All The War Chatter Is Fake, Everyone Knows Syria Didn’t Do Chemical Attack

The mainstream media giants, united except for Fox TV, are out for Trump’s blood.  They are willing to start WWIII to get him which clues us into what is really going on here: these lunatics are…insane.  The Bilderberg gang, accustomed to running the planet so they can loot citizens, are ticked off because we are now revolting against them and giving them grief.  Voting for the ‘wrong people’, for example, is leading the gang into dangerous actions.  They want to spook citizens into thinking WWIII will happen with Russia nuking them.  But look at the headlines at the London rag, the Daily Mail!  HAHAHA.  The Kadashian’s are top news all over that rag!!!  HAHAHA.


WWIII is not around the corner.  This is all a stupid game which could trigger WWIII but right now, it isn’t really serious.  Logic is now raising its ugly little head as people figure out that Assad had zero reasons to ‘poison his own people’ because he was winning the war there.  Instead, people are remembering last year’s fake chemical attack and are highly suspicious of mainstream media lies.  Can’t be fooled twice!


Here is a roundup of all the top stories on the front page of the London Daily Mail:  1.  Tristan Thompson booed during Cleveland Cavaliers game amid scandal 

2.  Steve Bannon pitches White House plan to cripple Mueller probe

3.  Khloe Kardashian’s best friend Khadijah Haqq slams cheating Tristan Thompson | 

4.  LA officials could pay property owners to build houses for homeless 

5.  Conspiracy theorists claim biblical Rapture is coming April 23 when invisible planet Nibiru appears magically.

6.  National Enquirer paid former doorman at one of Trump’s buildings $30,000 for a tip it never ran.


A ‘never ran’ story is a bigger news story than anything to do with Syria today.  The UN is now hearing the ‘evidence’ for attacking Assad and there is none so it is now all a joke.  The mainstream media is 100% responsible for this ‘joke’.  They should all be punished for this WWIII ‘joke’.


A basketball player being booed for humping multiple females out of wedlock is amusing but it isn’t earthshattering and the fact that the K females are trash is no news at all.  A fake planet is top news, too.  Which means no news is really happening today.


A doorman at Trump tower who took a bribe from the news media and then didn’t give them any sex stories is a story, too.  A very telling story.  It shows the underbelly of the media now that all mainstream media is peddling sex stories they cook up or buy or whatever in desperation to attack Trump.


As I pointed out in the past, this is highly amusing to me because every one of these stories backfired, badly!  They were stupid.  Instead of hitting Trump, they hit Bill Clinton, that old sex fiend himself, it hit Hollywood’s liberals like a ton of bricks, it whacked Congress hard.  The medieval term, ‘Hoist by your own petard’ comes to mind.


That saying comes from the birth of firearms, early castle wall-breaking was due, around 1400, to using explosives to blow it up at the base after digging a hole to the foundation.  But it would often blow up prematurely, killing the soldiers doing the work.  Thus, the saying.


The sex bombs blew up and took out the wrong people.  I hoped the mainstream news and the Bilderberg gang would cease and desist but no, they continue in desperation to do this with Mueller, now obviously a totally deranged lunatic, choosing to ape the Clinton sex scandals.


Except this female they chose is a prostitute, she, unlike Monica L., isn’t a young girl working inside the White House, she is a pro-whore and this happened before Trump ran for President.  And she blackmailed him, which is a crime, not the reverse.


I feel like I am in the Victorian era only surrounded by whores screaming ‘rape’ who cheerfully have sex with men while seeking money and power and then being fainting virgins when they don’t get more goodies.  These hussies should be ashamed but an army of nasty political players want this charade so they can gain power and then loot us, the middle class, of all our wealth and power.


Back to the real headlines: the K family illustrates the collapse of the black family.  This family of moochers and leeches latch onto black celebrities and then uses them as a platform to gain money via scandal news.  Ouch.  One of these females finally married her black lover after having a child out of wedlock, but most of them run around poking their pussies into whoever they can corral.


The collapse of the black family is in full swing now with virtually no black women getting married before pregnacy and nearly 80% never marrying afterwards.  The social chaos from this is spreading as girls figure out that they don’t need husbands anymore, the courts and the State will marry them and rear their brats.


This social chaos is highly dangerous and is the #1 reason Islam is rising: Muslims get married.  They also oppress women.  But they do get married!  They, like the Hassidic Jews, are falling into the same trap, though.  They marry but get on welfare.  Now, these marriages are increasingly a sham and they go down the tubes, too.


Meanwhile, our media giants peddle WWIII.  Many citizens in Europe wish the Russians would invade and kick out the millions of angry Muslim males.  About California, the Crazy State: they now will park all the ‘homeless’ in all neighborhoods in all the garages and backyards!  HAHAHA.  Suicidal to the bitter end!


Will the citizens who actually pay taxes and CA taxes are very, very high, will they now revolt?  Will they demand illegal aliens who were allowed to vote in the last election, be stricken from the voter’s rolls?  Will they demand the illegal alien who is now their Attorney General, be arrested and deported?  I would demand all this but then, I left California years and years ago as did all my family.  To hell with that stupid state.




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41 responses to “All The War Chatter Is Fake, Everyone Knows Syria Didn’t Do Chemical Attack

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said- ” The collapse of the black family is in full swing now with virtually no black women getting married before pregnacy and nearly 80% never marrying afterwards. The social chaos from this is spreading as girls figure out that they don’t need husbands anymore, the courts and the State will marry them and rear their brats. ”

    Oh, yeah?

    Black Women Become Most Educated Group in US

    IndependentUK June 3, 2016

    “Between 2009 and 2010, black women earned 68 per cent of associate’s degrees, 66 per cent of bachelor’s degrees, 71 per cent of master’s degrees and 65 per cent of all doctorate degrees awarded to black students.

    The percentage of black students attending college has increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent from 1976 to 2012, while the percentage of white students fell from 84 to 60 per cent.

    By both race and gender, a higher percentage of black women (9.7 per cent) is enrolled in college than any other group, including Asian women (8.7 per cent), white women (7.1 per cent) and white men (6.1 per cent).”

  2. Jim R

    The attack on Syria and others was part of the big plan to take over the whole world. This psychopath cabal you lovingly refer to as the bilderbergers (more or less) or by other analysts as the anglozionist empire, wants to run the whole planet. The good news is that their plans are falling apart. The bad news is the same as the good news…

    They still have more or less total control of the US and western Europe.

  3. Sunger, the ‘enrollment’ rate is due to black women getting into schools with CRUMMY RECORDS and they take EASY COURSES and are part of the decline and fall of the college systems overall.

    Black schools have a very poor graduation rate, the number of black women in higher ed is due to all the schools anxious to recruit and keep them as much as possible.

    Asian students, on the other hand, are turned away when they have high test scores. Black female scores are much, much, much lower.

    Many non-STEM degrees are trash degrees.

  4. Christian W

    Everyone knows the Novichuk farce was a false flag hoax, just like the Khan Shaykoun and Douma ‘gas attacks’. That didn’t stop the US from kicking out Russian diplomats and imposing more sanctions on Russia, obvious hoaxes are used as alibi for aggressive and criminal policies.

    Meanwhile from the random White House:

    Trump Tweet: Attack on Syria ‘Could Be Very Soon or Not Soon at All’

    “Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS [Daesh]. Where is our ‘Thank you America?

    Bipolar much? Is this the new kind of diplomacy, guess the mood of the Man with the Big Button?

    And has someone told Trump that the US still occupies the Eastern half of Syria, where most of the important oil wells are?

  5. Christian W

    In the meantime the US and NATO continues to send more ships, submarines, bombers, fighters, tanks and troops to the borders of Syria.

    The build up to the invasion of Iraq took more than half a year.

    Later this month the US will hold a huge military exercise in Jordan “Eager Lion 2018, April 18-26” with assorted allies.

  6. Melponeme_k


    Affirmative Action. That is why there are more black women in college. Simple answer. And if the women in question are even halfway competent, they will be pushed into Ivy League straight to a PhD.

    I temped for one of these beauties. What a wretch. She was entitled and extremely racist. The company was a non-profit (Bush family was one of their donors) female education “expert/advisor” ghetto. There was an extreme racial line between black employees and white employees (upheld only by the black employees). Everyone walked on tip toe. Offices over 50% female are horrible places.

    Anyway this wretch used to finagle expensive seats for herself when she was to fly all over the country to “advise” borderline schools. She was in charge of scamming the local teachers to brainstorm about improving conditions then throw out their brainstormed programs to insert a pre-planned one that benefited no one but would further exploit the chaos. Her solution? Get teachers to “parent” violent black children. Yeah, their studies acknowledged that these children had poor parents so the teachers needed to take up the slack. That was their brill plans thought up by a PhD in BS. The woman eventually fired me and tried to get me black listed from my temp company. What a wretch. Luckily my company stood by me or maybe they knew her story. She would pull the airfare junk and other stuff then have it blamed on temporary workers.

  7. Christian W

    A tale of two searches. DuckDuckGo vs Google:

    (via Tim Hayward)

  8. Christian W

    Paul Joseph Watson:

    “ANOTHER STUPID F**KING WAR. What could possibly go wrong?”

  9. Floridasandy

    Christian you should be glad Trump is investigating this instead of just attacking based on “intel'” received . Like most Europeans you will criticize no matter what he does.

    Luckily we have him! I see Orban won again in Hungary with his no immigration policy–good for him and good for Hungary

    Our economic numbers are getting stronger so good for us The more the left throws sexual Puritanism into the mix the more the people back Trump. They never learn.

  10. Ken

    Sunger @ 1 and Elaine @ 3

    You two forgot one other, very important, consideration. Black students get a full ride in college. It’s like welfare, but without the need to have a child. “Scholarships” are freely handed out to black and minority and athlete “students” regardless of whether or not they are truly scholastic stars.

    Meanwhile, the true scholastic stars do not receive financial support. The whole concept of “scholarship” money is turned on its head. Instead of going to the best students, it is going to the worst ones. And of course, this attracts these low achieving students in large numbers.

  11. Thank you, all. I won scholarships way back in the Ice Age, when under 16 years old, I got to go to college on prize money, both in the US and in Europe. I took my first graduate level course at age 17.

    Then I nearly died and had serious brain damage and lost that ‘super high IQ’ stuff. And it forced me to figure out things from scratch, the hard way.

    So…when I competed back in the 1960s for these prizes that required being the highest score in tests, grueling tests, I found out all the winners had nearly the same background as I: parents deep inside the CIA/dark state!!!

    It was amusing, back then. It also creeped all of us out when we began our secret meetings to discuss why we were of ‘interest’ to the elites and were winning contests,ect.

    It was due to parental high intelligence and our families pushing us hard to think, to do stuff, to strive very, very hard, to do the impossible.

    Today, scholarships are handed out like candy. These new scholarships are based on one’s WEAKNESSES not strengths.

    Winning chess tournaments is a negative. Writing dense papers at age 18 is fatal. Winning in tests on science, math and languages is poorly rewarded. Being weak, ‘oppressed’ and disabled means being showered with loot.

    This regressive system produces zillions of degrees and degrades all systems. My husband won a scholarship based on his disability (a decade after I was in school) and he TURNED IT DOWN because he said to them, ‘I want to prove myself!’

    And he did! I am so proud, he was so determined. The lesson is, most people think this is wonderful, being gifted with ‘free’ education when there are nasty strings attached to the soul, one is degraded.

  12. Christian W

    @ 10 Sandy

    Sandy, I am grateful for every minute we are not in a hot WWIII. I have no ill feelings against Trump personally but I think he is in way out of his depth, for the wrong reasons.

    Elaine says you have to go with Trump , as he is what you have. But Trump is too little, too late, even if he ever was anything apart from not-Hillary to start with.

    I trust nothing in US politics. The CIA have been running things for way too long. Media is taken over. Sexual identity politics, SJW etc is no substitute for a meaningful left which means a meaningful opposition to the Oligarchs and Zionism and so on at exhaustive length. It was Dennis Kucinich, the token critical leftist voice who introduced those LBTG policies back in the day. There always seems to be a few token opposing voices that never really amount to much. Atm it seems the role is played by Tulsi Gabbard and a handful of others, say like Rand Paul.

    Positive economic numbers can mean nothing if you put the rest of the world on fire to achieve and sustain them.

    The decision to launch a major US attack on Syria, and possibly Iran and Lebanon, has already been made. Trump will give the Official Word to Begin as a token action. A token action, from a token President. Real War is here.

  13. Christian W

    Trump is no dove. This is one of his rants from 2015. The poor man is not right in his head.

    Donald Trump finally laid out his plan for dealing with Iran (or ISIS?) on Fox & Friends Tuesday, recommending that the United States “knock the hell out of them” and then “take the oil.”

    Host Steve Doocy asked Trump about his plans to deal with ISIS. But whether he was confused or misspoke, Trump started talking about Iran. “Iran is taking over Iraq 100%, just like I predicted years ago,” he said. “I say this, I didn’t want to go there in the first place. Now we take the oil.”

    “We should have kept the oil,” Trump continued. “Now we go in, we knock the hell out of them, take the oil, we thereby take their wealth. They have so much money.”

    “They have better internet connections than we do in the United States,” he complained. “They’re training our kids through the internet. We have to knock out their wealth.”

    Most of the comments from 3 years ago are spot on and relate directly to what we see happening today. The US has planted it’s fat arse right on top of the Syrian oil wells.

    A couple of months ago the US deliberately killed a lot of Russian contractors and Syrian military with a direct bombing attack when those troops came close to those oil wells hunting ISIS terrorists.

    Russia chose to say nothing about it publicly, they even downplayed Russian casualties, but actions were taken.

    Shortly after the Syrian government wrote a contract with Russia giving the Russians the right to extract ALL oil on Syrian lands. This means the US and it’s military are robbers, thieves, bandits and murderers.

    The Russians are no fools. They know the Knock Out is coming, so do the Iranians and Syrians and Hezbollah and they have prepared accordingly.

  14. Nani

    Trumps new foreign minister: Pompeo: Killing Hundreds of Russians a Key Achievement in Countering Moscow

    So, this is America’s new top diplomat.. seems very promising.

  15. Nani

    I guess i should say “diplomat”, because the US does not seem to know the meaning of diplomacy anymore.

  16. Yup, anyone else won’t get past Congress. I hope everyone here remembers how our government works: Trump cannot get anyone to work with him unless our Real Rulers give him permission!!!

    Look at what happens whenever he does try to do something different: the media giants go immediately into attack mode, harass and torment anyone chosen by Trump, digs up dirt no matter how insignificant, blows up in rage and then Congress demands another victim.

    This is how the Machine works and this is kept out of the news analysis for the most part because explaining how the Bilderberg gang operates is VERBOTEN.

    I wonder is people really read my stuff here, considering how so many fall for this tactic of the elites to misinform and misdirect.

  17. Moe

    Slightly OT: Saker On Risk Of Armageddon

    Excerpt: Due to geographical, historical, cultural, religious and military factors, Russia is today the objective leader of the worldwide resistance to Empire, at least in moral, psychological and political terms.

  18. tio

    “WWIII is not around the corner”

    I’m listening to the UN Security Council broadcast right now. I don’t think the Russians got the email.
    “Assuming we avoid the Trump-promised Syrian showdown, how long before the insane Trump regime orchestrates another crisis?”


  19. tio

    I physically cannot listen to the Haley creature. What a ****.

  20. Yes, they are being stubborn and stupid and want WWIII. But this is all for show.

  21. Christian W

    It’s more than for show. It is deliberate smearing and sabotaging of International Law. The Hegemon has no use for the Law for obvious reasons.

  22. International law died around my 13th birthday. Shots hit Kennedy in the back of the head.

  23. Moe

    From RT: The Russian Defense Ministry has presented what it says is proof that the reported chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged. It also accused the British government of pressuring the perpetrators to speed up the “provocation.”

  24. Jim R

    .. or in the front of the head, as shown by the Zapruder film.

  25. Christian W

    Alex Jones is a bit looney tunes but at least he has a heart!

  26. Christian W

    I suspect Trump is done for. His “Presidency” is over. Most of ‘the base’ will give up on him, apart from the hopeless cases, and the Deep State will tear him apart Syria strike or not. His only chance of survival now is to please his Zio masters endlessly and hope for mercy. I doubt he will get it.

  27. Jim R

    Friday the thirteenth. Elaine always did say they were fond of magic numbers.

    A century from now, Damascus will have fireworks on the anniversary of this day (in whatever calendar they are using), it will be like Guy Fawkes day. . .

    Cheers, @Christian and @emsnews !!
    And good luck, we will need it as the empire dies.

  28. Yes, this is was a magic number day so the numskulls who play around with cosmic forces do stupid stuff, not understanding how THAT world operates!

    Geronimo is laughing hard. He is so happy the Skull and Bones did their usual ceremony on Tax Day where they call upon the Darkness to give them more power.

  29. Moe

    Notice that the ‘war chatter’ regarding North Korea has died down lately. And now this announcement of Pompeo’s clandestine though authorized visit with Kim. Huh??

    OT, remember the articles about Kim’s violent executions? Maybe they were true but I dug up this Fox article and it does sound like hyperbole. If not, then this guy really does appreciate histrionics! Perhaps missed his calling in theater? (Except maybe theater of the absurd) 🙂

  30. Christian W

    South Korea and North Korea want peace and to join the Chinese OBOR project for long term peace and prosperity.

    North & South Korea may announce official end to war – local media

    17 Apr 2018

    Seoul and Pyongyang are reportedly set to make a huge step in the peace settlement on the Korean Peninsula, as officials from the two states are negotiating a joint statement outlining a formal end to hostilities.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the South’s president, Moon Jae-in, are scheduled to meet at a rare inter-Korean summit on April 27. A local media report indicated that the date could put an end to more than half a century of confrontation.


  31. Trump squeezed Kim’s balls. And now is squeezing the Chinese. Someone has to do this. He did NOT want to squeeze Putin’s balls, the mass media giants and Congress and the Bilderberg gang demanded this.

  32. Christian W

    I loved your old cartoons, Elaine.

    Baby Dragon + South Korea is about to kick the US military out of South Korea. No need for US military presence if Peace breaks out. Not that the US will go willingly.

    The Hegemon under Trump imposed crippling starvation sanctions on North Korea, like it has done on Russia, Iraq, Iran, China, and anyone who disobeys dictates.

    There was no need to do this. No US presence, no need for Kim’s nukes.

    What we see now is the Moon-Putin plan in action. With Chinese guarantees and back up North Korea will give up their Nukes (they would be mad to do so if we look at Libya, Syria, Iraq). I linked to the meeting Xi had with Kim in late March. China gave Kim full honors.

    Both Koreas want Peace, but the US will oppose this.

    The US will press for ONE SIDED DE-NUCLEARISATION (ie North Korea only) with Chinese guarantees that Baby Dragon follows orders, while the US will give South Korea a bit more leash to ease the pressure for Peace.

    Best case scenario is Peace and Prosperity, the US declares Mission Accomplished and pisses off back to the Homeland, while the Koreas become Korea again.

  33. Christian W

    As you can see from the pic at the Olympics the Koreas gave an explicit JOINT message to the US they want reunification.

    The Trump administration responded with flaunting North Korean deflectors at Kim. Is ball-squeezing Trump’s only trick or is he able to have a larger vision?

  34. Christian W

    * defectors, not deflectors heh. :p

  35. You are never happy, Christian. Trump enables real reconciliation in Korea which NO president did for all my long, long life…and you are bitter and upset. I find that rather strange or even funny.

    Shall I laugh or snort with derision?

  36. Christian W

    Do note that it is the US, that negotiates on behalf of South Korea. South Korea is not allowed to speak for itself directly. South Korea had to make diplomatic moves such as inviting Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong to the Presidential Palace during the Olympics, right under the nose of Vice President Pence. This was the first official North Korean visit since the end of the war in Korea. Kim Yo Jong in turn formally invited President Moon to Pyongyang for official talks.

    In the North Baby Dragon Kim built nuclear weapons to force the US to the negotiation table.

    This is why Pompeo suddenly held secret talks with Kim Jong Un.

  37. Christian W

    Trump is ALSO attacking China in a way no US President has done since WWII.

    I don’t think Ms Liberty has gotten one bit smarter or saner since your cartoons. Quite the contrary. The Gnomes and Wizards are more in control than ever, working feverishly together, and Ms Liberty is waving that bloody sword of hers around even more brutally and recklessly. The Stupid Euro Poodles are strutting around by her ankles waiting for goodies.

    The Bear is most displeased by their immature behavior. The Dragon is starting to flex it’s wings.

    It’s time someone took Ms Liberty in hand and took that bloody sword away and cleaned her up a bit. She needs adult supervision badly.

    I don’t think Trump is that adult. Never mind that Hillary is not either, at all, but that is a moot point.

  38. China needed to be treated differently. They plan to bankrupt the US, this was hatched way back in 1987. Christian complains about trying to stop this from happening which I find rather odd.

    Who lifted a finger to stop this from happening? Trump!

  39. Christian W

    The US is already bankrupt. Quantitative Easing scams and fake bond markets proves this. Now we will get a Cold/Hot WWIII and domestic Police States to prevent reality from interfering with the Gnomes and the Wizards and their spells.

    This is the real reason Russia and China are under attack. If there is no one to collect the debt, or no alternative economic system large enough, the Hegemon can enforce the scam forever, using the FED, the Pentagon and the CIA. That is the essence of the New World Order.

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