You Tube Removing Gun Videos, Rand Paul Warns Brennan And Clapper About Coup Demands

Rand Paul on Mueller, Brennan, and Clapper. – YouTube


After Brennan attacked Trump, Congress is acting to demand the Special Prosecutor end the ridiculous search for something, anything to take down an elected President.  This is an important interview.  Senator Paul has grown in his office.  Meanwhile, Google and its video arm, You Tube, are now totally at war with everyone and anyone who the ‘liberals’ hate.  People who have pro-gun sites and people who accurately understand the weather and realize there is no global warming are going to be isolated and censored or banned.  Already, I note that my own news service is under attack at Google.


This shutting down of the internet is in preparation for the next election.  The Bilderberg gang set this up last summer, just outside DC.  They will not rest until they wipe out the side of the internet that annoys them.  Anyone writing about the Bilderberg gang, for example, is being eliminated.

YouTube Changes Rules For Gun Videos: WARNING! How Will This Effect Our Channel? – YouTube

YouTube Faces Backlash After Banning Firearm Demo Videos » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


YouTube is shutting down virtually all videos featuring firearms, infuriating many users.


According to YouTube’s updated restrictions, the site no longer allows content that “Intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales…or links to sites that sell these items.”


The unprecedented decision is a major move against free speech, as there are thousands of gun channels on YouTube who didn’t receive any warning of the upcoming “transition.”


“As much as I appreciate that they are now defining their guidelines much more clear…they have imposed this NEW rule without talking to anyone beforehand and there is no transitional period,” said Jörg Sprave, a YouTuber who produces weapons demo videos.


For the last month, You Tube has been eliminating gun videos.  Here is Spike’s Tactical which was removed this last two weeks:

YouTube Anti-Gun Policy – The Fight Begins: Day 1 – YouTube

It’s The End of Firearms Channels on YouTube – YouTube


YouTube Bans DIY and Commercially Focused Gun Videos – Motherboard


YouTube is cracking down on gun videos. The video sharing platform recently updated its policies on content featuring firearms. According to the updated restrictions, the site no longer allows content that, “Intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales…or links to sites that sell these items.”


The list of forbidden accessories includes, but is not limited to, anything that enables a firearm to simulate automatic fire or converts a firearm to do so, and high capacity magazine kits. YouTube’s new policy also now states it will ban videos that show people how to manufacture firearms, ammunition, high capacity magazines, or even shows users how to install these accessories or modifications.


There are thousands of gun channels on YouTube. Some gun vloggers watched their videos disappear from YouTube on Tuesday night and they’re not happy about it. “Those [policies about firearms] are very new and causing some uproar in the communities,” Jörg Sprave—a YouTuber who makes videos about slingshot weapons and started a movement to unionize YouTubers—told Motherboard in and email.


The internet is changing rapidly.  It is being eliminated in Europe except for silly or useless stuff.  Anyone who hits any of a million invisible trip wires ends up arrested and terrorized by the State.  The information controls of Eastern Europe under communism is now expanded over all of Europe.


This is all in the name of ‘protecting the citizens’ and of course…disarming the citizens.  I am a gun owner, for example, and watch this with rising irritation.  It isn’t only gun people who are now under sustained attack, anyone who challenges the fake global warming gang which is a top Bilderberg scheme to freeze the Northern People to death…that is also attacking websites online that dispute the ‘science’ pushed by ideological lunatics who ignore the weather outside the front door.


My Email To The NAS, NAE, and NAM | Watts Up With That?


As just reported here on WUWT, the National Academies of Science, of Engineering, and of Medicine recently stated that with Google funding, they are going to decide what is scientific “misinformation”.


Right now, in the mainstream news, EVERY DAY this long atrocious winter…and I am still buried in deep snow right now…we are fed stupid stories about how there is no snow and it is getting hotter and hotter.


Right now, as I write, from Virginia to New York and Pennsylvania and of course, silly New Jersey, it is snowing hard, a blizzard is rolling across there and may swing by my own mountain here in upstate New York.  YIKES.  As DC is buried in yet another blizzard, the Bilderberg machine grinds onwards in Congress, desperate to impose another Ice Age on us.


This is a terrifying possibility, because if Google decides your scientific claims are “misinformation”, your entire life’s work could easily disappear from public access and view. In response, I’ve sent the following email to all the NAS/NAE/NAM email addresses I could find … which is not many …I am shocked and saddened that your organizations would use your authority to try to quash legitimate scientific dissent in this underhanded fashion.


Wellllll…the guys running WUWT banned me for disputing them on the topic of nuclear power in Japan and other geologically unstable places.  Mr. Eschenbach himself told me to shut up or else.  Well, here he is whining about being shut up, too.


I am siding with him in this matter because I am rather smart (he being rather dumb in this regard) and I believe we should certainly dispute science and technology!  Duh.  But he is a faker like many people in this world.  Can’t stand disputes, wins these by being a creep and an idiot.  Seems to work for all despots.  And WUWT is despotically run by guys with thin skins.


.Richard Feynman famously said “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts” … and you guys are the ones now claiming to be experts. Why should we trust you in the slightest to make huge scientific decisions when Richard Feynman says you are ignorant? Whatever happened to “Nullius In Verba”?


Sigh.  I wish I could give this guy a magic mirror and he could then see, he is just as intolerant and stupid as the people he attacks.  His attacks are often 100% right and I say ‘Bravo’ but he, like them, hates real debates and is a sore loser.


Next, I have to ask, what does “misinformation” mean on your planet?  Unfortunately, in practice it will most likely mean “Scientific claims that we, the anointed and unquestionable experts, don’t like.”


And as I always say, ‘The proof is in the pudding’ and if he is a champion for nuclear power, he has to be realistic about the dangers of nuclear power and where it is totally inappropriate, indeed, highly dangerous!  But he won’t and he can’t.  Why are humans so stubborn?  It never ceases to amaze me.


Paul Ryan Blocks Trump Border Wall – Will Only Allow $1.8 Billion for Wall in $1.3 Trillion Record Spending Bill!In January President Trump asked for $25 billion for his border wall project.  And yes, the majority of Americans want to stop the flood of illegal aliens.  But many businesses seeking cheap labor and the DNC wanting illegal voters to stuff ballot boxes, will do anything to stop any border controls.


So why is the House GOP leader playing footsie with these clowns?  Oh, they are buddies inside the Bilderberg gang.  Duh!  HAHAHA.


Zuckerberg Vows for Facebook to Work to Protect User’s Privacy after an organization working for Trump did what all the leftist California data miners do all the time at Facebook.


Everything is falling apart.  Everything is being censored.  Everyone is screaming all the time and everyone seems bent on conflict while demanding surrender.  To war, to war, put up the shield walls and nock the arrows on the bowstrings!  Time to fight.  And I see the public growing increasingly angry at how our government is being messed up by foreign powers, foreign money, corruption and lies, fake science and chaos!  Who will win?  We shall see.



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6 responses to “You Tube Removing Gun Videos, Rand Paul Warns Brennan And Clapper About Coup Demands

  1. The new You Tube ban will not allow movie videos with guns being used (90% of all movie video ads!) and no guns in videos gamesters posting online.

    I foresee a huge upheaval here! Time for a counterweb. ‘WWWest Web.’

  2. JUST IN: The UK will now put in prison people posting ‘right wing’ information online just like Germany is doing. Sweden is doing this, too. Amazing, thank god for the Constitution’s 1st and 2nd Amendments!

  3. Sunger


    It’s time to fight against these climate scientists who study the planet. They are conspiring with Hillary and Leonardo and Al Gore to convince you that the weather is getting warmer.

    OMG! Can’t have these scientists talking about the atmosphere.

    Please stop the researchers before we are destroyed by these scientific studies.



    ELIANE: Look, Sunger, I am still buried under a mountain of deep snow, the entire month of March was nearly always below freezing during the DAY here. A huge hunk of North America has been in the freezer. Another blizzard came to NYC and Washington DC a week after a previous blizzard. This is insanely cold for this time of year.

    The trees should be ‘thickening’ their boughs long ago but they aren’t, they are keeping the sap in the roots and April is around the corner!

  4. Mewswithaview

    Don’t forget their agreement with the German government to police wrong think (hate speech)i.e. criticism of the German government in advance of the election.

    They also hired Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, a chief adviser to Barack Obama, the chief strategist of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign.

    Wikileaks Proves Zuckerberg Lied, Leaks Email Between Facebook’s COO and Hillary’s Staff

  5. Yes, after Austria voted for sane border controls, the Bilderberg gang in Europe was in full panic mode and have cracked down on the subject population of serfs, teaching them to not meddle in the Real Rulers’ personal affairs.

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