Retired CIA Boss Brennan Attacks Trump Calling Him Russian Agent For Trying Simple Diplomacy


On NBC news with Mika Brezinski, daughter of a top DNC powerbroker daddy…decided to interview John Brennan who used to run the CIA.  Trump and Brennan then traded twitter statements with Trump trolling Brennan and Brennan acting like a junior high kid.  The mask of ‘competence’ and ‘smarts’ our Real Rulers like to have us believe is slipping badly now with Trump egging them on.

(1) Hannity: The ‘deep state’ should be very worried – YouTube

Below are the tweets that are so amusing:

So, after this tweet storm, MSNBC decided to have Deep State daughter Mika interview the angry, childish Brennan: Trump’s ‘Fawning Attitude’ Toward Russia Means They ‘Have Something’ On Him.


Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Trump Bash,  Brennan stated that he believes Trump is “afraid of the Russian president,” and that means “They may have something on him personally to roll out and make his life more difficult.”


This is total speculation.  Zero proof, of course.  Any attempt at sane diplomacy is greeted with hoots and howls of rage from McCarthyite liberals led by Schumer in the Senate.


“The fact that he has had this fawning attitude toward Mr. Putin, not saying anything negative about him, I think continues to say to me that he does have something to fear and something very serious to fear.”


Basic diplomacy leads to people discussing things so we don’t have WWIII.  Note how this disturbs the Real Rulers.  In Europe today, Sweden is moving troops into the Russian border because Russia might invade.  I bet many Swedes wish Putin would invade!  They are being destroyed by Muslim invaders.


“Vladimir Putin was the person who authorized interference on our election,“ Brennan continued.


The usual childish ‘commies meddling’ of pure McCarthyism.  I would think liberals would wake up and feel some shame for aping McCarthy.


“Vladimir Putin was involved in directing the poisoning of an individual on British soil, and to congratulate him and treat him so nicely while he treats Americans with such disdain, I think it just demonstrates he looks at the world through a prism of what is going to help and protect Donald Trump.” Brennan declared.


There is zero proof of this ‘poisoning’ right now.


“That is not what presidents are supposed to do.” he added (again, Obama did the same thing).


Brennan also said he thinks Trump “has shown a lack of understanding of international affairs as well as a real ignorance of what it takes to be president of the United States.”


None of these leftist DNC clowns seem to have even the most basic of diplomatic skills.  They did know how to bribe people!  Better, accecpting bribes is their top skill set.


The former CIA head also described Trump as “mean-spirited” and “dishonest.  He has shown a lack of integrity, and he has continued to, I think, demean the office of the presidency.” Brennan exclaimed.


The CIA was not supposed to play domestic politics.  This is exactly why: they have great power and meddling directly is dangerous.  The conspiracy to get rid of an elected President via using the CIA and other agencies.


And if you look at the Fox News video of Hannity last night, it is obvious that Mueller, it turns out, was not a ‘Republican’ who was ‘neutral’ but was like McCain and others who are actively trying to engineer a legal coup.  Bob Goodlatte who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is holding hearings about all this and the witch hunt must end, the hour that we learned that most of the permissions for spying on Trump were based on false information given to the FISA courts, from that moment onwards, Mueller should have resigned.


He allowed fake information to be used to get the FISA warrants.  He deliberately used these to gain information illegally which any decent court would toss out.  He wasted taxpayer money in a witch hunt that looked into the personal affairs of the entire Trump clan and anyone connected to them.


It was the old story of looking for some violation, somewhere, somehow which is classic in all witch hunts.  More news…KLEIN: Israel Is Warning Iran By Announcing the Jewish State Destroyed Syria’s Nuclear Reactor | Breitbart


The IDF military censor releasedfor publication that Israel’s air force carried out the September 6, 2007 pre-dawn raid on the al-Kibar nuclear site in the Deir Ezzor region of Syria. Israeli intelligence officials had determined that the site was close to becoming operational and its reactor was capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium. Israel and the U.S. had information that North Korea was providing the technical know-how, even obtaining photos of North Korean nuclear experts inside the site. According toreports, the Bush administration refused to take military action.


Israel can cause WWIII.  And nuclear power plants are very dangerous no matter where they are, all of them are the #1 targets of any wars, any time.  I have said this frequently.  It is painfully obvious.  Another reason to not provoke WWIII over Crimea or any other stupid matter.




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One response to “Retired CIA Boss Brennan Attacks Trump Calling Him Russian Agent For Trying Simple Diplomacy

  1. Mercenary

    The Marxist system prizes loyalty above all else, including competence. And not just loyalty, but an amorality and willingness to do anything at any cost for one’s Party. That is Brennan. He was a loyal hack and a stooge. He is also not particularly intelligent.

    If he was, he would realize that as a former CIA Director, he should not be criticizing a President so vocally. He is exposing himself as a deep partisan. And it’s only getting worse and worse. He is exposing Obama, as people wonder what kind of a President would have made this man CIA Director.

    Ultimately, I will be glad when the whole lot of these immoral morons are behind bars. The US needs to get back to the business of functioning efficiently, lawfully, and justly.

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