Putin Wins Big In Increasingly Strong Russia, US Turmoil In DC Embarrassing, EU Collapsing Internally

Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian president after 99% of votes counted — RT World News reports.

The NATO nations need to hate Trump because the EU is collapsing internally mainly due to the flood of illegal alien male Muslims and how all the native citizens of Europe are being forced to take in and obey and let these aliens run their major cities as the citizens, like in the US, flee chaos and crime.  Many voters now are voting to leave the EU because of this so Putin’s huge victory in Russia is driving these unpopular ‘leaders’ in Europe nuts.  They wish they could win elections and not via coalitions after no one wins, are cobbled together.

Ukraine bars Russians from voting in presidential election — RT World News:  Ethnic Russians are being persecuted in Ukraine and are now in armed revolt.  The right wing coup leaders in Kiev are openly denying citizens of Ukraine the right to vote because they are the wrong ethnic group.


All over Europe, people seethe over culture/language differences and the bloody past history of Europe is clear: religious/ethnic/language wars have raged since the Middle Ages.


Far from vanishing in the EU, these are getting more and more violent.  The reason why the US didn’t have ethnic wars eternally was, we had a school system set up 150 years ago that taught all immigrants to be American citizens.


Today, we have invading illegal aliens loudly protesting that they don’t want to learn English, they wave foreign flags while screaming they will rip the nation apart and whining when deported.


Good lord.  All nations must protect themselves from invaders.  Especially invaders who come illegally and openly say, their intention is to invade and conquer.  Duh!


Dem Congressman: Use “Second Amendment” to Resist Trump »yes, the DNC is saying that illegal aliens who support the DNC and inner city black criminals will go to war with the rest of us:


Rep. Tom Suozzi made the bizarre comments during a town hall event last week.


“It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,” Suozzi said during the March 12 event in Huntington. “This is where the Second Amendment comes in quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”


This is not the first time that a prominent public figure has invoked the threat of violence against President Trump.


During an appearance on CNN last year, counterterrorism analyst and former CIA agent Philip Mudd said on air “the government’s gonna kill” Donald Trump because he disrespected the deep state.


Yes, I remember when the clowns at the CIA openly talked about assassination and coup a la President Kennedy who died after tangling with the inept CIA over the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba.


The DNC has decided to go full-terrorist.  Not satified with letting in millions of potential criminals and terrorists illegally and legally, they openly egg on this army of invaders to attack citizens and anyone the citizen vote into office, anyone who says they will stop the flood of invaders.


I know mainstream media, even conservatives, won’t talk this harsh about what is going on.  Liberals want invaders to help them impose their Maoist rule on us and I fear and resent this greatly.  A video from the recent past:

Judge Napolitano on acting FBI director McCabe’s ties to Clinton ally – YouTube


All the information piled in that McCabe of FBI infamy, was conspiring with the Clintons and Obama to rig an election and to depose the winner.  McCabe wanted to play political hardball and now he struck out:

Gowdy: Andrew McCabe impeached his own credibility – YouTube


He is gone and he will have to testify instead of pulling the 5th or saying to Congress, ‘This is secret’ and he will hopefully go to prison.  This is how we put the fear of god in amoral people to not mess with our Constitution or to try to usurp power via election fraud.

Rand Paul explains why he’s blocking Trump nominees – YouTube


I agree with Rand Paul: he is against torture of prisoners.  Obama and Bush Jr. openly endorsed torture.  I agree with Paul but finding someone inside the DC system who will not torture is difficult.


I am against all CIA torture camps overseas.  This is unconstitutional, that is, it is training citizens to be Nazi style torturers.  It menaces all of us.  And worse, it doesn’t work.


I supported Rand’s run for nomination but he didn’t have the skills back two years ago to run for office while under severe fire from the liberal media.  Now, he has grown in office and gotten more cunning and careful.


Trump’s troubles comes from him being reckless with words and words matter.  Trump hits walls of resistance due to using the wrong words.  I notice that Rand has learned how to carefully craft his words so he can’t be attacked for using the wrong words.

Trey Gowdy Rips Trump Lawyer for Saying Mueller Probe Should End: If P0TUS Innocent, ‘Act Like It!’ – YouTube

Trump tweeting is wrong.  But he is a ‘boss-man’ and not a professional politician.  Note how carefully Rand forms his words?  I am glad my choice of him was correct.


Gowdy wasn’t running for President but I would support. him, too, if he did.


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9 responses to “Putin Wins Big In Increasingly Strong Russia, US Turmoil In DC Embarrassing, EU Collapsing Internally

  1. Nani

    Speaking to his campaign team immediately after the elections, Putin named China as Russia’s strategic partner and said that Russia plans to expand their partnership:

    “China is our strategic partner. The level of relations between Russia and China is unprecedentedly high. We value this very much. We congratulate Xi Jinping on his re-election as PRC leader and we express our confidence that China under his leadership and Russia, on our side, will do everything to increase the interaction of the two countries,” he said.

  2. Case

    McCabe is now a liberal martyr and questioning of the FBI is now called “attacking law enforcement”…by the left! Never mind J Edgar Hoover and his file cabinets of dirt used to blackmail politicians and public figures, the FBI is now angelic and pure and beyond reproach. Remember when the left used to be against “the man”.

  3. Petruchio

    “The DNC has decided to go full-terrorist.” and “I know mainstream media, even conservatives, won’t talk this harsh about what is going on.” Both Parties are owned by the same Interest Groups, especially the Israel Lobby and AIPAC. The Dems want Open Borders because of their objective o to destroy White Western culture and history.–and the votes of illegals because the Dems have alienated their traditional base. And the Repugs? They like flooding Labor Markets with cheap labor due to a blind, visceral HATRED of working people making more money.

  4. Petruchio

    About the Trey Gowdy interview. This is soooo typical of Fox Propaganda. They out the McCabe quotes not only on the air, but they go to the trouble of printing it onto the screen. Gowdy responded like the pro he is, but arguments, disputes shouldn’t be decided on who is the best debater, but on who or what is right. Spare me the “the best debater wins, that’s just the way it is” jazz. This is how and why the Deep State rules. By making up rules that tilt in their favor.

  5. Nani

    The Debate – U.S. Nukes Threat

    When i listened to the points of view from the US representative, it becomes very clear why countries like Russia, China and Iran are beefing up their military might.

    The US accuses China of pursuing regional hegemony in Asia, while the US itself pursues global hegemony, and sees it as its mission to rule the world. This is rank hypocrisy from Washington. Then the US representative has the audacity to claim that the US is defending a “rule based world order”. What rules one might ask? The rules that says it is ok to invade and destroy other countries? The rules that says it is ok for the US to show of its military might in every corner of the world?

    US dominance will never be accepted by Russia or China, and they will resist these agressive, hostile and hegemonic aspirations of the US till the bitter end.

  6. timothy carroll

    US dominance will never be accepted by Russia or China, and they will resist these agressive, hostile and hegemonic aspirations of the US till the bitter end.

    Thanks for providing this video, Nani. Yes, it is amazingly hypocritical! The US has been on a power trip since 1945. Thank God Russia and China are standing up to these Zionist bullies. We can only hope this doesn’t end with the extinction of our planet. These people are truly insane. The alarming part to me is that almost no American citizen recognizes how close we are to the Eve of Destruction.

  7. Nani

    Your welcome Timothy. Many people in general seems to be rather oblivious to this danger.

    Now that the US has openly singled out Russia and China as its main priorities in its new national security strategy, the prospects of a major war seems much more likely.

    The US believes it can win a large scale war with another major power, without suffering any significant damage itself. This is delusional and dangerous thinking.

  8. I am very old. So…for much of my life, the propaganda was, Russia and China, under communism, were allies. When I was only 12 or 13 years old, my father had a short wave radio as did all agents doing international work and I used it and while messing around, found Radio Bulgaria which put out news of what was really going on.

    Thus, I learned that Mao was at war with Russia!! I told my dad. He didn’t believe me but he told the CIA to look at the satellite pictures from his camera which circled the earth back then.

    Yes, there was a war! Did this make mainstream news? Nope. That was my lesson #1 on how news is suppressed.

    What the ‘liberals’ (there are none) have today is a trained memory of that time. They believed that China and Russia are allies out to destroy America. So…they drove both into an alliance! Via fake news, they pushed Putin away from doing basic diplomacy with Europe and the US and now he has given up all hope of diplomacy and is now in total opposition. DUH.

    This was engineered by our Bilderberg gangster rulers! Only they also flooded the West with Muslim aliens who hate civilization and are determined to destroy us from within. Thus, Trump coming along. He is our revolt against that scheme.

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