Conservative Woman’s Speech Shut Down By Leftists At Lewis & Clark Law School

Christina Hoff Sommers – Lewis & Clark Law School Drama – YouTube


Every day now, whenever anyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao gives a talk or speech on any campus in the US and Europe and Canada, mobs of insane young people physically attack them and the audience.  Bitter, angry and delusional, these kids scream for communism to take over and destroy every country on earth, learning zero lessons from history.  Without any exceptions, communism leads to despotism and poverty for the people while the leaders of the communist dog packs get very rich and live in palaces.  This insane system constantly appeals to young people who don’t really want to work hard.


This is also why all communist systems collapse: taking chances and working hard earns nothing but goofing off is ridiculously easy.  Eventually, all communist systems fail when people end up starving to death or other horrors.  Our elites encourage communistic beliefs in populations because it makes looting much easier.  This is why politicians become very, very rich in socialist/semi socialist countries.


We’re All Fascists Now – The New York Times pretends to post a ‘conservative’ article but it is just more leftist whining and blaming others for their own messes:


Orwell warned that the English language “becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” He added, however, that “the process is reversible.”


The New York Times is run by a clan that believes, if you write something, this makes it real. They have lied about many things during my own life and killed millions of people by writing lies but this doesn’t disturb them at all.  They think they are doing a splendid job, running this country off a cliff.


Will true liberals do what it takes to reverse it? We can only hope so, because the battle against genuine authoritarian threats needs to be waged consistently, credibly and persuasively. For that to happen, words need to mean something. Calling women like Christina Hoff Sommers and Mary Beard fascists and racists only helps the other side.


I am not doing this article as it was written but moved some paragraphs to the top of my story here.  After pretending to be ‘conservative’ at the end, the very clever writer, Weiss, does the typical liberal dancing on graves.  Of course, like nearly all the writers at the NY Times, he is Jewish and thinks he is a very clever chap.  Well, the bulk of this story is how conservatives dare to speak in public at universities but brave students do all they can to prevent this, mainly by being extremely rude, very violent and capable of only chanting very stupid tropes about how mean everyone else is but themselves, the little monsters.


This article is about the lady in the video trying to talk to these little vile urchins.


In advance of the lecture, nine student groups, among them the Portland National Lawyers Guild, the Minority Law Student Association, the Women’s Law Caucus, the Jewish Law Society and the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter sent a letter protesting the appearance by this “known fascist.”


HAHAHA.  Everyone on earth is a ‘facist’ to these Maoists. They don’t want a debate, they want to have everything suppressed.  It continues to horrify me, a veteran of the Free Speech Movement of the 1960’s, that leftists are screaming for censorship.  Too stupid to understand the Rulers want them to do this, they howl like banshees for their own enslavement.


The letter added that her invitation amounted to an “act of aggression and violence” and went on to offer a curious definition of free speech: “Freedom of speech is certainly an important tenet to a free, healthy society, but that freedom stops when it has a negative and violent impact on other individuals.”


The NYT loves to censor people.  This is why they killed their own forums.  Yes, they really had this very dynamic forum set up many years ago, I had a dozen pages there that is, we could set up our own debates and it was tons of fun.  Because I type fast and know how to debate, I was one of the very first people to be banned for debating, not being vile or rude.


Yes, these future lawyers believe that free speech is acceptable only when it doesn’t offend them. Which is to say, they don’t believe in it at all.


In a way, the females are practicing Victorianism.  My own grandmother and great grandmother were real feminists back in the 19th century in the Wild West.  Great grandma even killed people.  It was very wild, old Tucson!


Today’s feminists are fainting violets who claim that words can slay them so we all have to be very, very careful about using words around these silly geese.  Good lord.  Worse, these fainting violets are obnoxious:\

They love to use foul language that would make a stevedore blush and deserve nothing but the roughest words in return.  They want us to be civilized while they be little street urchins snatching purses and cussing.


Why are so many demonstrably non-fascist people being accused of fascism?


Because the Maoists think anyone who isn’t a total communist, is a fascist!  Duh.  This is why these gangs of violent, foul, bitchy, fainting Victorians should be taught a harsh lesson that is, arrested and put in prison as terrorists.  After all, their violent words want to egg people into killing us and since they believe words are the same as deeds, they are already mass murderers.


Partly, this phenomenon is driven by our current political moment, in which millions of Americans — and not just those who identify as liberals or progressives — are horrified by the policies and the rhetoric oozing out of the White House. When the shadow of genuine chaos and extremism looms, people tend to get jumpy.


The above paragraph shows how this guy is pretending to be ‘conservative’ but isn’t at all.  He, like his NY City ilk, thinks we are all horrified by Trump, not entertained by him.  He is actually taking the liberal bulls…t by the horns and forcing it to the ground.  He wants to stop the trade deficit, for example.


The decimation and looting of the US public via trade deficits is the #1 menace to our survival as a nation.  I hammer on this issue all the time because it is literal life and death of our nation.  The NYT loves the trade deficit.  All the ‘conservatives’ at the NYT love the trade deficit.  No one is allowed to take the other position.


For the lecture itself, a student wearing a jacket emblazoned with the command “Stay Woke” led protesters in shouting “Microaggressions are real” and “No platform for fascists.” Ms. Sommers handled matters as gracefully as possible, but had delivered only half her lecture before Janet Steverson, a law professor and the school’s dean of diversity and inclusion, asked her to cut her remarks short and take questions from the hardy souls who somehow survived the violence of her words.


Yes, the video shows all this.  The little toddlers of the left couldn’t sit still for a lecture, they wanted desperately to lecture the teachers.  This is exactly what happened in China under Mad Madame Mao.


At this point, such incidents have become so routine that it’s tempting to wave them off.


Only if you work for the NY Times and don’t give a damn about protecting Americans.


We shouldn’t. What happened to Ms. Sommers on Monday is a telling example of a wider phenomenon that reaches well beyond the confines of campus. Call it the moral flattening of the earth.


And I put this paragraph last because it illustrates the insanity of the NY Times.  The earth isn’t being ‘morally flattened.’  It is being violently yanked far to the left by bitter, poorly paid teachers in colleges and universities who want to make everyone else as miserable as themselves.


This is a sustained attack on civilization by armies of very spoiled brats.  These are not suppressed children, they were indulged in school and many schools are now very violent places with constant riots, attacks and defiance of teachers and staff in the lower children grades all the way to graduate schools.


This destruction of the schools began years ago.  I founded ‘Save Our Schools’ in NY City back in 1984 and it was a total failure.  The politicians, the teacher’s union and the entire left howled with rage about fixing the schools.  The Republicans created ‘school choice’ there but that isn’t working at all since schools that have mainly poor children are utterly out of control now as students can roam at will, being violent and can’t be even kicked out of DNC-run schools.


Across the nation, the ability to remove violent, disrespectful students is being eliminated and they are allowed to run wild inside the schools, physically attacking and robbing students and staff.  This is insane, stupid and self-destructive.  And the liberals are grimly doubling down on this insanity.  Colin Flaherty: Memphis Schools Assaults, Lockdowns – YouTube



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7 responses to “Conservative Woman’s Speech Shut Down By Leftists At Lewis & Clark Law School

  1. Sunger

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    WATCH OUT for the LEFTISTS!!!!

    Seen any “leftists” around lately?


  2. Sunger

    Come on now- there must be some “LEFTISTS” around somewhere.

    Anybody seen any “LEFTISTS”?


    anyone anywhere?

  3. Ken

    “the ability to remove violent, disrespectful students is being eliminated and they are allowed to run wild inside the schools”

    So true. I attended the public schools in Detroit, at almost-all-black schools. Most of what I learned came from teaching myself. The teachers spent a disproportionate amount of their time disciplining the “students” who even bothered to show up. At my middle school (called junior high school back then), every teacher was required to have a minimum of a brown belt in at least one martial art. It was that bad. From what I’ve read, things are worse now.

    Many years ago the students with discipline problems were removed and sent to “reform school” where they would not prevent the other students from learning. For some reason this system was discontinued. Too bad.

  4. timothy carroll

    Many years ago the students with discipline problems were removed and sent to “reform school” where they would not prevent the other students from learning. For some reason this system was discontinued. Too bad.


  5. In Tucson in my youth, that had a name: Mother Higgins! All us teens knew that name and knew someone sent there. It was our ‘secret name’ for the joint.


    It’s a name that could strike fear into the hearts of would-be youthful offenders for many years around Tucson: “You keep doing that, and we’re going to send you to Mother Higgins!”


    Actually, it was the institutional Mother Higgins, a nickname given to the county’s first organized juvenile detention center, that carried the impact. But the in-the-flesh Clara S. Higgins, who stood less than 5 feet tall, was a formidable figure in her own right.

    One story recounted about her has it that, unable to dissuade a runaway youth from trying to board a freight train out of town, she grabbed him by the seat of his pants, forcibly removed him from the train, led him home and promptly took him to the woodshed, where punishment of the prepolitically correct era was administered.

    Born in Germany, she moved to America with her parents. She couldn’t have known, then, that she would become “mother” to thousands of Pima County’s wayward youth.

    It was a task that almost literally fell into her lap. Her husband, Patrick L. Higgins, was employed as a probation officer for the court system here. Some of his cases involved separating children from their parents.

    In such cases, Higgins brought them home with him, starting about 1914, and Mrs. Higgins cared for the youngsters. Following her husband’s death in December 1929, she made it official, contracting with the county – $1,500 a year for use of her home and $1.25 per child per day for expenses.

  7. Petruchio

    I wonder if those “protestors” at Lewis and Clark’s sponsoring of Chiristine Hoff Summers lecture know how stupid they look. The aging, still-locked-in the-60’s “leader” of this protest looked like trained seals. Totally mindless, trained seals. I’m surprised their leader didn’t give them a treat every time they responded correctly. No thinking person could watch these protestors and not think “what a group of idiots!”. Someone should have brought a whistle to this event. If Petruchio were they I most certainly WOULD have a whistle with him. And every time the protestors start their chants or whenever their “leader” talks, BLOW on that whistle!!! And: IF the other side wants to get physical, be prepared for THAT too. And why is it, these protestors ALWAYS have a rape story which “proves” their point. Women like this trivialize REAL rape. These protestors don’t realize that as soon as their usefulness to “The Cause” is over, they will be sact aside like so much garbage.

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