National Guard Female Mocks Profession of Arms Oath Using Puppet

Click here to see the video: Remember when the Profession of Arms was… – Air Force amn/nco/snco


Here we are with the Pentagon and the Saudis and Israelis all trying to start WWIII with Russia in order to destroy Syria.  Just as Syria was about to win the war there, suddenly allegations that Syria used poison on children arose just like a year ago under identical circumstances and off we go to war again.  Well, our military is poorly run and falling to pieces on odd ways and this story illustrates the internal destruction eating away at it all.  No one is serious, everyone is silly.


The story of a woman dressed in a clumsy, wrinkled, baggy ‘uniform’ takes an oath of office with a puppet on her hand…to ‘entertain her children’.  Questions arise rapidly: why is a female with small children joining the military where she can be killed?


This suicidal policy, killing the mothers of children, flies in the face of a million years of military actions.  That is, any people who throw child-bearing women into battle end up ceasing to exist over time.  It is evolutionary suicidal.


This story is all over military media online, I read their stuff so I found it, no ‘big mainstream news’ is carrying this story.  It interests me because it shows clearly how unprofessional and silly our military is getting over time due to being more concerned with being ‘PC’ than being ‘military’.  Airmen in ‘Dino Puppet’ Reenlistment Video Fired, Reprimanded |


Three Tennessee Air National Guard individuals involved in a viral dinosaur puppet reenlistment video have been removed from their posts — one immediately retired with a demotion — and reprimanded for undermining the gravity of the oath of enlistment, officials said Wednesday.


The entire system has no more gravitas.  It is being steadily degraded.  In the past, I showed military parades in Moscow that were traditional spit and polish pride.  Russia Celebrates WWII Victory In Grand Styl: I warned back then, that the US has been growing slovenly and careless which is fatal for any military system.


The colonel shown administering the oath has been “immediately retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (O-5),” Haston said in the post.


Meanwhile, the senior NCO who recorded the reenlistment ceremony on video has been removed from his position as a unit First Sergeant and has received an official reprimand. He will remain with the Guard, the post said.


He will not be able to live it down.  Still, he became silly because everyone is now very silly.  Discipline is pretty much dead.


The Air National Guard earlier this week opened up an investigation after a video showing the female NCO, later identified as Master Sgt. Robin Brown, a public affairs officer, taking the oath of enlistment with a dinosaur puppet on her right hand.


From my story last year: Drudge: ‘Trump Needs A Military March’:


In a rare tweet, prominent news aggregator Matt Drudge suggested Tuesday that President Trump should organise a ‘military march’ in response to a show of power by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


“Trump needs a military march…” the tweet reads, with a link to a Daily Mail story about the Russian Victory Day military parade in Moscow.


I went on to write last year:


Compare it to this parade last year in Washington, DC:  2016 National Independence Day Parade – Washington, DC – YouTube.  The Russian parade is all about life and death and a very bloody history indeed.  The US parade is a totally different affair, isn’t it?  22 veterans kill themselves every day and do we all wonder why?


From last year, at Marine Corps News: Military families outraged after corpsman posted pics, ‘danced’ newborn babies at Naval Hospital – USMC Life


The corpsman seen in the photos, Allyson Thompson, has reportedly been posting various pictures of newborn babies and making videos while holding the babies and treating them like puppets dancing to music. One of the pictures posted stated, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”


It has also been reported that another corpsman, Joanie Barrett, participated in the incidents.


This ‘we are silly’ stuff is rampant now.  The woman in the hospital video is a corpsman.  She was actively abusing newborn babies to make ‘funny’ videos for Facebook.  She did this last year and is now paying dearly for it.


But this illustrates the breakdown in the services due to a flood of young ladies coming in and being rather silly about someting quite dangerous.  Here is a posting by an outraged Marine:


My thought process is if someone is a nurse of any sort (civilian or military), then they already have been trained to know it is very dangerous to have a newborn’s head not firmly supported, as in the first photo. Second chances are not appropriate in potentially life threatening/changing situations. There is a solid reason we imprison people for giving a child shaken baby syndrome, a strong potential in this case apparently. Also, if they are a decent human being, they would recognize their behavior is demeaning and disrespectful to those they have pledged to protect. Why should such very vulnerable patients have to be subjugated to such dangerous and disgraceful treatment from paid professionals (!)?? What could they possibly learn from a reprimand that they haven’t all ready been taught and apparently rejected? I think we need to demand the best from young adults and let them learn immediately from the natural consequences of their choices.


As a military member, these young women will find that the military thinks very dimly of such actions. My experience as a military spouse with numerous family members who are or have served is that now that this has been exposed, the Marines will take care of disciplining this young woman and her friend. They have violated many codes of conduct and permanently hurt their careers. Their supervisory staff is also responsible for inadequate supervision and training. Wiser heads need to prevail immediately to prevent another incident with potentially worse outcomes.


When all things are treated as jokes, as time to be silly, systems collapse.  This internal collapse of the US military is serious and it is all NATO countries doing the same stuff, talking WWIII with Russia while clowning around.  This is fatal.  As well as stupid.


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5 responses to “National Guard Female Mocks Profession of Arms Oath Using Puppet

  1. mistah charley, ph.d.

    i agree with you it is crazy to put mothers with children in combat roles

  2. Petruchio

    The only way putting women who are capable of childbirth makes sense is if your objective to eliminate the race these women belong to. In the case of the US Military, the Race targeted for destruction is the White Race. And the people who allow this to happen in the US Military are fully aware of this fact.

  3. Black mothers, too! They want to eliminate citizens.

  4. Lou

    Off topic, found this at Kunstlers site,


    And EMS complains about Ronnies ‘million for a speech.’

  5. Seraphim

    I remember when female students have been obliged to take military training in Romania, a friend of mine, a University Professor (woman) laughed and told me: “All they would succeed from a military point of view is to make their feet stink also”. You should notice that the measure was taken in view of the Communist doctrine of ‘people’s war’. Not as a carrier path.

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