MSNBC Is Enraged That 74% US Citizens Think We Are Ruled By ‘Deep State’ aka Bilderberg Gang

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Much of the US public doesn’t know the term ‘Deep State’.  I was born inside the Deep State, grew up in it and fought it.  This is why I am not known to the public due to the media, the propaganda arm of the Deep State, is run by Bilderberg conspirators who prevent anyone like me from being in the news.  But thanks to the internet revolution, many of us are on line and spreading real information which infuriates the Real Rulers no end.

Since our Real Rulers won’t tell the truth about anything, the top ‘lie about this’ item is any chatter about who they are and why they are screwing us.  Look at the poll above: only a few citizens know about the name of this conspiracy (note, there are no polls about the ‘Bilderberg gang’!).  Most don’t know what to call this conspiracy but they are now highly aware that elites are conspiring in ways that force us to do things we don’t want to do.


When it is explained who our Real Rulers are, nearly all citizens agree, there is something ruling us that is huge and dangerous:

The ‘no’ people generally are Democrats who also believe that Trump is a Russian agent and that he cheated in the election, not the DNC via letting illegal aliens and dead people to vote in DNC run states and cities.  They live in this alternate reality that resembles more and more the old devil of McCarthyism.


Students who are ‘liberals’ are even demanding no more free speech!  My astonishment at this complete reversal of when I was a radical student at Berkeley just amazes me.  I am a big believer in ‘widdershins magic’ whereby things are reversed.


Since the Ruling Elites also are huge players in the black magic business, I am not surprised, just amazed at how easily these pathetic children are misled and used as fools.  Black magic was swirling around Hillary during the election.  I wrote about it a lot back then and I interfered a good deal, too.


That is, one of the queerest things about what I called, since being hit by lightning as a child, ‘the Outerdarkness’ because I found myself in this strange, dark place populated by what I called ‘Watchers’, since I was at the center of a conspiracy to rape certain children, a contest between ‘wizards’ of the Crowley Coven in Pasadena where my parents once interacted with during WWII, I got an ‘inside seat’ in the Deep MAGIC games that were running riot during the last election.


From last January:  Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading | Culture of Life News


I just discovered that Google has made searching for my own stories much, much harder.  I have to type in my full name plus the name of my website or my url of my website to get a short list of my articles.  I wrote several stories about Trump and Tarot readings and only one showed up.  Google’s destruction of the internet continues, it being a huge part of the Bilderberg gang.  From my December 2017 story:


Here it is!  Wow.  I thought my Hillary reading just before the election was horrifying but satisfying because I showed her evil would doom her, not us.  But this one is far, far darker, the Forces at Work, as the Davos Bilderberg meet and the Skull and Bones mutter darkly, as the CIA uses all its Dark Arts Magik I see gravest danger to Trump.


Video: MSNBC Panics About Americans Waking Up To The Deep State » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


“This is real,” Mika Brzezinski said, suggesting that Trump “may be on to something” as he continues to call out the intelligence community and highlight their misdeeds and failings.


Mika’s daddy is a Bilderberg gangster of great experience.  Advisor to Presidents, attendee to all the mystery spells in California and Yale and Europe, she, like me, is spawn of all this but unlike me, she is a demon, too.  She casts spells and has lured all liberals into the McCarthy trap.


“The attacks against the so-called deep state … by the president and some Republicans actually might be taking hold,” Brzezinski told viewers.


She has to lie all the time.  It used to be, these conspirators seeking magical rule over us, would lie at key events but tell the truth often enough to keep hidden.  Now, they are going insane with rage and have accidentally dropped their friendly mask.  Now, everyone can see how ugly and dangerous these people really are.


“America is an idea, it’s not a democracy, it’s not a republic before it is an idea,” said analyst Mike Barnicle.


Avast, me laddie!  So, Barnicle me laddie, we don’t have a democracy, eh?  Nor a republic? Aye, tis a DICTATORSHIP, eh?  The USA is a mere ‘idea’.  Not a political system.  So they wish, so they wish!


“And the idea that 74 percent, according to the Monmouth University poll, believe there is a deep state run by a military-political intellectual hierarchy, apart from government, and this is the gift we’ve gotten from Donald Trump.” Barnicle continued to spout.


And in a nutshell, this is the only reason I totally support Trump in his massive battle with the octopus Bilderberg gang.  He is really hitting them where it hurts the most!


“This is the gift we’ve gotten from him surrendering to Vladimir Putin and causing chaos in the country.” Barnicle charged.


These monsters continue to push the Putin story.  If Putin is hurting the Deep State then…HAHAHA…he is our hero!  The liberals hate Russia, hate Putin, who isn’t a communist, and hates our own President and wants WWIII.  They are evil, they are dangerous and they are above all…stupid.


Because the entire Bilderberg gang has done business with Putin in the past!  This is never reported to liberals who are too stupid to look elsewhere for news.  All they want is news about how evil Trump is, they cannot digest any other news.  This is beyond sad, it is stupid.


Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas declared that “This is not happening in a vacuum,” expressing concern over how a mistrust in a deep state among Americans would affect foreign policy.


The US public has been lied about foreign policy all my long, long life.  I became very aware of this when my father let me (or maybe more truthfully, I snuck in and began using) his short wave radio systems.  I thought all children had short wave radios at home.  Didn’t know that only the people poking around the Bilderberg gang or members of the gang were doing this.


Washington Post columnist David Ignatius chimed in, declaring it to be “a very dangerous time,” consisting of “Real challenges for an inexperienced president.”


Trump is a quick learner.  He tried to keep the Deep State happy at the beginning.  Many supporters were angry with him when he put on his team, obvious Bilderberg members. I said back then, ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’ and also said, ‘He has a learning curve.’


Trump is learning fast, this is why he is still alive.  When he began, assassins were hunting down Republicans and trying to kill them.  He was at the top of the list.  He had to have extraordinary security due to the Deep State openly saying, they would kill him.  Even this week, DNC Congress people called on assassins to kill Trump.


“It’s a very dangerous thing when most of a country believes a small group in the country is manipulating decisions,” he said. “We’ve seen that historically in countries that begin to break down.” Ignatius exclaimed.


Dear Mr. Bilderberg Ignatius, the country was already being broken by the Bilderberg gang and you, my dear fellow.  Now, people are increasingly aware of this.


Ignatius then suggested that such beliefs lead to dictatorships, implicitly comparing Trump to past dictators in the middle east and beyond.


HAHAHA.  Note how in the last 30 years, various dynasties have a stranglehold on our government.  It is passed from father to sons and daughters.  Ditto, the media.  Many government tools are now ‘reporters’ and ‘reporters’ are government tools.  They are all married to each other and one spouse would be in Congress and the other, in the media or university systems.


ALL of them are doing this including the Sanders duo only the wife got her fingers caught in the till but only after her husband crosssed Hillary’s snout and slapped her there.


“You get a situation where a demagogic leader — gosh think of who that might be — that appeals to precisely that feeling people have, and then you really start to go over the edge.” Ignatius said.


HAHAHA.  As Bilderberg demagogues wail and moan, they accuse Trump of being a demogogue.  Too funny.  Arrest them all.


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6 responses to “MSNBC Is Enraged That 74% US Citizens Think We Are Ruled By ‘Deep State’ aka Bilderberg Gang

  1. Melponeme_k

    Trump has serious, high level mojo men working for him. They have been keeping him just as safe as the private security force he keeps by him.

    There are major astro-events coming up in the next few years, the major ones being the total sun eclipse in 2024 (an 8 year!) . The Bilderberg witches desperately wanted their own people in charge here in order to reap the energies from the last eclipse. They will be chomping at the bit in the next election 2020.

    The Bilderbergs are not our only problem either. There are power bloc remnants of the Nazis infiltrating every part of our government. There are stories stating that this power bloc is waking up and making moves. They aren’t any nicer than the old witches.

  2. Lou

    I just discovered that Google has made searching for my own stories much, much harder.

    / Only fools use Google, regularly.

  3. Petruchio

    “Mika’s daddy is a Bilderberg gangster of great experience.” Yes, and now Daddy is rotting in HELL.

  4. Christian W

    The Deep State is much, much larger than the ‘Bilderberg gang’ which is but a tiny derivative of the monster. The Deep State is the Military, Wall Street, the State Department, Congress and Congress bureaucrats, the CIA etc, the MSM and Hollywood (offshoots of the Pentagon, the US State Department and the CIA), the FBI, multiple global and domestic corporations incorporated into Wall Street, the MIC (Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed etc etc etc), the elite Academia and so on. And not least, Israel and the Israeli Lobby (AIPAC etc), the Saudi/GCC Lobbies and various Oligarchs pulling strings.

    At least Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they have a problem.

  5. Christian W

    Then we have the Zionist Neocons and Neoliberals incorporated into the above, they deserve a special mention. NATO rump nations have over the decades formed a special symbiosis with the Deep State structure centered in the US system.

  6. All the stuff you listed, dear Christian, is OWNED or CONTROLLED by the Bilderberg gang!!! Duh. And trust me, they control the spook parts of the government especially the CIA. Again, a big ‘duh’ here.

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