12 DNC Run States Demand No US Questions About Citizenship

Mother of son killed by illegal immigrant: California Gov. Jerry Brown should be arrested – YouTube


Twelve states to sue Trump over Census citizenship question including my state of  New York.   This is a coup.  That is, all the states wishing to enable illegal aliens to vote in American elections are Democrats.  Illegal aliens are the centerpiece of the party now.  Enabling this is their only road to victory since the black population trapped in dying industrial cities are not great enough to swing elections towards open borders/free trade capitalist exploitation of cheap labor.  This makes the DNC a party to invasions and destruction of cities.  Free trade has literally burned down more than a few former great cities like Detroit.


The USA asked these citizenship questions for many years.  Obama and his gang removed this.  Now it is back again and so the DNC is throwing a hissy fit.  California as per usual, led the charge to break the law.


Report: Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Elderly Woman ‘Possibly’ a Texas Serial Killer | Breitbart


An illegal alien accused of murdering an elderly woman could “possibly” be a serial killer and involved with multiple other deaths of elderly people in the Dallas, Texas area, a report states.


Wait until the newspaper tells us how many this monster may have murdered!


According to the FOX 4 News, 45-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir from Kenya was chased down and arrested by police for allegedly murdering 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris.

Police say a family was concerned at the time that Chemirmir, who was working as a home healthcare worker, was stealing items from their relative. Police put surveillance on the illegal alien and eventually caught him with a jewelry box, a pair of keys, and cash.


I hope the family sues the cops.  They should have removed the ‘aide’ after suspecting him of doing this.  Instead, they decided to spy on him.


When police tracked the jewelry and keys to Harris’s residence, they found her dead inside with a pillow reportedly near her body.  Now, police are retracing their steps to about 750 deaths of elderly women to investigate whether or not the illegal alien was involved with their deaths, according to WFAA.


What the hell?  Nearly a thousand dead women?  Amazing.  This is insanity.  The protections offered to illegal aliens who are taking US jobs from citizens, driving down wages and endangering all of us, are here because our Real Rulers love this.


Killing citizens is fine with them, it keeps people scared.  Scared citizens are much better than armed and secure citizens who fight crime.  DNC run states and cities tend to be crime hell holes and this is also very deliberate.


Serious Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens | FAIRus.org tries to track the many murders by illegal often multi-times deported criminals.


The top DNC Congress critters joined with RINO Republicans led by Paul Ryan to prevent any money to be spent to protect our own borders while money for border walls and security overseas was handed out like candy to foreign countries.  This massive alliance isn’t a little thing, it is the result of the secret Bilderberg gang forcing Europe and the Commonwealth nations and the USA to have zero border controls.


Another screaming Riverview Muslim yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ in attacks on his children, deputies say, last week.  And the other day, ISIS killer ‘was summoned to meet anti-terror cops before rampage’ in France.  A police man went in and stood in place of a hostage and was killed by the crazed Muslim fighter imported into France by the Bilderberg gang.


Islamic Group: Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’ as Muslims seek to prevent us from stopping their hate campaigns.


I know the Muslim community very intimately just like I knew the Chinese communists and their plans to bankrupt the US very intimately.  Both want to rule us.


The Muslim groups who now have great power inside the DNC right next to the Jewish power there (talk about INSANE) have worked hard to prevent the voters from learning about Muslim terror attacks which are downplayed by mainstream media.


This is twice as bad in Europe!  All of Europe except for some former Eastern European countries are now fully infested with hundreds of thousands of returning ISIS fighters.  They are all given housing and money when they return.  Suicidal stupidity is always astonishing to watch up close.


We are seeing how the Roman Empire rotted away many centuries ago.  It was a very high tech, for its day, empire.  And lay in utter ruins very swiftly when the government imported barbarians.


Oh, and it was running a trade deficit for 200 years with China.  We cannot forget that little detail!  Seems no one learns from history.


A side story of interest:  Al Sharpton’s half-brother charged with murder — day after leading anti-gun protest.  The Sharpton family is dangerous.  Al tried to get me killed many years ago!


 The next night, Dothan police believe the ex-convict helped another man commit a drive-by shooting at the intersection of Lake Street and Allen Road. Glasgow, 52, was charged with capital murder alongside 26-year-old Jamie Townes, the alleged gunman, according to the Dothan Eagle.


They have gone insane.  The left is completely crazy now.



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9 responses to “12 DNC Run States Demand No US Questions About Citizenship

  1. Melponeme_k

    I think facts have to be faced is this is a racial war. The Elites, who are predominantly Jewish, are waging a race war against the rest of humanity. It puts WWII in another light because it was push back for an agenda already in motion. The Jewish racialists created their own nemesis, the Nazi Aryan racialists.

    Now there is a fight between the two. The import of low functioning IQ people into first world countries is a move of desperation because the power shift is occurring fast. Unfortunately, the majority of populations in Europe, US and Asia are going to swayed by what was the Nazi remnants.

    Right after WWII there was a chance to nip this all in the bud. However, Master Race dreams die hard no matter who entertains these delusions.

  2. Sunger

    Let’s see who’s crazy here- oh here’s Republican Joe Arpaio

    “Joe Arpaio Says He’ll Start Talking About Obama’s Birth Certificate Again Once He’s A Senator ”

    “Former sheriff Joe Arpaio, who’s running for Senate in Arizona on a pro-Trump platform, told a small gathering at last weekend’s Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix that while he’s “kind of dropping” his birther claims about President Obama while he campaigns, he’ll start bringing them up more if he’s elected to the Senate because “100 percent we proved” that the former president’s birth certificate is “a fake document.”


  3. Sunger

    Lots more conservative crazy stupidity……

    Here’s David Barton- phony religious guru of the GOP

    “Understanding the Fake Historian Behind America’s Religious Right”

    “As a dominionist, Barton is among those who believe the ultimate goal for American government should be a Christian theocratic state, which is necessary to properly usher in the apocalyptic End Times. Dominionism takes many forms, from the “hard dominionism” of R.J. Rushdoony, which advocated for a pure theocracy, to the “softer” Seven Mountains movement associated with Ted Cruz, among others, in which Christians are encouraged to take over the “seven mountains” of culture as a whole, from arts to education to government.

    Barton’s star temporarily fell in 2011, when major Christian publishing house Thomas Nelson recalled Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies, after the book was revealed to contain major factual inaccuracies, including the claim that Jefferson had started church services in the Capitol building. By that time, The Jefferson Lies, a hagiographic work which argued that Jefferson was not a deist but an evangelical Christian who vigorously opposed slavery and racism, had reached the New York Times bestseller list.


  4. Sunger

    Oh yeah! Here is Trump & Pruitt dismantling the EPA! But maybe that’s NOT a good idea……….

    “Popular Beer and Wine Brands Contaminated With Monsanto’s Weedkiller, Tests Reveal ”

    “The past few years have revealed some disturbing news for the alcohol industry. In 2015, CBS news broke the announcement of a lawsuit against 31 brands of wines for high levels of inorganic arsenic. In 2016, beer testing in Germany also revealed residues of glyphosate in every single sample tested, even independent beers.

    “Moms Across America released test results of 12 California wines that were all found to be positive for glyphosate in 2016. We tested further and released new findings last week of glyphosate in all of the most popular brands of wines in the world, the majority of which are from the U.S. and in batch test results in American beer.

    What do these events all have in common? Monsanto’s Roundup.

    “The wine brands tested included Gallo, Beringer, Mondavi, Barefoot and Sutter Home. Beer brands tested included Budweiser, Busch, Coors, Michelob, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, Samuel Smith, Peak Organic and Sierra Nevada.”


  5. Did you bother looking at all the data about the fake birth certificate Obama gave us? I did.

    Sunger, I suggest you go to the source and read it very carefully. I posted all this here on my little blog, just google ’emsnews Obama birth certificate’ and you will get all my stories if google still works.

    I would love it if you actually read my work here. It would improve your arguments instead of putting up straw men or openly sucking down obvious lies put forth by the Bilderberg gang’s news media systems.

  6. Arnold Toynbee, the historian, said that great civilizations die by committing suicide. In reading this some years ago I thought, oh no, how impossible. I never imagined that I would be living through such a time.

  7. Al Sharpton, the DNC’s clown prince. They wanted him and they got him and he is symptomatic of what is wrong with them all.

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