Trump Tower Fire May Have Been Hipster Gay Art Dealer Suicide

**TRUMP TOWER FIRE!** – Heavy Fire on the 50th Floor at Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 4500 – Trump – YouTube

A bankrupt art dealer’s Trump Tower apartment was set on fire and the dealer was found dead inside.  I will once again go out on a limb here and speculate: this was a ritual suicide.  The guy set the place on fire and killed himself.  It was in the middle of the day so he wasn’t caught in bed in a fire.  Of course, liberals are screaming again at how heartless Trump is and all this is his own fault.


This is very tiresome.  If this man committed suicide, he did it in such a way that he endangered many people.  Some people are understandably upset that they were not told immediately to evacuate during the fire.  This is an important issue, indeed.  I am against these super high rise towers, I once worked right next to the Empire State Building and was on one of the higher floors and it was a solid building unlike 99.9% of all modern towers.


Trump Tower blaze victim art dealer friends Andy Warhol had filed for bankruptcy on $2.5m apartment  | Daily Mail Online


Brassner and Warhol conducted several sales together of the artist’s famed pop-art, including a 1967 self-portrait that went for $601,000 in 2007.


I lived in NYC and ran in the art circles way back when Warhol ruled the Manhattan roost.  I made fun of his fake art frequently.  But it seems enough people with money would buy junk so bon appetit, I say.


Brassner also owned a 1978 Marilyn Monroe print by Warhol that the artist inscribed ‘to Todd.’


And…they were gay men involved in that community which is very strong in Manhattan.  Ordinary families can’t easily afford to live in Manhattan but people with no children and who are celebrities certainly can do this but even for them, it is very expensive and difficult if one has financial difficulties.


However, Brassner had filed for bankrupcy in 2015 after dealing with a series of issues that caused him to fall in arrears on his mortgage.


He was also at the age when one can’t do pick-ups anymore unless one has tons of money.  This is a cruel, cruel world.  The celebrity world is vicious and cold hearted.  Right now, it is roiled with hatred, fury and anxiety especially aiming all this at Trump.


So this latest event has the mainstream media returning to screaming at Trump as if this is all his fault, not the hazards of living the high life, literally.


The New York Times has nothing today about this which is astonishing to me but the ‘low class, on the street’ news rag, the New York Post, has Details on Trump Tower fire victim emerge:


But Brassner struggled financially in recent years and filed for bankruptcy, according to court records.  “He liked fine dining and the best things in life and I think his expenses got ahead of him,” a friend of his told The Post.


He lived the high life in Manhattan which is hideously expensive.  Instead of planning ahead, he ran riot, hit the financial brick wall and instead of changing with circumstances, he simply continued onwards as if nothing changed.


Brassner’s family had supported him financially for years, but debt and failing health plagued him in recent years.


The Dionysian lifestyle of hipsters is a dead end.  If they don’t cease that destructive lifestyle, they die young.  This is why most older people are conservatives: the liberal, wild life ones all die off by age 70.

It noted that for the past few years “he has been plagued with debilitating medical problems that have made it difficult for him to function.”


Brassner’s apartment and art collection turned out to be valuable nest eggs, the court filing showed: “The apartment is worth multiples of the secured debt against it.’’ It added his father had left Brassner a “substantial inheritance.’’


It appears to me that he went insane, but I have no proof.  It is just that the hip lifestyle is also rather self-destructive.  If you love art that is ugly, hateful and destructive, one will end up the same.  I call this ‘eating a dinner you cook for yourself and it is poison.’


Andy Warhol, close friend of the dead art dealer, died quite young, too.  He had surgery and then died.  The NYC art community was hammered by AIDS, it was the first US community to be hit by AIDS.  I knew some of the very first victims.


The problem with living in a wild sex scene is obvious: diseases run rampant not to mention all the hysteria and flashing of flesh.  The art at the New York Academy of Art.founded by Warhol is rather conservative modernism.

I went to today’s postings (most of which are in the last month, it is a low use page) and quite a few during the last week have been accusations of sexual harassment there.  HAHAHA.  Liberal warfare rages onwards!


The art scene in Manhattan was always all about sex.  I was part of it.  I had many friends and acquantinces back during the Warhol days.  Everyone wanted to party nonstop!


Well, some of us grew up and stopped the self-destruction cycles.  The numbers of dead littered the landscape.  The sense of nihilism is the ruling cultural force back when I was part of the arts business.  This usually ends badly for believers who want nihilism.






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21 responses to “Trump Tower Fire May Have Been Hipster Gay Art Dealer Suicide

  1. tio

    The U.S. State Department said reports of mass casualties from the attack were “horrifying” and would, if confirmed, “demand an immediate response by the international community”.

    Britain’s Foreign Office also called the reports, if confirmed, “very concerning” and said “an urgent investigation is needed and the international community must respond. We call on the Assad regime and its backers, Russia and Iran, to stop the violence against innocent civilians.”

    “The regime’s history of using chemical weapons against its own people is not in dispute,” said the US State Department, indicating, however, that it was relying on “reports,” being unable to confirm the incident. “Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the brutal targeting of countless Syrians with chemical weapons.” …

    “We continue to receive reports and assess information regarding the alleged attack,” the US Department of State’s representative told Sputnik in a separate statement on Saturday. “Russia’s protection of the Assad regime and failure to stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria calls into question its commitment to resolving the overall crisis.”

    In a follow-up comment, the State Department urged the international community to act “immediately” – if the incident is confirmed – and advised Russia to end its “unmitigated” support for the Syrian government.

    The Russian military dismissed as false reports that the Syrian government had carried out a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta’s Douma.


  2. Moe

    @2 Tio

    ‘Sigh’ is right. Too late, the Zionists (or per EMS, Bilderbergers) want war and war they will get.

  3. tio

    Agent Orange swallowed the bait hook line and sinker ..

    .. clearly several neurons short of a synapse. What a fucking joke.

  4. Ken

    Tio 1 & 2

    Think about the timing of this. Trump announces that he is withdrawing from Syria. Let someone else deal with this problem. His generals try and talk him out of it, but he is adamant about withdrawing.

    Immediately afterward there is a chemical attack. Sucking us back in. Logically, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Assad to wait until the US withdrew? After all, things are going his way. Time is on his side. There is no benefit to him to do a chemical attack at this time.

    The only ones who benefit from this (alleged) chemical attack are the ones who want the US to remain embroiled in the Syrian conflict.

  5. Ken


    Don’t answer this, just think about it.

    You are a poster child for a misspent youth. The free sex, the drugs, the rebellion against authority, the missed career opportunities, the estrangement from your family.

    Frankly, you’re lucky to be alive. I suspect that the only thing that saved you was that you became conservative in your later years. You still call yourself a liberal, but you are really a “liberal who’s been mugged by reality.” Reading over your blog postings, a consistent theme is that the liberals have lost their minds. Which is true.

    Consider this: If you had not rebelled against your parents and moved out at age 16, and struck out on your own before you were mature enough to make proper decisions for yourself, your life would have turned out very differently. For the better.

    This is why 16 year olds cannot vote, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do other things requiring judgment. The frontal lobes in their brains are not sufficiently and fully developed.

    Basically, you let a 16 year old kid make major life and career choices for you, and the kid screwed things up royally. You would have been much better off if you had stayed with your parents and siblings, hung out with your age-specific peer group (even though you were academically ahead of them), and let life follow an age-appropriate course. To believe otherwise is just cognitive dissonance.

    You deleted one of my posts in the past when it questioned the wisdom of one of your early-life choices. You may delete this one as well. However, I ask that you think about my comments.

    Nevertheless, I will still continue to follow your blog.

  6. tio


    I am sorry if I had ever given the impression that the UK or US governments are not the warmongering whores that they so clearly are. I have mentioned before that this very scenario would be deployed at a time like this as a false flag to invoke war. But, I must apologise for assuming that anyone pays any attention to my inane ramblings and therefore ‘gets’ where I am going with my posts.

    Just for kicks ..

  7. Lou

    The guy who repped DeKooning died of AIDS, Xavier Fourcade.

    Warhol reportedly ‘ruined a lot of young lives, introducing people to Speed, his drug of choice.’

  8. Pete

    Netanyahu had a ‘tense’ conversation with Trump yesterday.
    He was pissed Trump was thinking about pulling out of Syria.

    White Helmets are Brit run group. Seems they are the source
    of fake news on chem attack. Seems like the BoJo crowd
    are getting desperate. May will not allow the
    Skripal family visas to come visit the UK. wow

    Guess u saw Valentina on the Kaiser report.
    She is so cool. Hands of steel!

  9. Jim R

    Thanks, tio, that was fantastic.

    Beautiful lady, amazing talent. I really like Val. I see in the end notes that this performance was recorded in 2010, before she became a target of anglozionist shitbags.

    I don’t think anyone ‘gets’ our ramblings, but ourselves, perhaps. Just the way it is. But it’s nice that Elaine lets us ramble.

  10. Jim R

    And I saw a report on RT that the Skripals are to be given new identities and relocated. Hmmm… are they even still alive, I wonder?

  11. Moe

    So when Liszt composed this, who did he think would be able to play it? Looks like a tough piece to me. JimR is right: beautiful piece beautifully played, with verve. The composition seems a bit disjointed, though I am no expert: maybe Liszt was a trifle schizoid?? Wonder if AI robotics will be able to play like that?

    I wouldn’t be to eager to predict or expect nuclear holocaust. Stinkin’ thinkin’ and all that. There are alternate potentials that could evolve: we should be open to them.

    Being a realist means considering all possibilities and their relative chance of occurring. Pretty daunting if one believes all roads end in nuclear exchange.

  12. Christian W

    @ Jim

    The Skripals are alive and well, the question is were they ever really that ill? The day after the Novichuk drama the head of Salisbury hospital came out with an official statement and said nobody (ie the Skripals) had been admitted with severe poisoning. He explicitly stated that in all the history of the hospital (Salisbury) there have only ever been 3 cases of severe poisoning.

    Moreover, the sister talked to over the phone the other day. Russian television played back the conversation on tv.

    All of this is just MI5/MI6/CIA theater and perception management operations. No doubt part of the greater attack on Russia about to commence.

    My guess is we will see Big Time False Flag 9/11 2.0 with Russia as the bad guys sooner rather than later.

    To wit:

    Sergei and Yulia Skripal offered new identities with CIA help

    Victoria (in Russia) talking to Julia Skripal (the ‘poisoned’ daughter) over the phone:

  13. Jim R

    That phone conversation is so 2 days ago. And the hospital administrator who said nobody was admitted for nerve agent poisoning — has anyone heard from him lately?

    The “new identities” report is suspicious though.

  14. Jim R

    Here’s another guess at a near future event for ya:

    Erdogan announces that the NATO base at Incirlik is now closed, and the troops there are given 24 hours, more or less, to collect their crap and get out.

    (of course it might not happen — Erdo might want to sit on the fence as long as possible, it’s working for him right now)

  15. tio

    Yup Pete, busted! Cheers Jim.

  16. Jim R

    In the news tomorrow, this thing:

    Looks like France is set to battle another ‘Occupy’ type movement.

  17. Petruchio

    “I lived in NYC and ran in the art circles way back when Warhol ruled the Manhattan roost. I made fun of his fake art frequently. But it seems enough people with money would buy junk so bon appetit, I say.” I wonder how much some numbskull oaid for Warhol’s picture of a Campbell’s soup can(!!!). Crazy.

  18. Warhol admitted to us, it was all a scam. He thought it was funny and then fell for his own scam and thus, helped destroy modern art.

    It was all so pathetic.

  19. mistah charley, ph.d.

    “He was also at the age when one can’t do pick-ups anymore” – through a combination of circumstances i was listening to a homosexual comedy routine recently – the upper-end-of-middled-aged comic said – at [local gay club] i’m invisible – but in palm beach i’m chicken!” it reminded me of how i fell sort of young when i visit my stepmother at the nursing home – actually, i don’t feel quite so young as i used to these days – so it goes

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