Austin Bomb Suspect Surrounded By Police, Blows Self Up

Police: Austin Bomb Suspect Blew Himself Up – YouTube


The evil lunatic who was bombing innocent people including two black men who were in an orchestra…was cornered by authorities and blew himself up rather than surrender and face justice.  I am glad they trapped him, he was planning more and more bombings.  A video of him giving the Fed Ex man a bomb in a box enabled cops to identify the criminal.


Of course, liberals are still screaming on TV that Trump didn’t call the victims and their families immediately.  As if Obama called families every time black power terrorists murdered their beloved family members.


Austin bomber blows himself up with seventh device | Daily Mail Online


The bomber, a 24-year-old white male who was from central Texas, killed himself and injured an officer when he detonated a bomb inside his car as police surrounded him 18 miles north of the city around 2am local time.


Despite the death police have warned that more bombs could still be out there because they do not know where the bomber has been in the last 24 hours, and asked the public to remain vigilant.


The bomber was obviously insane.  Jihdists are also insane.  Black Lives Matter cop killers are also insane.  Crazy people can be very dangerous.  Hitler was certainly an insane psychopath.  So was Stalin.  And Mao and his Mad Madame.


President Donald Trump, who was earlier criticized for failing to speak out over the shootings, tweeted ‘Austin bombing suspect is dead’ on Wednesday morning. ‘Great job by law enforcement and all concerned,’ he added.


Every event doesn’t need the President yapping the minute it happens.  It is wise to not say much for obvious reasons. Many times, the mainstream media yaps about something and then it is wrong, for example, assuming all events are racist when blacks often engineer ‘racist’ events.  In this case, it really was a white young man doing the killings with nor warning or messages not even an ‘Allah akbar.’


The bomber had targeted black and Latino neighborhoods. Anthony House, 39, and Draylen Mason, 17, both African American, were the first two victims. Mason’s mother was also badly hurt.


I expect all the fake liberal Bilderberg media to scream that Trump is a racist too and blame him.  I noticed whenever black terrorists attacked white people during the Obama years, including in Texas, killing white copes in ambushes, Obama blamed the cops, not the assassins.  The mainstream media screamed at us to not demand he condemn black racists!


The serial murderer was hunted down, caught and killed himself when asked to surrender and this was due to the high level of diligence and hard work of the people we pay to protect us from crazy lunatics.  Thank you, everyone involved.  And I bet there were a lot of people involved in this particular manhunt.


AUSTIN BOMBER MARK ANTHONY CONDITT: Had Two Roommates – Lived in Pflugerville 20 Miles from Austin – Limited Social Media


He lived in a typical middle class neighborhood in a small town.  Supposedly, he didn’t have an online presence but I don’t believe this since his MOTHER had a Facebook page, why would her son avoid computers and the internet?  Not very believeable.


Even when living in a tent, for crying out loud, my children had access to the internet!  Race and Ethnicity in Pflugerville, Texas (City) – Statistical Atlas

I was wondering what is going on here so as usual, I went to population statistics. What happened in Pflugerville is very interesting: in the age cohort for 5-17 years to 0-24 years there was a ‘squeeze’ on the child population size: it shrank greatly compared to very young and later middleaged.  This is interesting.


The pre-teen to young adult is the most depressed in numbers and the proportion of ‘white’ children dropped to barely more than 30%, black kids in schools were 15% but Hispanic kids were nearly 50%.  So, this killer went to school and was in the minority there.


Who knows what sort of chaos that created?  We only hear about such schools when they erupt in violence.  I went to a very violent high school and we made national news because of that.  Now, the sort of murderous violence I enjoyed as a young lady is so common, a school has to have mass shootings to make the national news.


Austin, Texas is more ‘liberal’ than other Texan cities.  This town is a suburb of Austin and is one of the top ten fewest white people suburbs, the suburb of Driftwood is 100% white while Plugerville is only 45.5% white.  Hornsby Bend is only 10% white.


Of the bottom listed cities, most of the mostly minority townships have less than 1,000 people while Pflugerville has 23,000.  I suspect the animosity of the bomber can be traced back to high school experiences, not political involvement overall.


That is, when a school system has a three way tie for who is in the ethnic battles in school, this leads to a lot of tension as young people challenge each other over all sorts of stuff, as young people tend to do even if there are no ethnic/language/race divisions.


In today’s hysterical atmosphere, it is highly explosive for young people who are quite emotional and often have nothing to lose.  This is why the Elders always use these emotional young people to wage wars.  They are easy to excite and go forwards.






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6 responses to “Austin Bomb Suspect Surrounded By Police, Blows Self Up

  1. Also, I wanted to look up my own news service today and discovered that Google has further degraded the search system so it is much, much harder to find my own blog even when I am very specific! This pisses me off very greatly. And it is very creepy, too.

  2. ziff

    if i lived in P P P ffff lug er ville ? i’d be crazy too .

  3. the daily mail puts in its headline that this fellow was a christian but i am not sure why they say that except maybe to make sure we know he is not an islamist most people in texas are christian at least in their nominal religious affiliation if this guy thought jesus wanted him to blow up people like then he was really crazy

  4. Lou

    Comment from the link, nyctreeman • 10 hours ago

    “Limited Social Media Presence” … TRANSLATION: … They scrubbed all his left wing Democrat posts when they discovered who he was. Of course if he were “Alt Right”, we’d be seeing endless reports on his vicious right wing opinions.

  5. Lou

    Jennifer Luedtke comments
    Austin Bombing locations:
    Do you see it?

    H averford Dr
    O ld Ft. Hill Dr.
    G alinda St.
    G oodwill
    D. awn Song Dr.
    F. edex
    F. edex

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