Deep State War Against Trump Is Backfiring Badly

(8) JW: FBI Raid on Michael Coehn Part of ‘Deep State’s Revenge on Trump’ – YouTube


The Deep State is attacking the President nonstop now out of sheer desperation. Trump’s popularity numbers continue to rise as the Deep State attacks.  The creaky wheels of justice continues to turn despite all Bilderberg gang attempts at gumming up the works.  The laws of the land are being twisted into a pretzel by our Real Rulers who are desperate to bring down Trump before he does anymore things like really build a wall to stop illegal aliens…California’s governor Moonbeam has openly said he won’t stop illegal aliens at California’s border.

(8) An Initial Win for Michael Cohen in Court Today. – YouTube


Slowly but grindingly fine, laws will be debated and judges will hear these and all of these will end up in the Supreme Court which is no longer run by liberals.  This takes lots and lots and lots of time.  The Deep State creeps are freaking out because they don’t have time on their side.


This is why they are desperate to kill internet access for anyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao gangs who are protected by the DNC leaders and who are mainly students being indoctrinated at very expensive schools at their parent’s expense.


I still remember Watergate: it took years to come to the final end.  This will, too.  It is obvious that Hillary and her gang broke many laws in their attempt at a coup.  The mainstream media giants colluded in these crimes.  This is a huge mess that will not vanish magically, it has to be confronted and examined by lawyers in front of judges.


After all, everyone I tagged and handed over to Special Prosecutor Giuliani, was either found guilty or committed suicide.  That mess took three years to the final chapter when all the conspirators who attacked me at my home, were finally judged guilty.


Many people are impatient for all this to end quickly.  It will not, this will last a long, long time.  And power will shift because of it.  The Bilderberg gang will finally wake up and cut ties to the Clintons and let them sink, not swim, in order to keep their own considerable powers intact.


BREAKING: Sean Hannity Responds After Deep State Alleges He Was Michael Cohen’s 3rd Client

(8) Sean Hannity 4/16/18 – Breaking Fox News – April 16, 2018 – YouTube


Hannity, who is now being attacked directly by the Deep State by the leaked information that Hannity knew the Trump lawyer due to running in the same social circles in Manhattan…the attempt at taking down Hannity is now full steam ahead.  In the video, Hannity lays out his side of the business like a lawyer arguing a case.


Hannity continues to hammer away at how the FBI openly sided in the last election, exonerating Clinton while attacking Trump on false ‘Russia’ charges.  This war on democracy, this war against the many millions of ‘deplorable’ voters is now roaring ahead full bore, in utter desperation.


Hannity is actually smiling as the fake news mainstream media goes on full attack on him and anyone else who supports the President.  This is now open warfare by the Bilderberg gang.  Hannity isn’t a member of the gang, like Trump.


This is because Justice is slowly catching up with these Bilderberg gangsters.  No mention is made of how the DNC/GOP leaders secretly conspire with foreign powers to control the US and force open borders on citizens and how they plan to kill off patriotism so people will hate their own government and nation and be ‘atomized’ into small enclaves which hate each other.


In the present battle for power, there are multiple forces at work here.  Just like during the Nixon Watergate mess, wars were very involved in all this, illegal bombings in distant nations, sex politics and cover-ups, lies by powerful people, the IRS gets involved (yes, this happened during the Nixon mess!) and the FBI has a change in leadership (Hoover had to leave back in the Nixon mess), powerful people used government tools to punish opponents and put them in prison or arrest them based on false charges (happened to me!).


This ugly mess is the Deep State when it runs riot.  In the video above, they mention how Hoover damaged the FBI when he colluded with Nixon and Obama did this with collusion with Comey.


Lying about important things always ends badly.  By the way, it is snowing…again!…on my mountain today.  This is the coldest spring in 100 years. And the media and the DNC continues to lie about ‘global warming’ and cooking the books and changing incoming information in order to scare people into believing we will roast to death unless we stop using modern systems.


This stinking pile of lies upon lies will backfire badly on liberals.  They hope to win via outshouting everyone else using their media megaphone but this won’t work in light of reality hammering everyone very hard.


Hannity has the last laugh in the new ‘scandal’ whereby he knew Cohen because they ran in the same circles so Hannity did an amusing clip of all the other media talking nonstop about Hannity being naughty for knowing a lawyer who ran in the same circles.

(1) Tucker: Comey never should have been FBI director – YouTube


Tucker talks about Comey’s lies and how he should be put on trial for all his own lies.  Fox News has been growing more and more popular over the last five years and with half of the nation turning off the other TV news systems, the wild attempts by liberals to get businesses to boycott Fox TV and not advertise there has blown up in their faces.


This is because conservatives made it clear, they were boycotting any corporations that boycott Fox news.  This counterstrike is working.  The rush to punish Fox news via boycotts has fallen apart now.




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4 responses to “Deep State War Against Trump Is Backfiring Badly

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Hannity, who is now being attacked directly by the Deep State by the leaked information that Hannity knew the Trump lawyer due to running in the same social circles in Manhattan”

    This is a laugh riot. Everyone thinks Manhattan is a big city and somehow rich people knowing one another is so exclusive. Manhattan is small. Small, Small, Small world. I’ve even rubbed shoulders with all these people when I go see Ballet or Opera performances. Its really no big deal. So Hannity seeing Trump’s lawyer is a given. I’m sure they have both seen ME! At this rate they’ll need to arrest and question anyone who has sat next to them in a theater or restaurant. That could be all of Manhattan’s citizens! XD

  2. Christian W

    Many people are impatient for all this to end quickly. It will not, this will last a long, long time. And power will shift because of it. The Bilderberg gang will finally wake up and cut ties to the Clintons and let them sink, not swim, in order to keep their own considerable powers intact.

    Yes, the Clintons are only servants after all. Just like Trump is a servant.

    This is a Deep State war BETWEEN factions. The Clinton/Obama faction is losing. Yet, Trump has already bombed the ME and Afghanistan at a much higher rate than Obama did. Trump is allied to the craziest wing of the Neocons in a way Obama never was. Bolton, and Netanyahu, never had time for the Obama/Clinton faction. For all his talk about MAGA, there was never any doubt about Trump’s belligerence against Iran.

    Why is there a US Navy Armada steaming full speed ahead to Syria? That is not the Clinton faction’s work.

  3. Trump isn’t a Bilderberg co-conspirator and therefore, not a ‘servant’. This is why they hate him, Christian. And thanks for the posting, Mel. I used to live in Park Slope in NYC and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, it was hard to avoid! You just…were there…anyone can do it there if one goes to the right events or hangs out in the right places.

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