CNN Verbally Rape Melania Trump: Frequent DNC Attacks On First Lady Increasingly Unhinged

SICK. CNN Regular, Daily Beast Columnist and #NeverTrump Leader on Melania Trump: “World-Class Resting Bitch Face”


Today’s editorial here is all about how black DNC politicians and female DNC bitches (which is the correct word to use here) are racist as well as sexist in the worst way.  The many supporters of these gangs in the media have turned into bitches and racists and egg on their readers and watchers to do the same.  All of this nasty hate badly needs a mirror so these lunatics can see how horrible they really are.  The hatred poured on poor Mrs. Trump are obviously hurting her badly and they revel in hurting her as much as possible which makes them sadists on top of being sexists.

Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) | Twitter


This ‘writer’ hates Trump totally because…he is one of a large army of ‘entertainers’ who has a long agenda concerning sex stuff.  This is why he and his ilk find it totally reasonable to attack Milo, who is gay, the black female duo, Diamond and Silk, and any number of white women who support or are married to Trump.  These DNC bitches love to bitch and name call anyone who doesn’t join their ranks in attacking Trump nonstop.


They are so stupid, they don’t see why this is backfiring.  They love to scold everyone about how to be nice to blacks or women or gays or whoever while being obscene, rude, crude, violent and banning anyone who is gay, black, female etc. if they don’t march in lockstep with the SJW gang.


The person these lunatics hate the most is anyone who is simultaneously gay, black and female!


Conservatives have figured this out and love to torment the SJW/DNC left by constantly putting black/gay/female people the left hates on Fox TV all the time.  Alternative media featuring these outsiders from the SJW plantation are all over the internet and extremely popular which is why the SJW/DNC California bosses who run internet sites are now censoring and attacking anyone who puts into the news, these verboten freed slaves who escaped the DNC/SJW plantation.

‘Stump for Trump’ sisters on how they got on the Trump train – YouTube


The above video is from when Diamond and Silk first appeared on Fox News in 2016.  Seeing the hysterical reaction to them being interviewed and expressing views forbidden to all black women, the left began their relentless attacks on these two fine, upstanding ladies.


Eventually, the Jewish guy running Facebook banned them and banned everyone who were annoying to the fake stories being peddled by the Bilderberg gang which has a death grip on the DNC right now.

From last year:  Tomi Lahren: New generation is fighting for segregation – YouTube


A reminder of the insanity of the Evergreen College mess.  That school is now dying.  Any school taken over by the DNC/SJW gang and ends up being run by mainly females, dies.


There is a movement in the black left for resegregation.  All liberals now embrace this.  Everything has come full circle.  I have pointed out how I am getting childhood flashbacks this last three years not due to being senile, it is scary how things are retrograde, widdershins.


The DNC has become the McCarthy red scare lunatics.  This is lunacy because they are literally telling their followers that Russia is evil because Russia is the Soviet Union!  Huh?  I thought the far left loved old style communism.  That is what they say all the time.


But they hate Russia because Russia is a capitalist country!  But they peddle this business as if Russia is communist still.  This split brain brainless propaganda is jarring and at the same time it is backfiring.


Namely, if this is true and Russia is a great enemy of our state, then socialism is evil!  Ooops.  And this is one of many, many fundamental jarring contradictions eating away at liberal brains.  We actually have students at Berkeley, my home base in 1969, demanding NO free speech!


My head is spinning.  It is insane.  All the DNC run schools are demanding an end to free speech now.  When we inform them about what free speech means and why they should protect it, they roar in fury and become incoherent.  No, they want censorship!


They love terrorizing the opposition.  If they can be allowed to physically attack, assault, scream at, abuse, curse opposition views then they ‘win’.  And what is this stupid prize they will win?


Oppression of themselves, the crushing of the very people supporting tyranny is old history.  It happens every time when mobs are used to change hands in power struggles.  The minute a leader arises who uses the Mob, they then crush them brutally, 100% of the time, the mob’s leaders are brutally murdered.


I knew the Black Power leaders in the 1960’s.  And I warned them that it was a dead end movement that would kill the Civil Rights Movement.  They went off to do it anyways because it made them feel like big shots.  And were shot, big time.


The resegregation of America has been running along for the last 45 years.  When forced bussing happened, the white workingclass picked up their kids and furniture and departed from all our main manufacturing cities which saw taxes collapse and the working population replaced with welfare families who moved north.


All these cities became DNC power bases and the populations there support all the DNC racist positions and vote for anyone run by the DNC which are mainly white politicians who don’t live near any of their voter base.


They are basically farm animals to pad the DNC voting tallies.  Nothing is ever fixed.  The schools get worse and worse.  In NYC, the schools were in total collapse when a GOP mayor changed how they operated so that white and Asian students would attend again.  I had to move from NYC despite having a political base there when I had a second child because I couldn’t afford to pay for two private schools.


‘Save Our Schools…SOS’ was an organization I started and I got Giuliani to carry on this reform effort and now a DNC mayor is out to destroy all things because the main tool used by the DNC in schools is…to eliminate authority there and encourage student violence!


This is why, in all DNC-run schools, discipline has vanished.  Calling the cops as students riot regularly, is now forbidden.  Kicking violent students out is now verboten.  I expect all these schools to end up a smoking ruin and anyone living within a ten mile radius will be attacked by armed gangs of DNC-trained children who hate everyone and everything except ghetto culture which was created and paid for by the DNC, itself.


Tomi Lahren, the lady who is the creator of the Campus Craziness Fox video, has been in the ‘to be eliminated’ list run by the DNC/SJW gang.  If you google her name ‘Tomi Fox TV’ this is what you get after the first 4 searches give her offical websites and Fox TV information:

These are all attack articles about her, not stuff she produced.  Google searches have been quite evil for quite a while now.  They hide lots of information, it used to be, if I googled myself, I got a huge page, many pages of my own materials.  Now, I am lucky if my basic home page shows up just once!


The parking of attack articles right away on the front page of the search is bias.  It is deliberate.  It is designed to defame a reporter the SJW Google Gang hates.  It is totally deliberate.  Note how they falsely reported about ‘kicking a dog’.  I push my doggie out of the way all the time with my foot.


It doesn’t bother her at all.  Dogs like being pushed around, they romp with each other this way, after all.  It is mommy dog pushing puppy away when puppy is annoying and all puppies understand what this means.


Defaming people seems to be the only tool left to the DNC since reporting the truth is evil.  We are not supposed to notice the huge crime/school/tax/pollution problems in all DNC-run schools.  The worst cases of this is when a state government is DNC and the cities are DNC: this means total chaos even to the point of literally burning the city to the ground.


What a great thing this is!  Vote DNC and have your cities burn!  And your schools unhinged and violent!  And everyone hates everyone else and hates the US flag the most. What a wonderful campaign…and this is why Trump is President.






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16 responses to “CNN Verbally Rape Melania Trump: Frequent DNC Attacks On First Lady Increasingly Unhinged

  1. Melponeme_k

    The problem here is that the CIA, Tavistock and the other spooks are at a loss on how to hijack what marketing calls Generation Z. They don’t watch TV, they don’t use Facebook, many of them follow Alex Jones and other off the beaten path commentators. They are also highly conservative in behavior. They can’t be influenced as of now. The PE are scrambling to find hooks on them. This means they will try creating “leaders” (like that David Hogg Manchurian Candidate) to lead them astray. If they can’t do it, they will throw them out like they did my generation (X).

    I’ve heard some interesting analysis that the Baby Boomers (before the MK Ultra really settled in) were on their way to being what Generation Z is today. Independent with enough numbers to create a power change. This is why they were declared enemy #1 and were under constant attack via TV, music, fashion and drugs. All of that mentioned were created by the spooks and still are today to create wall to wall propaganda. The boomers followed Tim Leary the pied piper and went to hell with themselves. We can see the results by the addled brains and the vacant smiles of most boomers. We don’t need to discuss the poor Millennials. We can see them all running around in pink pussy hats and screeching hysterically at minorities who don’t follow the Elite narrative.

    As with all off the cuff commentators not in the mainstream, Crrow has some really out there ideas. But his views about spook influenced society is spot on.

    In this day of controlling propaganda; you have to dig to find the real gold, ignore the rest.

  2. Sunger

    Melponeme said- “We can see the results by the addled brains and the vacant smiles of most boomers. We don’t need to discuss the poor Millennials. We can see them all running around in pink pussy hats and screeching hysterically at minorities who don’t follow the Elite narrative.”

    Melponeme certainly is the right person to discuss “addled brains and vacant smiles.”

  3. mistah charley, ph.d.

    speaking of melanie, i get the impression that she deserves great credit for the state dinner for visiting french president macron

    and i think macron is correct in the approach to iran which he is arguing for with trump

    god bless america, et la france aussi

  4. Moe

    @3 Sunger

    I once had a mentor in my early twenties who corrected me when I proffered a reason/excuse for another’s behavior. He told me I wasn’t to assume responsibility for others’ behavior, that it was their purview and theirs alone. He was right, I learned a valuable lesson and I curtailed such intervention.

    Usually. Then along comes a comment like Sunger’s and in spite of my long-learned and practiced distancing and separation I am affronted. I’m certain Mel doesn’t need my support in dealing with this verbal assault (ironically in an article about verbal and other assault) but she should know Sunger’s isn’t the only opinion extant. Chivalry is not dead.

  5. Melponeme_k


    I’ve faced worse online. I don’t get angry. In fact I’m continually amazed that people take written combat on websites so seriously. Everyone always complains that comment sections are cesspools. Why? If you aren’t reading anything that causes you to dig deep to prove your own thoughts or question them, then its all worthless. That means everyone’s comments are included or we have the Madam Mao right think everywhere which means no one comments on anything.

    When I see blogs and other areas that don’t allow free form comments, I begin to question their motives. All of them, even the ones that are purportedly against the elite.

    Sunger is probably a boomer and took offense. Boomers are great at taking offense. They have been bred by the elite to have hair trigger emotional reactions about everything. They just can’t take DOWNERS MAN! Don’t get so HEAVY, MAN! Most of them still believe they are the most original generation that came down the pike. When really any thought, fashion, music, drug or political movement they have ever had was put their by the C.I.A.

    But this isn’t only the boomers. It is all of us of varying ages under varying degrees of elite control. The problem is, is that most of the younger generations are waking up to this panopticon but NOT the boomers. And dang, there are so many boomers: so in control of society, so out of control mentally, herded by the worst satanists ever living, and adamantly opposed to any self reflection at all.

  6. Oguy

    Re all of the above:

    It’s difficult to stereotype individual members of any broader demographic (boomer, millennials, Gen XYZ, for example), even though they all possess a collective “flavor” that distinguishes each from the others, and which few of their respective members haven’t absorbed to some extent– and which they probably share as much as, say, people born under the same astrological sign 🙂

    And maybe each generation succeeds the next, until Generation Zsquared recapitulates whatever preceded the so-called “Greatest Generation” and thus completes the cycle of endless returns. But if life does in fact churn through cycles in which history “rhymes” via
    continuous permutations of the same old story, it is nevertheless odd that today’s “left” has appropriated some of the worst traits of yesterday’s “right”. I guess you need to combine Marx’s repetition as farce with Twain’s rhyming to get the whole ironic picture.

    As for Melania Trump– her generally stoic public countenance and reserved manner might make it appear to some that she’s withholding her humanness (or that it was never there in the first place), but these traits also make her an automatic target for a mass media that exudes and revels in a mindless extraversion.

    And as for participants in this forum whose contributions consist mainly of reactive splatterings in place of constructive commentary, what can be said? Possibly that whatever generation they belong to, they have yet to develop any maturity of understanding or see themselves in the mirror?

  7. tio

    Now compare and contrast the ‘founding’ ayatollah with the rather verbose Mr Lobster.

  8. ziff

    meanwhile did you know , Michelle Obama ‘s poo is rainbow coloured and tasty unicorn ice cream

  9. ziff

    @ tio , recommend that whole vid , Jordan has an Amazing mind . ie u think the choice re GOD is athiest ,agnostic or not , he has more to add.

  10. tio

    Do you like tea?

  11. 400 years ago, Tea was considered a dangerous drink!!!

    As for hysteria, I love running in circles while screaming! YEAH!!!

    Oh, and I knew Tim Leary. He wanted to F me when I was a teen but I escaped through the window. Seriously. He was nuts way back in 1969.

  12. Lou

    15–Living in NYC in the 1970s I read ‘Village Voice’—I think it was there that I read about the real Tim.
    White Indian PJ wearing at colleges, flower in hand, light show, ‘use drugs’ [was he a CIA plant?]…
    The story then noted, He would then put on a suit and go to the playboy club, where he was a hard drinker and ass pincer.

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