DNC And GOP Moneybag Men Demand Open Borders And Free Trade

(1) Democratic House candidate calls for abolishing ICE – 


The Bilderberg gang is totally against sane trade rules that save jobs in our own country, they are against stopping foreigners from invading because they want cheap labor.  The DNC is totally controlled by the Bilderberg gang and a big hunk of the GOP is also controlled by them.  The Koch brothers give alot of loot to the GOP leaders and they hate Trump which is why Trump has a constant uphill battle in Congress.


Billionaire Charles Koch: ‘We’re Working Hard Against’ Trump’s Pro-American Tariffs on China


Charles and David Koch are two of the Republican Party’s biggest billionaire donors, supporting an agenda of endless multinational free trade agreements and open borders, which keep U.S. wages stagnant.


The buying of political power is in danger of collapse due to the internet allowing citizens to talk to each other instead of passively consuming information pushed by rich media owners.


In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Koch hinted that Trump’s 25 percent tariff on imported steel and ten percent tariff on aluminum — both designed to revive the U.S. manufacturing base — would potentially lead to socialism.


HAHAHA.  Waving the red flag won’t work especially since the entire left supports free trade and open borders!


Koch told the Washington Examiner:

The less trade we have the worse everybody is. I mean, the less exports we have the less imports we have and that makes us worse off. And the more we isolate ourselves, the less we learn of improvements and developments and innovations around the world.


The Koch brothers set out this declaration of war agaisnt US citizens and they even talk like DNC operatives in this paragraph:


We’re working hard against all these other protectionist trade barriers that are just different forms of corporate welfare which, other than a few special interests, will make Americans worse off.


HAHAHA…all corporations are welfare operations protected by Bilderberg gangster buddies who meet and greet and plot secretly in Europe and the USA.

(1) Trump doubles down on China tariff threat – 

This is a life and death battle going on…Trump is correct to worry about the trade deficit.  We all should worry.


Money Matters: Economic Cartoons Up The Yin Yang has all my past cartoons about free trade.

















Top Banker Wants More Cheap White-Collar Immigrants: JP Morgan, the pirate bank!


Every foreigner who graduates from American universities should be given green cards so they can compete for Americans’ white-collar jobs, according to the chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. bank.


Keeping wages low!


Chairman Jamie Dimon’s call for more white-collar skilled immigration comes as U.S. companies rush to use the government’s offer of 85,000 H-1B visas which allow foreign college graduates to work in the U.S. for at least three years. When the H-1B is combined with various other visa-worker programs, more than 1 million college-grad guest workers are already holding U.S. jobs — and cutting salaries for American graduates.


Many a citizen has been forced to train aliens for their own jobs.


JPMorgan is already a huge user of the H-1B program and has requested roughly 6,000 H-1B visas since 2014.


Facebook users may have to pay to opt out of targeted ads: Sheryl Sandberg:  the scandals around the Facebook looting operation continues.  Zuckerberg will now charge people for using his ‘service’ if they want any privacy.  The freebies there are a trap.


Facebook won’t exist in ten years.  Zuckerberg thinks being nasty will encourage people to trust him and use him.  Google is taking on huge hits from users and customers and is just as determined to be nasty in return.


Eventually, it, too, will die on the vine.  Reputation matters.  Google’s ‘do no evil’ has turned into ‘we are dictators who hate you all’.  So…it all ends in a pit in hell for Google and Facebook and other liberal operations.




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3 responses to “DNC And GOP Moneybag Men Demand Open Borders And Free Trade

  1. Blissex

    «The Koch brothers give alot of loot to the GOP leaders»

    But it turns out that D Trump is indeed very intelligent (even if I think that he has, like many long-term rich people, a lot of self-conceit), and he has been outspending the Koch brothers in supporting/buying politicians:

    “* Across America, top political donors include Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Linda McMahon, and David Trone.
    * The 33 Republicans on the list gave a combined total of $135,342,800, while the 17 Democrats gave a combined total of $33,667,400.
    [ … ] Donald Trump, the current US president, actually came out as the top donor for New York state.”

    He has most of his properties in NY, and knows well how real estate works.
    Still, there are many politicians who have to be grateful to him, and this is probably one reason why he is still alive (the other being that by siding with the armed forces he put himself under their protection against the attacks of the security services, ahem sorry, “crazed loners”).

  2. Petruchio

    Why would ANYONE care what that sleazeball Jamie Dimon thinks? Or what Billy Boy Gates thinks? The US Economy is a disaster based on these two guys and their kind. Looting the taxpayer. Destroying the American Middle Class-for-Profit. That is what these guys are all about. Gates’ monopoly should obliterated and Dimon belongs in a Max Security prison, along with a couple hundred other Wall Street banksters.

  3. Petruchio

    In other news: a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit just off the California coast, west of LA and a little North. Don’t know the scale of the map, but it looks like the quake was 150 miles off the CA coast.

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