Global Warming March During Freezing April…Zuckerberg Attacks All Conservative Users

Ice is still growing thicker at the North Pole.  A blizzard and ice storm is hammering the northern US, ice storm less than ten miles from my mountain. Time for the liberals to have yet another global warming march!  Also, Zuckerberg admits to censoring ‘conservative’ users of Facebook and so does Google, of course.  Everyone in California think the world is roasting hot because it is warm there, not elsewhere.  Blind to our suffering and the cold reality of a colder climate, the war against reality continues with actual bombs dropping on Syrian heads all in the name of saving the children so ruthlessly killed by ISIS fighters and NATO bombers.  The world is upside down.

The nighmare of more severe winter weather is upon us.  Today, the temperatures in mid April won’t rise above freezing.  This is insanely cold for this time of year and records are being set but the media giants won’t mention any of this.


There is zero mention of this deadly, cold ice storm hammering New York.  It isn’t hitting Manhattan.  But Manhattan is very cold today.  The NYT has zero mention of this, anywhere.  Newspapers are supposed to tell readers, what is really going on.  So what is the NYT writing about this week?

Taking a Leaf Out of Thoreau’s Book – The New York Times:  


 As our planet warms up, the seasons are shifting in many parts of the world. Spring often arrives earlier, autumn often comes later. And not all species are adjusting their own seasonal habits at the same rate. Some flowers are now blooming before their pollinators emerge. Some birds are arriving at their breeding grounds after the insects they normally feast on have peaked.


Amazing!  Ignoring what is right outside their windows, winter came very early, in NY we had snow storms in October, we even had a little snow in August!  It has been a long, very bitter, very snowy winter this year.


It is still snowing in New York today!  Not a peep from the creeps writing about global warming.  This is a sign of rank insanity.  Up is down and in is out, this is also how one does black magic spells: widdershins.


Insane people with power are highly dangerous and our Real Rulers have gone totally insane.  When one cannot figure out if it is dangerously cold, one dies when going outside, this is basic survival skills.


What these rich creeps do is fly in their jets to warm places where they can claim we, up in the cold north, are roasting to death.  This is super-scary crazy, this fixation on convincing us, we are roasting to death when it is below freezing in mid-April.  Now on to other crazy garbage:  Zuckerberg insists Facebook is ‘platform for all ideas,’ except when they are punished and censored, of course.


“I’m not a fan of more regulation for social media but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask Facebook whether they are a First Amendment speaker with the right to throttle down conservative content if they choose and elevate liberal content or whether they are a neutral public forum where everybody’s ideas have to be treated equally,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., said in an interview Wednesday.


Congress struggles to deal with this. I say, boycott Facebook, tell them to go to hell.  Their business will collapse and be gone just like so many other platforms.


During two hearings before Senate and House committees on Tuesday and Wednesday, Zuckerberg was repeatedly pressed to explain why Trump-supporting sisters Diamond and Silk were recently told by Facebook their content was “unsafe.”


The conservative movement chose wisely to back Diamond and Silk.  These two ladies are very entertaining, I enjoy watching them chat, they are smart and they are very, very careful with their words.  No cussing from these two fine ladies!


So they were banned.  The crime: they were civilized and funny and conservative.  Zuckerberg hates them because they are classic black church-going ladies.  He has a deep hate for such people.  The entire West Coast fake liberals hate women like this with a blinding raging passion.


And this is why the SJW staff hired by Zuckerberg to censor everyone, overreacted and censored the sweetest pair of womanhood on earth, women with an impecable record of being very civilized.


And that isn’t all, more censored news: Facebook threatens Voice of Europe for criticising migration of Muslims into Europe!


 We were one of the fastest growing European news sites on Facebook with at least 30,000 people joining us every month. On some days 5,000 people joined us, but those days are gone after Facebook decided to censor us, suspend us and threaten us.


Yes, they are attacking anyone reporting REAL NEWS!  I reported the real news about the real mass demonstrations against the Bilderberg plans to destroy European civilization!


For example posting a picture of Poles protesting behind a banner with ‘Mohammed not welcome’ was a reason to suspend one of our moderators for 24 hours and we had to delete content as well. But it would become much worse..


The poor people running this news site obeyed Zuckerberg and censored themselves!


This week we were even banned for posting our own news and our moderator received a suspension for 30 days! While we understand news can be ‘hate speech’ as well, we don’t think this was the case here.


And being attacked even harder was their punishment for even trying to please the SJW censors.


We’ve posted book review of a former Czech president who said: “The migrant influx is comparable to the barbarian invasions of Europe.”


This is totally verboten in Bilderberg-run Europe now.  No one is allowed to talk about Muslim crimes, rapes, mayhem, vandalism or anything.


While the article heavily criticises migration, it is news, like any other article on our site. But not according to Facebook: The article was removed, we received a 30-day suspension and Facebook threatened to remove our page over it. But something even more strange happened.


They were told to go away and die. This is how the SJW gang wants to rule humanity.  This is pure Maoism as I keep warning, these clowns are being taught in the universities by fake liberal teachers who are actually members of the PPC, the People’s Party of China.


We’ve now decided we will not post all our news on Facebook anymore, because we don’t want to lose our page.


And they surrendered. No more news about reality!  And this is the goal: self censorship so they won’t be totally eliminated.


Hungary’s Prime Minister once said: “Europe is not free, because freedom begins with speaking the truth. In Europe today it is forbidden to speak the truth.”


They have to stand their ground and fight back.  But Europe is nearly lost now. Will they figure out the real danger isn’t roasting to death but freezing to death while screaming Muslims kill and rape them?  Hello, seeing obvious dangers is obvious!


Another Tom-Steyer, Left-Wing-Funded Group Gathers on the National Mall: March for Science Redux: Yes, there is a march again demanding it get colder.  Will these fools ever be satisfied?


 “In 2017, more than one million people around the world gathered together in the largest event for science advocacy in history,” the Eventbrite invitation said. “In 2018, we unite again to hold our elected and appointed officials responsible for enacting equitable evidence-based policies that serve all communities and science for the common good.”


“This past year we have seen more threats to science than ever before at all levels of our government,” the invitation said. “The time is now to stand up and show your support for science!”


They are mad because their insane beliefs are no longer able to scare people into doing stupid things.  The entire global warming movement is based on bad science.  Denying that the sun determines how warm or cold it is, or that ocean current changes also changes climates, they claim CO2 is the only determining factor.


Another liberal insanity is the push to resegregate society: Scripps College Pool Party Desegregated | The Claremont Independent


The Claremont Independent does not condone violence acts or threats of violence in response to our articles. Please respect our request. 


After the Independent reported that event organizers segregated tonight’s pool party at Scripps College, barring white students from attending, the organizers changed their event’s description to allow all students regardless of race at the Claremont Colleges—a consortium consisting of Scripps College, Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, and Pitzer College—to attend the pool party hosted at the college’s Sallie Tiernan Field House.


This story illustrates what is happening in every school run by the SJW gang.  The black students are taught that they are an oppressed minority and also that segregation is the solution.  This retrograde business is pure widdershins black magic at work.


These teachers are encouraging students to behave destructively and antisocially.  They are encouraged to hate.  So, when a pool party was advertised by the school, itself, it said, no whites allowed, only black students may attend.


This segregationist demand caused a ruckus.  Students demanded it stop.  Only after this made the news, did the school decide to not go full Southern Segregationist.


It is very strange to me to see black youths demanding resegregation.  But it isn’t their fault, they are taught this in school.  Just like the far left is embracing McCarthyism, they also embrace resegregation of the races!  Just amazing, how retro this is.


I nearly forgot: the NYT claims we won in Syria with that silly bombing business so here is an old cartoon of mine explaining everything:


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11 responses to “Global Warming March During Freezing April…Zuckerberg Attacks All Conservative Users

  1. Ken

    The liberals have been pushing for resegregation for a long time.

    As I have mentioned on occasion, although I am white, through a “series of unfortunate events” I was raised in an otherwise all black area of Detroit. I attended black schools, hung out with black kids, and otherwise experienced the same educational deficiencies as my neighbors.

    When I enrolled with the University of Michigan in the early ’70s the university automatically put me into a “black” English class. As far as I can tell, this was done solely on the basis of the neighborhood where I lived. I did not identify myself as black on any of the application material.

    I was the only white student in the class. At the end of the first day the teaching instructor (who was black) took me aside and told me that I had to change over to another class. My presence in his class would “interfere with the free expression of ideas.”

    I had to rearrange 12 credit hours due to being discriminated against because of being white. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. If I had remained in the black English class I would have been required to read only three books the entire semester (Black Like Me, The Fire Next Time, and one I cannot remember). I would have only had to write one paper the entire semester. In the standard English class, I had to read one book per week, and write one paper per week.

    The black teaching instructor unintentionally saved my university education by discriminating against me and insisting on a segregated English class.

  2. Moe

    @1 Ken

    OT a bit: Moral of your story: segregation can be good??? Congratulations on your good fortune!

    I read Black Like Me shortly after its publishing, well before it was included in curricula. It was a very emphatic presentation of the suffering of the black population, an implied condemnation of segregation, and written by a Caucasian. (Caucasian, not ‘White’: If Blacks can state what they prefer to be called, so can I). I fail to see how it would be utilized in a Black English class in the ’70’s: it would only serve to emphasize racial discrimination. I would postulate that it would only be used today for that very purpose, the readers though would have to be indifferent or inured to the empathy expressed by Griffin.

  3. Lou

    Zuck told us to ‘build bridges’ [aka open the borders to non Whites] but built walls around his estate. Also he was sued by people on Kauai.

    Newspapers are supposed to tell readers, what is really going on. —you are dreaming.

  4. Lou

    suffering of the black population, –Blacks are the oppressors, not the oppressed.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and
    Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

    The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

  5. Moe

    @ Lou

    Black Like Me was first published in 1961. I would submit that the Black population were not then the “oppressors”. If one wishes to argue a genetic predisposition to violence or whatever influence predisposes the Black population to violence, that is a separate discussion. The fact remains that they were oppressed, and segregation was firmly established in America.

    Is segregation a good idea? IMO, separation is a good idea, I would prefer a non-integrated society. Shipping the Black population back to Africa was a non-starter: they should have been given their own country within the US. That also was a non-starter so the ‘separate but unequal’ status now extant is what is going to prevail until the next (un)-civil war.

  6. Moe

    Some acquaintances went to Minnesota the other day, got caught in the big storm. Hey, it’s Spring, should be OK for travel, right?

    My brother-in-law and wife are leaving Florida today and traveling north. Could be in for a surprise.

  7. Jim R

    Elaine, if the global empire builders thought it would help their cause, they’d be just as feverishly againsty global warming. They are furiously pulling all the levers, and it just isn’t working for them any more. Climate, religious/ethnic conflict, racism, military adventures, nothing is working. Hillary was their girl, and she lost.

    The long term forecast based on population and natural resource trends, is that if there is a global earth-spanning empire, its headquarters will be in Moscow, and not Washington. That’s the breaks.

  8. Petruchio

    Here in MN, we just got 12-14 inches of snow dumped on us!! This is record setting for this time of year. We are about 25 degrees F BELOW the normal temps. And the forecast for the coming week says we will continue to be around 25 deg F below the normal high temperature.

  9. Petruchio

    What I find really amazing is how Blacks STILL expect whitey to fix their problems for them! How obvious does it have to be that nobody is going to improve the lot of the Blacks but blacks themselves? Why does this reality not occur to the black population in the USA? What group has the highest rate of single mommies? Blacks. What group commits the most domestic violence offenses? Black males. What group has the highest homicide rate? Black males. Who kills 90+% of black males? Other black males. What group of males has the lowest education levels, year after year after year? Black males. What group has the lowest income levels? Black males. A very distinct pattern emerges here. And, I work in a retail environment. I would say of all the black males I see–and I work in a busy retail area–with girlfriends, I would say 90%-95% of them have white girlfriends. With all this baggage black males have, WHY do women not RUN as fast as they can from black males. That’s all black males want to do: breed with white women. Sounds prejudiced, but it’s true.

  10. Lou

    CIA and Zuck—

  11. Lou

    9—Pet, GOOD POINTS that you make, and:

    I’ve said it before here and i’ll say it again: if they can organize as a community they can be judged as a community. cries of “it’s just a few bad apples, we ain’t all like that” are completely nullified by their tendency to deify criminals and scum who poison their community.

    blacks see it perfectly legit to demand benefits owing to their status in a collective, e.g., affirmative action etc. meantime, they judge whites as a collective, e.g., holding all whites responsible for the terrible terrible legacy of segregation. consequently, blacks have no right to complain when they are held accountable collectively for the mayhem caused by their community.

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