Easter Blizzard Hammers Northeast, No Global Warming For North America

(3) Paul Joseph Watson – This is What Fake News Looks Like – YouTube


We are surrounded by fake news from mainstream media systems.  Watson makes fun of this showing how this weekend’s news, the reporters all used the exact same words and worse, same melodic singing of these words, showing how there is only on author writing the news: the CIA.  The big news today is how another major blizzard is blowing through the biggest city in the USA yet again in spring and…it is zero news in mainstream media front pages yet again.  Global warming is the ‘news’ not real winter news.  Where is spring?  What happened to it?  It is gone here on my mountain.

The government systems are still filled to the rim with pushing the global warming narrative like crazy in the teeth of harsh reality.  Easter Warning: Climate Change Threatens Bunnies the LA Times reports.


Easter is still a great day for worship, candy in baskets, pagan equinox rituals and running around the yard finding eggs, but every year it gets quite a bit worse for bunnies.


And no, not because the kids like to pull their ears. The culprit is climate change, and the folks at Climate Nexus found that rising temperatures are having adverse effects on at least five species of rabbit in the U.S.


So true, climate CHANGE is affecting us badly.  It is snowing again today!  The future forecast is, the temperatures will always be below freezing at night until April 15, tax day.  This has been a very snowy spring in the Northeast.


The snow today is all the way south to Washington, DC.  New York City, full of Trump hating liberals, is being hammered by a blizzard yet again.  I wonder how many of these fools will figure out the obvious?


  • The Lower Keys Marsh rabbit is among the ill-fated bunnies because it lives on islands and climate change is causing rising sea levels. “According to the Center for Biological Diversity’s 350 project, which highlights species that are most directly impacted by global warming, an ocean level rise of only .6 meters will send these guys hopping for higher ground and a .9 meter rise would wipe out their habitat completely,” the Times reported.


Rabbits are starving on my mountain.  The ground thawed out only yesterday.  This is very hard on the deer.  They are also starving.  Normally, I have a lot of deer on my mountain.  Last winter decimated them and this year nearly destroyed the entire herd.


Instead of 12 deer as usual when it is birthing season which is right now, I saw only two yesterday.  They were very thin and no fawns were anywhere to be seen.


The four feet of snow from March finally half melted by yesterday only to be replaced with more snow.  My grassy fields didn’t even have two days of sunshine to begin turning green when it got covered all over again.


The rabbit issue which seems to freak out the LA Times people living in the craziest state in the union is dire. Why aren’t they reporting this?


Well, here in NY, we have the same problem. The New York Times continues to wail about global warming with virtually no front stories in the last month about the repeated blizzards.


In every blizzard without fail, rain from the Gulf merges with cold fronts from the Pacific to form blizzards as these move northwards.  When it comes to my neck of the woods, it is pure snow.


The Deplorable Climate Science Blog | “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman

Yes, this lump of pure cold is centered over Hudson Bay.  This is scary.  All Ice Ages start at Hudson Bay, not Alaska, not even Greenland.


The only warm place in the USA is a section of the Southwest where I grew up, mainly Arizona.  Even Florida is colder than Arizona.


Arizona may think it is the center of the universe but it is only a small fragment of North America.  Why do our scientists (sic) and news media (sick) both pretend we are all living in Arizona?  Are they nuts?  Yup.


I went to the stupidest paper on earth, the NY Times, to see reports about the spring blizzard hitting the city right now, endangering lives.  Not one peep.  Just this at the bottom of the front page:

So, the lunatics working for this propaganda rag want to tell us how to deal with ‘climate change’.  Oh, it is changing…it is getting much, much colder!  But they have zero information about how cold it will be, no warnings whatsoever.

The NY Times does have a story screaming about how CHINA is going to stop trade with the US.  HAHAHA.  I wonder if anyone in that miserable excuse of a news service knows how to do basic math.  China has a gigantic trade surplus with the US. Like Japan, if they slam the trade door shut, it will destroy them, not us.  So be my guest, stop ‘trading’ with us.


This is like the weather issue: liberals have gone insane.  They don’t understand how trade works, they don’t understand debts or money or the weather or anything at this point and above all, they have no idea how they have destroyed black males turning them into criminals and worthless breeding machines, producing welfare babies to unwed girls.


How very sad this all is.  Like any insanity, the insane think they are normal even though all systems show collapse.

Another NYT weird story: seems that this ‘intellectual’ in crazy France back when I was living in Europe, was a communist agent working for the Soviet Union.  HAHAHA.  I thought all French intellectuals back in my youth were that!  It was pretty much assumed by students.  They didn’t hide this from us, back then!


Neither did the Berkeley branch of this spy network hide it much.  My, the NYT is full of surprises today.  Fretting about commie intellectuals in Paris, denying they did stuff…denying basic weather information…denying the destruction of the USA thanks to illegal aliens pouring in…oh, there is an army of illegal aliens openly marching to the border from Mexico who demand they be let in or else.


HAHAHA.  I couldn’t think of a better way to get Trump reelected.  Next, the crazy liberals will lie about that march and scream that Trump organized it to make them look stupid.  That’s a great trick.  Whine about how stupid looking you all are works great.


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49 responses to “Easter Blizzard Hammers Northeast, No Global Warming For North America

  1. Lou

    EMS, did winter weather start in October, 2017?

  2. Moe

    EMS, loved that clip by Watson. Good find. Forwarded it to a few friends and my granddaughter: trying to instill in her interest about propagandization.

  3. KHS71

    From the middle of the country, we had about 2″ of snow yesterday. Other parts a bit further north had 6 or more inches. Record low last night. This winter will just not quit.

  4. ziff

    cold here in BC too

  5. Moe

    Climate Nazi to Elaine: “No Global Warming for you!” (with apologies to Seinfeld)

  6. Petruchio

    Yeah, winter is hanging tough here in MN. We are still in a winter cycle that is normal for February, as in the first week or two of that month. This kind of weather isn’t unheard of here, but it is a little bit unusual. I was hoping we would have a normal Spring and then move into more Summer like weather. Doesn’t look promising. Like #4KHS71 says, this Winter just will not quit.

  7. Sunger

    elaine- this has been explained to you many times- local weather is not equivalent to global climate dynamics.

    Either you are stupid or you are a lying trouble-maker.

  8. Ken

    Sunger @8,

    I think the explanation for why main street American’s (including Elaine) are not embracing global warming (unlike you), is one of perception. Just as “all politics is local,” for most people “all weather is local.”

    People, including me, notice that their own personal experience with weather is that things are getting colder, not warmer. They do not take a “global view” of climate, such as you apparently do. Most people, including me, do not care if some remote spot on the other side of the world is having a heat wave. They care about their own, personal weather.

    To demand that average people accept that they must make sacrifices to combat the nebulous, abstract concept of global warming, when their personal experience says that exactly the opposite is happening, is not reasonable,

  9. Jim R

    Yep, Sunger, Elaine is a trouble-maker. But it doesn’t matter.

    Thing is, it doesn’t even mater to the neolibs. They’ll just ignore the blizzard story and harp on AGW, as long as it feeds their globalist agenda. They want a unified planet-wide government, run by them. It’s why they all piled on to harass Trump ever since the election, it’s why they are running six or eight wars in the middle east, and it’s why they are flogging their Russophobia. They hate Trump same as they hate Russia — not one of them. And as to global warming,

    it doesn’t matter.

    If there’s some evidence for climate change, then it means more power for them. And if they can sell you another war (or simply continue them without admitting it) it means more power for them. And if Russia would just be more like it was when Yeltsin was running it, they’d be happy because it would mean more power for them.

    So it doesn’t matter.

    Climate dynamics or no climate dynamics, it is this cabal of elites vs all the ‘deplorables’ who actually keep the economy going… All the permanent unelected bureaucracy, and especially the spy agencies want, is more power for themselves. They’ll just ignore the blizzard and play up a drought in California or some sinking islands in the Gulf of Mexico or Florida. (which are also local phenomena having little or nothing to do with climate)

  10. KHS71

    Read Powerline. From this morning.


    Septic tanks are freezing in Minnesota.

  11. Lou

    If there’s some evidence for climate change…nature is ever in flux.

  12. Sunger doesn’t read any of my stories. This is obvious. When I show pictures of freezing on our planet covering over half of North America, not to mention lots of Siberia, in APRIL, Sunger claims I am reporting only local weather.

    A huge hunk of the northern hemisphere isn’t ‘local’ at all. This obvious point seems invisible to True Believers in Global Warming which they renamed ‘climate change’ since even they dimly now that it is definitely getting much colder now.

    Three snowstorms in the Sahara Desert is a huge warning sign for anyone with a brain.

  13. Lou

    Most of the planet is underwater. Who measures its temperature, with honesty?



  14. OC

    subscribe to this youtube channel for better global ‘warming’ reporting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-5dIHmtQzHIdNCs7-bEdCA

    Latest global weather reporting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1JXY-pD-Zs

    Elaine, please take care – it is the onset of mini ice age & not global warming.

  15. Jim R

    Elaine, the neoliberals can be freezing their ***es off, and they will still think you need to give all the power to them. because globalwarming. Oh, and it will be all Trump’s fault. In collaboration with Mr. Putin.

    They will fail, of coure. Maybe not for a couple more decades, but it WILL happen.

  16. Mewswithaview

    WW III continues with clear split in NATO

    President Macron Launches France into Syrian Quagmire

    Next general election in Turkey is November 2019, Erdogan will need to keep the army busy lest they have time to conspire against him and also needs an external enemy to distract from collapsing economy. Domestic politics in Turkey is split between the kemalists (secular army) and the conservatives (muslim conservatives) with the conservatives now in a majority.

  17. Honkys and Honkyettes,

    In my humble opinion, you are arguing over “semantics” when it comes to the so-called CLIMATE debate. Why I say this? Because–

    We are facing the SIXTH EXTINCTION, Honkys and Honkyettes, and you want to argue over the word labels that will seal our doom? Ha! I say!


    Some of you have given our kind moderator the nickname, “Elaine the Insane” but I ask you, although she is a rather nasty version of “Cassandra with a Attitude”, perhaps, may I remind you that the power-possessors, “lunatics running this asylum”, have expanded their operations, and soon, it will be coming to you, if not already, not only to the theatre, drive-in or simply just plain take-out, it will be right near you and RIGHT INSIDE your dwelling very soon, even if you don’t like these kind of “presents”…

    Whether it’s a tent on a beautiful mountain in New York State or a cabin, or a Section 8 housing apartment in an old, funky house on a ancient street car line in Portland, Oregon, you cannot live and cheat GREAT NATURE, for She is JUST but certainly NOT kind, you dirty schwine.

    What has survived the longest without going extinct? A BUNCH OF 250-million-year-old BACTERIA! HA!


    So you want to become “immortal” like that example? Really, darling, really–

    Please quit human reproduction at the rate of yeast to become the divine beer quenching the thirst of GREAT NATURE.

    We have two horns on the head of a devil-bull that will gore us down to nothingness–

    One horn is OVER-population and, the other horn, profligate consumption!

    So, since we might as well keep celebrating EASTER with your antics of killer self-driving cars and your singing the latest hit single lyrics of that familiar Top-Forty hit in your mind called, “Technology Will Save Us!” blaring out of your radio late into the night–

    “Jesus” has arisen and he looks and sounds like this, I fear–

    Peace. Out.

  18. Jim R

    … who knew Jesus was a Kraut?

    Too many of us, you say? You think seven and a half billion is too many?

    If only we were the size of Homo floresiensis. But then I reckon there’d be 35 billion of us… and some asshole would still want to call the shots.

  19. Jim R

    Something I’ve noticed about that “fake news” clip —

    It focuses on the relatively tiny Sinclair Group.

    The Sinclair Group is but a love bug on the windshield of corporate “media” these days. Monsters like Viacom, Disney, Bertelsmann, and Fox are the real purveyors of Fake News.

  20. DM

    Septic tanks are freezing in Minnesota.

    An amusing double-entendre.

  21. Yes, the tanks are now ice boxes. There is zero mention in any mainstream headlines even though this news is literal life and death for readers to know what is really happening.

    Our rulers are now frantically holding many meeting, flying to each other’s bases in jets, of course, to discuss how to KILL the news, not give us news.

    They are freaking out over the fact we have other ways of learning the real news.

  22. here is link to story in guardian about more ice becoming water in the antarctic – i too am puzzled at elaine’s denial of anthropogenic global warming


  23. ziff

    charley , so whats wrong with your article ? ” found even a small increase in temperature has been enough to cause a loss of five metres every year from the bottom edge of the ice sheet”

    think about how much heat it takes to warm an ocean , 1000? times as much as land [ forgot the real number] but its unlikey the oceans have been ‘heated” by a one degree rise in air temp over a century , like heating your coffee with a light bulb. , inspite of all the ‘studies’ to the contrary. As Bill nye said the ‘heat went in the ocean’ but its amusing to read various reports of them trying to find it .

  24. Jim R

    yeah, I hate to just be piling on here, charley. (oh and I loved your fafblog), but now I’m having a sip or two of wine and … (although I saw your comment earlier and decided not to reply) …

    It doesn’t matter.

    To the neolibcon elites, it does not matter one whit whether the global climate (the sum total of weather everywhere) has gotten warmer or cooler. And I also believe the climate models that account for infrared scattering gases and so forth and so on. I have debated Elaine about it.

    It doesn’t matter.

    The only thing that matters to the neolibconbilderberger gang is their earthly mortal power. Their ability to call the shots. They want to write the rulebook and you have to just suck it up and obey.

    And that is what pisses me off no end. Against the odds, it has made me a Trump supporter. I never liked his stupid TV show.

    But it doesn’t matter.

    #draintheswamp !!

  25. The proof of global cooling lies not in Alaska nor Antarctica: it is HUDSON BAY. When that place remains in ice, when it is the epicenter of extreme cold running all the way down to all of the Northeast USA and the northern states…this is where all Ice Ages begin and are the coldest!

    This dire fact is ignored by many ‘professionals’ which is why all of the global warming fake scientists are utterly silent right now…it is SNOWING SOUTH OF ME now! Hell’s bells, they are getting pounded by snow all the way to DC. Here on my mountain, it is like February, not April.

    Not one bud on one tree, the trees didn’t even ‘thicken’ yet with sap. They are all skinny and thin as can be and the low tonight will be 19F which is ridiculously cold.

  26. Jim R

    … maybe won’t have to drain the swamp, if it’s frozen solid …

  27. Lou

    Elaine, of your many Upper NYS winters, which was the worst?
    I have read this blog for years and it seems the last 4-6 have all been harsh winters for you.

  28. The worst was by far when Mt. Pinatubo blew up. -40 below zero F was hideous and very scary, even our sled dog came inside.

    This is one of the other long, cold winters. It will not be above freezing at night until after April 10th which is insanely late. Normally, it is occasionally below freezing. This year, it is constantly below freezing, the trees didn’ even ‘thicken’ their branches, they are thin and cold still.

    The song birds are frantic at my feeders, the deer will probably lose their babies in record number due to no green grass yet.

  29. Christian W

    Trump can’t drain the Swamp. Only the American people can, but they won’t. So it is left for Mother Nature to do her work, and she hers is not always the gentlest of hands.

  30. Lou

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Odds are, more than a few Minnesotans have taken to quoting Prince in the last 48 hours: “Sometimes it Snows in April.”

    Well, the Twin Cities have just seen the largest April snow event since before Prince even wrote that song — the largest in 34 years, in fact.

    Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport measured 9 inches of snow during the event. Northeast Minneapolis saw over 10 inches. Many other parts of the Twin Cities reported more than a half foot.

  31. Yes, and now we are back in the freezer again.

  32. Moe

    From MexicoMike

    Remember this old piece of propaganda when it came out in 2000?
    http://www.climatedepot.com/2018/01/04/ … dependent/

    Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community. Average temperatures in Britain were nearly 0.6°C higher in the Nineties than in 1960-90, and it is estimated that they will increase by 0.2C every decade over the coming century. Eight of the 10 hottest years on record occurred in the Nineties.

    However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

    When the big lies fail to happen, and some people have the nerve to remind those were making absurd predictions how flawed their thinking was, the goalposts were moved, and we were told its Climate Change that is the issue. The story line changed but the remedy did not: We must all pay outrageous additional taxes and succumb to lower living standards to save the planet.

    And now, as the temperatures are once again falling, and snow is returning to levels more in line with historical norms, we are told that the theory behind climate change always predicted rising snow levels, due to increased evaporation from the warming. Now just a goddamn minute… The scam perpetrated on society was about rising temperatures and melting glaciers, lower snow, etc. We were also warned of more frequent and more severe storms, which also didn’t happen. The same liars and climate apologists then claimed that the odd hurricane that has hit in recent years is more ‘proof’ of climate change, without bothering to acknowledge that serious storms are much lower during the last decade or so.

    The agenda of the looney left has never changed. The religion of global warming does not tolerate skepticism and adherents need not provide acceptable data or working climate models in order to dictate to the rest of us what is required. Nor should we ever expect these nutbars to admit that any climate change that is observable is within historic norms for the planet, and do not represent any form of calamity. Only be reading the shrill warnings and demands from back in the day does this failure of ‘science’ become truly exposed for what it is: propaganda same as it ever was.

    Same As It Ever Was

  33. Moe

    And the Trump version…

  34. It is snowing yet again on my mountain!!!! Gads.

  35. Jim R

    They are predicting some cool weather for south Texas this weekend. It might get down to the upper 40s.

    Which is pretty cool, since it usually is downright hot by this time of year.

    It’s not global, but all politics is local. And so is the weather, it’s hard to worry about somewhere else.

  36. Yes, 60% or more of the Northern Hemisphere is way below normal for April and this is ‘local’. HAHAHA. You forgot Russia which is also way below normal.


  37. Lou

    37–and some AGW zealot might say, ‘the Southern Hemisphere is way hot. Australia is 20% hotter than 10 years ago.’

    I hear these kind of AGW statements.

  38. Jim R

    I have heard a rumor that the Arctic Ocean is unusually warm for this time of year. But I’m not there, so I don’t know.

    And with the “mainstream” news publishing nothing but lies lately, I still don’t know…

    If it’s true, of course, it must be a Russian conspiracy. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The Russians caused global warming!

  39. Christian W

    Well, the way the Trump regime is playing things the New York State will soon be many times hotter than the Sun.

  40. You are nuts. It went down to near zero last night here on my mountain which is January weather in APRIL.

    Only California loonies are going to roast, it seems.

  41. Moe

    EMS: CW is postulating a nuclear war exchange.

  42. Jim R

    If Hillary had won, we’d already have had it.

  43. Christian W


    Apr 8, 2018

    Donald J. Trump
    Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price…


    Trump is calling Assad an animal and defending Jaish al-Islam (Al Qaida) terrorists who again poisoned their (supposedly) own people in order to make NATO attack…

    The Russians and Syrians have been warning for many weeks that this false flag was coming but that has of course had no coverage in the NATO propaganda media.

  44. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Later rather than sooner. Both options are unacceptable. I have no doubt the US is seeking Russia to ‘strike first’ so it can play the victim again in the eyes of the clueless American public (Pearl Harbor scenario).

    If by some divine intervention this does not lead to outright nuclear war, the US will pressure the Western poodles (a la Novichuk drama) to expel Russia from the UN Security Council and quite possibly from SWIFT. Russia will be cut off from the West completely (including Nordstream 2 of course).

    The EU will become US poodles utterly including energy dependency. Russia will be cut off from the world, apart from China who recently have made it very clear that they support Russia. The Chinese know they are next if Russia falls.

  45. Christian W

    France have it’s fingers deep in the Novichuk farce pie. France recently had their Special Forces base in Syria cover blown by Turkey. France also increased their SF force presence in Syria.

    Syria of course is France’s old colony. Now there is talk France will be the canary sent in to test Russia’s resolve and see if they will actually shoot on NATO.

    The AngloZionists are desperate. As I said they simply cannot allow themselves to be defeated in Syria. All their main plans will collapse (that is the idea of Greater Israel = total energy control over the Middle East and North Africa etc). Russia will emerge triumphant.

    Russia emerging triumphant is two world wars fought in vain if that comes to fruition. The Deep State crazies will trigger WWIII before they allow that to happen.

  46. Jim R

    Here’s hoping it’s a dud … a possibility, but not only marginally better than the non-dud one.

  47. Lou, you are going to be censored if you keep this up.

  48. Lou

    48–What did I post that was bad?

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