No Trump ‘Scandal’ Stories In New York Times And Washington Post Today!

Hannity: President Trump takes bold action on the border – YouTube


Trump continues to ignore the Bilderberg gang’s howls of rage and has started deporting illegal aliens and will now build the wall via using Pentagon money for once in defense of America instead of defending the entire planet.   Also, the New York Times hit a milestone: not one ‘Trump is evil/corrupt’ headline story on the front page today!  Yes, the board of that boring paper has an anti-Trump editorial, they always have that in their back pocket.


For the first time in two years, the New York Times doesn’t have a story about how evil Trump is, only an editorial attacking him for protecting the US from trade deficits.  The NYT is a top Bilderberg propaganda machine and its wheels are falling off.

Hello, all males in America: the SJW gang running the media and schools is after you guys!  They are now taking aim at cheerleaders at football games.  Already, the Black Lives Don’t Matter has alienated many men now this will be the final blow.


They hate the US flag, they hate 80% of the football fans, they hate the concept of families and marriage and they hate sex.  Yes, sex is poison to the SJW crew unless it is various non-normal sex.  Then it is OK.  This twisted agenda is backfiring badly but they are persistent and work hard to destroy all systems.  So…just giving a head’s up.


If the NYT is attacking football cheerleaders, the females working for that rag are all rather ugly and they love Manhattan fashion shows where male dressmakers compete to see who can make women look like drag queens, these deviants hate many things that are ‘normal’ and love many things that are ‘strange.’


The SJW team is relentless.  They are sanctioned by the Bilderberg gang and given a green light to destroy all systems used by typical American males.  Whatever it is, they want to now destroy it.  I see rising boycotts of entertainment systems for white males rising to the point of nearly all systems are now listed as ‘user-unfriendly’.


This has long term consequences.  A gigantic amount of money is made, entertaining white males and lots of other males, black, white, Asian, whatever.  The men who want beautiful women and strong men as models are under sustained attack.  The attakers hope this kills the male libido which is very closely associated with male political power.


Women are in a world of future hurt here.  Already, women in the black community, despite all the commercials showing them partners in happy nuclear families, live in a post-nuclear war family matrix with nearly all black women unmarried and living a life of drift in and out males.


Washington Post: also has no ‘Trump should be impeached’ stories today, too.  HAHAHA.  Wow.  I am just amazed.  Not a peep from either.  They are both still bitching about how evil all conservatives are and how stupid they are and how…oops, can’t call them unpatriotic!  That word is for the liberals who hate borders, hate American citizens, hate everything everyone else enjoys.





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7 responses to “No Trump ‘Scandal’ Stories In New York Times And Washington Post Today!

  1. Moe

    The cheerleaders? Say it isn’t so! Lock and load men! (Why isn’t it ‘load and lock’: that would be the proper sequence?).

    When I realize that ‘some’ people still read the (un)official opposition newspapers Wapo and NYT, I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe.

    Perhaps reading these rags is akin to sitting in a restroom stall and idly reading the wall inscriptions while one does one’s business. “Call Tiffany for a good time”; (what was Tiffany doing in the Men’s room?); “Read the Wapo and NYT for the good sh*t”; and the summation of these two rags, “Trump is an a**hole”.

    Sorry for the scatological humor, but these two bastions of the US Fourth Estate should be ‘eliminated’. 🙂

  2. Petruchio

    “Hello, all males in America: the SJW gang running the media and schools is after you guys! ” The best Defense is a good Offense!! Spend as little time as possible responding to the other sides phony comments/claims/false facts. Always be on the attack with BLM and SJW crowd. For this to be effective, you can’t make false claims like they do. Be as factual as possible THEN you can’t make personal opinion claims about them. If you spend all your time defending yourself against their attacks, they win.

  3. Jim R

    Moe, your remark had me looking up the origin of “lock and load” … there are a number of theories about where the phrase originated, but one possibility is that the ‘lock’ part is to lock (in its open position) the hammer of a flintlock, or the firing pin of an early 20th century rifle, so that the weapon does not accidentally discharge while it is being loaded.

  4. Moe

    Locked and loaded
    Loaded and locked
    SWJ are on their way
    To take the
    Cheerleader ‘guns’
    Male hope dashed
    Libido smashed
    SWJ want their way
    We’ll all be gay

  5. Moe

    Rhyming is not my thing (rather obviously), but here’s the proper arrangement:

    Locked and loaded
    Loaded and locked
    Are on their way
    To take the
    Cheerleader ‘guns’
    Male hope dashed
    Libido smashed
    Want their way
    We’ll all be gay

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. – Seinfeld)

  6. Petruchio

    Everyone focusses on all the HATE straights are supposed to have for Gays and Lesbians, but if you have a certain amount of experience with Gays and Lesbians, you know that HATE goes both ways. Gays and Lesbians–some, not all–have plenty of Hate for straights. It’s a two way street when it comes to hate.

  7. All social groups maintain their cohesion via hate. It is the easiest way. This is why no one can reach across the political divide right now.

    For example, the traditional left is all for labor type workers. Now, the left hates these people and considers them to be enemies due to sex alliances!

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