Administrators Egg Students Into Openly Attacking Professors Even In Faculty-only Rooms

Conservative prof fights back against accusations of ‘white supremacy’ – YouTube


Universities continue to fall off the cliff into chaos as students rampage everywhere, every day, attacking professors and fellow students.  This is because school power has moved from professors to the administrators and the students who are in an unholy alliance to crush professoral powers.  No longer can any professor remove a student (except if the student is a conservative) because they exploit students for huge student loans.  This is a huge scam.


Due to total disrespect of the teaching staff, few students learn anything.  The last bastion of learning actual information and skills is in the STEM courses which are now under sustained attack by students and administrators who wish to kill the golden goose.


Nearly 100% of the conservative professors are in STEM classes.  So, attacking them directly means a chance to replace them with radical leftist ‘teachers’ who will then make all skills useless in pursuit of doctrinaire purity of the Maoist sort.


Students crash faculty meeting to attack conservative prof:  this story illustrates the loss of professoral power perfectly.


Campus Reform recently reported that flyers were found around FAU’s campus accusing Dr. Marshall DeRosa of being a “white supremacist” with “ties” to the Koch brothers and the League of the South Institute.


The ANTIFA gang does this everywhere, all the time, seeking confrontations and violence.  As per always, students storm places where students are not allowed in order to attack a chosen target professor.


On April 2, the crusade against Dr. DeRosa continued, as students organized to ambush him at a faculty senate meeting. A facebook event titled “FAU Students Say NO to White Supremacy” invited students to the meeting to “use [their] student power to destabilize FAU’s institutional structure.”


The students know exactly what they are doing.  They are unfortunately, too stupid to figure out that this renders them useless as workers, later.  They are in for a life of total misery.  Especially if they become ‘teachers’ and end up on starvation wages.


“Does your professor have ties to white supremacy?” the event description reads. “Is your professor funded by the Koch Brothers? Is your professor funded by the private prison industry who have committed mass atrocities to people of color? Is your professor a neo-confederate that believes in a white Christian state? Marshall DeRosa IS.”


If one can endure it, watch the entire endless 5 minutes of students raging, yelling at professors to ‘shut up’.  The students lecture the professors in loud, demanding, hectoring voices.


What annoys me is the professors: trained now to be weak and helpless, they argue using a weak, beta male voice!  I had operatic singing training because I wanted to be in the theater before I ended up very sick in 1969 and lost my vocal suppleness.


‘Voice projection’ comes from the muscles below the lungs.  You use the diaphram to push out air and this carries much further than a talking voice.  To ‘sing’ this way, your chest expands and this is a universal mammalian sign of strength and virility.


Look at the defeated professors in the video: their chests are not expanded, they sit slouched in chairs.  They show no honest rage and strength.  Instead, like browbeaten weak men, they try to reason with outright tempertantrums from childish students who smack them in the face and scream louder when chided for being brats.


Note how the professors can’t demand the kids be ejected from the Faculty Senate room.  This invasion is allowed by the administrators who are at war with the professors and want to get rid of the last bits of tenure protections and replace all of these with part time labor that has no rights nor powers.


So I say, why on earth would anyone want that job now?  It is a dead end career move.  It has zero status, zero political powers, very low pay, zero job security and you are training your replacements!


Totally negative…why on earth would anyone want any of this?  The SJW ANTIFA Black Lives Matter gangs don’t care, they are unemployable and this is their only refuge where they can plot to take over the country and put all citizens into re-education camps (I am NOT joking here) and replicate the horrors of the Cultural Revolution so dear to their leader, dead Mad Madame Mao.



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6 responses to “Administrators Egg Students Into Openly Attacking Professors Even In Faculty-only Rooms

  1. Melponeme_k

    The Antifa insanity is the only ace in the hole for the Soros crowd in the US. Since the public is adamantly against illegal aliens (and now on the alert against them).

    Luckily they haven’t taken away gun rights yet so the screeching babies are mainly relegated to college campuses and social media sites.

  2. ziff

    Yes its not that there are various groups expousing this or that , its that they are given a voice.

  3. Lisa

    The most anti-intellectual places in the country are now college campuses. It looks like the dark ages are quickly descending. Stupidity is celebrated.

  4. Sickening, disgusting, as you say, the cowardice is the most revolting. Throw them out.

  5. KHS71

    And also the most intolerant. It’s sad. I still guest lecture at the local University of Missouri School of Engineering. Twice a year. I have never discussed social issues in a class. For some odd reason we discuss engineering topics. I look at what is happening and hope that engineering does not go down the social justice path. Basic engineering standards must be maintained. I remember all the classes and tests I took to obtain my Professional Engineering license. Not easy. A lot of work. Only about a third of the engineers that take the exam pass each year. I know someone who has tried 3 or 4 times to pass the exam and has not yet. Not everyone is meant to pass the exam. The same goes for Doctor’s and Nursing licensing.

  6. KHS71: I taught after retiring from working, at RPI in Troy, NY. The disease of this self-destruction began way back in the late 1990’s. Now, it is out of control.

    This is so stupid. Literally stupid. Stupid people are rewarded, intelligent ones are driven off.

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