghettos and later, the use of gas chambers. Although the miniseries won several awards and received critical acclaim, it was criticized by some, including noted Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, who described it as “untrue and offensive.” LOL !!!

    “A jew or jews talking to another jew or jews about something another jew or jews said or did , on a jew-owned /produced…”

    BBC2 10.30pm “Jewsnight” Canadian
    JEW Emily Maitliss is talking to American
    JEW Sharon Waxman about American
    JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and American
    JEW Harvey Weinstein

  5. Case

    Poland needs to get real and leave the EU, that’s the only way to take control of national borders again. They are selling their souls for the EU pieces of silver.

  6. Yes, Case, that is the only way. The EU is doomed. Better to leave the Titanic before it breaks in half and sinks.

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