Upper Westside Manhattan Hillary Supporter White Parents Furious They Need To Import Poor Black Children To All-White Schools

Upper West Side parents angrily rant against plan to bring more black kids to their schools –


This section of Manhattan voted 90% for Hillary in the last election.  These are top notch white liberals who hate anyone slightly to the right of Mad Madame Mao.  These people are also total hypocrites who hate black people but love to pretend they love black people and black people assault these white people physically attacking them and stealing from them.  Now, the government of NY wants to force their darling children to go to school with the children of the blacks who mug them and steal from them!  HAHAHA.


It is astonishing watching these Hillary bots howling with rage when told, their children won’t go to pristine white schools where students have to compete for joining the school by doing well on tests.


The Harvard gap between Asian students and black students is over 500 points.  Blacks can do horrible on tests and still get in whereas Asians have to beat everyone including white kiddies to go there.


Every day, Asians are attacked for being intellectually successful.  Any measure of intellectual skills sees Chinese (and often, Russians!) beating all other ethnic or racial groups.

International Mathematical Olympiad

We beat the Chinese barely…with four students who are Asian!  And two who are German.  Thanks to the immigration of Asians who come from the ‘smart’ countries, we do really well in the math competitions.


The competition for the slots set aside for smart students is brutal.  The Chinese/Asian ones in particular, have to be 500 points ahead of black students in entry tests, for example.


This makes the competition in the high schools very ferocious whereas black students barely have to study to gain high status aceess to schools.  When you have a blended school with rich, privileged black students and struggling white/Asian students working fiercely hard for limited positions, this makes the black students even lazier and less dynamic while forcing white/Asians to be super strong.


In evolutionary terminology, the battle for survival of the fittest students will continuously increase the quality and abilities of the white/Asian children while destroying all work ethic and ability in black children, a very destructive system indeed.

From 2015:  Mom’s blog about white kids in black schools goes viral – YouTube This female is very smug.  She thinks integration is great fun but of course, she isn’t the one who will be destroyed by this.  We can’t have a school system where black children are rewarded for being lazy and white/Asian children have ferocious competition.
Asian-Americans for affirmative action join Harvard suit – YouTube: This is from right during the last election!


Any rigged system fails in the end.  This system is not good for black children, it teaches them very bad lessons.  They are told, their native inferiority means they have to have special rules that let them in.  This makes them less strong, less honorable, less competent.


And everyone thinks, when they meet a high ranking black person, ‘This person is probably no good and got this position due to their skin color.’  It is really, really bad.


The leftists pretend that the people gaining access to elite schools are all ghetto kids is part of the fraud.  Most of them are probably upper class black kids like Obama.





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14 responses to “Upper Westside Manhattan Hillary Supporter White Parents Furious They Need To Import Poor Black Children To All-White Schools

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said “And everyone thinks, when they meet a high ranking black person, ‘This person is probably no good and got this position due to their skin color.’ It is really, really bad.”

    You are an idiot.

  2. Lou

    The Clintons moved to suburban NYC.
    Breakdown-99% White.

    Die versity for thee, not for me [Jews push that theme on us].

  3. Lou

    1–why do you think this?

  4. KHS71


    I think Elaine is correct with her comment. People do feel this way. Because of AA, the black person is assumed to have been promoted due to their skin color, not their abilities. When I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s there were blacks that did well. The term they used was “He/she is a credit to their race”. Now this comment is considered racist. Back then before AA, many blacks did well and were accepted into colleges based on their abilities, not the color of their skin. Justice Thomas graduated in the upper 2% of his class at Holy Cross. He then went to Yale and it was there that he saw who the real racists were. He commented that southern whites were open about their racism whereas leftest northern white elites were very subtle about their racism. Basically he discovered that the only reason he was accepted to Yale was the color of his skin. He had problems getting hired after law school and it was Jack Danforth who hired him and gave him his first opportunity. Read his book, “My Grandfather’s Son” and you will find out why he hates AA so much. He sees the destruction it does just as Elaine is pointing out now. It makes them dependent on the government, not themselves. Read more from Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. It might open your eyes to another viewpoint.

    BTW, I don’t think Elaine is an idiot. She was one of a few that predicted Trump would win the election. I am glad she was right.

  5. KHS71

    Notice all the students for the US Math team are male. Where are the females?

  6. ziff

    I find racism hard to overcome , its such a visual thing , if there were purple people with green hair it would be natural not to treat such a creature with suspicion. I’m sure all races feel this to some degree BUT if you talk to people, all are just human .

  7. Christian W

    @ 6 Ziff


  8. All the top math/chess people are 99.9% male. I used to freak out watching my fellow ‘genius’ level kids who were boys outstrip me at chess when I was a teenager. Their brains grew while mine did not once I reached puberty.

    This fascinated me back then. I was puzzled as to why this was happening, why math suddenly was harder, but languages were easy. I aced all language contests. Failed miserably at chess tournaments.

    This is fascinating and we hear nothing but lies about all this these days as our rulers pretend women and men are the same.

  9. Petruchio

    HaHa!!! This is news that is too good to be true!! I’ve said this cliché before: “Everybody’s a liberal until they find out their daughters are having romances and SEX with non white, non native English speakers. Illegal immigrants to be exact. Or dating Black males. These SJW folks are gonna get an Up Close and Personal look at just how fiercely Black males pursue White women for sex. THEIR daughters to be exact. Having sex with white females is just about ALL alot of Black males care about. Then, these SJW parents–and their daughters–are going to find out that Black Males are the biggest Deadbeat Daddies of ANY ethnic group. Black males LOVE to make babies; they just don’t want to support the babies they make. And these sheltered SJW daughters never think to ask the question: “Why don’t Black males like to date BLACK women?” And: the preferential treatment of blacks extends way beyond the academic World. Lots of jobs have slots for Blacks. Look at the City of Baltimore. Black Mayor. Black Police Chief. Mostly Black Police Force. (I don’t know, but I will bet you Dollars to Donuts that the Baltimore Fire Chief is Black also).

  10. Ken

    Sunger @ 1,

    You are a welcome addition to this blog in many ways, since you are an unrepentant supporter of the policies which are destroying western civilization. It is instructive and entertaining to engage in philosophical debate over the relative merits of liberal and conservative ideas, and there are few supporters of liberal ideas on this blog.

    However, you keep falling into the trap that seems to ensnare most liberals. When you have no coherent rebuttal or argument to make to support your side, you resort to insults and name calling. Mostly you insult Elaine, the owner of this blog, but you have also insulted me and several other contributors.

    When you do this you do a disservice to yourself and the whole concept of intellectual debate of competing ideas. Please stop. If you cannot formulate a coherent and thoughtful argument, one which might sway some people to accept your ideas, then just pass on that topic.

  11. Petruchio

    “We can’t have a school system where black children are rewarded for being lazy and white/Asian children have ferocious competition.” Maybe if we had a School System that actually tried to educate kids WHEREVER the school is located, we wouldn’t have to even talk about integration. Instead, the REAL goal of the folks running Education in the USA is to destroy the Western, White Culture by dumbing down students. To the greatest extent possible, and all under the guise of seeking “fairness” and “equality”. Of course, it never was about fairness or equality. A news item making the rounds on the Internet–didn’t notice the source–reports that SEVEN people in the same neighborhood were murdered. In a 12 hour period! Do I really need to mention the racial group involved ALL of these people belong to?

  12. Mewswithaview

    The fraud in education through easy A’s and affirmative action programs has some negative consequences which have been outlined by Thomas Sowell many years ago. Essentially the people who get into technical disciplines on affirmative action programs find it very tough going compared with high school that they often breezed through and need to work much harder to keep up in these courses compared with the students who have put in a lot of work on the subject before entering the course. As a consequence their failure rate is much higher and they often transfer to one of the easier liberal arts courses that are infested with the social justice warrior (SJW) ideology of cultural Marxism and Post-modernism that teaches them to be victims.

    There is a push for more women to enter STEM fields and no doubt they will lower the barrier for entry for women to make these political targets, the problem for the women who take this path without the aptitude for the subject will be the same as that for the affirmative action students i.e. a higher failure rate and more SJWs. The SJWs are targeting biology for women which means they will introduce Lysenkoism where the material taught will have to comply with a certain political ideology that women are equal to men and that differences are social constructs.

    I am speculating that the push for more women in STEM in Western countries has more to do with expansion of the university administrations since they have already saturated the liberal arts departments. Women that already participate in STEM and have the aptitude for it already do so and there are no barriers to them other than meet the standards expected of all participants therefore forcing women into those fields who are not necessarily interested or capable serves who’s interests exactly?

    There is a paradox coming from some Muslim countries where this is flipped and more of the STEM students are women. . . the reason being in those societies that this offers more stable income and options for women rather than dependence on men since there is a limited welfare state to fall back on.

    70% Of Iran’s Science And Engineering Students Are Women

  13. mistah charley, ph.d.

    obama was raised in hawaii by his white grandmother who was a bank executive – his mother went from one nonwhite husband to another

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