Australian Nurses Will Be Punished By SJW Administrators If They Don’t Apologize To Patients For Being White

(3) Nurses to practice ‘Cultural Safety’ – YouTube


Authorities are denying that this new code will punish white nurses for not using the right words or being subservient enough with patients.  But we know that if any codes are put up, punishments including firing or even prison ends up being the tools to enforce murky thought crimes/language crimes a la 1984 tyranny.  The creators of this new law claim it isn’t a law, just a suggestion which is a lie.


We know from past efforts to stop free speech that the left is very intent on trapping us all inside various linguistic prisons.  They wish to control our thoughts via language and this means severe limits on basic free speech even to the point of imposing literally lunatic new ‘pronouns’ cooked up by leftists.  In Canada, you can lose your job if you don’t use a multitude of fake pronouns correctly when talking to hot headed radical SJW lunatics.


Nurses and midwives code of conduct to acknowledge ‘white privilege’:


AUSTRALIAN nurses are pushing back against a change that requires them to “acknowledge white privilege” before treating patients.


I hope they go on strike.  This is the price everyone pays for socialism.  The socialists are never happy with people being supported by the State, they need to control all aspects of the middle and upperclasses who they hate.  They let the lower classes run riot.  But eventually, the PC Czars demand the lowerclasses also obey strange Maoist dictates.


Nurses and midwives around the country must now adhere to a new code of conduct with a section specifically dedicated to “culture” and which details white Australians’ inherent privilege “in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders”.


What the leftists want is to force workers to grovel before them.  Making it uncertain how to make these lunatics happy, what is a poor nurse going to do?  I would suggest the same government doing this lunacy, print up cards for nurses to hand out which details how evil the nurses are and how the patients should feel free to be as rude as they please to get back at these evil nurses.


The new code, which came into effect in March, has been labelled “eye-watering”, “cultural madness” and “unacceptable”. A peak body representing nurses in Queensland is even calling for the chairman of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia to be sacked over it.


No kidding, this SJW Nursing official is a danger to life and limb.


“This is eye-watering stuff,” Graeme Haycroft from the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland told Sky News host Peta Credlin.  She called it “almost too hard to believe.  Before (a midwife) delivers a baby to an indigenous woman she’s supposed to put her hands up and say: ‘I need to talk to you about my white privilege’, not about my infection control, my qualifications or my training as a midwife?” she asked Mr Haycroft.


Yes, and she is to grovel while doing this.  The SJW gang wants everyone to be scared, humiliated and…this is pure Mad Madame Mao stuff.  She loved forcing professors, teachers and other people in her power to be harangued and abused by students and patients, etc.


He said that was correct, but there’s no requirement to “announce” anything. The nurses must simply abide by the new code which state clearly that “cultural safety is as important to quality care as clinical safety”.


So, the harried nurses working hard have to be always aware of ‘cultural issues’ while trying to do their jobs!  Being simply polite and patient isn’t enough.  No, they want something special from nurses: humiliation and control.


This reminds me why all socialist systems have really crummy nursing care.  Nurses can correctly claim they are women and workers and thus, very put out by this labor and the discrimination against women so they can go ‘on strike’ by not performing their jobs very well.


If various minority groups wish to play social games, they can do this with the administrators, not the staff.  Or we could see a new style of nursing in Australia where nurses barely talk to anyone and avoid eye contact and try to not give service as much as humanly possible since interacting with patients will be dangerous, annoying and fruitless.


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32 responses to “Australian Nurses Will Be Punished By SJW Administrators If They Don’t Apologize To Patients For Being White

  1. Moe

    My first response to this is: “The world is going nuts”. A moment’s reflection though and I am angered by the purposeful forging of the social-psychological environment whereby as a person of European extraction my heritage and by extension, my self, are constantly vilified by these extremists.

    IMO these policies are created by revolutionaries who wish to subvert and eradicate the European model of custom, religion, morality, ethics, law, government, and common weal,

    Western Europe seems to have caved to this this genocidal impulse, but the outcome could still be surprising (though possibly forlorn). Hope remains that Eastern Europe could resist, but I believe they will be overwhelmed by the trend. The rest of the Anglosphere, except perhaps the US, are also ripe for exploitation by these radical influences since they have been indoctrinated by quasi-socialism for decades. It’s not surprising that Australia has implemented this nutso doctrine.

    I believe that the US is the best, though imperfect, bastion of those of European heritage, though at the moment it is besieged, the affected polity constrained and intimidated, and the impetus for revolt subdued and subverted.

    That leaves Russia. Holy s*** Batman: Russia! Who would have ever anticipated that the Ruskies might be the salvation and final repository of European values, as inexact (and autocratically inclined) a version as it is? Certainly not me.

  2. Lou

    The PM of Australia apologized for ‘taking abo children away from their culture.’

    Abos were eating their children.

  3. Ken

    Moe @1

    Some time ago Nancy Pelosi sought to mock Trump’s “make America great again” slogan by claiming that what he was really saying was “make America white again.” The other leftists quickly told her to shut up. It was still too soon to tip their hand.

    If we in America are at the point that Pelosi can make such a comment and get away with it, then it is already too late for us. Russia is the only hope for Europe. They are white (and proud of it), conservative, capitalist, Christian and militarily strong.

    That may be why the left is trying so hard to make sure that Trump cannot follow through on his campaign promises to forge closer ties, and even alliances against terrorists, with Russia. He is under such constant and rabid attack over supposed Russian influence that the left is making it politically impossible for Trump to make any overtures of friendship whatsoever.

    You may ask, who in their right mind would not want peace and better relations between Russia and the US? Only the left. Because they know that Russia is the main obstacle to their plans, not America.

  4. Christian W

    The people who do not want peace and better relations with Russia is the US and UK elites, the AngloZionists, the Wall Street and London City bankers, the Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and Eton and upper crust private schools club (the Bilderbergs; Trump the black swan is not part of this cool kids club). What is coming to an end is centuries of easy looting and piracy and now the bankers are stuck, which means real war is coming.

    Over the last few decades the UK has lost Hong Kong, the North Sea oil fields, Russia’s billions, now Brexit is looming threatening another economic disaster on top of it all. The US/UK elites want to/have to break Russia, loot it again, along with the Caspian Sea region (Iran) and Syria (who equals Iran/Kuweit in oil wealth). The US military is just now reinforcing the military bases they are building on top of the oil fields in Eastern Syria (Deir Ezzor).

    These people are many things but the one thing they are not is ‘the Left’. Until Americans figure out what Neoliberalism really is they will keep getting sucked into the abyss, increasingly confused and lost.

    It’s tragicomic to see people rant about ‘commies’ and ‘the left’ when they are being raped by their very own capitalist/royalist elites in every single way possible.

  5. Lou

    “make America white again.”
    Wish we could. Not even God can change the past.

  6. Christian W

    America was never, ever White.

  7. Jim R

    #6, Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. It was ‘red’ for a long long time, and then some ‘white’ people came but pretty soon they started bringing over ‘black’ and ‘yellow’ people.

    The more or less ridiculous piece of fiction in all this is that it is a melting pot, and they will somehow magically blend into a creamy in-between some day. No, there are still physical differences, of which everyone (even the SJW nazis) is aware.

  8. Christian W

    Mindsets create the fictions. The mental gymnastics people do to cling on to their beliefs never cease to amaze me. At the end of the day all of us come from the same earth. What a marvel it all is.

  9. Christian W

    Oh here is a nice one! 🙂

    Don’t worry, the US would win a nuclear war with Russia

    by Tom Rogan
    | March 30, 2018 01:11 PM

  10. Lou

    7–pretty soon (((they))) started bringing over ‘black’ and ‘yellow’ people.

    1965.Are you aware of Javits and Celler? If not, learn facts.
    USA was 90% White for centuries.

  11. Lou

    6–Says you, stupid one.
    7–melting pot–that term was created for a play, circa 1900, by one of (((them))). Got it? I didnt think so.

  12. Christian W

    This is a good one too…

  13. Christian W

    Corporate news for you folks (ie mind control). Ain’t Capitalism grand.

  14. The US is a melting pot. My family came here long ago and married into the native tribes and many of the early families did this.

    Today, my family has Jewish, German, Chinese, old British, Russian, Mohican native, French, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Orthodox, Jewish religions…a true melting pot, big time.

    I am all for this and all for celebrating all elements in all this!

    Anyone who migrates ends up eventually merging with others which to me is a good thing. I am proud of this. It is also a way to sane societies, that is, mixes are good, it is more creative than single types.

    The Jewish community, for example, did very poorly when isolated, when expulsed from Russia, they took off and began to intermarry and merge with other populations, newer systems.

    See? Many people can’t see this. Russia, by the way, hasn’t been ‘white’ for eons. The population mixes of Russia are extensive, much more so than Europe in general before this recent invasion.

    And many Europeans are scared of this invasion because the people invading intend to openly destroy civilization itself! A good reason to be scared to death of it.

  15. Jim R

    ‘Jewish’ is not a race.

    You are always going on about your Viking ancestry … also not really a race, by the way. They were just Swedes and Norwegians who went into the piracy business.

    And Russia has a multi-thousand-long border with China. But the people have not blended, they do not look alike.

    On this very blog, you’ve posted about how the millions of young Arab males do not ‘melt’ in Sweden.

    And then there’s this:

    … happy melting!

  16. Jim R

    About those ‘refugees’ — it’s obviously choreographed and paid-for political theater. Like the one in Europe done with refugees of the middle eastern wars, but on a smaller scale…

    It’s about the ‘wall’ and Trump’s resolution to defend the borders.

  17. Lou


    Blacks never melted in [yet, now with the race mixing, maybe they will] because Africans are a million years behind.

  18. Jim R

    Lou, of course. Eventually the races will blend. So far, it looks like white Europeans will be declining along the idiocracy curve, to meet the blacks at the bottom.

    Whether Asians follow the same course, is not yet apparent.

    Races do blend, but it takes hundreds of years. And just having a native American or a Negro in your family tree six generations back is only the tiniest bit ‘blended’. Not enough to really count.

    Furthermore, ‘diversity is a good thing’ is another silly meme. It can be a good thing in a large die-off, as it means there may be some individuals who possess the right adaptation (like doesn’t require vitamin C, or resistant to malaria, or knows how to build a fish trap, or can crush walnuts with giant molars) to survive. But it is ridiculous to believe that every ‘diverse’ individual is somehow better.

  19. Lou

    Elaine walks a thin line tween ‘race realism’ [due to her Brooklyn daze]
    and ‘Old School Liberal DNA Denial.’

    Anonymous said…

    In kneegrow “comedian” Chris Rock’s bestselling book from about 20 years ago Rock This!, he includes a charming anecdote about an older male relative-an uncle, I think.

    The uncle is, of course, a groid-and he’s married to a white woman. Anyway, the uncle used to supposedly say on a regular basis ” I love______ (whatever the mudshark’s name was), but if there’s ever a race war, I’m gonna kill her right off the bat, just to show I mean business”

    Then, Rock writes, after everyone is laughing (because that’s such a funny story) the uncle would protest and say, “No, I mean it”.

    What charming people.
    And how many white cucks bought the book and made it a bestseller?

  20. Moe

    A few other thoughts have been forthcoming as a result of this dialogue.

    Viewing Earth as a working model in Evolution, we can have little doubt that the normal course of events is progressive, that is, living, physical entities evolve over time. I note this not as support of Darwinian theory or its level of exactitude, merely as a simple observation.

    Progressive development is not though linear, and there is no reason to anticipate that progression will be continuous or unidirectional. Regressions should be expected to occur, and this is evident in the fossil record.

    The developmental level of Muslim hordes presently inundating Europe is causative of regression and retrogression, as is the ready procreation and survival of inferior genetic lines due to government largesse. (I make no attempt to delineate these inferior lines, merely to be assured that they exist and survive because of a relatively benign environment). This could be representative of a temporary pause or reversal of human progress. Note also that temporary does not necessarily mean short-lived: Europe and the Anglosphere may be doomed to a millennium of darkness. To incorporate Mel’s perspective, this retrogression may be a deliberate and calculated process instituted by the elite to devolve, retard or inhibit human evolution in order to fixate their power and control. This is a compelling (though hypothetical) rationale even if one discounts her position regarding the elite’s belief/spiritual aspect. To be genuinely effective though, other populations would also have to be subverted and we see less success there.

    Those of European stock may simply have devolved to a weakened state, not genetically but physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically (including the subconscious) and spiritually. That would make them ripe for conquest and enslavement (already occurring) and eventual eradication. This could imply a suicidal impulse, (a Freudian theory, though Freud is hardly de rigueur
    these days) since one would expect that a robust Life-centered drive would result in resistance, a muted response in the Pan-European population.

    Ironically, Europeans and their emigrated descendants are now experiencing the commencement of genocidal effects they imparted so readily over the past half-millenium. I can imagine many former colonials and indigenous groups are smirking: Schadenfreude at its best.

    And finally, Evolution also produces dead ends, and perhaps our species is one. That shouldn’t bother us as a fitter species could evolve.

  21. Moe

    @ 19, Lou

    Quote: “Elaine walks a thin line tween ‘race realism’ [due to her Brooklyn daze] and ‘Old School Liberal DNA Denial.’”

    That succinctly encapsulates my opinion: your expression is more clever though. (‘Daze’: uuuu, that’s cruel. 🙂 ).

    Were you not originally from South Africa? If so, your emigration is looking brilliant right now. I admonished a friend to emigrate from SA over ten years ago. Wonder what he’s thinking now? Maybe nothing ’cause he got a necklacelacing…

    @ 18, Jim

    “… it is ridiculous to believe that every ‘diverse’ individual is somehow better.”

    Thank God I’m not alone here.

  22. Jim R

    … there’s a tendency here to conflate cultural characteristics with race. And perhaps that’s a natural tendency, but it is also a mistake. Like I was saying, ‘Jewish’ is not a race, nor is ‘Viking’ nor ‘Buddhist’, nor even ‘Muslim’. But there are definitely different races, based on the short term evolutionary history of different continents.

    Most of the groups Elaine mentioned were Europeans. They were merely religious or cultural variants of the European. Maybe some ancestors married a Native American, that has happened in America. Some lonesome hombre went out and married himself a squaw because for one reason or anothere there’s a lack of European females..

    Actual racial blending will not be complete for centuries (if ever), but cultural factors can change much more quickly.

    Among the recent events discussed here, it is now becoming clear that many, maybe most, are the result of calculated efforts to push people in a particular direction politically. A sort of coporatist-socialist plantation. Completely owned cradle-to-grave by corporate networks. And of course the ‘media’, in particular the ‘www’ are powerful tools in this herding effort.

    By the way, it also explains the crude efforts to vilify Russia by that same network. Russia has a small minority of the people on the planet (combination of Europeans and Asians) with a vast land mass and plentiful resources. If they could just get this global gypsy show to come together (with NATO and the EU and the WTO etc etc etc) and take over Russia, they could keep it going a few more decades — as it is, we are running out of things (crude oil), and living conditions will predictably decline for those of us in the ‘free world’, starting about now.

    And it won’t get better for decades, for centuries.

  23. Jim R

    … there’s a theory floating around that the Romans failed in much the same way.

    They reached ‘peak wood’ as they cut down the forests of Europe. Their energy source (they never really got started on the coal) was diminishing, and they were embracing ‘diversity’ importing slaves from all directions, and just couldn’t keep the whole freak show going.

    And like Rome, we are living in an empire which attempts to centralize control of everyone and everything in one place (more diffuse than Rome, it includes Washington and NYC, etc). Also like in Rome, there is growing tension between that centralized bureaucracy (by now grotesquely corrupt and debauched) and the hinterlands that were always the real support.

    The farmers were always the real support for the cities, but farmers were less able to organize…

  24. Lou

    24–No Empire is Forever.
    Romans, decadence, human sacrifice, too many ‘gods’ and various debauchery brought the empire down.

    And Italians are 3% Afro. They slaves and gladiators that were imported, along w the lions. Not good to have IQ 60 people in your beds.

  25. Lou

    Most of the groups Elaine mentioned were Europeans. They were merely religious or cultural variants of the European.

    Excellent point. Borders, not DNA, divided the Whites.

  26. Lou

    Were you not originally from South Africa?
    My family is mostly from NYC.
    I grew up a few blocks from where EMS lived, but way before she moved there in 1977 or so. The governor lived on 2nd street, when he was congressman.

    I forget if I was born at Kings Hospital or Methodist, which is maybe a mile from where EMS lived.

  27. Jim R

    There’s another analogy to the ‘peak wood’ thing — it wasn’t just for burning. They used wood for many many things. So the price of everything went up — ox carts, the scaffolding and forms they needed to make stone/concrete buildings, ships for the navy, merchant ships. Etc.

    Similarly we get plastic, and everything that implies. Even that fancy electric Telsa car has a lot of petroleum in it.

  28. Christian W

    @ 24

    Farmers. There are too few farmers now to make a difference. A hundred years ago they moved to the cities to start working in the factories for salaries (and blacks, in the 1920s the North brought up 5 or 6 million blacks from the South because they needed workers in the factories in Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, and most of all, Chicago). The new factory workers brought with them the work ethic of working hard to feed your family. A few generations later a man can no longer feed his family but need the wife/woman in the family out there working for some oligarch or other. Many people now are working two or three jobs and still don’t make ends meet.

    And we are wondering why marriage is breaking down in the West and we have too few children. Too many men get to be wage slaves with no real future/upside apart from work and a life on the couch watching corporate tv, while the talented women are handpicked by corporations to work harder for less wages, if they get pregnant it’s out the door and time for the next one.

    These statements are of course generalizations for the sake of brevity but they point to a core issue, there is a lot of social engineering going on here. Men are an expendable resource and the push is constantly for more work on less wages unless you are part of the ownership/management class that pays little to no tax on profits.

    Now on top of these old dynamics we have outright war on the traditional male/female social roles and identities. School children now hardly know what it is to be male or female, sexual identity lines are fluid and changing to a degree that did not exist at all when I was in school.

    Not only is there are War on the Working class (which has been going on for generations). Now there is a War on the Middle Class (relatively new with Neoliberalism/Reaganomics) and as a consequence a War on Sexual Identity (very new, last couple of decades) targeting both the Working and Middle class.

    All this to preserve the power of the elites. The elites are destroying the Western world as part of their incessant drive for more power and profits and in their moral corruption.

    It is easy to see the designated roles for the Dems and the GOP in all this. There is in reality only one party working for the Owners.

    Now vote your way out of this trap. MAGA.

  29. Jim R

    Men are an expendable resource and the push is constantly for

    Everything is an expendable resource to these clowns. If the planet had enough extractable hydrocarbons, they’d literally burn them until people start suffocating. And then they’d want to sell you the breathing apparatus you’d need.

    The forests and oceans and especially other countries are expendable. Those things are already being wasted and destroyed. All to preserve that elite power base you talk about.

  30. Jim R

    As for the farmers, we have seen recent examples of them being killed off. The result is everybody starves, like in Zimbabwe or coming soon in South Africa. And I don’t think the power elites of the white world are much smarter.

    So yeah, we are in for a hard time.

    As for voting your way out, there aren’t any candidates. Anyone halfway sane and not a psychopath does not want the job. There haven’t been candidates since Carter.

  31. Christian W

    Yes, I see the MAGA nonsense as a sign people haven’t truly understood how dire thing really are or are still in denial. All the present troubles are rooted in the past.

    So many people in the US knew the invasion of Iraq would be a dire mistake, they protested in their millions but were simply laughed at and ignored. These people concluded that you cannot talk or reason with the people in power, which is correct. The people in power in the US today ONLY understand the language of force and coercion, power and marketing. They are not at all interested in democracy or truth or the scientific method or the rule of law and so on, these are all anathema to them.

    I’m watching the new Putin documentary made by Vesti news (highly recommended btw). Russia went through a complete collapse during the Yeltsin years; in Shoigu’s words it wasn’t even Chaos but something beyond that. Now the Russian people are working so hard to create a new Russia based on solid foundations and hard work. They have a vision and understanding far beyond that of confused Americans and to some degree the spoiled Europeans.

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