LIVE FROM LONDON: Tommy Robinson Gives Speech To 100,000+



Live now, Tommy Robinson is giving the most important speech since CHURCHILL in the middle of London and there are over 100,000 patriots there waving flags and virtually no one can hear him because there is no good sound system.  I still can’t find any showing Tommy giving the speech due to the huge crowd but the man in the video above illustrates how passionate people of England are about Tommy and how he represents them.  The Tommy video by patriots is at the bottom of the page here.

(4) Tommy Robinson to Speak at Speaker’s Corner UK. Join us as we watch live – YouTube…this is the actual speech Robinson gave today in London!


The speech Tommy read is by the two reporters who were deported for trying to interview him and give a speech.  ‘Free speech in the UK is dead, I am in a cell…this is very telling…there is a war going on and it is all about free speech…you stood for Brexit…stand for free speech…you are history…people of the UK, remember who you are, remember your glorious past…who is sovereign in this country…YOU, the people!’


Great speech.  It was a very, very patriotic speech.  Amazing.  Will the government leaders give their treason speeches next?  HAHAHA.  ‘You must obey the Bilderberg gang and have no borders, no culture, no language.  You are not citizens, you are all slaves!’  Yes, that is a winning speech, HAHAHA.


The people in the video are Muslims talking about Tommy.  They are trying to NOT be violent.  They are scared of Tommy’s power.  The various Muslims talking are all about how they have to try to not be violent UNTIL they have enough power to attack patriots who are English.


Tommy can bring a bigger crowd than 99% of England’s politicians including the Prime Minister.  A must watch even though we can’t hear a word he says even though Tommy has a very loud voice and knows how to project.


Good luck, man, you are amazing.  I bow to your bravery.  The speech is all about London’s mayor who is a Muslim and the government of England run by ‘conservative Tories’ imprisoning visitors who came to speak at this corner because both entities are scared that someone will talk about the Muslim invasion of Europe and how violent and dangerous it is.

Live Tommy Robinson Speeech – YouTube

Update, Tommy talks about his speech – YouTube


The left is screaming for ending free speech, the right is campaigning to have free speech.  This is a historical moment.  The roles have completely reversed.  The left that was pro-communist is now demanding Russia be destroyed because Russia is communist.  This sort of total flip flop of beliefs and demands is a historical moment.


The left is ideologically dead. They have no belief system anymore.  They have reflexes but their actions are all fascist Nazi-type actions, this is amazing to me how totally reverse, how widdershins everything has become.



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15 responses to “LIVE FROM LONDON: Tommy Robinson Gives Speech To 100,000+

  1. Lou

    First they came after Rhodesia, and nobody said a word… And asked for food after killing the white farmers;

    Then, they came after South Africa, and nobody said a thing…..

    Then, they came after London, England, and nobody said a thing…..

    Then, they came after America….and there was nobody left to say a word.

    CENTURION said…
    South Africa is disintegrating. It will follow the EXACT same step as Rhodesia. Yes, other nations have gone from White Rule (Or White Colonial rule) to control by their indigenous people, but Rhodesia is that one non-White country that was controlled, ruled, and governed 100% (basically) by White Only. Thus it, to me is the best and purest example.

    Therefore, it will follow the exact same step as a nation of “Buildings is reduced to Bricks”.

    1) Negro Gang gets power.

    2) Negro gives all “comrades” immediate Salary boost and benefits.

    3) Negro requires all companies to hire mostly (99%) other negroes.

    2) Negro cleans out the State Bank accounts, starting with Foreign Accounts used by the
    previous White government for Trade, Exchange and Currency Controls.

    3) Negro enacts massive Tax hikes – knowing full well only the White pay any taxes.

    4) Negro cleans out Domestic Banks and enacts massive Bank Controls

    5) Negro stops all infrastructure maintenance

    5) Negro begins asking UN – Whit Nations for Aid

    6) Negro runs the printing press

    7) Negro blames White World for difficulties and demands AID and free immigration

    8) Negro confiscates all bank accounts (knowing only Whites have bank accounts

    9) Negro confiscates all companies and sells control to Communists (((foreigners)))

    10) Negro confiscates all land and sells them to Communists (((foreigners)))

    11) Negro starves and blames Colonialism, White Racism, etc.

    12) Negro kills all wildlife, sells all wood products, gold & silver mines, etc.,
    and………….starves to death.

    13) Negro BEGS the White Man to come back….

    14) Negro land is taken over by the Chinese.

  2. Change to ‘Hispanic’ or to many other ethnic/race groups. How about Germany? They did this, too, the exact same thing with nearly the exact same excuses with Hitler and his stupid gang of thugs.

    Russia and China under communism, no blacks were involved in that. China one of the oldest civilizations on earth did this, not just once, either.

    Rome did this way back 1600 years ago, too. Hmmm…I see a pattern. And it doesn’t involve race.

  3. Lou

    And it doesn’t involve race.

    Most killers in USA are from 3% of USAs population. You are wrong.

  4. Petruchio

    @#1Lou and #2Elaine: Just wait until The Big One earthquake hits California! The folks running that State and the minorities in that State will set aside their hatred of the White Male Power Structure–and DEMAND 100’s of Billions of Middle Class taxpayer dollars from those evil white Males!! I don’t know how much rebuilding California after a 9.0+ earthquake would really cost, but several hundred billions of dollars is not out of order. I would tell them that they should “celebrate” Diversity and Multiculturalism and rebuild their State on their own.

  5. Lou

    4–The bridge builder in Florida was an AA contract.

  6. Lou

    Meanwhile, Saud and Israeli;

    The purchase is the latest in a series of deals by the Public Investment Fund and is scheduled to close as soon as March 19, a day before bin Salman and U.S. President Donald Trump meet at the White House, said the people, who asked not to be identified because some of the details are still private.

    Then in early April, the crown prince — known by his initials MBS — will be the guest of honor at a Los Angeles dinner hosted by Endeavor Chief Executive Officer Ari Emanuel, the people said.

  7. Lou

    Irish Savant–The n— in the woodpile: An appropriate metaphor here because the mystery ingredient underpinning all of the anomalies above is race.

    As FBI statistics show, year after year, blacks murder at about six times the rate of Whites, Hispanics three to four times the White rate. If you normalise the figures, i.e. isolate the ratio of gun murders committed by Whites, you’ll see that America is little different from most European countries.

    It should be clear therefore – even to a sociology professor – that the whole gun control project is based on false assumptions and contradictory data. The measures proposed are heavily skewed to disarm law-abiding Whites while making little or no impact on the overall gun murder rate. So it’s totally misdirected and count-productive.

  8. Christian W

    Churchill the Patriot went to bed with the Wahhabis. Now the offspring of that relationship is in London and Tommy doesn’t like it. Zionism is cool though.

    Funny that Elaine pushes Hasbara.

  9. Nani


    Yes, The US continues to cozy up with Saudi Barbaria. The US ignores the war crimes committed by SA in Yemen, just like they ignore war crimes committed by Turkey and Israel (Two other allies of the US).

    They also ignore the barbarian policies of the Saudi regime towards its own people. For example, in SA it is illegal for a woman to get raped.. yep, that’s right! She will be charged with infidelity, and lashed multiple times as punishment.

    What this all boils down to can be summed up with one word: Iran. It is all about Iran. Everything the US does in the Middle East is aimed at containing, and ultimately toppling the regime in Tehran.

  10. Tommy agrees with Israeli Jews about immigration controls. So do I. So do the Chinese. The Japanese let in nearly NO ONE. Christian, do you get my drift now? Saudi Arabia won’t let in other Sunni Muslims, they can’t stay or become part of SA, either.

    The list of nations protecting borders and not allowing people in who are foreign religions/ethnic groups is very long.

  11. Christian W

    But it is not about immigration control. That is a lie. Immigration control (or lack thereof) is simply the tool, the sheep dog in this case.

    On one hand the US/UK Love and is highly addicted to Saudi/GCC money. On the other hand they want it without consequences, a free lunch.

    Same with Israel. They are ethnic cleansers protected by the US. But Israel is not the victims, they are the perpetrators. Same with US/UK – they are the perpetrators (look at Syria, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Africa etc etc etc) then they complain about consequences?

    Rank hypocrisy. Stop fucking up other nations, THEN complain.

    Is China fucking up other nations. No they are not.

    Is Japan fucking up other nations. No they are not.

    But the US/UK/Israel/Saudi team is fucking up everything they touch on purpose. Now they are adding race superiority to the arsenal as a tool for political control.

    Wonder why you push this narrative, hmmmm.

  12. Christian W

    @ Nani

    The US is utterly lawless. It occupies the eastern half of Syria. The Trump regime will trigger a shooting wwiii before long simply bc the US cannot stop. The US regime only understands the language of force. Eventually they will come to a point where the consequences will become very real.

    Right now the pressure they are putting on Russia is tremendous. Soon we will see a repeat of the Lucitania scenario. The US loaded a passenger ship full of munitions and sent it to Europe. Germany said straight out if you do this we will shoot. The US government did it anyway and played the victim card. The brainwashed US citizens took the bait, like they always do.

    Eventually Russia/Iran will run out of options but will have to defend themselves.

    Already the Trump regime is ordering their vassal puppets in Europe to negate the Iran nuclear deal, which obviously is against the best interests of Europe. The recent changes in the Trump administration should be seen in this light.

  13. Nani

    @ Christian

    I agree with you. In the foreign policy realm nothing seems to change regardless of who’s in charge in Washington. The US continues its confrontational and hostile policies towards countries like Russia, Iran and China.

    Just like you, i fear a major war could break out in the near future.

  14. If anyone reads my blog here, they should note that diplomacy, actual diplomacy, not the NEWS which is pure Bilderberg propaganda, has been often quite subtle. Under Trump, it has become impossible due to the Bilderberg media and the DNC and turncoat Bilderberg GOP Congress.

    They forced Trump to do anti-diplomacy and this is why they paint him as a RUSSIAN AGENT for doing simple diplomacy. Imagine the media calling Kissinger a ‘Chinese communist agent’ over and over again!

    THEY NEVER DID! Proof of how this works.

  15. Lou



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