New York Times Claims Canada Too Hot For Skating When Half Is Frozen In Deep Snow And Ice

Every day, without fail, the New York Times has an anti-Trump article as the top story of the day and every day, also without fail, they have a global warming story, too.  Today’s is the most insane of them all, by far.  Last night, one day before the first day of spring, it was 5 degrees F on my mountain near the border of Canada!  That is ridiculously low for this time of year.  I am still buried under several feet of snow, have been nearly all month long.  It will snow again, tomorrow!  This is insanity.


Wildlife is dying.  The NY Times won’t visit upstate to see the terrible condition of the deer who had trouble with their babies last year due to late season cold.  This year, I bet there will be virtually no new babies dropped this month that didn’t die due to deep snow.


I don’t see my deer herd anymore. They used to winter on my south slope mountain.  Now, they are missing.  Every hunter is aware of this.  It. makes zero news in the NYT because they hate up up here for voting for Trump and doing stuff like hunting.

The sun is out and it is now 16F outside.  The surviving birds are mobbing my feeders all month and therefore, are still alive.  The NY Times was reporting on the Canadian West Coast, not the Northeast side of the country for obvious reasons.  It is very bitter cold this season so far.


Last weekend, I went downstate to NY City and guess what?  There was ice and snow all over everything!  Why can’t they report this?  We all know the answer: they are set on ruling us by crying wolf about the weather.  They pick on whatever works and hammer away.  Only in this case, they did it too long.


They are now, of course, pretending that severe Ice Age cold is normal when a planet heats up.  They don’t explain where all this cold is coming from since the entire planet is supposed to be heating up!


Clueless: NYT Columnist Warns Of Climate Change While On Company’s Global Private Jet Tour

HAHAHA.  They all do this, of course.

Approaching ‘grand solar minimum’ could cause global cooling

We can see how the ocean offshore the West Coast and Alaska, is warmish.  And note the big cold blob next to Asia and in the Atlantic between Greenland and Europe and Eastern Canada.  The Gulf Stream is the warmest water on earth right now which is why the severe cold, moving south, meets big storms moving northwards, tracking the Gulf Stream’s flow and these are exploding into huge snow storms/floods on the coast.


Instead of explaining all this, the ‘scientists’ are paid to lie so they happily lie.  Many of these liars are losing their jobs, bit by bit.  But the Bilderberg gang just can’t let go of global warming as a nifty tool to hammer the plebs in the West while looting them and running wild, burning fuel like there is no tomorrow.


Arrest them for crimes against humanity.


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4 responses to “New York Times Claims Canada Too Hot For Skating When Half Is Frozen In Deep Snow And Ice

  1. Lou

    Deer hunters have guns. The NYT crowd does not like them.

  2. Ken


    Feed the deer! Every feed store has deer bait. Put it out for them, but don’t shoot them when they come to eat. Easy.

  3. You try moving food up a mountain through five feet of snow.

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