Mainstream Media Except Fox TV Avoids Senator Rand Paul Like The Plague

Senator Rand Paul is challenging the Power Brokers in Congress and this week, a number of GOP ‘leaders’ are freaking out as ‘leadership (sic)’ is in flux.  The War Party which is both GOP and DNC, wants to scare us with WWIII talk all the time and to do this, they have to prevent any diplomacy with Russia.  Since the night of Trump’s election, they have been in hysterics trying to prevent basic diplomacy and have succeeded in forcing Trump to exit diplomacy and do WWIII talk all the time only just yesterday, Trump retreated yet again from WWIII demands to the horror of our Real Rulers and talked rationally about preventing WWIII.


This is literal life and death of civilization…WWIII will destroy much of civilization if not all of it.  It is insane and stupid, it is elemental in nature.  No one should do it but suicidal lunatics can try to do this.  Our Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang, is now rapidly losing power thanks to the internet.


This is why a full frontal attack on how citizens on the planet use the internet is raging right now.  All of these rulers in Europe, the Middle East and North America are howling about how news on the internet must be regulated…by them!


They claim that lies are dangerous even though we have 60 years of proof that mainstream media lies about a lot of stuff, in particular, war stuff.  Going back to the sinking of the Maine in Havana, Cuba, over 100 years ago: media back then lied about it and there was yet another rush into a foreign war based on false charges.


One of the few voices of sanity in Congress is Senator Rand Paul.  He is now totally avoided by the Bilderberg media and only Fox news interviews him regularly.  The other media giants pretends he doesn’t exist.  When googling information about hearings in Congress which this Senator is key, only Fox news asks him for information:


Sen. Rand Paul talks potential Syria strike, Pompeo hearing | Fox News: Senator Paul is against starting WWIII with Russia.


CAVUTO: I noticed today, senator, following the hearing closely with Director Pompeo, that you were very tough on him, and not so much interested in his conversation he might or might have had with Bob Mueller, but more to the point on this Syrian issue and whether he or we should be going in there.


Could you explain?


I want to point out here that Paul forced the questions in Congress away from the stupid business about Mueller and his dredging for sex stuff.  Mainstream media and the Bilderberg gang are in hysterics to get some sex scandal on Trump since this is how they all operate: dirty minded jerks who love illicit sex with weaker victims who they can torment in various cruel ways.


PAUL: Well, one of the points I have been making is that one of the things I liked about President Trump is he said the Iraq War was one of our single biggest mistakes, geopolitical mistakes.


I go further and say outright, and have said since day one, the war on Iraq after 9/11 was a war crime.  Everyone involved in pushing and then running that war crime should be hauled to Nüremberg and put under the hammer.


And I think President Trump deserves to have people around him who understand that and believe that. I, frankly, that Pompeo doesn’t believe the Iraq War was a mistake. I asked him whether we should stay in Afghanistan. He says we should stay in Afghanistan.


Trump has discovered he can’t get anyone past Congress unless they are Deep State operatives.  This is deliberate.  Rand knows this, he grew up inside the Machine that is, his daddy was in Congress as he grew up.


And yet the president really since 2012 has been adamant that we have stayed too long, that we have been building roads for people who hate us over there, and that it’s time to come home and start thinking about America first.


So I’m not so sure that Pompeo is the best representative of what the president actually believes.


So Fox news brings up Syria.  Israel wants Syria destroyed.  They got their wish but to their horror, Assad fought back and is now winning.


CAVUTO: So, you would not respond to Syria’s chemical attack on its people?


PAUL: I think the first thing we need to determine is who did this.  There’s still some question whether or not it was the Syrians or whether there was an accidental bombing of a depot of chemical weapons.


One question you might want to ask is, to whose benefit is this? The only thing that can unify the world to actually go in — Assad has been winning everything. We have been leaving Assad alone. Why would he want the entire world to come after him for doing something the entire world rejects, chemical weapons?


So, there is something here that doesn’t fit and doesn’t make sense. All Assad has to do is lay quiet. He’s winning. We’re not planning on decapitating Assad from Syria, other than what gets the U.S. and the world motivated? A chemical attack.


You can kill more people with semiautomatic gunfire with five shooters than they kill with chemical weapons. Something doesn’t make sense here.


Anyone with a brain has been saying this for the last year as, whenever Trump says he is no longer going to fight in Syria, ‘chemical attacks on civilians’ happens magically.  It is obvious that these ‘events’ are fake.  I am using quotation marks around words a lot lately because words being used by the Bilderberg gang are no longer real words with honest meanings.


CAVUTO: Yes. All right.  Switching gears very slightly, Senator, some of your colleagues, including some Republicans, are trying to push a measure that would prevent the president from firing Bob Mueller.  What do you think of that?


That is a big gear switch from fowards to reverse.


PAUL: I’m not for Congress getting involved in this.


I don’t like that idea of special prosecutors. I think they have way too much latitude. I think the indictments and all of the accusations so far have had nothing really to do with Russia or Russia collusion.


So I think we have gone far afield of what they were supposed to do. And I just don’t like the idea of having so much prosecutorial power to look through everybody’s bank records, to go to your personal lawyer and rummage through the office and look at this stuff.


It just is unseemly. And I worry that if you can do this to the president, can you imagine what these intelligence agencies could do to an ordinary American? So, I’m very worried about it.


A common tool used by our Real Rulers is to bankrupt people with endless lawsuits.  This is being applied right now to anyone opposing Hillary’s gang.  The elites have various tools.  They can bankrupt people, they can defame people, they can lie about people using their media outlets.  They can hammer people by constantly investigating them, this happened to my own father when Nixon was mad at him, for example.


Even with the most pristine of lives, FBI and CIA agents can dig up something, anything.  The other tool the elites use to control us is to hide stuff.  I could confront the entire UN in public, for a month, sparring with Bush Sr. and the Chinese government and mainstream media totally hid this from view, only CNN covered this news back then.


The media giants are trying to hide Rand Paul.  They do not want us to hear his messages.  They made fun of him during the previous election, yapping about how short he was compared to Jeb Bush and other lanky elitists.  Rand Paul comes across, to me, as a calm person, I prefer him to Trump who is very emotional when he loses.


I know that first hand because he got mad at me once upon a time, over petty winnings when I played the casino game of luring in victims and then giving them gambling money, hoping they would become addicted.  Now on to the Bilderberg gang now smearing Tucker Carlson:

Media accuses Tucker of pushing ‘Russian propaganda’ – YouTube

HAHAHA.  Everyone is a Russian agent now!  This McCarthy revival by fake liberals led by lying media giants is a horrible repeat and it is giving me literal nightmares at night, I am still emotionally scarred from the McCarthy years due to my father being involved in being trashed for ‘harboring communists’ namely, a Chinese rocket scientist who then fled to China back then.


These obscene attacks on citizens by a bunch of crazed globalists who collude with foreigners to do war crimes, pisses me off.  Here is an amusing picture that is running around the net this week, showing Senator McCain hanging out with ISIS terrorists in Syria:

Shouldn’t he be investigated by Congress for colluding with known terrorist organizers who orchestrate numerous terror attacks in Europe and America???  But then, Bush Jr. covered up Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.


This insanity and treason has been running a long, long time.

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  1. Melponeme_k

    Former CIA officer lays out what he can, aside from the Non Disclosure that he is still has to obey.

    When the financial attack and the news blackout didn’t work, they tried to kill his wife and children.

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