Fierce Gunfire At Saudi Riyadh Palace…No One Knows What Really Happened

(1) Reports of Gunfire at Saudi Arabia Royal Palace in Riyadh – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE – YouTube


The video above has the shooting and it was very, very intense.  But then the official news from Saudi news sources (aka: SA fake news) is this barrage of gunfire was because of a small ‘drone toy’.  I doubt this.  We will never know what happened due to the SA being a vicious fascist dictatorship.  This is our ‘ally’ in the Middle East.  I wonder if the guards were shooting at each other?  Anything is possible.  This is one very unstable country about to erupt in chaos.


Saudi forces shoot down ‘toy drone’ near royal palace | Saudi Arabia News | Al Jazeera


Saudi forces have shot down a toy drone near the royal palace in the capital, Riyadh, as videos posted online purported to show the area ringing with heavy gunfire.


The official spokesman of Riyadh police said on Saturday that security forces “dealt with” an unauthorised, small drone-type toy after spotting it at a security point in Khuzama neighbourhood, state-run news agency SPA said.


An investigation into the incident, which happened at 7:50pm (16:50 GMT), was under way, added SPA.


According to the Palace, the king was at his horse farm, not in Riyadh.  But then, a coup attempt would happen when the dictator isn’t in the palace, all they have to do is take down his supporters there.



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3 responses to “Fierce Gunfire At Saudi Riyadh Palace…No One Knows What Really Happened

  1. Jim R

    The ‘idiocracy’ dynamic has been at work on the Saudi royal family for several generations now. So there’s that, and I believe they have bee quite prolific as well. The Arab region used to be very low in population because it is a fricken’ desert! But now, they have air conditioning and lots of money so they can import food and water and etc.

    They still pump a lot of oil, but there’s lots of evidence that the big fields are getting played out.

    Gonna be tough for ’em to go back to being an unimportant desert country…

  2. melponeme_k


    CIA supported drug cartels in Mexico are now shooting tourists. Our tax dollars are used to launder money through the Mexican drug trade, train these bandits (who worship a death cult, Santa Muerte) and then we support them cradle to the grave when they become illegal aliens in the US.

  3. Christian W

    The Neocon Trump White House is preparing the ground for more US attacks on Syria – using Ye Olde WMD Trick again:

    Despite strikes, Syria’s Assad can still wage chemical attacks – U.S. sources

    COLOR REVOLUTIONS in Nicaragua…

    Nicaragua: Next in Line for Regime Change?

    The pattern is similar to events in Libya, Syria and Venezuela, where extreme right-wing political minorities conspired with foreign elites to overthrow the national status quo.

    Events in Nicaragua over the past week are clearly modeled on the kind of U.S.-led, NATO-driven regime change that succeeded in Libya, Ivory Coast and Ukraine, but has so far failed in Thailand, Syria and Venezuela. At a national level, the protests have been led by the private sector business classes defending their rate of profit against socialist policies in defense of low-income workers and people on pensions.


    and in Armenia:

    Armenia opposition leader detained after failed talks

    Yerevan (AFP) – Armenia’s political turmoil deepened on Sunday with the detention of anti-government protest leader Nikol Pashinyan, shortly after Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian stormed out of talks on the tenth day of mass rallies against his rule.

    Pashinyan and two other opposition politicians “were detained as they were committing socially dangerous acts”, the prosecutor general’s office said in a statement.

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