Senator Rand Paul Demands End To Mueller Wild Goose Chase

(1) Rand Paul ‘Mueller has abused his authority’ and Admits admits opposition to Mueller probe – YouTube


If the GOP were smarter collectively, they would choose Senator Rand Paul who has matured in Congress to an amazing degree, as their new head now that Ryan is retiring.  I am happy to see Ryan go.  He will collect his loot now, giving ‘speeches’ like all the other tools in Congress and the White House.  Yes, Rand Paul, this whole Mueller ‘investigation’ is really a witch hunt.  Thank you for being loud about this.


The war on Trump is running wild now, they simultaneously want him to start WWIII with Russia after thwarting every attempt by Trump to do the sane thing with Russia and the reward for siding with the Israel-First Bilderberg gang?  They attack him again, over sex junk.


This is so silly, so strange, so stupid…it is an overreaction on the part of the Bilderberg gang who is losing its grip on Europe and the US.  Anyone looking at the last four election maps can see how progressively, the DNC power base has shrunk to only a handful of major cities with high welfare rates.


The rest of the country is firmly revolting against all this.  Trump represents the resentment and anger of much of the countryside outside of the biggest cities.  There is a definite rift in the nation and it is very, very obvious now.


The DNC/SJW demands are highly unpopular outside of these enclaves, it isn’t just we don’t like their programs and plans, there is a lot of resentment and open hatred of the SJW plans.  This is going to broil over into outright warfare and the SJWs don’t hold the naked power there.


As Mao noted, ‘Power grows out of the barrel of millions of guns.’  To paraphrase him, of course.  The DNC/SJW/BLM/illegal alien coalition is doomed if they think they can be even more violent than they already are.


I look forward to Rand Paul running for President eventually, again.  I supported him earlier with some doubts but he has proven to have a good head on his shoulders despite the DNC neighbor trying to give him brain damage.  I hope he stays safe!



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14 responses to “Senator Rand Paul Demands End To Mueller Wild Goose Chase

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said- “Trump represents the resentment and anger of much of the countryside outside of the biggest cities”

    Meanwhile Trump tweets-

    ” Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 11, 2018 “

  2. Ken

    Rand Paul will never be taken seriously by the voters unless/until he gets a better toupee. He looks ridiculous.

  3. KHS71

    Elaine is right. We’re big Trump supporters. We see the democrat party as a blight on this country. The SJW are going to get out of college and find out that there are no safe places in life. I know and so does Elaine. Each of us have been around a good 65 years.

  4. rand paul cannot be a successor to paul ryan because he is a senator and ryan is the speaker of the house of representatives

    also people are predicting that the republicans will loose the majority in the house and the fact that ryan is retiring suggests he may think so as well

  5. nclaughlin

    It’s so demoralizing.

  6. Christian W

    Why don’t Americans see that there is only one party, the Oligarch party, playing different parts of the populations against each other? All American politicians whore themselves out to people with lots and lots of money, including Trump. Elaine has even openly admitted that all politicians, including Trump, are controlled by Zionists.

    The Pauls showed quite clearly how the game is played when Daddy Ron Paul ran for President. He had a lot of support and got a lot of money, much like Bernie Sanders, before he, like Bernie, graciously bowed out of the race before they started to create too much trouble for the Big Shots.

    Trump didn’t have the wits to bow out in time so the Deep State will punish him severely, all the while abusing him and using him. Sympathy alone however is not a reason to support him. Trump only deserves support based on his actions and real policies, which have turned out to be totally the opposite of what he promised and what people voted for.

    To play the party game is to capitulate before the vested interests, a kind of Stockholm syndrome game where you identify with the abuser and hope they will reward you with goodies and kick some other poor sucker and not you.

    The US needs real and profound change while it still remains a somewhat coherent society. Soon it will be far too late as entire generations are destroyed beyond repair.

    I am not anti-American. I simply believe that any effort to save the West has to start in the US. The US is far too mindlessly powerful for tiny European nations to oppose, nor does it tolerate disobedience. What is, say, a handful of millions of Scandinavians going to do against the might of the US? Even Russia has to use all it’s strength and resources to remain independent and they have nukes and a strong and determined military.

  7. Christian W

    The forces destroying Europe are the same forces destroying the US Middle class. Immigration, SJW, economic problems (debt) are all rooted in Oligarch abuse (Neoliberalism). The Oligarchs get rich by milking people every step of the way, from birth to the grave. They have always done this, but for a brief while with the discovery of new continents and better ships they were able to find new hunting grounds and new peoples to exploit (America, Africa, India etc.) and newfound riches balanced the equation to some degree, meaning the birth of the Middle Class.

    Now those new hunting grounds are saturated so now it is time to go back to Feudal systems with a tiny rich elite kicking the plebs around. Look at aristocratic Britain and how they sent their WHITE riffraff to Australia and America and abused Ireland etc. Nothing new under the sun, but maybe we should have the wits to come up with something better now than a New World Order, which essentially is nothing else than the Old World Order. In other words, the end of the Middle Class.

  8. Christian W

    The only thing that can oppose the Oligarch rule is a genuine Left, meaning a world view that is anti-Trust and pro economic equality and pro Middle class. What is tearing the US apart is the fact that the idea of the New Deal was ripped apart by the Oligarchs. American workers are working more for less, increasingly unable to feed families or barely themselves, or to afford housing even if they work full time or several jobs. This is by Oligarch design.

    Open borders is part of this design, without a doubt. The Oligarchs loot the nations of the refugees, migrants and use the immigrants to bust Unions and lower pay. And so on.

    Change it. It is possible. Look to Putin, how he stood up to the Oligarchs and broke them to a large degree. This is an ongoing battle but at least he has tried.

    If you play the game as designed by the Oligarchs you cannot hope to win. Building a Wall, or battling SJW are minor battles that does not change anything significant but simply keep you engaged while the Oligarchs loot you. You need to break the power of Oligarch rule, then the other pieces will fall in place.

  9. Christian W

    This is why the Oligarchs have now broken Trump and we will see a war to break Russia.

    Let’s hope the US Army, Navy and Air Force have the wits to stand down and not start WWIII for the Oligarchs. Not that it will happen. They will be “Good Germans” and Obey.

  10. Moe

    @ 8 CW

    “You need to break the power of Oligarch rule, then the other pieces will fall in place.”

    That’s nice: kinda knew that already. And what do you propose an individual to do? Elaine stated the other day that she couldn’t do anything regarding the turmoil in Syria, except to man her blog. What effect a single individual has is marginal, unless in a a position of power.

    Have you ever considered why Oligarchical/dictatorial/autocratic/monarchical /totalitarian rule is the norm? It’s because the underclass/proletariat are gullible, leisure loving, timorous and cowardly. (In western movies of yore they used the term pusillanimous: now you know why).

    IMO, the greatest deficiency in people is courage. With courage, one does not live in denial but aspires to and demands confrontation with reality, both inner and outer. With courage, people aspire for and attempt betterment and progress. With courage the individual recognizes that any submission to autocratic authority is tactical, never strategic, even if necessarily long-term due to circumstance. But until a significant element of the human race consistently demonstrate this quality we are, literally and figuratively, doomed to subservience, servitude to the powerful and exploitation of every kind.

    And finally, to address the quality of courage, its energy is consonant/contiguous with the energy of Love. That might not make any sense but I present that as truism gleaned from personal experience.

  11. Moe

    Addendum to my previous comment:

    Mel and Elaine have both referenced that the uber-elite are contemptuous of the masses. I propose it results from the plebeians’ ignorance, cupidity , absence of self-constraint and cowardice.

  12. Moe

    The Common People are often too common, i.e., base and banal.

    Here’s a popular song that captures the plaint of the ordinary individual, untempered by personal insight but still valid. This is how we pay for our weaknesses.

    Common People – Pulp

    She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge
    She studied sculpture at Saint Martin’s College,
    That’s where I
    Caught her eye.

    She told me that her dad was loaded
    I said, “In that case I’ll have a rum and coca-cola.”
    She said, “Fine,”
    And in thirty seconds time
    She said,

    “I want to live like common people.
    I want to do whatever common people do,
    I want to sleep with common people
    I want to sleep with common people like you.”

    Well, what else could I do?
    I said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

    I took her to a supermarket
    I don’t know why but I had to start it
    So it started there.

    I said, “Pretend you’ve got no money,”
    She just laughed and said, “Oh, you’re so funny.”
    I said, “Yeah?
    Well, I can’t see anyone else smiling in here.”

    Are you sure you want to live like common people?
    You want to see whatever common people see
    You want to sleep with common people,
    You want to sleep with common people like me.

    But she didn’t understand,
    She just smiled and held my hand.

    Rent a flat above a shop,
    Cut your hair and get a job.
    Smoke some fags and play some pool,
    Pretend you never went to school.

    But still you’ll never get it right
    ‘Cause when you’re laid in bed at night
    Watching ‘roaches climb the wall
    If you called your dad he could stop it all.

    You’ll never live like common people
    You’ll never do whatever common people do
    You’ll never fail like common people
    You’ll never watch your life slide out of view,
    And dance and drink and screw
    Because there’s nothing else to do.

    Sing along with the common people,
    Sing along and it might just get you through
    Laugh along with the common people
    Laugh along even though they’re laughing at you
    And the stupid things that you do.
    Because you think that poor is cool.

    I want to live with common people like you,
    I want to live with common people like you [etc..]

  13. All good comments but…don’t let the damn Bilderberg gang and their fake news media systems trick you! Trump is responding the way they want him to because he is part of the Israel/Jewish matrix, married into it, after all. I was too, once upon a time.

    I know how it works! The Jews want Syria destroyed but don’t want WWIII because none of them will survive it, Iran will nuke Israel and it is tiny and will vanish from history again.

    No, they want to scare Iran and trick Europe and the US to attack. Iran won’t and can’t nuke the US but can nuke Europe!

    And has a 100% chance of nuking Saudi Arabia. Europe isn’t so brain dead as to try to start WWIII with Russia, they are playing this game in order to get the US to continue ‘protecting’ them but this is backfiring badly now so I hope the people in Europe have mass demonstrations against starting WWIII.

    Instead of worrying about fake global warming! HA. Talk about mega-stupid.

  14. Floridasandy

    Ken. Please stay home on Election Day if you pick candidates by their looks.

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