Chief FIU Engineer Saw Bridge Cracks, Told Everyone It Was No Problem

(9) Florida bridge collapse – YouTube


It is now obvious that the builders of the collapsed bridge will probably go to prison or at least will be sued to bankruptcy by the bridge collapse.  They held a meeting just two hours before the collapse where the company assured everyone, the cracks were no problem.  This was utterly insane and irresponsible.  I did structural engineering most of my life and any cracks like the ones on the bridge would cause me to shut down everything and immediately put up supports.

(9) Companies behind Miami bridge that collapsed had safety violations – YouTube


FIU is the engineering center for research on this style of dangerous bridge construction.  They were very proud of this bridge and boasted about their new technology so…the school is going to be sued along with everyone else involved in this stupid disaster.  This company had previous bridge collapses.


Evidently, a woman is the figurehead and I am seriously worried that she got these contracts becausse she is a female and so everyone overlooked previous failures.  This is a huge problem, I was the only structural female for a while in Northern New Jersey and it is a dangerous business because people can die if you are wrong!


Engineer of Florida Bridge Reported Cracks Days Before Collapse – The New York Times reports.  The information is infuriating. ANY cracks in ANY bridge or dam requires immediate attention and one MUST assume it is potentially fatal even if it is ‘small cracks’.


I have rebuilt buildings damaged by California earthquakes, too. This means going inside walls to see if cracking is structural, for example.  And always, when there is visual cracks, you shore it up before studying it because time is always the essence.  It is dangerous to even enter a cracked beam situation!


The cracking was on the north end of the span but the company did not consider it a safety concern, according to a recording of the message released by the Transportation Department.


“We’ve taken a look at it and, uh, obviously some repairs or whatever will have to be done, but from a safety perspective we don’t see that there’s any issue there so we’re not concerned about it from that perspective,” said the engineer, W. Denney Pate. “Although obviously the cracking is not good and something’s going to have to be, you know, done to repair that.”


You don’t ‘repair’ cracks.  You do extensive searches for the cause of the cracking!  Way too often, stupid people put patches on structural cracks.  Some cracks are perfectly safe but any in cement structures  when it is weight bearing structures, even small cracks are highly dangerous.  For example, the center beams in a Chinese 5 story store began to crack and shed paint and staff was told, it was no big deal and then the entire building collapsed, killing over 50 people.


In a statement, Figg Bridge Engineers, which designed the bridge, said that it was “heartbroken by the loss of life and injuries” and was “carefully examining the steps that our team has taken in the interest of our overarching concern for public safety.”


They showed zero concern when they saw the cracks.  I want them arrested for murder.


“The evaluation was based on the best available information at that time and indicated that there were no safety issues,” the statement said. “It is important that the agencies responsible for investigating this devastating situation are given the appropriate time in order to accurately identify what factors led to the accident during construction.”


The part that was cracking was a load bearing part of the bridge!  Any cracks, no matter how small, in any beams or structures carrying loads are serious!  You don’t wait until it collapses.  Duh!


Construction crews were tightening cables on the bridge when it fell, the N.T.S.B. said, which is not unusual after installation. Mr. Accetta said the safety board also would look at whether that process contributed to the collapse, adding that the “point of failure” was still unclear.


It is obvious to me.  I have done the ‘tighten up’ process on buildings and you have to be very careful and constantly monitor all parts to see if ANY cracks show up.  The minute that happens, YOU STOP.  I am very pissed off reading about this disaster.


Two days after the voice mail message was left, and one day before it was heard, the Florida Department of Transportation said, one of its consultants took part in a meeting with the bridge’s design and construction team. At the meeting the state consultant “was not notified of any life-safety issues, need for additional road closures or requests for any other assistance from FDOT,” the department said.


The meeting took place at noon on Thursday. At around 1:30 p.m., the bridge collapsed.


“At no point during any of the communications above did Figg or any member of the F.I.U. design-build team ever communicate a life-safety issue,” the state Transportation Department said in its statement.


The Transportation Department and Florida will both be sued, anyways.  They were told it was OK but anyone with a brain should have told the FIU idiots that the street was going to be closed, anyways, and proof has to be given that the bridge would be safe before reopening it.


The school issued a statement early Saturday saying that during a meeting hours before the collapse, a Figg engineer “delivered a technical presentation regarding the crack and concluded that there were no safety concerns and the crack did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge.”


That engineer should go to prison.  There was no way he had enough information to say that.  Simply looking at it is not an ‘investigation’ at all.  I am seriously angry about this level of depraved incompetence.


The meeting, which took place at a trailer on the construction site Thursday morning, was convened by the builder and by Figg “to discuss a crack that appeared on the structure,” and representatives of both F.I.U. and the Florida Department of Transportation attended, the school said in its statement.


The lawsuits are already won by the victims.  FIU is going to be bankrupt.  Hopefully, some people will go to prison.  This was a new structural attempt and instead of doing it in a safe place to be TESTED they used novel materials and structural systems on the public!  That is insane.  It is cheap.  Until the lawsuits fly and people die.  Cheap is always expensive in the long run.


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19 responses to “Chief FIU Engineer Saw Bridge Cracks, Told Everyone It Was No Problem

  1. KHS71

    The cracks could have been repaired with epoxy injection. This is a common procedure. Basically inject epoxy into the crack under pressure. Been around for 50 years or so. From Simpson-Strongtie.

    I saw a comment yesterday that indicated that the contractor was adjusting the diagonal post-tensioned bracing on the north end when a cable from a crane that was being used to provide a counter force broke during testing. The cable was apparently attached where the suspension cable was going to be attached.

    Based on the videos that I have seen, the north end broke first. It looked like a brittle failure. An instant failure like there was no steel in it. Concrete is great in compression but terrible in tension thus the need for steel in the bottom of beams.

    An article on post-tensioning.

  2. shanwtoh

    The German word for today is…


  3. shawntoh

    No, I think the German word for today should be…


  4. KHS71

    I will agree that some engineers will lose their license from this collapse. Probably the “Engineer of Record” who gave the presentation on the cracking just before the collapse and the design firm FIGG. Design firms have licenses too. I have one for my LLC that practices engineering and I have my personal license. What happens to the construction company will be interesting. If they were just following the instructions from FIGG, they may have limited liability. I doubt there will be criminal charges filed. Remember the Hyatt Regency Skywalk failure here in Kansas City in 1981. Killed 114 people. The engineers lost their licenses but no criminal charges were ever filed.

  5. That was an overload event. This one had zero load and collapsed.

    Also, the truth about the poorly designed walkway in Kansas wasn’t known until it was later so the designers got to skip out of this. Back then, I wanted them put in jail because the execution of the design was cheapened and was very weak.

  6. Anonymous

    To be fair, it’s entirely possible that the engineer was correct about the crack not being a safety hazard and that the bridge collapsed due to some other undetected flaw.

  7. KHS71

    Here is a copy of the proposal from the contractor and engineer. It’s 143 pages long but informative.

    In reviewing, the bridge was supposed to be a big I-beam (14 foot deep) with the top portion (Canopy) being the top flange and the walkway surface being the bottom flange. The truss portion in the middle acts as the web. The proposal does state that the suspension is needed for the live loads generated by people and other live loads. Apparently the dead load of 950 tons could be supported without the suspension. There are post tension rods in the bottom walkway and in the top canopy and also in the cross bracing web. Supposedly they were tightening the post tension rods in the cross bracing between the top and bottom portion (top and bottom flanges) of the bridge on the north end when it collapsed. One of the post tension rods supposedly failed thus reducing the ability of the bridge to support itself thus leaving just the top and bottom flange portions only to support. I have assumed that they were trying to reduce the cracking by tightening the cross brace tension rods.

  8. Lou

    AA hire. VDare has a great write up on the Florida bridge collapse and yes, it was a minority contractor (Hispanic) with a predictable bad track record who got the contract.

    Saying that blacks and browns aren`t capable of building, or even maintaining, what whites have built, isn’t just a metaphor for our society. They literally are incapable of BUILDING what we have built.

    Some of the aqueducts built by the Romans some 2000 years ago still stand across rivers and valleys. Yet in the age of Computer Aided Design, diversity cannot build a simple pedestrian walkway across a few lanes of road. And this in America, with all its permits and inspections.

    This is why you see such high casualties whenever an earthquake hits South America. The structures fall in on themselves. They can mimic what they see us build, but the knowledge of how and why we did it escapes them.

    You don’t build a 5 story building by stacking five one story buildings on top of one another.

    And the African? Left to their own devices, they never accomplished more than mud and sticks glued together with go

  9. Jim R

    Wow that IS a poor design. Compare the Ft. Worth bridge, also made of concrete:

    The Ft. Worth bridge has these nice arches, and does not put tension on the concrete. All tension elements are steel and all concrete is under compression. The Florida bridge looks like it was designed by a 6 year old with cardboard and toothpicks.

  10. Lou

    SBPDL.COM “This bridge was about collaboration and was about hope and determination,” said FIU president Marc Rosenberg.

    THAT explains why it collapsed.

    This is right out of ATLAS SHRUGGED. If you have not read that book, get it. Read it. She wrote it in 1955, and it has been “in print” since then, and is the most printed book in the English language (other than the fiction “BIBLE”)

    She wrote scenes EXACTLY like this bridge collapse……….scary……..and there is more to come……………….

  11. Thanks for the latest video. Note: a SCHOOL BUS was about to go under it!!! OMG.

    Thanks to the traffic flow, only a few cars reached it due to traffic lights breaking up the traffic.

    About steel supports: the more weight, the support has to double, treble. This stupid bridge didn’t have internal steel supports capable of supporting the SECOND LEVEL which was the thick cement roof.

    That is the killer here, weight-wise. It was two bridges with supports strong enough for only one.

    BTW, they are 70-100 year old double decker bridges in NYC that never collapsed even with very heavy modern traffic.

  12. Lou

    Meanwhile, Barbara Specter and her plan continue,

    Breaking news..
    Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation after taking in a record number of asylum seekers
    Sweden’s main governing party proposes a ban on all religious schools
    It follows reports of gender segregation in some Muslim free schools
    Jewish schools will be exempt from the new ban, politicians said.

    Puzzled comments at the DM
    Can someone please explain why Jewish schools will be exempt from this ban ?

    The jewish faith and, jewish schools are all learning instiutions. They are the only religion that is a learning religion.

    There is no need for Christian schools or schools of any other denomination, Jewish included actually, I don¿t understand why the ban excludes them. Religion should be a private matter.
    Go and read the other comments. Funny as fuvkery

    Create a Problem
    Provide the Answer
    Get an army of commenters to champion the great idea

    .[16 March 2018 at 21:32]

    The headline:

    Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation after taking in a record number of asylum seekers

    The fine print:

    Jewish schools will be exempt from the new ban, politicians said

    This will wake up maybe 14 goyim.
    The jews complain – “Swedish Secularism Targets Jewish Homeschoolers”

    [Dec 21, 2017] “The public schools were religiously inadequate and, more important, physically unsafe for Jews. Private schools were no better. All schools, including “private” and religious schools, are government-funded in Sweden, and therefore required to accept all-comers”.
    “The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden – is a nondenominational academic framework established in 2000 by Barbara Spectre with a foundational grant from the Swedish government.”
    European Jewish Congress – Sweden [Not the same org as the World Jewish Congress]
    Pompous and officious jews complain about everything. Too much to cover here, but this one below is a report which is intended only for jewish consumption. It is typical of those types of judgmental objections which always issue forth from jew officialdom. How to change and interfere in so many and so minute of ways in order to sabotage the internal processes of White countries while making the pretense that it is being done for the “public good”, all done in a meddling “better than them” snobbish, “hooked-nose in the air” type of way which official jew publications invaribly display.

    A Report relating to the Hook-nosed Jews – Office on Combating Anti-Semitism – Sweden

    “One such extremist group, the Nordic Resistance Movement, rails
    against “Zionist conspiracies” and is antisemitic at its core.

    The Swedish Committee against Antisemitism is an independent information and advocacy organization that monitors racist and antisemitic developments in Swedish society. In recent years it has received government funding to underwrite study trips to Holocaust sites in Eastern Europe for some 800-900 Swedish teachers and students as one means of combating antisemitism.

  13. The Jews are the best example of ‘don’t do what I do, do what I order you to do’. This is going to collapse against Jews living in other countries. That is, they, themselves, set up the justification of removing or isolating people of different religious/ethnic types while giving privileges to the ‘master race’.

    I have pointed out frequently that Zionism predated Naziism and it spawned the ethos of Naziism which endorsed the goals of Zionism, that is, ethnic cleansing.

    This is a problem everywhere. I think having a wide variety of people in one nation is wonderful BUT…ONLY if they are all united politically and ethically with the Rule of Law and everyone equal.

    Right now, the left is pushing for PRIVILEGES. They want goodies for select groups and punishments for other groups. This is dividing the country and making it worse and worse and will explode into great violence because the new victims, white European males, will have to take back the civil rights they are losing as apartheid is imposed by black and Hispanic leaders and women who hate men.

  14. Lou

    In NJ a student was suspended for a photo he posted of a gun.

  15. paul

    modern engineers continually want to design structures that appear to defy gravity. Mayby these outcomes are to be expected

  16. You are right, Paul. It is a destructive and dangerous fad.

  17. Lou

    About that bridge collapse:

    Twelve-year-old Michelle Flores shared a special moment with her family at FIU this past Saturday: She and her sister Gabriela joined their parents, FIU alumni Leonor and Henry Flores MIS ’01, to watch a 950-ton section of a pedestrian bridge swing into its permanent position across Southwest 8th Street.

    Leonor Flores ’98 is a project executive and one of 63 FIU alumni who work for MCM, the construction firm building the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge, which will further connect FIU and its northerly neighbor, the City of Sweetwater. She was excited to share her work with her family, especially Michelle, who is interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in school.

    Michelle said she might want to follow in her parents’ footsteps and go to FIU when the time comes, and that it was fascinating to see her mom’s work in action. “I’m interested in the architecture and the design of the bridge, and the math portion of it,” she said.

    Said Leonor: “It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

    UPDATE, March 16, 2018, 11 a.m.: To clarify, Leonor Flores did not work on the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge project in any capacity.

    The comments are priceless.

  18. Nothing I built so far, have collapsed. And it has severe weather like deep snow and hurricanes in NYC, NJ and upstate here where my roof carried five feet of snow with no problem.

    A woman can design. But you have to be smart, sane and understand stress, weight, gravity and building materiels. And yes, men have built very stupid buildings in the past. Many, many stupid buildings.

    The Roman aquaduct builders, on the other hand, were amazing and very aware of gravity, etc. since water must run downhill at a set pace, not too fast nor too slow.

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