Scottish You Tube Comedian Found Guilty Of Making Hitler Jokes With His Pug Dog

(5) BREAKING: Count Dankula Convicted (#GrosslyOffensive) – YouTube


The Scottish You Tuber who created a joke pug video with the doggie Hailing Hitler, was found guilty of being ‘offensive’ and was to be sentenced today but he was let free to go home…TEMPORARILY…this is the Bilderberg State attacking citizens relentlessly.  This is disgusting news because I believe in Free Speech, my family went to the New World due to publishing the wrong stuff, fleeing the Crown in London…to hell with them.  They are trying to stop free speech in the USA, too!  To hell with them.

(5) Count Dankula: Pre-verdict Interview – YouTube

There is very scary news out of Britain and reminds me why my family who invented newspapers, fled hundreds of years ago: YouTuber Convicted For “Offensive” Joke Video, Faces Prison up to SIX MONTHS for posting a joke about Nazis!


Mark Meechan created a satirical video to annoy his girlfriend in which he trained his pug called Buddha to raise its paw when he said the words “Sieg Heil”.


This led to a long drawn out “hate crime trial” which came to a close today when Meechan was convicted of being “grossly offensive,” creating the chilling precedent that offensive humor is against the law.


Meechan was convicted despite the fact that not a single person complained about the video. He was also defended by David Baddiel, one of the UK’s top Jewish comedians.


During the reading of the verdict, it was reportedly mentioned that the UK is a “multi-cultural” society.


Apparently, you can’t have multiculturalism and free speech at the same time.


This is called ‘digging one’s own grave’ in that they are forcing everyone into opposition to the State.  So, now no one can joke about ANYTHING in England. The official list of who you can’t joke about is below, it is very long.

Youtuber Arrested For ‘Nazi Dog’ Viral Video Speaks Out – YouTube: from last year, the poor man thought they would never dare put him in prison for a joke.


Here is a video from the serf in the United Kingdom who dared make jokes:

The Governments Free Speech Response – YouTube. 

The government was very pissed that this You Tuber is daring to argue back even after being arrested and hit in court as a thought criminal.  Since he continues to be online, discussing politics and the importance of this case, the UK put up this statement to counter this very little person fighting a huge State filled with Bilderberg top creeps:

So, what is ‘hate’?  Well, I hate lightning bolts.  So what?  I hate a lot of stupid things.  I also love a lot of things.  This is called ‘feelings’ and one can have any feelings one wishes but putting people in prison for ‘feelings’ is tyranny, evil, it is like the witch hunting, it is insanely impossible to justify.

I like the last sentence: free speech is NOT absolute!  Nope.  It has severe limits which means there is no free speech.

Defining ‘hate crime’ is hellish.  And they did!  Here is what a ‘hate crime’ is supposed to be:

Here is the list:

100% of Monty Python violated 100% of these rules!  Every comedian on earth has violated all these rules!  This is so insane and infuriating.


Yes, peasants!  You do have free speech EXCEPT when we put you in prison for talking back!  HAHAHA.  This is exactly why my troublesome family fled to Holland and then New Holland and then, when the Crown siezed New Amsterdam, we moved to the wild frontiers for 200 years.

Jawohl, Lord Helmet! – YouTube
People on the right which is for free speech now, jokes are proliferating on this news such as this with Prime Minister May as the Wicked Witch:

I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too! – “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) – YouTube

(5) Count Dankula Found Guilty of Wrongthink: #FreeDankula – YouTube

Latest news: the judge did NOT sentence him, he said wait a month for ‘reports’ to come in.  We should hammer England over this and hopefully, the judge will say, ‘Free Speech is important’.

(5) The game industry is getting EXACTLY what it deserves: more censorship rising, everything is going to be shut down by moralists and radical political parties.

All systems entertaining men are being shut down now.


And now for the propaganda against Russia.  The media systems run or owned by the Bilderberg gang are doubling down on fake information to frame Putin:

The media played up the story that the ‘Russian poison attack’ was very toxic by parading about in these costumes.  But right next to them, in London, was the fire department and police guys with no masks, nothing to protect them.  All staged to create hysteria about Russia.  Next: the bombs in Texas will be ‘Russian bombs’ too.


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6 responses to “Scottish You Tube Comedian Found Guilty Of Making Hitler Jokes With His Pug Dog

  1. Melponeme_k

    Obviously offensive humor is only allowable when Jews do it. Otherwise that Mr. Silverman would have been arrested a million times over. But NOPE still free to shake his store bought maracas.

  2. Christian W


    Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel

    Don’t worry, they will… Unless they do something about it.

    (Great career move by the General though. Following in Trump’s etc etc’s footsteps).

  3. Duski

    Absurd laws. Almost everything can be perceived to be hostile by someone, so no one can do anything at all anymore in UK. Joking especially is extremely dangerous, since jokes almost always hit someone. And that someone might feel unsafe…

    Well, I don’t live in UK, but here in Finland too, I feel lately like I really, really have to be careful what I say and when nowadays… it’s completely different than 10-15 years ago, when I could just rant about anything anywhere. Oh well.


    Duski! I didn’t know you are from Finland. I wish I had gone there when I was in Europe but I had to run from France, got deported from Germany so that kind of killed it. I love how the tribes in Finland tamed reindeer and use them like horses. As a horse person, I wanted badly to visit and watch how they did this, it was very similar to how the native tribes in North America does it.

  4. Jim R

    As you know, that’s exactly the same way only niggers can use the word “nigger”.

    This PC-SJW shit is ruining our civilization. We aren’t actually teaching the kids any more, no science, math, language. It’s limited to the religion of the politically correct.

    That along with the dynamics of Idiocracy spell doom. It’s Roman Empire 2.0, and collapsing a lot faster.

  5. Tom W Harris


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