Contact Rand Paul And Thank Him For Fighting The DNC/GOP Congress Gang

We will be in a vast fight and I beg everyone to write to U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky | Senator Rand Paul

Email Rand | Senator Rand Paul and tell him he fought the good fight.

Black Pigeon Speaks about The UK: RISE of the Anarcho-Tyranny STATE – YouTube  the blanket of silence being systematically imposed on citizens in Europe preventing them from talking about ISIS and the Muslim invasion.  Many things are now totally verboten in Europe and other Western countries that don’t have free speech rights and here in the USA, students demonstrate AGAINST free speech, too.  The DNC/GOP traitors support ending First and Second Amendments.

(9) Women leaving STEM for… Social Justice! – YouTube

I just wanted to post this good video explaining how the push to put women into STEM degrees is causing them to flee STEM studies and push for fake STEM classes that teach SJW politics, not engineering.


Telford Grooming Gang: Where Is The Outrage? – YouTube Worse child abuse scandal of the century in the UK where Christian girls are raped, murdered, forced into sex slavery and it is barely covered in the news for example, the Daily Mail has daily stories about Trump having normal sex with adult women being a top story, nothing about the child rapes by Muslims in England.


Norway Government on Verge of Collapse After Minister Proposed to Revoke Citizenship to Terrorists – YouTube

A facebook post about getting rid of ISIS fighters who were allowed to return just like in England and France, etc.  All the stupid Bilderberg NATO countries let back in ISIS fighters!


And yesterday in France, these terrorists attacked and killed citizens and did a hostage event.  All of which were not top headline news, either.

YouTube Shut Down Swedish Channel Exposing Fake News & Establishment Lies – YouTube

Fabian Fjälling, also known as Erik Johansson from Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden), joins us for a discussion about the recent shut down of their YouTube channel.


Swedish publisher giant Bonnier filed frivolous copyright claims against the citizen journalist media outlet and after three strikes the channel was terminated. We discuss why this alternative media outlet have been singled out and targeted for hate campaigns by the mainstream press in Sweden.


Fabian reveals that exposing the fake news media machine in Sweden has become a dangerous task. Expressen and other mainstream media press outlets have created an atmosphere of hate against the group. Sadly, Fabian and his wife have received death threats and in the wake of this Fjälling announced that he will be stepping down as the “face” of Granskning Sverige.

Everywhere in Europe, old Soviet rules are now being ruthlessly applied.  Anyone who defies the State is persecuted. Funny dog videos can put someone in prison in England.  This is very astonishing to watch this leftist coup.


In Sweden, the conservatives are being banned from social media, no one answers phone calls made by leaders of the right there, Fjalling is quitting the fight because he fears for his own life.


I fled Berkeley years ago due to Maoists letting me know very loudly, they intended to knock me off, too.  The left which pretends to be oh-so-kindly is really violent, vile and vicious.

They fully believe in using force to gain power.  They don’t hesitate to kill for power. When in power, they attack the general populations, killing millions, often via starvation.


Pressure to do something is building. The defeat of the wall in Congress showed clearly that our rulers are utterly detached from the citizens here.  The left hopes that rage will be aimed at Trump and not them.


And temporarily, this will happen.  But the rage isn’t resignation, it is fury now.  And this is why I keep saying, support Rand Paul.  He stood up to the Bilderberg gang and they know this which is why assassination attempts on him are growing.


I hope citizens protect him from terrorists.  They are now fully focused on him, the spooks who took over systems at the CIA and other areas are freaking out that they might be forced out and want to get rid of both Trump and Rand Paul.



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23 responses to “Contact Rand Paul And Thank Him For Fighting The DNC/GOP Congress Gang

  1. Mewswithaview

    While we were not looking Big Brother assigned itself more power

    Apple-supported CLOUD Act passes Congress, will change how governments share data

  2. This is why voting is important.

  3. Christian W

    Yes, because voting has brought you to this point.

    You don’t even have a system anymore outside the Deep State writing legislation in bulk, legislation that is never read before it passes through in Congress.

  4. Suusi M-B

    Christian W: No this is where allowing corporations to buy the political process in both the UK and the USA.

    Both the UK and USA are oligarchies and elected dictatorships. Not the democracies that they claim to be.

    Apart from that you are correct in your assessment.

  5. Sigh. So there is a better way than elections??? Hello! What happens is, people waver about what they want or need and coalitions form and collapse. This is different from the post-WWII rule of the secret rich people who are in a conspiracy against the voters.

    Bribery is the problem. I was probably only the only person very pissed off at Ronnie Reagan when he acceptes a $2 million bribe from the Japanese.

    Since he didn’t go to prison, everyone ran in to collect bribes. This is the problem which is why I hammer away at it even though some people chatting here don’t read much of my stuff I write.

    IT IS THE BRIBERY that is the problem! No one bribed Trump, so they are nervous about him, they have to us force and intimidation and slander to force him to yield.

  6. And so far, the Paul famly has collected no bribes.

  7. Christian W

    Corruption takes many form, bribery is just one of them.

    @4 Suusi, yes the naked aggression of the US/UK establishment (who Elaine calls the Bilderberg gang) has never been more clear. The US always was a plutocracy/corpocracy/oligarchy. My point was simply that it was the people voted into office by the electorate, that sanctioned the power grabs of the elites.

  8. The elites did have restrictions until Reagan. I have a vast memory. I remember when it was illegal for Congress and Presidents to take bribes. Reagan openly did this, from Japan. Since then, only criminals have run our government thanks to open, constant bribery.

    This is NOT normal at all. In older times, accepting bribes from foreigners was grounds for arrest.

  9. Suusi M-B

    Christian W: Mussolini defined fascism as the melding of corporate and political power…

    Sadly the electorate is easily distracted. Hey look at those immigrants taking your jobs! It was Russia’s fault! Its those Muslims fault! Nothing to see here!

    The mass media colludes with the political class.

    Elaine: Didn’t that coincide with the Removal of the requirement of the media to be basically truthful. That and the consolidation and media ownership into a few conglomerates.

    As for accepting bribes from foreigners: The politicians and those offering the bribes should have their heads on spikes.

    It seems to me that the US and UK have simultaneously run into Cromwell’s unresolved legacy. The sovereignty of Parliament in the UK and its successors in the USA.

    The political class in both countries think of themselves as above the law. And have conspired to remove or subvert all the normal checks and balances. This is I think the most important issue of our time that needs addressing.

    The Law has to apply to everyone equally. Especially to Kings, Presidents, Judges and elected representatives who all need to be held to a greater standard.

  10. Yes, it is all about bribery. I remember when various Presidents like the Bushes and Clintons suddenly became filthy rich due to blatant bribery. We were told by the media that this showed how great America was, our politicians attracted foreign money!

    I was astounded and enraged. Of course, now people assume it is legal to collect bribes. So everyone does it at the top.

  11. Christian W

    No it’s not all about bribery. Bribery is an effect, not a cause.

  12. Christian W

    March 24th, 1999, US/NATO began bombing Yugoslavia, dropping 23,000 bombs/missiles & killing 1,000 civilians. The 78 day bombing campaign included strikes on hospitals, TV/radio stations, crowded markets, passenger trains & even a refugee camp.

    The breaking up of Yugoslavia, and the creation of the Muslim enclave Kosovo, was a dagger aimed at the heart of European independence.

  13. Finally, you posted something useful. Thank you, Christian.

  14. Christian W

    It’s all part of the same thing, the same system. I am pointing at it all the time.

    The outrageous strategy to destroy Russia
    by Arthur Lepic

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s former adviser, embodies the continuity of U.S. foreign policy whether it is democratic or republican. A great admirer of Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski has always defended, praised and shown an absolute respect for the master’s two diplomacy concepts: the balance of the powers theorized by Metternich and George Kennan’s containment doctrine. Zbigniew Brzezinski recommends how Russia should be militarily weakened and intimidated. He is convinced that the best way to achieve it is by destabilizing its border regions, a political strategy that aroused the interest of former presidential candidate John Kerry’s team who recruited his son Mark Brzezinski as its foreign policy adviser.


    The article goes on to explain how Brzezinski created the Trilateral Commission (US, Western Europe + Japan) in the early 1970’s. Other founding members included Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker; both later heads of the Federal Reserve System. Of course Brzezinski became the National Security Advisor to Carter starting the Salafi/Al Qaeda/Mujahideen campaigns against Russia, still ongoing today in the Middle East and even in Ukraine. The current movement of Salafi (ISIS, Al Qaeda) terrorists into Europe is part of this American strategy.

    When you see crazy Poles and Ukrainians and Baltic minnows attack Russia with bluster and Russophobia today you know those people are sock puppets run from Washington and London, it is simply the Brzezinski doctrine at work.

    The US has systematically destabilized Russia’s border regions for decades. Look at Korea, Afghanistan, Georgia, Chechnya, Syria, Turkey (shooting down Russian planes, murdering Russian ambassadors), Azerbajan/Armenia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran etc etc

    The Bilderberg gang is far too small a concept to cover reality. It is simply the US system at work.

  15. Christian W

    This is the only system. No matter who Americans vote for they get the same system. This has been going on since the end of WWII.

    Now we are reaching the point where Russia will say no more. Today European puppet states and the US expelled Russian diplomats using the obvious MI6 ‘Novichok’ false flag operation in the UK as an excuse.

    Mass co-ordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats:

    US: 60
    Czech: 3
    Ukraine: 13
    Lithuania: 3
    Latvia: 1
    Poland: 4
    Germany: 4
    France: 4
    Netherlands: 2
    Estonia: 1
    Finland: 1

    There were more from other EU nations.

    Take a look at Donald Tusk, the EU President, like Merkel and Poroshenko etc a rather obvious US tool who ordered the above nations to fall in line.

  16. Christian W

    From Voice of America no less:

    These are the Free Syrian Army, the “moderate” rebels, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh, Reagan’s “Freedom Fighters” (see Free Syrian Army) etc etc etc

    Call them what you like. They are the Salafi bomb throwers and head choppers used by the US since the 1970s and to this day. They are the “Muslim terrorists” Elaine warns against constantly. They are a US foreign policy tool, one of it’s most efficient. Owned, trained, armed and paid for by the US and it’s puppets the UK, Saudi Arabia etc.

  17. Christian W

    testing to see if this link to the image works better.

  18. Christian W

    The picture is of an ‘Muslim brigade’ in the Bosnian Army mid 1990s, supported by NATO.

  19. Suusi M-B

    Christian W: You are forgetting the cynical use of former members of the Bosniak SS division as exploited by NATO at the beginning of the conflict

  20. Poland has stopped attacking Putin. They are terrified that Merkel (remember WWII?) wants to impose a million Muslim men on Warsaw.

  21. Christian W

    Corporations -> CIA/Deep State -> Corporations -> CIA/Deep State -> etc etc etc.

    Vote for the next Mr/Mrs Freedom & Protection Millionaire/Billonaire who will get to choose a government handpicked by the Corporations for the Corporations.

    But at least give us a wall.

  22. Christian W

    Poland hasn’t stopped attacking Putin. Poland has US missiles and secret CIA prisons/torture dungeons. They are opposed to Nordstream 2 that Germany wants because Poland is part of the US push to cut Russia and Russia’s energy sales off from the rest of Europe. The US wants Europe to buy super expensive US energy and, I presume, gas from Qatar (which the destruction of Syria is part of. Assad said no the the proposed pipeline which got the US to pull the trigger on the color revolution).

  23. Christian W

    From twitter:

    Bryan MacDonald
    ‏Verified account @27khv

    Bryan MacDonald Retweeted Sky News Breaking

    Yesterday, Germany kicked out 4 Russian diplomats; today Germany granted all permits needed for their segment of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (potentially worth trillions of $$$’s to Russia). Do you think the Kremlin is more happy about the latter or annoyed about the former?

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