Mexican California Attorney General Becerra, Tells Feds, He Will Arrest Them If They Deport Illegal Mexicans

California AG Threatens to Arrest Orange County Sheriff for Working with ICE Officers – YouTube


BREAKING: California AG Threatens to Arrest Orange County Sheriff for Assisting ICE (VIDEO).  Yes, this is the headlines today out of California, a state I fled many years ago due to it being insane and dangerous.  Today, the Hispanic Attorney General has said he will arrest any sheriffs or police who cooperate legally with ICE Federal officers.  This is a declaration of war against the Federal Government doing its legal job.  I would expect the Feds to arrest the California AG.


Xavier Becerra is the son of illegal aliens:


Xavier Becerra (/hɑːviˈɛər bɪˈsɛrə/hah-vee-AIR; born January 26, 1958) is an American politician and lawyer serving as the current Attorney General of California, since January 2017. Prior to becoming Attorney General, he was a member of the United States House of Representatives for California’s 34th congressional district, who represented Downtown Los Angeles in Congress from 1993 to 2017. Becerra, a member of the Democratic Party, was Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.


Like many immigrants, this man got to move up and out.  If he were left in Mexico with its poor schools, he would probably be a street peddler or a drug lord.


Born in Sacramento, California to Mexican parents, Becerra is a graduate of Stanford University, receiving his J.D.from Stanford Law School.

Because his own parents probably came here illegally or stayed illegally, he thinks everyone should be allowed to do this.  Since he was born at the same time California politician, Ronnie Reagan as President gave illegal aliens a free front door to citizenship in a one shot move, he thinks this should go on forever.


Becerra was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1992, representing California’s 34th congressional districtfrom 1993 to 2003, and California’s 31st congressional district from 2003 to 2013. During his tenure in the House, he served as Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus from 1997 to 1999, vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus from 2009 to 2013, and as a member of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.


Note how the DNC is against budget deficits until they have power ditto the GOP.  It is one of the biggest farces in politics at this point.  They just passed a big budget yet again, gave the voters nothing they asked for but it appears that the budget is not binding so Trump will be building the wall to keep out illegal aliens.

From three weeks ago:  Sessions calls out California on immigration after announcing DOJ lawsuit – YouTube


Sessions isn’t standing down. Some of the mayors of cities in California are siding with the President in this matter so the DNC in California is doing what they always do: threaten people and use force.  From the same day:  Gov. Jerry Brown taunts Trump: Mueller is closing in – YouTube

Jerry Brown really thinks his state is above Federal laws!  We had this Civil War on these sorts of state/Fed issues over 100 years ago.  Jerry Brown should be arrested for sedition.


Working with criminal aliens to invade the US and attack US citizens for this dispute is about deporting criminals…this is illegal.  The criminals are breaking US laws and are under Federal jurisdiction but the Stat of California won’t turn them over to the Feds.


This is insurrection.  Worse, these criminals move around our entire nation, attacking citizens.  The one I wrote about this morning, the African man who might have killed up to 750 people while illegally in the US and taking US jobs from citizens, he is a prime example of a hostile invader.


At least Texas isn’t protecting this mass murderer from Africa!  This is getting utterly ridiculous.  I have hosted aliens for citizenship and I have arrested illegal aliens!  We are supposed to have this thing called ‘the Rule of Law’.  Many cities and states have decided to be outside the law and it shows: crime ravages these places and the bulk, by far, are all run by Democrats.



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15 responses to “Mexican California Attorney General Becerra, Tells Feds, He Will Arrest Them If They Deport Illegal Mexicans

  1. Sunger

    “Native-born Texans Commit More Crimes than Undocumented Immigrants, Study Finds”

    Fernando Ramirez Houston Chronicle 7:43 pm, Tuesday, March 6, 2018

    “Native-born Texans are more likely to commit crimes and get arrested than immigrants, a new study suggests.

    Using data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, researchers from the conservative think tank Cato Institute found the arrest rate for undocumented immigrants was 40 percent below that of native-born Texans.

    The figures show that in 2015, undocumented immigrants were arrested at a rate of 2,148.6 per 100,000, while native-born Texans were arrested at a rate of 3,577.9 per 100,000.

    “Similarly, an analysis of the 2015 data found that the arrest rate of all immigrants, documented or not, was 65 percent less than native-born Texans, or 1,243.7 per 100,000.

    The new study may debunk the myth perpetuated by Donald Trump, whose stance on immigration has long highlighted the idea that undocumented migrants bring crime to America.

    According to the study, the homicide conviction rate for undocumented immigrants was 25 percent less than that of native-born Texans, or a rate of 3.88 per 100,000 compared to compared to 2.9 per 100,000. Researchers said the lower conviction rate is due to an overall lower arrest rate when compared with native-born Texans.

  2. KHS71

    Sunger, You’re arguing with your self again.

  3. Ken

    Sunger @3,

    Does your study indicate how many of the “native born Texans” who commit all of these crimes are Hispanic?

  4. ‘Native born’ means the sons of illegal aliens.

  5. Does Sunger have Trump Derangement Syndrome? He/She use to have insightful comments but now totally floods comments and argues/goes against whatever news Elaine produces. All circling back to 9/11 destruction disagreements….I believe in free speech but some restrictions apply 🙂

  6. Lou


  7. Lou

    WRT–google and emsnews Obama birth certificate’

    Yes, first page of (((google))) search.

  8. Lou

    9–I take that back. Google will have some EMSNews, but I cannot find emsnews Obama birth certificate’ .

  9. Petruchio

    Another reason for the lower arrest rate for illegals is because the cops know that illegals are untouchable, especially in Democrat controlled cities. For example. A legal citizen–especially of they are White AND Male–must have a Drivers License AND proof of Insurance. Illegals do NOT need these things.

  10. Petruchio

    Just wait until the Big One Earthquake hits California Guess who is gonna be going to Washington D.C. to with their hands outstretched looking for a FEDERAL taxpayer funded HANDOUT. They’re gonna be a lot less anti Federal Government then. Makes you hope for California Earthquakes.

  11. Google is horrible now. It used to show searches for content in WordPress pages like mine and now you have to have the specific title to find anything. But at the top of my news page is this little box right next to the title and the Pegasas pictures. That little white box is my internal search engine. Write into it the words you want and you should get a good list.

  12. BTW, up until THIS WEEK, using google would find all my stories easily by topic. Now, it is totally useless. I am very pissed off about this, very pissed off. All searches has deteriorated badly thanks to monkeys working for Google being hired to be vandals, not run a good business.

  13. Lou

    14–Indeed. And the excellent Google Maps is ruined.

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