Japan And Bilderberg Gang Pressure Trump To Rejoin TTP Rape Of US Industries

All our ‘allies’ (sic) are desperate to run huge trade deficits with the US.  This is systematically destroying our country, it is 100% why our nation is deindustrialized.  One of the few things many of our trade partners allow is agricultural goods.  None want manufactured goods.  Trump stopped this but the Bilderberg gang is demanding he restart this unfair, one way trade…or else.


I hope he figures out that giving them this free trade garbage isn’t going to save his skin.  They will double down on destroying him.  Why?


Because he will have no more political base.  In a moment of confusion, he thought maybe giving in a bit to the Bilderberg gang would stop the screaming about sex.  But it didn’t, they doubled down on it.


So he is backtracking.  I am not surprised by all this, few people know what it is like to have maniacs screaming to kill you.  I know first hand how this feels so I forgive Trump for weakening in the face of a hurricane of abuse.  But he has to stand firm.  It is his only hope.

Japan welcomes Trump shift on TPP, but warns against renegotiation – Japan Today reports.  Note how the Japanese THREATEN Trump.  They figure, ‘He is weak due to sex junk so we can hardball the foolish Americans, hahaha.’  The contempt the Japanese have for our ‘leaders’ is immense.  They know they won WWII.  As did the Germans.  But the Germans are now losing to a Muslim invasion and their stupid attempt to destroy Russia yet again.


The Japanese government on Friday greeted with cautious optimism the news that U.S. President Donald Trump is willing to explore re-entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, while stressing that Washington should accept the original terms.


Duh.  They want the old status quo of one way trade.


“If this means that President Trump is correctly evaluating the significance and effects of the TPP, it’s something we want to welcome,” Toshimitsu Motegi, Japan’s minister in charge of the TPP, said after a Cabinet meeting.


But he added: “The 11 participating countries share the thinking that it would be extremely difficult to take out part of the TPP and renegotiate or change it.”


Trump: I hope someone around you shows you the true feelings of the Japanese.  It is 100% hostile.  They want one way trade.


He said Japan wants to ascertain Trump’s thoughts on trade policy through a summit between the U.S. leader and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida next week.


Abe will try to explain to Trump why the US must have perpetual trade deficits with Japan.  All our trade allies desperately want to run trade this way.  They want us to buy and buy and then go bankrupt.  They want to steal US jobs.


Trump’s victory was based two big issues: illegal aliens and the trade deficit.  Period.  The rulers are desperate to defeat him on both.  This is why they are yelling about his sex life right now.


Not because they all suddenly stopped having sex and are all fainting Victorian virgins.  It is a tool to be used to stop him from fixing the illegal alien/trade deficit problems.



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22 responses to “Japan And Bilderberg Gang Pressure Trump To Rejoin TTP Rape Of US Industries

  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-13/no-surrender-china-escalates-trade-tensions-delaying-deal-reviews

    Looks like China has noticed the news from Japan and is now digging in to keep the status quo going, too.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Not because they all suddenly stopped having sex and are all fainting Victorian virgins. It is a tool to be used to stop him from fixing the illegal alien/trade deficit problems.”

    Projection. Most of the elite don’t have sex for love or procreation (they use surrogates and test tubes). It is a tool for magic power for them. So they have no realistic idea how the regular people think of sex. They only know their debauched version and what they try to push on us via mind control.

    The fact that Trump may have fooled around with a questionable looking Stormy really doesn’t take up much space in the heads of the everyday public. Illegal alien invasions? Oh yes, that does take up space, a lot of it in everyone’s head.

  3. Nani

    In light of recent events, i find it both foolish and inappropriate to portray Trump as a victim. He is certainly not a victim. This man knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it. Recently he threatened Russia with “smart” and “nice” missiles on Twitter. He obviously has no clue about the art of diplomacy, just twisting arms and threatening other countries.

    World peace now depends on the trio of Trump, Pompeo and Bolton. I shudder at the thought.

  4. tio


    The UK rejected the accusations, with British UN Ambassador Karen Pierce calling them “grotesque,” “a blatant lie” and “the worst piece of fake news we’ve yet seen from the Russian propaganda machine.”


  5. Moe

    @4 tio

    *cough* indeed. UK govt. retards are repugnant. IF Russia does provide incontrovertible proof though, the Brits are going to lose major face. We can only (again) hope.

  6. Blaming Trump for being caught in the vast net of overt lies manufactured and pushed by the Bilderberg gang misses the truth of what is happening: he is being hammered to do things the gang wishes and it is hard to resist, they cause him tremendous difficulties including THREATENING HIS FAMILY WITH DEATH.

    Make no mistake: who can resist that pressure? I know few.

    I have been raped, kidnapped, shot at multiple times over the course of my life. The number of death threats were endless. This is why I am armed and rather dangerous, I fight back.

    Trump has never really fought anyone, I have had hand to hand combat with attackers, I have gone down to hell and back again repeatedly to the point, I find it rather funny.

    The point here is, the focus of all the rich and powerful people on earth is focused on Trump and they made it quite clear, they want him DEAD. This is why he has very strong protections going on.

    I have been literally less than three inches away from being assassinated. I know very well what it is like. Including the moment of disbelief, ‘Someone is shooting at me!’

  7. https://emsnews.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/trump-tarot-reading-horrible-mirror-image-of-hillary-reading/

    Click on the link to see the deadly Tarot card reading I did during the last days of the election! It was, by far, the darkest and most dangerous reading I ever did in my life. It still gives me the chills.

  8. Christian W

    The British government is reeking of stupidity and desperation. From Brexit to the White Helmets/Al Qaeda to the Trump piss dossier to destroying the credibility of the BBC with pro-Al Qaeda anti-Russian anti-Corbyn and war propaganda to the stupid creatures they send to the UN and so on.

    The British elites are about to start a major war to keep people thinking of something else so they don’t care about face at this point.

  9. Christian W

    The Trade Deficit has been a boon for the US.

    The Trade Deficit has fueled Wall Street, the US military and the MIC no end. The Trade Deficit has allowed US industries to build up the Pentagon to a Military Machine the like of which the world has never seen.

    Any analysis that deliberately ignores the other part of the trade mechanism, the Petrodollar, is incomplete.

    For decades exporting nations to the US were forced by the system to invest earnings in US bonds and the Petrodollar. In effect this gave the US free money to build it’s Military and Banking Empire to enforce US policies on the rest of the world.

    Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded on the backs of Chinese sweat shop/slave labor. A very typical US elite scheme. Using the invasion of Afghanistan to repeat a modern version of the British getting rich off Opium trade in the 19th century is another typical US elites scheme.

    Pic: Deng Xioping humiliating himself with Cowboy hat before Foreign Devils

    Now what you really want to end, if you don’t like the results of US foreign and domestic policy, is the Petrodollar system. Then come talking about fair trade. And do pay your debts first to the Chinese sweat shop people.

    Don’t blame foreign nations for American arrogance and greed.

  10. Christian W

    More info in link.

    Wall St. Journal reporting Trump favoring large strikes, and dismissed objections from Mattis that strikes could trigger an out of control military confrontation with Russia and Iran


    Trump has said on several occasions he’d be open to attacking Iran, but it looks like the Pentagon men are more cautious.

    Who knows what is true anymore with what is coming out of the mess that is the Trump White House.

    The Russian General Staff have been in direct contact with the Pentagon throughout. The Russians know it’s not much point in trying to talk with the US State Department or the CIA, but they still try to talk to their ‘partners’.

    Meanwhile more Russian fighter-bombers (Su-34) and strategic bombers (Tu-22m3) have arrived at Hamedan airbase in Iran, the same base Russia have used to bomb ISIS targets in Eastern/Southern Syria. The Russians have ship sinking missiles with ranges from 1,000 to 2,000km. They can simply fire off these, return to base and come back for another salvo. The modern hyper-sonic missiles are extremely difficult, read practically impossible, to stop. The US bases in Eastern Syria would be toast too. Is Trump prepared to have the entire US occupation force in Eastern Syria wiped out (2500+ US military casualties, more if you acknowledge the contractors) + a dozen Naval ships in the Med + the US naval bases in the GCC region etc. to please the Zionists with a bombing campaign?

    Looks like the Pentagon and Def. Sec Mattis and Gens. Volter and Dunford are getting cold feet. Hopefully sanity prevails and the lunatics lose this round and all rounds to come.

  11. Ken

    Well, he did it. Trump has attacked Syria. Again. The terrorists fooled him twice. Trump is officially an idiot.

    Still, Hillary would have been even worse.

  12. Christian W

    Trump is a lunatic. There is no excuse or rationalization for his actions. What is the point in potentially starting WWIII to save his family from death? Is that all that matters? What about the planet and the billions of human beings living on it?

    I don’t care about Hillary. Trump is crazy in his own right. The President is the President exactly NOT to cave in to black mail. But Trump was always owned by the Ziomafia.

    As for Tarot readings. From the 2017 Economist cover page:

  13. Christian W

    BREAKING: Israeli intelligence shared intelligence on targets to identify and strike in Syria tonight. – Fox News

    Well, of course they did.

  14. Christian W

    Trump & the other Zionazis had to launch the attack now because the gas attack story was about to fall apart. They couldn’t let the OPCW find out officially that there never was a gas attack in the first place.

    Let this be a lesson for America to take out the rotten Zionazi leadership or be forever enslaved. Or is that too dangerous, still? Let’s kick the crap out of some poor blacks in the ghetto instead. Or build a wall, that’s the ticket yeah.

    The Truth Shall Set You Free

  15. Christian W

    Oh wait, silly me, I forgot the GOP half of ZioAmerica is praying for nuclear Armageddon and the Rapture.

    Have a nice day all.

  16. Christian W

    Sorry, one more because I’m not best pleased with America just now:

    “You’re going to end up in World War III over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton.” — Donald Trump, October 26, 2016

    And you believed this con man? Sigh.

  17. Christian W

    Mad Dog Mattis said yesterday that there was “no evidence” about “chemical attack” tonight he says that the attack was justified and legal….

    The level of insanity coming out of Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv is incredible. And we are supposed to worry about Iran (who has never attacked anyone) or North Korea? Who’s the Rocket Man now?

    Mr. Bipolar Big Button Trump is now ISIS & Al Qaeda’s & America’s Commander in Chief.

    And ZioZombie Mike Pence is the next in line if/when Trump gets booted out…Wonderful job, America, wonderful.

  18. I hope you read today’s story I wrote. You should try to understand how world leaders operate. Trump isn’t a world leader, the only ‘leaders’ we are allowed are Bilderberg gangsters. So they yank him along and force him to do stuff and he is increasingly desperate to please them over the Israel/Saudi desires.

    But Putin WON THIS EXCHANGE. He beat the Bilderberg gang. Read my analysis of all this…it was a major defeat of NATO power. It showed the entire world that Russia is ready for WWIII and will win due to superior defenses.

  19. Christian W

    I replied already in another thread.

    Of course Putin won. We all did, in the sense we avoided direct Nuclear War. This situation will only enrage the AngloZio lunatics further. They are getting cornered by their own stupidity. What will they do next? They still have tremendous power and they will increase their attacks on Russia now.

    Germany’s Merkel had the sense to stay out of this mad attack. She is barely hanging on politically and Germany is not AngloZionist (albeit she is their tool).

    Putin knows he simply has to let Truth and Reality do the job for him. Soon the AngloZionist elites will collapse under their own lies and corruption. Putin and his colleagues are the best and brightest of the Russian generation that lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union. They know first hand what caused the collapse. They know what Lies do to a nation.

  20. Petruchio

    Gee whiz, Elaine. If the US doesn’t renew TTP on the original terms, how in the HELL are US elites gonna collect $10 million for a couple of 20 minute speeches? That’s what the Ultimate Lying Fraudster Ronald Reagan did.

  21. Christian W

    All the elite tools are millionaires already, or billionaires.

    TTP is about controlling world trade and pushing Neoliberalism and Elite Controlled Globalism. It’s the elites’ anti-dote to China’s One Belt One Road and Russia’s Mulitipolar view. It is the road to a Globalistic, Unipolar, Corporate run Police Surveillance State controlling every aspect of people’s lives. This is the AngloZionist Dream.

  22. Good comments, all. Thank you. Yes, the average American knows little about TTP. Why?

    Because it ‘isn’t news’ the mainstream fake media exclaims in surprise.

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