Extreme Cold Weather Means ‘Global Warming’ To Bilderberg Gang

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Yes, all weather is caused by CO2 and we are going to roast to death even as we freeze our assses off.  This lunacy is one of the top items next to importing as many Muslims as possible, for the Bilderberg gang.  They are increasingly insane.  The above table is for my mountain which has been buried under more than four feet of snow for the last two weeks and we expect more snow!  And it won’t be above freezing at night until April Fool’s Day!


So of course, the lunatics running fake mainstream news are yelling about how we are going to roast to death.  Yes, we had a very brief mid-winter warm spell which happens every year, by the way.  We even call this ‘the midwinter thaw’ and people who make maple syrup love this thaw each year because if the temperature is too warm, the syrup goes bad in late spring.  Here is the LA Times:


What March heat wave?  We had one at the end of February.  March has been amazingly cold since then.  It is bitter, bitter cold and I feel like there will be penguins visiting my bird feeders.  These feeders are being mobbed by desperate birds who can’t find food anywhere else due to the heavy snow/ice cover.


Rapid Arctic warming and melting ice are increasing the frequency of blizzards in the Northeast, study finds – The Washington Post tries to explain.  So, the idiots running that joke of a newspaper can’t explain why the much warmer winters from 2000-2005 featured less and less snow, not more and more snow.


Nor does it explain why extreme, severe cold is with this global warming snow nor do they mention the several snow storms in the Sahara Desert this winter.


The study, titled “Warm Arctic episodes linked with increased frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States,” shows that severe winter weather, late in the season, has increased over the eastern United States since 1990 as the Arctic has dramatically warmed, faster than any other part of the world.


Except we had blizzards in October and November not to mention severe cold in December and January.  The WP assumes everyone has Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember.  I figured NY Times readers are insane or have Alzheimers, yesterday, there was a typical global warming story there and they allowed rare comments and everyone was yapping about how hot it is this winter.


I would have hoped the staff at that insane paper went outside to see how bitter cold it is but no, they didn’t even look out the window.


Climate scientist admits embarrassment over future climate uncertainty | Watts Up With That? asks.  They should be embarrassed.  Every prediction has been utterly wrong at this point.  The Pacific Ocean is in a serious cold la Nina cycle and the liberal papers had near zero headlines about this situation.  Papers are supposed to help us plan for the future, not hide vital data.


The climate is a complex beast. To make predictions about how much temperatures will rise in the future, scientists employ hugely detailed computer simulations, which rely on swathes of experimental data as input.


In other words, GIGO at work here.  Garbage leads to crappy predictions that turn out false so they re-engineer it so that the data is doctored which is scientific fraud.  This fraud has been running for twenty years now and is incresing rapidly as real information screws up the predictions.


But there is a big unknown in these simulations: how much warming do you get for a certain amount of CO2? This simple parameter is known as the climate’s sensitivity, and it dominates our uncertainty about future global warming.


It should be painfully obvious by now to anyone with a brain that the local star which we call ‘the sun’ is what controls temperatures on earth.  Duh.


Normally, climate sensitivity is estimated by looking at historical data on temperature and greenhouse gases – either measurements of global warming or records of past climates, such as ice cores and tree rings. Given a rise in CO2 and a concurrent rise in temperature, scientists can judge how much the former affects the latter.


And ignore sun spot activity as a gage for determining how hot or cold it is.  Not to mention, volcanic activity.  This is just infuriating.  We have obvious proof what the ultimate control of the climate is and it is the sun, not CO2.  These fake scientists are paid to lie about it.  So they lie.  And that is fraud.  Here are comments from WUWT:


Lot’s of strange things happening with the climate system. We had the big push of warm air into the Arctic and now a complete drop in the Arctic temperature to near or below average levels (depending on baseline).

Richard, along with those lower Arctic temperatures, Arctic ice extent has grown strongly, well after the usual average maximum. After stalling first week of March, Arctic ice is coming on strong now. The image above shows the last week, setting new maximums for 2018 for NH overall, as well in Barents Sea. The graph below shows that as of yesterday, Barents is well above the 11 year average, and even ahead of 2014 the highest year in the decade.


Yes, it is getting colder and there is repeated snow storms hitting California, Washington state and Oregon not to mention, the entire West even ‘hot’ Arizona is seeing blizzards this week!  How insane is this?  It isn’t global warming.

And the New York Times which had zero stories on the front page all month long about the blizzards and extreme cold and it will be near 0F tonight on my NY mountain…their top weather story today is about how people on Easter Island are going to drown!  Good lord.  I do not want to freeze to death or be destroyed by a giant glacier to save Easter Island.



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21 responses to “Extreme Cold Weather Means ‘Global Warming’ To Bilderberg Gang

  1. Sunger

    The ‘Imminent Mini Ice Age’ Myth is Back, and it’s Still Wrong

    Guardian January 2018

    Roughly every two years we’re treated to headlines repeating the myth that Earth is headed for an imminent “mini ice age.” It happened in 2013, 2015, and again just recently at the tail end of 2017.

    The most important takeaway point is that the scientific research is clear – were one to occur, a grand solar minimum would temporarily reduce global temperatures by less than 0.3°C, while humans are already causing 0.2°C warming per decade.

    The ‘mini ice age’ misnomer

    The myth ultimately stems from a period climate scientists have coined “The Little Ice Age” (LIA). This was a modestly cool period running from about the year 1300 to 1850. It was particularly cold in the UK, where the River Thames sometimes froze over, and ‘frost fairs’ were held.

    A team led by University of Reading physicist and solar expert Mike Lockwood wrote a paper reviewing the science behind frost fairs, sunspots, and the LIA. It included the figure below showing northern hemisphere temperatures along with sunspot number and the level of volcanic particles in the atmosphere over the past millennium:

    Several studies have investigated the potential climate impact of a future grand solar minimum. In every case, they have concluded that such a quiet solar period would cause less than 0.3°C cooling, which as previously noted, would temporarily offset no more than a decade and a half’s worth of human-caused global warming. These model-based estimates are consistent with the amount of cooling that occurred during the solar minima in the LIA.


  2. Sunger

    Media Bias/Fact Check- Watts Up With That


    Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information, therefore fact checking and further investigation is recommended on a per article basis when obtaining information from these sources. See all Conspiracy-Pseudoscience sources.

    Factual Reporting: LOW

    Notes: Watts Up with That is a 100% climate denial website. They cite junk science and reject the consensus of climate scientist globally in the pursuit of their denial. (2/14/2017)


  3. Ken

    Regarding Easter Island, I cannot help but wonder whether the island is sinking rather than the water rising. I have been to Hawaii, and like Easter Island the chain of Hawaiian islands is located in the middle of nowhere. In the case of Hawaii, the islands form when the crust moves across a “hot spot” in the mantle. The tallest islands are directly over the hot spot, and as the islands move with the mantle away from the hot spot, the islands sink back into the sea.

    Does anyone know whether Easter Island is above a “hot spot” in the mantel, like Hawaii? That would certainly explain why the island is sitting all alone in the middle of nowhere. It would also explain why the island is slowly sinking below the waves.

    As for the seas rising, I live in Florida. Since 1980 I have been watching to see if the water level is rising and is going to flood the state. Nothing. If anything the water level seems lower than it was in the past, based on pilings and other structures with easily noticeable markings. Granted, 38 years is not a lot geologically speaking, but it is longer than the time frames being cited by the global warming advocates.

  4. ziff

    Water is the definition of level but apparently it likes to get higher or lower [ mostly higher] at specific locations !

  5. Lou

    3–I read the Big Island may snap. That its on a very thin support.

  6. Ken, you are correct. ALL islands erode or sink back into the sea unless they are geologically active like Indonesia and Japan for two famous examples. Also, upheavals when ocean floors go under continental shelves, that causes islands like Cuba and these often have volcanoes, too.

    Like Italy or Iceland.

    Once the actions stop, erosion takes its toll over time. So many of the ‘sinking islands’ stories are truly islands that are vanishing under the waves again. The only places to measure ocean heights is on stable continental shelves.

    This is why using ocean levels in California, for example, is useless. The landmass is heaving and suddenly falling due to geological forces. So the ocean’s edge changes constantly and often very suddenly.

  7. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0341816205000937

    History, origin and extent of soil erosion on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

    Detailed analysis of soil profiles allowed the reconstruction of the history and of causes and effects of soil erosion and gullying in the context of land use history and cultural evolution.

    The results of the stratigraphic analysis prove that from the beginning of human settlement around AD 300/600 until AD 1280 the agriculture on Poike peninsula was characterised by sustainable land use and a traditional type of agro-forestry. Soil erosion was not significant.

    At around AD 1280 the woodland on Poike, dominated by the endemic palm Jubaea sp., was cleared by slashing and burning. Intensive farming on the upper slopes of the volcanic peninsula resulted in sheet erosion lasting until the 20th century.

    Settlements and ceremonial places which were built around AD 1300 on downslope areas were buried soon by sediments. Agriculture ceased around AD 1400 on downslope areas as the fertile soils were completely eroded. From AD 1400 until the late 19th century sheet erosion and the accumulation of fine-layered sediments migrated upslope.

    On average 8.6 Mg of soil per hectare and per year were reworked by erosion (eroded and accumulated within the catchment). Gullying began on Rapa Nui with the sudden increase in the number of sheep during the early 20th century. Gullies are still developing on the island and their ongoing enlargement created extended badlands on Poike which pose a significant problem for ecological and archaeological conservation strategies.

  8. So, erosion caused by humans is what buried the statues and now sheep herding is causing more erosion. When it rains, the soil goes into the oceans, flattening the islands.

  9. What also interests me suddenly is, the collapse of their society is the same time a terrible 100 year drought hit Arizona and destroyed the city builders there. Very soon afterwards, the Europeans invaded (Spain) and found it easy to win fights with few soldiers because everything was very stressed out.

  10. Jim R

    There really is something to the AGW story, but it’s a tough sell right now with snow in the population centers. But all these comments are good. Stupid humans. Erosion and deforestation are the real problems. And the land sinks and rises due to tectonic forces without which there would be no land at all. If earth were a perfect ball it would be covered in water.

    What irritates me about it is that this one slight effect (it will be a little warmer and the weather may shift) is being used as an excuse to raise taxes, to pass stupid laws (like forcing oil companies to put alcohol in gasoline) and set up a tyrannical global government.

    If the real PTB actually cared, they’d shut off the war machine and stop destroying forests. Those two things would accomplish far more than those dumb low-flush toilets.

  11. We are in a weak sun cycle. There will be no ‘global warming’. The sun is the control of the climate. It is a big star compared to our tiny planet.

  12. Jim R

    The sun supplies the energy, but what earth’s atmosphere does with it may vary. And sure enough, there is a measurable difference between now and past decades. A difference in CO2 level, directly attributable to human activity, and the consequent measurable difference in the transparency of the air to infrared radiation. So far, most of the demonstrable effects are at the poles.

    And the sunspot cycle will recover in a few decades and make it worse. We are NOT headed for an ice age in the near/forseeable future…

    You can plainly see what difference an atmosphere makes, by looking at the moon. The average temperature on the moon is well below freezing, so that any water there is in the form of ice. The earth is at the same distance from the sun, and manages to stay mostly above the freezing point. That difference is because the earth has air. With water vapor (which is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases).

    And like Sunger said, WUWT is junk. It’s crap. It isn’t science, it is fiction/fantasy. You may safely ignore it.

    But by the same token, Obama, who dropped a bomb somewhere every 20 minutes throughout his term in office, did not give one shit about it. And neither does anyone else who tries to tie political goals to the phenomenon. Politics is not science, either. All the proposed fixes, such as putting corn hooch in your gasoline, actually make the problem worse.

  13. Proof is in the pudding. It is getting colder mainly where all the Ice Ages begin and end: Hudson Bay! I keep pointing this dire fact out again and again.

    Look, why do Ice Ages happen? Guess! There is only one thing that can cause an Ice Age and one thing only that can stop an Ice Age: THE SUN.

    All this happens very fast, not gradually. Temperatures rise very rapidly or fall instantly. It is not gradual…at all, ever! During all Interglaicals, the temperature would bob up and down but only by a small amount…during all Ice Ages, it lurches up and down very violently.

    The source of all our heat is the sun. And only the sun can be capricious in this matter.

  14. Lou

    With 5 more inches of rain predicted by sunday,
    nashville has a february total rainfall record set in 1888.

  15. Lou

    Today, snow in greater Los Angeles.

  16. Petruchio

    Here in MN it was reported that we have shattered the All Time record for snowfall in the month of February. And records have been kept since 1871!!! And we have a few more days in February.

  17. AND another blizzard on the way! Northern Arizona had seven feet of snow yesterday.

  18. Lou

    18–compared to other winters in your area, how is this one. Spring arrives in 4 weeks.

  19. Jim R

    Just looking at my comment from last year up there, #10. Maybe it was a little harsh.

    But the point I was trying to make — the globalists who want to set this policy, and introduce an Orwellian global police state where you have to ask their permission to breathe, does not care a whit about the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. If they DID care, they would be more opposed to the multiple pointless wars being waged for ‘democracy’ all over the planet, (among other, major, big-deal things). They are the biggest waste of energy and needless emissions I can think of.

    I still think it is true that the polar regions will be a few degrees warmer due to CO2, but it won’t matter unless Antarctica suffers a major melt. Since it’s -40° there now, it’s not much cause for concern.

    Is the planet headed for another glaciation epoch? I don’t think anyone has any idea. Might happen if Yellowstone erupts, or if the sun keeps napping for a century or two.

  20. We are well past the middle of this Interglacial. It is obvious. I hope CO2 can save us from the next Ice Age but I doubt this very much. All that has to happen is for the sun to go ‘cold’ again. That is, sun spot activity drops to near none.

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