Congress Defunds Trump Wall GOP Also Wants More Foreign Labor, Too

Congress, which is still run mainly by the Bilderberg gang, has cooked up a fantastic budget deal with Paul Ryan leading the betrayal of Trump.  There is NO money for ANY wall with Mexico, the importation of workers will continue with at a HIGHER rate and the betrayal runs through the entire budget. Whatever Trump wants, he will not get. I expect him, if he is smart, to veto this budget mess.  This does reveal who the traitors really are, of course.  No surprise to me.  The cartoon above is very old, I did it years ago.  Nothing has changed since then.

Another years old cartoon.  We still run a deep deficit with Japan.  And Japan still refuses to allow much if any imports.


GOP Leaders Expand H-2B Visa-Worker Program | Breitbart


The pre-election giveaway is buried on page 1760 of the 2232-page 2018 omnibus bill, where language allows the Department of Homeland Security to greatly expand the size of the H-2B visa-worker program up to roughly 100,000 imported workers:


SEC. 205. Notwithstanding the [66,000] numerical limitation set forth in section 214(g)(1)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1184(g)(1)(B)), the Secretary of Homeland Security, after consultation with the Secretary of Labor, and upon the determination that the needs of American businesses cannot be satisfied in fiscal year 2018 with United States workers who are willing, qualified, and able to perform temporary nonagricultural labor, may increase the total number of aliens who may receive a visa under section 101(a)(15)(H)(ii)(b) of such Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(15)(H)(ii)(b)) in such fiscal year above such limitation by not more than the highest number of H–2B nonimmigrants who participated in the H–2B returning worker program in any fiscal year in which returning workers were exempt from such numerical limitation.


The provision was pushed by Democratic and GOP politicians, led by North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis.  Paul Ryan is doing the same in the House.  This was deliberately cooked up behind Trump’s back.  Trump must veto this bill.  This will cause chaos but nothing is ever won if there isn’t a penalty, fighting back is important.


I knew from day one that this would be where the real battles would be fought.  The GOP Bilderbergers tried to appear to support Trump but now the mask is dropped, they will fight him to the bitter end and even impeach him, if they dare.  They do not care about their voter base at all. They will get cushy jobs in the corporate headquarters after killing the GOP voter base.

My old graph shows how taxpayers are now paying for our government which now runs in the red to hide this fact that we are going to pay in the end.  Everything is in the red now and the Real Rulers intend to run all systems in the red until we go bankrupt.  Then they discharge the debts and all systems supporting citizens will be ended abruptly.


But first, they must disarm the citizens and the push is on to do exactly that, this week: Google Announces $300 Million News Initiative to Support ‘High Quality Journalism,’ Monitor Election ‘Misinformation’ | Breitbart


“Google says the News Initiative is focused on three broad goals — strengthening quality journalism, supporting sustainable business models and empowering newsrooms through technological innovation,” reported Tech Crunch, Tuesday. “It’s also committing to spend $300 million over the next three years on its various journalism-related projects.”


Google is openly going to erase all opposition online.  There are various tricks for this.  They are already degrading their services by making searches less and less useful.


During a press conference, Google Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler declared, “Our mission is inherently tied to your business… The economics are very clear: If you do not grow, we do not grow,” and added Google has “two clear business incentives” to support and promote “high quality journalism.”


‘High quality’ for this evil operation is ‘total propaganda’.


“First, he said Google search ‘by its very nature depends on the open web and depends on open access to information and that obviously depends on high quality information.’ Second, he noted that Google’s DoubleClick ad business is all about splitting revenue with publishers, with $12.6 billion paid out to partners last year,” Tech Crunch explained.


They do not want a penny of this money to go to people who oppose the liberal agenda.


“Schindler also announced a partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School’s First Draft to launch something called the Disinfo Lab, which will ‘use computational tools and journalistic oversight to monitor misinformation during elections.’ And there’s a separate project called MediaWise, a partnership with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University and the Local Media Association.’s Jacqueline Fuller described this as a $3 million, two-year media campaign to improve media literacy among teens.”


And this ‘disinformation’ is ‘opposition information liberals hate.’  And they are terrified that teens might get real information so they are launching Pravda 2.0.  I used to read Pravda many years ago.  I bought it in Europe.  I also listened to Eastern European radio via short wave, too.


In 2017, Google changed their search engine to combat “fake news,” and “hate speech,” and this year the company introduced a fact-checking feature that was revealed to almost exclusively target conservative media, including Breitbart News and the Daily Caller.


Yup.  It is a wretched service.  All this is leading to the California creeps shutting down the entire internet and allowing only a small bit of ‘information’ to flow.  This is extremely dangerous.  First off, people have multiple ways of communicating.  It may be tedius but it works, I did it in the past.


It also forces people to gather in places to hear real truths.  This can be done which is why ANTIFA is protected by liberals so they can intimidate and scare off anyone daring to protest liberal junk.  Note how the supporters of Damore of Google Firing Fame, all the demonstrations in Massachusetts and California were called off after ANTIFA said they would attack and the governors of the states forbade anyone protesting Google.


So, there is now a huge push to disarm citizens:  YouTube Bans All Gun Demonstration Videos.

Yes, they are now vanishing, fast.  Some are still up today but by the end of next month, all the gun videos will be gone.  Click here to watch: YouTube To Ban Movie Trailers, Video Games After Gun Video Ban.

YouTube is censoring gun videos! – YouTube


Meanwhile, hideous videos of black male rap stars lynching little white boys is still all over You Tube.  Where are the censors?  Oh, liberals think murdering little white boys is OK.

Multiple versions of this hideous rap video remain on You Tube.

XXXTENTACION | “Riot” Official Music Video – YouTube



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One response to “Congress Defunds Trump Wall GOP Also Wants More Foreign Labor, Too

  1. Petruchio

    The Republicans must be feeling pretty sure of themselves about now. The Democrat Party is dying and there is no way the Dems can gloss over that fact. So of course, the Repubs think they can now REALLY push their Corporate/AIPAC owned agenda. We will see if they are wrong about this. I believe it’s the Dems who are feeling the voters wrath now, but maybe the Republicans are next in line for the voters’ rage. The Repubs have no money for a Wall but they DO have more money for the War Machine AND more money for Israel. This is never noted by the MSM. I think the Republicans are on a short leash as far as the voters go. If the GOP doesn’t deliver on what the voters expect, the push for more Political Parties is going to be unstoppable. The Democrats will be in good shape politically compared to the Republicans. And once the Dems and Repubs lose voter confidence, it will be a looonnngg time before they win it back.

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