Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran Sign Joint Military Treaty, NATO Is Dead In Middle East

Putin cements alliance with Iran and Turkey at Syria summit in Ankara | Daily Mail Online:


I predicted all of this within just two days of the attempted coup in Turkey.  Turkey went from confrontational to Russia to moving ever closer and now it is legal, proper and complete.  This is a gigantic CIA failure for the coup was 100% a CIA operation in the first place like the military coup in Egypt.  There has been a coup in Saudi Arabia and the head of that coup just openly sided with Israel a gigantic change which means all the rebels across Islam are now setting their dark gaze on Saudi Arabia and that was a CIA coup, too.


Trump was not allowed to do even the most basic diplomacy with Russia.  The recent London poisoning incident where the NATO countries led by the CIA accused Russia with zero proof of poisoning someone has led to a complete collapse in diplomacy.  Now, in the last 24 hours, Trump said yet again, he would prefer to do diplomacy which caused WWIII level screeching from mainstream Bilderberg media.


The deal $2.5 billion for the sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles comes despite Turkey’s membership of Nato and the countries are now cooperating on Syrian peace efforts as well as projects in the defense industry and energy sectors.


Russia now has full access to all NATO systems in Turkey including spy systems.  This is freaking out the CIA but it is 100% their fault in the first place.  I have said nearly all my long life that the CIA is incompetent.  It is way too easy to spy on the CIA.


I have first-hand experiences via my father who was ONI before working inside the CIA, I grew up in the spy universe and played the spy game even as a child, finding it fun to do and interesting and using shortwave radios or sneaking in and out of countries was a game when I had no idea how dangerous this was.


Watching world events now in retirement, sitting on my isolated mountain, I can laugh as the CIA continues to be epically incompetent as per usual.  This is due to stupid hiring practices.  They want operatives who can’t figure out what is reality and this is because then they would notice the Bilderberg gang and its magic systems and its Skull and Bones garbage, etc.


HAHAHA.  I find this news today to be immensely funny.  The US and Israel were planning along with the new Saudi dictator to attack Iran.  Now, this would start WWIII so that stupid plot is dead in the water.


We should be all happy it won’t happen now.  Good lord, that would have been an ugly mess but then the spoiled Bilderberg brats are openly talking since the last debate with Hillary snarling about how easy it is to start WWIII…they better not do that, it is suicidal.


But then, Trump is driving them all nuts so they probably want to die!  I wish they would quietly commit suicide, not kill everyone else.


The leaders also made an appearance at the launch of Turkey’s first nuclear power station via video link on the same day.


Russian company Rosatom was granted permission by Turkey’s TAEK atomic energy authority on Tuesday to begin work on the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant’s first unit. The plant will have a combined capacity of 4,800 megawatts across four reactors.


So, this is a very extensive alliance now.  Putin has a seat at the table at all NATO meetings.  How funny is that?  HAHAHA.  Very funny, quite ironic considering how all the countries being invaded by Muslims are screaming at Putin and putting troops on Russia’s borders while millions of invaders come in through the front door, screaming ‘Allah akbar’.


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16 responses to “Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran Sign Joint Military Treaty, NATO Is Dead In Middle East

  1. Christian W

    Trump threatened to take the US troops out of Syria’s oil fields. This was a rather obvious play to make Saudi Arabia pay for the occupation of Syria.. “U pay, we Stay”. America will need a LOT of money to prevent the locals from starting an uprising and kick the invaders out.

    The US Army is now a mercenary force.

    Meanwhile Trump is bringing up the heavy bombers to protect the occupation forces in Syria:

    After years away, U.S. B-1 Bombers are back in the Middle East


    Also, the US has beefed up it’s heavy armor in Jordan on the border to Syria and have built two bases in Manjib, close to Turkey, to discourage the Turks from attacking. I still think the Turks will go ahead because a Kurdish statelet on their border, run by America and paid for by Saudi money is anathema to the manic Ottomans (ie Erdogan and gang). Turkey will not accept a Kurdish state, nor will Syria (it’s on Syrian land so illegal as hell), Iraq, Iran or Russia.

  2. Ken


    You claim that the CIA is incompetent, yet you credit them with a long list of accomplishments (mostly meddling in other peoples’ affairs). They can’t be both idiots and also successfully pulling off coup after coup.

    On an unrelated note, maybe Russia’s relationship with Turkey will help Russia to be less worried about NATO.

  3. Christian W

    The Russians are under no illusions about NATO. NATO is at war with Russia, plain and simple. That said, Turkey is the entire southern flank of NATO. Some reports say NATO is moving out of Turkey now and establishing itself in Jordan instead. The Turks say the US is in disarray, they cannot find anyone reliable to talk to.

    Erdogan’s Turkey is not a friend or true ally of anyone. Erdogan is crazy and not reliable. He is an Islamist and sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood (Free Syrian Army) attack on Syria for many years. But knowing he is and only moves according to self interest makes him predictable to some degree. So the Russians are using that to their advantage atm, which means creating a terrorist reservation in northern Syria (Idlib) and Turkey to smash the Kurds who sold out to the US/Israel/Saudi for petro-$$$$$$$$.

    So now Turkey’s excellent intelligence is helping Russia kill Al Qaeda (CIA/UK/French) operatives in exchange for Russia not shooting down Turkish F-16s bombing the Kurds in Syria. The Kurds refused the Syrian/Russian offer of autonomy in exchange for kicking the US out of Syria. In response Russia opened up the air space over Syria for Turkish bombers. There is a reason the US/UK/French are livid, see the Novichuk drama.

    The Syrian/Russian victory in Eastern Ghouta (Damascus) is a very major one, ranking with the liberation of Aleppo and the lifting of the siege of Deir Ezzor. This victory will free the best units of the Syrian Army to clean up the remaining pockets of Jihadis in the center of Syria, then the Army will move to clean up the border regions before taking back the Eastern and North Eastern part of the country where the US hangs out with the Kurds and ISIS.

    Iraq will also attack into Syria against ISIS/US held areas. Iraq is not going to let the US preserve an ISIS reservation right on the border to Iraq.

  4. Ken

    Christian @4,

    Truly, the Middle East is the most messed up area on the globe. None of the shifting alliances and tribal loyalties are going to change that. Trump needs to follow through on his comment about getting out of Syria and dumping that headache on someone else.

  5. Floridasandy

    I hope Trump pulls out of Syria and then the Mydlims can own their own wars.

    I wouldn’t get excited about Erdogan. He Is anti Kurd , and seems very tribal. Of course what country in the Middle East is a unifier?

  6. Nani

    Iranian DM Blames US for Insecurity, Chaos in Region

    “The Americans have fomented insecurity, instability and chaos in the region with their ominous plots,” General Hatami said in a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Khurram Dastgir Khan on the sidelines of the 7th Moscow conference on international security on Thursday.

    He also lashed out at the interfering policies of the trans-regional states in the region, asking the regional states not to allow Washington to implement its plots against their interests.

  7. Ken, the CIA is very incompetent. But they are good at funneling bribes!!! They are great at working for foreign powers who bribe our politicians. Their actions don’t make America safer, it puts us in greater and greater danger. See?

  8. Nani

    Russia warns Britain against launching cyberattack on Russia:

    Attempts to ‘play tricks’ on Russia in cyberspace to draw response — senior official

    “Does Britain really think that Russia will stay idle after being punched? That it can play nasty cyber tricks on Russia with no risk of getting retaliation?” he asked.

    Meanwhile, Russia’s foreign minister is hosting his Chinese counterpart in Moscow, vowing that Russia and China will strengthen their strategic partnership further.

    Russian FM Lavrov: The Russian-Chinese tandem is one of the most important stabilizing factors in world affairs. Our relations are global and truly strategic. Moscow and Beijing show an example of a balanced, responsible approach to resolving pressing international problems, and effectively cooperate in various multilateral formats.

  9. Nani

    Russian FM blasts US foreign policy under Trump, calling it controversial.

    “As for the US administration, it has definitely been acting as a revisionist on the international stage, reviewing almost all the key agreements the global community made recently, while most of them were approved by the United Nations Security Council,” Lavrov said.

    “It does not facilitate cooperation and significantly undermines and devalues the role of diplomacy in today’s world,” the Russian top diplomat stressed.

  10. Petruchio

    @#8 Elaine and #3 Ken: The CIA stands for Completely Incompetent A##holes. The CIA is run and managed by a bunch of overly sheltered, overindulged spoiled rotten rich kids who just LOVE pretending they are some sort of Elite. They feel entitled to go around the World murdering and bribing people, fomenting protests in foreign countries and overthrowing Governments. And I haven’t even started to mention the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking. As to incompetence. During the height of the (first) Cold War, the Russians put out an Order to their Intel agencies. The Order was to STOP recruiting US spies. Why? The Soviets already had MORE spies than they knew what to do with!! The CIA had NO idea the Soviet Union had collapsed until they saw it happen on TV, CNN!! Among the World’s Intel agencies, the CIA is a laughingstock; they are called “players who can’t play”. Only an endless supply of large amounts of money keep the CIA “in the Game”.

  11. Christian W

    Finland is not totally lost yet. The Finnish government gives consent to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline project, joining Germany who gave it’s consent earlier.

  12. Christian W

    Re: CIA

    CIA is very effective at what it does. They are the goons for the Casino economy feeding the Billionaires.

    The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017


    There you go.

  13. The CIA is all about money. And bribes. And corruption. And assassination. And letting terrorists into countries so there is an excuse to attack innocent bystanders. The list is long and it is 100% successful for the Bilderberg gang and a total disaster for all other humans on this planet.

    The CIA does NOT protect America at all. Never did.

  14. Jim R

    They don’t need to be competent when they can pull the strings of the MIC to force any outcome they want.

    The only question is, when will they overplay their hand?


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