Xanto Blizzard Hammers Northeast As Global Warming Vanishes

We are in the middle of an ICE STORM today on my mountain.  For the next week, we will be in the Arctic freezer again.  The New York Times is so annoyed by this information, they totally hid it from their front page news.  They usually carry marathon stories but today, when the Boston Marathon will be more like Iditarod, they decided to drop that story today.  I say, being insane is hard work!  The mainstream media doesn’t bother anymore with warning us about Super Storm Xanto.  Nope.  News is supposed to warn us of dangers.  Not anymore!


Winter Storm Xanto Dumps Snow Across Large Swaths of the Country: 12.9 Inches in Minneapolis/St. Paul, record snowfall for this city!


The channel noted that if the snow in the Twin Cities rises above 13.6 it would be the third heaviest snowstorm there on record.  “The National Weather Service in Minneapolis/St. Paul has called this storm historic for mid-April in their area,” the channel reported.


Since this is a historic storm, the New York Times totally refuses to mention it is happening.  Newspapers are supposed to help us cope with reality.  When they go insane, they do the opposite.  The real horror here is and the NY Times is 100% directly responsible for this, a gay Man Sets Himself on Fire, Dies in a Climate Change Suicide in Brooklyn yesterday!


He was convinced, due to yesterday being somewhat spring-like this very cold spring, that we are all going to roast to death so he roasted himself to death.  Liberals are being literally driven insane by mainstream fake news.


“My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves,” the New York Daily News reported his suicide note said.


I have to laugh at this because it illustrates how insane propaganda is.  But the laugh is bitter and angry.  How dare they do this to naive people!  On the other hand, I think that the lunacy of the Bilderberg gang is responsible for many people dying in miserable ways.


Publishing utter lies is evil.  This sad man who is younger than me, worked for Lamda Legal, a large gay rights lawyer’s group.


“Friends said that after he left the organization, Mr. Buckel became involved in environmental causes, which he alluded to in his note as the reason he decided to end his life by self-immolation with fossil fuels,” the New York Times reported.


“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water, and weather,” Buckel wrote in the email sent to the Times. “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”


The NY Times reported this on their back pages.  They have a constant front page global warming box you click on to get the latest GM stories but this suicide wasn’t published there, it was a back page story.


Northeastern US to face rare April ice, strong winds, flooding into Monday – AOL Weather reports.  This is dangerous weather.  We had very high winds last night but before the storm, we secured everything on our mountain.  When media refuses to report real news, people die.


Motorists may have to scrape ice or a wintry mix off the windshield and negotiate slippery spots in Plattsburgh, New York; Rutland, Vermont; Concord and Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and Pittsfield and Worcester, Massachusetts.


Rain may even freeze on some elevated surfaces around Albany, New York.


The warming effect of the spring sun tends to minimize the buildup of ice during the daytime. However, subfreezing temperatures and rain at night can still create slippery conditions and weigh down trees and power lines, even in April.


We didn’t have any ‘spring sun’ yesterday at all.  The high was 32 F which is freezing.  It is 33F at 9am this morning and the highs all this week will be at or below 40 F during the day when the sun is shining which is ridiculously cold for this time of year.  Not one tree is in flower or even budding!


I believe that all the blatant lying about basic weather information will be one of the biggest hammers on wrecking Bilderberg plans.  They dearly wanted all of us peasants to live in tiny hovels in Calcutta-style ‘cities’ and be exploited viciously.


While freezing to death.


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9 responses to “Xanto Blizzard Hammers Northeast As Global Warming Vanishes

  1. Sunger

    You are an idiot.


    ELAINE: I agree, you are.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The suicide guy looks to be a ritual sacrifice for the New Year. New Year used to be celebrated at the first new moon after the equinox. On Sidereal calendars the Sun entered the sign of Aries yesterday. Current misinformation tries to push the 13 sign astrology. But that would put the sign of Aries as starting on April 18. This doesn’t make sense because that would mean we are still in Pisces and one doesn’t use fire for a water god.

    Fire for the fire god? Right?

    The man’s name equals 4 in many gematria ciphers. In a cipher called English extended it equals 22. In another cipher Francis Bacon (counts the capitals) it equals 11.

    His law firm, Lambda Legal equals 7 in many ciphers and can be looked at as 777.

    His note quoted in the story equals 6 in many ciphers and can be looked at as 666.

    April 14 is a 9 day.
    2018 is an 11 year
    The whole date equals 2. 2 is the number of duality. This ties into the man working with LGBT issues. The elites want to erase duality. That is part of their religion.

  3. KHS71

    We set a “lowest high” yesterday of 31 degrees. Didn’t even get above freezing. We finally saw 70 degrees last week for the first time this year.

  4. Yes, Mel, that has much magic in it. He did it where I used to do ceremonies at Prospect Park many years ago, we had this Spring Festival there. Ahem.

    I am rather spooked by all this. I am curious, since he did this in the darker areas of the Park, if he did it in the glen where we did our stuff every equinox.

  5. Eric Blood Axe

    There is a severe shortage of sunspots

  6. It is SNOWING right now, AGAIN!!! This is ridiculously cold for mid April and it won’t be warm until sometime in May.

  7. Lou

    The suicide guy looks to be a ritual sacrifice for the New Year–Mind controlled?

    I think Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered.

  8. Lou

    I found this at Chris Martenson talk–

    Here in central Wisconsin we’ve had a 100 year blizzard that broke every record known in late April.
    And Record 90+ degree days in May and June… I have a Permaculture garden and am pretty in tune with the insects and they are just missing this year. It breaks my heart too Chris. I know it’s devastating, but I think I speak for most of us in saying we appreciate you and feel your pain. Thank s

  9. A giant Luna moth landed by my back door yesterday and it was very beautiful and amazing, it flew away last night. Nature still comes back.

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