Congress Gets More Information From Department Of Justice: Many DNC Conspirators Will Be Charged

Breitbart News Network reports

the shocking news from last night.  I was asleep when this happened (while recovering from last year’s health problems from the norovirus, I go to bed early still)…the DOJ is now listing the laws broken by the Bilderberg gang’s DNC members who ran Obama and Hillary for President over the years while committing various crimes.  Obstructing justice is very much a Watergate matter!  It is obvious, the conspiracy to lie to the US public and run things secretly is now crashing and burning and I hope many people are put in prison this time around.

Here is an excellent review of the conspiracy to steal an election and to hide war crimes from Hannity: Good news for Trump, crushing blows for the left.


A true unbiased examination must be done here but that is politically impossible.  We just have to have investigators dig and dig and present information to the American People and let us all judge this.  The DNC has allied itself to a very destructive cadre of violent revolutionaries who are presently terrorizing our universities and these vile and violent ‘students and professors’ hate our government, hate democracy and are Maoists who want dictatorship.


This, to me, is the real crime.  Using these violent revolutionaries as tools to intimidate and terrorize citizens, using illegal aliens to attack citizens physically and to stuff ballot boxes so the DNC can control cities with high crime rates: this is the real crime.


Menacing gangs of illegal aliens assailed US citizens in California, the epicenter of this lawless DNC activity, intimidated and physically attacked Trump supporters going to his speeches there, some of which were cancelled due to DNC mayors ordering the police to ‘stand down’.


The lid is now off of the can of worms created by DNC crimes.  Instead of being reasonable after the election they lost, they went nuts and began flailing about, trying desperately to create a coup.  This has now utterly failed.  All attempts at isolating Trump from his own supporters have failed.  Now, reality will begin to bite.


The New York Times continues to be utterly insane and running widdershin news where up is down and in is out.  These crushing revelations of obvious lawbreaking that can send Hillary’s gang to prison are magically turned into the NYT headline, ‘Comey memos are an intimate look at Trump White House.’

The NYT also attacks governor Cuomo for not being a far left radical!  HAHAHA.  Oh, and Russia is evil.  They also have an editorial about how women need even more rights!  Hello, we got that way back in 1964.  I used it back then when the NYT staff were not even born.

(6) Cuomo grills Mulvaney: What is Trump’s DACA position? – YouTube


This level of delusion is dangerous.  As things go off the cliff, how will the NYT and other liberal fake news operations going to deal with this new reality?  Denial won’t work if their beloved leaders are sent to prison.  But then, whenever Democratic leaders in NY are arrested, the NYT goes into turtle mode and pulls into their shell and go into denial.  Speaking of the devil, here is governor Cuomo in the news as he panders to the DNC illegal alien voters: NY Governor Cuomo: I’m an Undocumented Immigrant (VIDEO)


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) told supporters this week that he is an undocumented immigrant.


Cuomo: I’m an Italian-American, I came from poor Italian-Americans who came here. You know what they called Italian-Americans back in the day? They called them wops. You know what wop stood for? Without papers. I’m undocumented.


Comments to this lie of Cuomo are calls to deport him.  I agree.  I want him deported to Italy where he can appeal to illegal alien Muslims for support in destroying society.  No, Cuomo’s family was documented by my own ancestors who ran the US after invading way back in the 1600’s.


His family came when passports existed.  They were examined when they arrived.  Since the North needed cheap labor, Irish and Italians and Germans (I have German ancestors who came just before the Civil War) to do the dirty work.


Why Cuomo wants to now be an illegal alien?  He is appealing to his voter base.  I want him deported, too.  He, not I, claims to be illegal.  He also made another false claim: ‘Wop’ is for ‘undocumented worker’.  This is now ridiculous.  Rewriting history is dumb.


Wop – Wikipedia


The Merriam-Webster dictionary states wop’s first known use was in the United States in 1908, and that it originates from the Southern Italian dialectal term guappo, roughly meaning thug, pimp, or swaggerer, derived from the Spanish term guapo, meaning handsome, via dialectal French, meaning ruffian or pimp.[2][3] It also has roots in the Latin vappa, meaning wine gone flat.


One false etymology or backronym of wop is that it is an acronym for “without passport” or “without papers”, implying that Italian immigrants entered the U.S. as undocumented or illegal immigrants.[8][9][10] The term has nothing to do with immigration documents, as these were not required by U.S. immigration officers until 1918,[11] after the slur had already come into use in the United States.[9] [2]


That is certainly correct.  The fact that a politician whose family has been here for generations and who originally used these words correctly while knowing exactly what these words mean, is disgusting.  He has no excuse not to know how this word was created.


My husband’s mother’s family (Giuliani) came to the US the same time the Cuomo family came, they came from Sicily and some of my husband’s relations are Mafioso.  His father is from Russia.  This sort of ethnic mix is common to the US and always has been common and I think it is our strength.


Meanwhile, the DNC plots to destroy all this.  Notice how Spanish is on all packages and public places now.  This will lead to a huge problem in the future as people refuse to integrate into our society which turns a spectrum of immigrants into citizens.  Now, schools teach division and hate and racism.


Now, teachers are pushing for alienation and crime.  This is why black schools in DNC run cities produce a student outcome whereby around 50% of the black males don’t go to college, they go to prison or kill each other at an astonishing rate.  This criminalization of the black males, for example, is a crime in my mind.


Turning illegal aliens into alienated aliens seeking to destroy the nation and push for segregation, dissention and hate is…a major crime.  We saw clearly this last election that illegal aliens are determined to prevent elections, prevent voting, they are the new KKK.


Black Lives Matter apes the KKK, too.  ANTIFA is KKK including the masks.  And all are creatures protected by mainstream ‘liberal’ media and the DNC and the Bilderberg parts of the GOP.  It is a huge conspiracy against the US voter citizens.


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16 responses to “Congress Gets More Information From Department Of Justice: Many DNC Conspirators Will Be Charged

  1. Moe

    ‘Deplorables’ may get the last laugh yet.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “My husband’s mother’s family (Giuliani) came to the US the same time the Cuomo family came, they came from Sicily and some of my husband’s relations are Mafioso.”

    My father’s family is Sicilian. Only people with traceable bloodlines from Sicily are allowed into the mafia. Why? Here is the interesting part. It is theorized that the Mafias are cadet family branches of the Black Nobility. The same Black Nobility that is extremely secretive and still runs the world via intermediaries.

    My father’s uncle was supposed mob. No one would really talk about it. He was a good man to my sister and I. More so than the rest of my father’s family. He would sit on the front stoop of his home with a newspaper. The whole neighborhood would stop by to speak with him as if he were the local Paterfamilias.

    They keep to the old Roman ways that bunch.

  3. Petruchio

    “The lid is now off of the can of worms created by DNC crimes.” You can thank Bill Clinton for starting this mess. He is the one who betrayed the Dem Party’s traditional Working Class base with the comment, “Where they gonna go?” Well Bill. They stopped voting Democrat. They stayed home. That’s where they went. The Dem Leadership figured this out too late. Their solution was/is to allow illegals to vote in place of their traditional base. The Dem Party would have collapsed or at least shriveled to irrelevance had they gone the illegals to vote route.

  4. ziff

    ”As things go off the cliff, how will the NYT and other liberal fake news operations going to deal with this new reality? ”

    good question , can anyone think of historical examples ?

  5. Ken

    Elaine claims that “All attempts at isolating Trump from his own supporters have failed.” I disagree.

    After Trump bombed Syria, and further alienated Russia, on an obvious false flag, many of his supporters deserted him. I doubt that he could fill an arena with one of his speeches today. Perhaps a high school auditorium.

  6. Jim R

    I reckon he could still fill an arena.

    But the deep state certainly closed ranks around him, starting right after the inauguration. Bannon is long gone, one of his best advisors.

  7. ziff

    Ken , but his attack on Syria was very mild , russians were not distressed.

  8. Ken

    Ziff @ 9

    The mildness of the attack does not negate the fact that he went to war over a false flag. The terrorists played him for a fool. He not only broke all of the promises he made while a candidate, he looked like an idiot doing it.

  9. Christian W

    Trump’s attack on Syria was a blatant war crime. It may have been ‘mild’ by bloody US standards, but a war crime it was none the less.

    The Russians were ‘not distressed’ because Putin made damn sure the Americans knew that there would be ‘grave consequences’ (dead Americans) if they were. It’s 2018, why does Russia need to tell the US White House that they are within a hair of triggering nuclear WWIII?

    This means that the morons in the White House only understand the language of force.

    How are Russia and China supposed to talk and reason with people like that? You cannot reason with people whose only solution is War and whose ideology is Supremacy.

    Putin looks like a fool when he talks about his ‘partners’ (other nations). This only shows that he is not talking down to them, but is prepared to respect them. This Russian attitude is now changing since they see there is no point in trying to reason with pathological ‘C students from Yale’ (thank you Kurt Vonnegut).

    What has happened, though, is that it [the US] has been taken over by means of the sleaziest, low-comedy, Keystone Cops-style coup d’etat imaginable. And those now in charge of the federal government are upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography, plus not-so-closeted white supremacists, aka “Christians,” and plus, most frighteningly, psychopathic personalities, or “PPs.”

    I have posted that interview with Kurt Vonnegut (from 2003) here a few times, well worth the read. Sadly, nothing has changed for the better, on the contrary, we now see the consequences clearly.

    America (and the UK) needs to get sane adults in charge urgently before it is too late. The Upper Crust Morons (also in the UK and France) are about to make fatal a mistake not even Daddy, or their connections, can bail them out of.

  10. Christian W

    Bleifuss: That said, do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?

    Vonnegut: “C students from Yale.” It would stand your hair on end.

    Yes thank you, it does 😦

  11. Christian W

    More moronic US actions:

    The United States branded strategic rivals China and Russia “forces of instability” on Friday, grouping them with Iran and North Korea as countries whose rights abuses amount to a global threat.

  12. Moe

    Granted these guys do look like Keystone Kops, but no-one countenances the possibility that they are not as amateurish as they appear, but simply hyper-aggressive, strikingly entitled and infuriated at any challenge to their supposed supremacy.

    The US establishment is like any bully: they only respond to genuine threat or effective physical resistance, i.e., they have to suffer punishment pain and loss, they have to experience fear.

  13. Christian, being fixated on the wrong causes, continues to pretend that Trump is at fault when the Deep State forces him into doing stupid things the Deep State wants done.

    So he tried to placate the Deep State by giving them some of what they scream they need….and now, today, they attacked him yet again, with the DNC lawsuit falsely claiming he is a Russian agent! And that he won the election due to CHEATING (talk about insane since the DNC cheated nonstop!).

    You got to take off your anti-Trump glasses, Christian, and figure out the obvious.

  14. Christian W

    There is NO EXCUSE Elaine. “Just following orders” was debunked at the Nuremberg trials…

    I am not surprised they attacked Trump again. I predicted it would happen the day after the strikes because he showed weakness.

    You are totally correct the current troubles in DC will burn a LOT of corrupt politicians and their lackeys, unless they can crush Trump and put the lid on things… In either case, what the result of this mess will not do is fix the set of fundamental problems that are ripping the US apart.

    The real problems are MUCH deeper than Trump or the DNC or the GOP. I am not even anti-Trump, I am anti- MURDER INC, the Hegemon, the perpetual Global War State.

    You complain about Muslim immigration and support Trump to stop them, yet Trump, read the US, supports the murderous Zionists and their policies, the very policies that fuels the Muslim refugee stream.

    Trump’s policies aim to solve problems (which policies don’t) but they cannot since he is fueling the very same problems with his other policies.

    Why complain that China wants to ‘bankrupt’ the US, when the Petrodollar system the US enforced on China always was a scam to start with? At the time China had no choice but as soon as China does have an option, the Petro-yuan, Trump comes screaming they are evil?

    It’s time for the US to get back to basics and sort itself out, WITH China, Russia and Germany, BEFORE things come crashing down uncontrollably.

    The US also needs a real domestic dialogue, but that is the reason you have ANTIFA (‘Maoist Commies’ etc) to rile up the GOP base and vice versa bogey men to rile up the DNC base….

    The elites are burning bridges domestically and overseas (Ukraine, NATO) to prevent policies THEY hate to materialize. ALL of this is by design.

    The US needs to consciously focus on these contradictions, but it cannot under Trump since he is hardly aware of them, like much of his electorate.

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