Press Club Wolves Attack Sarah Huckabee With Sexist ‘Jokes’

Michelle Wolf eviscerates Donald Trump in his absence at the White House Correspondents’ dinner | Daily Mail Online


Ever meet or seen classroom kids bully someone who isn’t beautiful but is brave and strong?  Many stories have been written about this sort of noxious, evil behavior.  Last night, Trump gave a triumphal speech to citizens in Washington, Michigan while the evil mainstream fake news gang ‘roasted’ Sarah Huckabee, daughter of a Senator and representative to the press for her boss, President Trump.  This bullying of a fine young lady was pure evil and these tyrant kiddies are boasting about how mean they are today.


Something has become utterly unhinged in the mainstream fake news systems.  Look at CBSN below: the ‘reporters’ there are psychopaths.  They are pure evil.  Note how they openly gloat about harming a nice, young lady, the President’s press secretary:

Michelle Wolf turns the White House Correspondents’ Dinner into a roast – YouTube


Utterly incapable of seeing themselves in mirrors due to being vampires, these clowns think they are very clever.  But the ‘jokes’ thrown like spitballs at a fine, young FEMALE all backfired.


Supposedly, these same hideous bullies are ‘pro-female’ and think that sexually and emotionally attacking isolated females is evil.  Yet, all the females ganged up on one female and savaged her mercilessly, driving her to tears.


They then gloated about doing this dirty deed.  I wish to god I was there, or better still, Diamond and Silk were there.  We would have loudly savaged these little twerps who have no shame.  Shame on them!  These are the ‘humanitarians’ they love to parade about, boasting about how they care about ‘humanity’ but put them together in a room and their true, vile nature rises to the surface like feces when it floods.

A woman claims a to fake news male sexually harassed her.  So all these female bullies flush the feces down the street and attack her.  This gang has zero regard for sex victims when the accused is one of their criminal buddies.


And these monsters are all war criminals, coldly lying about reality and driving us into one fake war after another!  Furthermore, how can any of these bints (a dirty Yiddish word) claim they know anything?  Just because no one molested them (yuck) doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t be molested!


Michelle Wolf is a verbal rapist.  She stood right next to Sarah and sexually harassed her mercilessly.  And like all the female bullies of my own childhood, she snipped and snapped about Sarah’s face, her hair, her clothing, sneered about her intelligence, not one ‘joke’ was funny, all of the ‘jokes’ were juvenile barbs thrown in order to cause emotional pain and they delighted in hurting the feelings of their victim.


I was savaged by the Big Girls when I was young.  But once I beat a few of them up in private when they tried to pull my hair, they confined their ire to verbal abuse.  This also didn’t work.  I had a lawyer and I told the school that if anyone abuses me there, I was going to sue.  I was already suing the school system for denying me access to ‘boys only’ courses so I had a real lawyer and he was very eager to use any abuse against me as part of the overall lawsuit.


The school’s principal panicked and he decreed that I and only I could walk the halls after the students were in class and come to each class a little later.  I cheerfully did this, it was fun.  Lots of students hated me but I didn’t care, this was all business.


Sarah will recover from the sexual public abuse by bullies.  Trump is probably furious that she was openly abused and will take his own revenge.


I wondered if the ‘press’ would continue to sink lower and lower and yes, they are probing the lowest levels now.  I have no love for them and hope they all get kidnapped by ISIS radicals and reeducated.


AP Reporter Rips White House Correspondents’ Dinner as Sean Spicer Calls Out WHCA Board Members for ‘Disgrace’: wow, even some mainstream reporters were disgusted with last night’s dinner when the wolves attacked a lone woman hoping to devour her.


South Carolina based Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard ripped the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner Saturday night for making it harder for reporters in red states to work and be trusted there. The dinner featured vile personal attacks by comedienne Michelle Wolf on senior White House officials Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.


Sanders’ predecessor first Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who attended the dinner, slammed the Correspondents’ dinner as a “disgrace” and called out WHCA board members in a series of tweets.

Spicer commented on a tweet by the New York Times’ Peter Baker that said, “Unfortunately, I don’t think we advanced the cause of journalism tonight.”


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60 responses to “Press Club Wolves Attack Sarah Huckabee With Sexist ‘Jokes’

  1. tio

    “And these monsters are all war criminals, coldly lying about reality and driving us into one fake war after another!”

    This cannot be over emphasised enough.

    A few examples from Airstrip One, in the first video the First Lord of the Admiralty is essentially told to STFU when the old duffer starts speaking the truth (kicks off about half way through).

    Second up, and only for those who are not on blood pressure medication, some twat getting more than he bargained for from a new personal hero of mine, Mr Shehabi.

    I physically cannot watch the BBC/SKY news (sic) any more, they disgust me. And the thought that so many swallow this crap makes my head spin.

  2. tio

    “This cannot be over emphasised enough.” I stared at this and realised this sentence should be ‘This cannot be emphasised enough’ or ‘This cannot be over emphasised’. Sorry for the brain fart.

  3. Moe

    The depth and ferocity of media’s attack on Huckabee only proves how effective she has been in corralling them at each day’s media scrum. They resent her effectiveness. In my opinion, she’s a genius at her job, which is to expose them for their bias and to counter their ‘fake news’.

    Bravo Huckabee.

  4. Christian W

    The British government has started to come after individuals accused of being Putin Bots. I say British government because this is part of the anti-Russian propaganda war campaign.

    The brave citizen got in a few good shots on live television when accused of Thought Crime for not accepting the Conservative (not leftist) Governments Orwellian lies, well done! 🙂

    Also a Finnish grannie, “CitizenHalo” was singled out as a Russian bot. As was Partisangirl/Syriangirl.

  5. Christian W

    OT Syria:

    The Syrian Army, with Russian support, has crossed the Euphrates and are attacking US created militant forces.

  6. Petruchio

    Well, well, well. Look at the Angry Black Man gloat. I’m talking about the Black dude who tsk tsk’ed the venom aimed at Huckabee Sanders. “Is the roasting getting more extreme?” Black dude’s answer is “Yeah, but so what?” OK. I guess that means burning crosses on black people’s yards is OK too? And typical of the MSM, there was no counterbalance to this racist black dude’s commentary. All he got were softball question after softball question.

  7. Christian W

    On topic:

    Huckabee may be a young, nice, fine lady. She is also a lying piece of **** war criminal.

    Until America resolves this deeply schizophrenic split it in it’s collective psyche things will continue to deteriorate.

  8. Ken

    Its no wonder that Trump never attends these WHC dinners. The media would love to be able to have him there as a defenseless punching bag. The free meal wouldn’t be worth the abuse he would have to suffer.

    On a related note, the rally that Trump held in Michigan had 1,000 people in attendance. Partly this was due to booking a small location for the event. His staff didn’t even try and fill up an area with 10,000 or 20,000 supporters as they did in the past. Undoubtedly they realized that his bombing of Syria did not go over well with his base, and they didn’t want to risk a lot of empty seats.


    ELAINE: It was a large venue and packed.

  9. Ken

    Of course, the 1,000 attendance figure comes from the media, so it may not be accurate. Did anyone on this blog attend?

  10. Oguy

    #7 – “Huckabee may be a young, nice, fine lady. She is also a lying piece of **** war criminal.”

    … which signifies that few if any individuals can advance to a high-profile position on either side of the ideological or political fence (to whatever extent this fence may be either contrived or real) without selling some integral portion of their souls, even if some individuals embody this compromise with greater poise and a more dignified countenance than do others. Not that a different principle applies to advancing in the world of “entertainment”, including the hybrid form we know as “news”.

    Besides which, much of what passes as “comedy” these days is little more than mean-spiritedness dressed in a veneer of “cleverness” designed to appeal to the programmed preconceptions of its audience. Whereas genuine humor speaks from and to the whole person, and thus always carries a note of empathy and a gleam of light within itself, even as it mocks what often deserves to be mocked. The best examples of satire and parody are never bitchy or condescending, nor do they pander or bask in their own sense of righteousness.

  11. Mercenary

    That is a disgusting statement. Get lost.

  12. Mercenary

    Michelle Wolf is not a comedian.

    The people in attendance were not journalists.

    This was a public shaming/verbal abuse session quite popular with neo-communists.

    Their goal: to inflict emotional pain and distress on their target. They derive pleasure from this because they are sadists.

    Their secondary goal: to strike fear in those watching. It makes them feel powerful because they are sociopaths.

    The dirty little secret is Michelle Wolf IS that room. She is merely the product of their propaganda. She is the result of their hate mongering against Trump. It was simply too real. Michelle held up a mirror to them. Her hate is their hate.

    But they are used to hiding it, being subtle about it, hinting at it, spewing their hate speech with a smile, and it was too raw and too real for them to be confronted with THEMSELVES.

    To the writer, you are correct that Trump will take vengeance. It is the only consolation I draw from that disgusting, sickening public verbal and emotional abuse session.

    Additionally, I would be surprised if a single administration official attends that event ever again.

    ELAINE: Best comment! Yes!!!

  13. Moe

    @ 7 Christian

    fHuckabee may be a young, nice, fine lady. She is also a lying piece of **** war criminal.

    Perhaps you could explain this.

  14. Nani

    What is fun about hurting and humiliating other people like that? I know a bully when i see one, and this was a bully.

  15. KHS71

    And I thought the left was against bullies.

  16. Oguy

    #13– The line of reasoning appears to be that because it is the role of the White House Press Secretary to put a positive PR spin on whatever the current adminstration does, the WHPS is complicit in any acts of belligerence that the administration perpetrates.

    My response in #10 above implied that most people would probably not want to render as much to Caesar as the WHPS position requires, but also added that the much same quid pro quo applies to occupying all sorts of other high-profile institutional and mass media-related positions. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t go nearly as far as to place the typical bureaucratic MO of “going along to get along”– a standard human failing– in the same moral category as overt war crimes.

  17. Christian W

    @ Moe

    Well, she is the official spokesperson for a regime that routinely murders people (including children) in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and many other nations, and she has no words of protest against Israel’s murdering spree in Gaza.

    Now we are pretending she is a flower of innocence when she hears a few harsh words directed at her at a party by some nasty person… I don’t think so. It’s not ok to be abused, and she shouldn’t anymore than anybody else, but she personally is a major abuser of people on a scale that far outweighs sh*t slinging at a party.

    This is a perfect example of Compartmentalization:

    Compartmentalization is a subconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person’s having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.

    Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self states

    Jung talked about Compartmentalization when he researched the mentality of SS officers who were perfect, caring family men and fathers at home yet cold blooded butchers in the concentration camps.

    So here we have a nice, fine, young lady… butcher.

  18. tio

    I was only following orders. Hmm.. and why not?

  19. Oguy

    I didn’t listen to Wolf’s monologue, because I personally have a distaste for that sort of thing– there’s more than enough casual cruelty and venomous snark among humans as it is. But I’m guessing that most of her jibes at Sanders didn’t relate to the type of military activities perpetrated by Clinton and Obama as well as Trump. That would have been a bit too transparent.

    Also, as far as psychological compartmentalization is concerned, affairs of state can’t realistically be governed by the precepts of the Sermon on the Mount, which were directed at a different audience for different purposes. In fact, I’d say it takes a great deal of moral courage to responsibly step into the shoes of a national executive while being fully aware of the difficult decisions and compromises that need to be made if any good is to come out of the political sausage. While I’m not suggesting that many heads of state have possessed the virtue, skill and integrity to meet that challenge with great success, I also feel that Trump has so far been relatively restrained, in terms of recent US precedent, in setting loose the dogs of war (as opposed to bellicose posturing, signaling and other types of theater), especially given the institutional, political and economic pressures to do precisely that. Less restrained than his campaign promises might have indicated, perhaps, but who takes those with less than 3 grains of salt?

    As for the future, time will tell, and the pressures just mentioned may gain in strength. We shall see …

  20. tio

    I knew this would happen, as did many others, too much space and light, Charlie will welcome you back into the fold if acquiesce before it’s too late. Hugs.

  21. The elites are at war with Trump. Since I despise the elites who belong to the Bilderberg gang, I side with ANYONE they hate. Especially someone who was elected in a real election.

    Trump is freaking out the elites. Give him props for this! They are scared to death of him and he makes them howl like monkeys fighting over a banana,

    For this alone, he is goint down in history.

  22. Christian W

    SOME elites, not THE elites, are at war with Trump…. Maybe they are scared of him because it looks like he will take the world to a shooting WWIII. Or maybe they are scared he will step on their personal revenue stream. Or put them in jail… Kleptocrat infighting may be amusing but it is not a spectator sport. Real people suffer the consequences, usually the little people and the more so if they are foreign getting trampled under the military foot print.

    I find it creepy that the Likud spectrum of the political scale (in the US and Israel) don’t seem to have any problem whatsoever with Trump. On the contrary they are getting along swimmingly. These people detested Obama, but not Trump.

    I must say though, it is both alarming, appalling and amusing to see how full ot itself the MSM is, and how many utter lunatics are in service of the Kleptocrats and their corporations and think tanks.

    As for a real election. I think Sanders would have defeated Trump (ironically Hillary and the DNC election meddling made sure we didn’t get to see that), but Trump clearly owned Hillary in every sense of the word.

  23. Christian W

    OT Peace:

    With historic news of peace in Korea, the 5 largest US military contractors shed $10.2 billion in value on just one day:

    Lockheed Martin fell 2.5%
    Northrop Grumman slid 3.4%
    General Dynamics shed 3.8%
    Raytheon dropped 3.6%
    Boeing slid 1%

    according to

    Let’s see how the Trump White House reacts to this disastrous turn of events.

  24. Moe

    @ 17 Christian.

    “Well, she is the official spokesperson for a regime that routinely murders people (including children) in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and many other nations,”

    Her family is Republican, she is Republican to the core, she is partisan.

    Her job is to assure that the media responsibly and accurately report the facts about the administration’s efforts: this is what is actually occurring regardless of the official job description. With the lyin’ media this is a very important and time-consuming effort and IMO she is performing very well.

    In an ideal world she would also report the administration’s failings, like that ever happens with any administration. It would also be a death knell with Trump’s administration since the media would interpret this as weakness and a perfect opportunity to attack Trump.

    Also, your description of her administrative role is hyperbolic: given enough lawyers with sufficient malice and it could be demonstrated that many if not all government employees are supportive of the administration and hence also guilty of ‘war crimes’.

  25. Jim R


    The USA has been in a continuing war crime since at least the Eisenhower administration. First Korea, and then the overthrow of the elected government of Iran, marked the 1950s. Then it went on to Vietnam, and various small countries, Reagan’s Iran/Contra shenanigans … And Bill Clinton really got the ball rolling with the destruction of Yugoslavia.

    Then came the 000s and Dubya’s war on Iraq, followed by Obama generally bombing the whole of the Middle East and North Africa.

    So, very much like “sex scandal”, the term “war crime” doesn’t mean too much any more. And then just tossing the term at someone who is employed by (but not a decision-maker in) the current administration in DC, means nothing at all. Or really, it means you don’t know what you are talking about.

  26. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Of course in the context of the US permanent war state war crimes mean nothing at all, nor do they have any consequences for the US elites.

    It is not the rest of the world’s fault the US is sliding into deeper and deeper lunacy.

    From my point of view it would be better for America to start sorting itself out sooner rather than later. Any real change to the Western world has to start in the US as the US is, by far, the dominant culture and economy on this part of the world.

    In other words, we in Europe cannot find our own way until there is change in the US. Unfortunately the change in the US is MORE WAR. Real war usually start with trade wars.

    That is what I am protesting against. I am appalled Americans are just going along, even buying into the narratives sold to them.

    I call the Trump regime a regime because what Trump promised his voters, and actual reality, are in most cases complete opposites. Trump’s Presidency is proving to be an even more hawkish Dubya Bush Presidency…. go figure.

    This very annual Press Club dinner venue that Elaine is writing about today Obama used as a platform to joke about HIS US drone strikes murdering people abroad; George W. Bush joked about his WMD lie, the lie that lead to the death of a million+ Iraqi people, the disasters in Libya and Syria and the birth of ISIS and so on…

    Yet, those pathological jokes was not seen as in bad taste. No, bad taste is pointing fingers at the Elite hypocrites present at the dinner. Maybe it was a good thing the Elites got their noses twisted a little for once….

  27. Christian W

    There were more missile strikes against Syrian bases tonight. These I suspect were US attacks. Could be they were from Israel but I think not. We shall see.

    In any case. Nobody elected a Trumpolini to be a Dictator over the world. Eventually US meddling and the military approach will reach a point where someone will hit back for real.

  28. Christian W

    April 6 – US attacks the Russian state owned company Rusal
    April 14 – US forces launch missile attack on Syria.
    April 25- US forces breaks into the Russian consulate in Seattle
    April 29 – More US/allied missile strikes on Syria

    These are all measures aimed at triggering hot war with Russia and by extension Europe. There is only so long Putin can remain calm in the face of such aggression. Putin knows very well that Russia is being backed into a corner and that starting a war is easy, but ending it difficult.

    Lunatics in America, in the Trump administration no less, are creating an extremely dangerous and volatile situation. MUCH more so than the Cuban crisis.

    Maybe there are reasons some people in the Deep State are scared witless when it comes to Trump.

  29. Moe

    @ Christian

    No one here is contesting the fact that US administrations have been guilty of war crimes. By definition, they have. The place to resolve who has committed such crimes is a tribunal (good luck with that) but even tribunals must adjudge intent and degree of guilt. One should not broad-brush all in an administration ignoring these factors, even though one can make the argument (or accusation in your case) that any degree of complicity warrants the appellation, but that approach demonstrates absence of discernment or qualification.

  30. Christian W

    @ Moe

    We all know there will be no tribunals. Ms Huckabee is selling the narrative of her administration, that is her job. The bottom line is the US has no legal standing regarding Syria (eg etc etc etc); it’s presence there, it’s attacks on Syria, it’s support of Al Qaeda etc are clear crimes against US law and International law. I’m sure Ms Huckabee has the wits to understand this, but it doesn’t matter, she proudly works for the Hegemon State Über Alles because the US makes it’s own laws. She is not a victim. Might makes right.

  31. Floridasandy

    The thing is nobody watch Michelle wolf, so they have to regurgitate it so we know what she said- and still nobody cares.

    Must be frustrating to be an angry leftist now.

  32. Melponeme_k

    I’ve never heard of Michelle Wolf until today.

    Honestly I find it hard to understand how people found her funny or even took offense at what she had to say. She is a fake 100%, all around.

  33. Melponeme_k

    Oh and yeah, Wolf looks like a turnaround. Big hands that cover the entire face. Huge dental pallet. The hips bones are smaller than the shoulders despite the well placed fat injections. The huge hair is to cover the fact that her shoulders are huge and three head lengths.

    The face is good. Which is why they push her. She has a good fat face which looks feminine. But check her out against other males. Her skull should not be as large as their skulls. If she was female, it should be smaller. In one photo of a late night talk show, you can clearly see the forehead slope (male trait).

    No wonder they had her as an attack dog on a female. Elementary!

  34. My head is as big as a male’s head!!! I wear hats made for men who are six feet tall and I am only 5’5″. And am 100% female.

    About the other matters here: I knew a government that was very peaceful and lay between India and China. I knew the King of Sikkim. I have the Royal Pegasus statue on my desk which the King gave me way back in 1964 when my parents were in Sikkim.

    This peaceful kingdom IS GONE. It was DESTROYED. It no longer exists. It was crushed by the Giants that surrounded it.

    I am a HUGE believer in ‘being strong’. I am a fighter who believes in having military power. Nations with out this power are easily destroyed.

    Even the Japanese are dropping the fiction that they are peaceful now. Europe is gripped with this and their military systems are rapidly dying. They have open borders and are being invaded by hostile aliens and can’t do a thing about it.

    How insane!!! How STUPID.

  35. charlottemom

    Saturday’s event was a “Struggle Session” on display with all the usual suspects cheering it on – the Maoists are so proud of their work. Disgusting “comedy” and those who defend it show their true colors including this blogs very own “Christian”

  36. mistah charley, ph.d.

    A factual correction: Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not the daughter of a senator – her father is former governor of Arkansas.

    speaking of Christian values, here’s something I wrote in 2009 – and yes, I do believe that our government commits mass murder:

    Repentance as part of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

    Kurt Vonnegut [who SHOULD have received the Nobel Prize in Literature] had personal experience of weapons of mass destruction – as a prisoner of war during World War II, he survived the mass murder of the inhabitants of Dresden by terrorist bombs – bombs dropped from airplanes, as terrorists backed by prosperous states customarily do, as compared with ground-delivered bombs, the terrorist weapons of the less prosperous. At the end of his life, Vonnegut despaired that the U.S. would ever become the humane and reasonable nation that people of his generation imagined they were fighting for – too much power, too much corruption, too much addiction to oil and money and destruction.

    If the Christians are right, it might be possible to achieve rehumanization – but it would require repentance – and this would require a recognition of having done wrong, and a decision to reform – “go, then, and sin no more.” There is no trace of any such inclination in the propaganda emanating from those now in charge. We need to change our leaders – either provide transformative experiences to the people now in power, or put different people in power. Are the English-speaking “little people” big enough to do this? I wonder. I hope so, but I fear they themselves are too ignorant, too lazy, and too corrupt. In other words, we may already have the government we deserve.

  37. Melponeme_k


    Are your shoulders three head lengths? Do you have a brow ridge and a huge mouth? Are your hips smaller than the shoulders?

    You can see that I didn’t list just one feature on that creature. It was a whole panoply of skeletal traits.

    And a huge skull on a female is an outlier. If I compare my skull to the men who work with me and mine would look like a child skull. A lot of people include finger ratio in the skeletal traits. The ring finger in 95% of men will be larger than the pointer. On women it is the opposite. I’m one of the 5% of women who has the male ratio. But I wouldn’t base anything on just one feature.

    Wolfe wears a lot of baggy blouses with a drop shoulder look to hide the shoulder width and lack of female waist indent. Female waists begin right where the lungs end way above the belly button. Men’s waists are low and their waists by contrast are super straight, not even a whisper of an hour glass.

    People here don’t believe me when I say they are looking at men? Well things are very advanced and the change can be very convincing.

    This person is open and honest about the change. I’m not angry at her but the ones who trying to pretend. Very convincing, don’t you think?

    But not with the skeletal test.

    See the brow ridge, the wide apart eyes, the big mouth. The jaw is still very wide even though it looks shaved. You’ll see the hands are as big as her face. She tries to sell the idea that estrogen makes her frame smaller. That will work only on the muscles, but the skeleton remains the same. And hers says male even despite the hormonal changes.


    ELAINE: Hey! My ring fingers are quite longer than my pointing finger! This is why I could play the cello and piano so well! You have to stretch to reach the notes with that finger and make it strong, not weak.

  38. Christian W

    @ 34 Elaine

    I am a HUGE believer in ‘being strong’. I am a fighter who believes in having military power. Nations with out this power are easily destroyed.

    Yes, this is of course logic of Kim Jong-un when he pursues nuclear weapons and ICBMs as a strategic deterrent.

    And that is the logic of Bolton when he says NK needs to disarm following the “Libyan model”…

    Yes, of course North Korea will follow in the footsteps of Libya, Iraq, Syria and Russia and open the doors wide open for various US forces to enter and destroy.

  39. Christian W

    @ 36 Mistahcharley

    Thank you, excellent post.

    If the Christians are right, it might be possible to achieve rehumanization…

    Rehumanization is to access the higher levels of the human brain, far above the base FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE responses of the Limbic system (hind brain), and the emotions of Fear, Anger and the like who keep us in a constant loop of lower functioning

    Ergo: too much power, too much corruption, too much addiction to oil and money and destruction. In other words, Murder Inc.

  40. My ancestors were…conquerers who ran around the planet, taking over everything. It was never considered abnormal or strange, doing this. Humans have been doing this for our entire evolutionary history.

    Pacifist weakness leads to being enslaved or killed. This is the nature of humans. But then, many species do the same sort of violent survival tactics, too. Evolutionary history is all about being strong and smart.

  41. Christian W

    Actually cooperation and peace has always advanced humanity more than destructive wars.

    Unfortunately we have now reached the stage where the Knuckledraggers have Big Buttons to push.

  42. Nani

    Thankfully, the US cannot invade or attack major powers like Russia and China, but they could easily attack smaller, weaker countries like Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan because those countries were fragmented and militarily weak.

    I am sure countries like Iran has learned their lesson.

  43. Floridasandy

    Maybe we are getting the government we finally deserve- tax cuts, massive US investment, lower unemployment, talk of border protection, less regulation and no more mandatory health insurance.

    It’s a start.

  44. Christian W

    The US has officially admitted they have supplied Kiev with Javelin anti-tank missiles.

    The Ukies are now bringing up heavy weaponry to the front, which of course is against the Minsk deal signed by Putin, Hollande, Poroshenko and Merkel. Not that Agent Merkel will do anything about it.

    The Trump regime is ramping up the war pressure in Syria, Ukraine against Russia and Iran.

  45. Christian W

    Looks like the missiles fired into Syria yesterday were fired from a US/British base in Jordan. The missiles targeted Iranian troops and killed at least 47 soldiers. This happened while Pompeo, who is rabidly anti-Iran, visited Netanyahu in Israel.

    Today Netanyahu again came out with the old discredited garbage about an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

  46. Christian W

    Oh, Iran dropped the $dollar. Bad Iran, must bomb.

  47. Christian W

    @ 43 Sandy

    Well. The other side of the picture is…

    The U.S. Just Borrowed $488 Billion, a Record High for the First Quarter

  48. Yes, Zionists run the government. I mention that frequently. Imagine a President who was not a Zionist.

    Now imagine a very dead person. Who was against Zionists in the last dozen elections? Hmmm….NO ONE.

    Thank you.

    Look, I talk a lot about Zionism, I was married into a NY city Jewish family who had ties in the media systems way back in the 1970s-1990.

    And they kept me out of the news!!! I was MRS. LEVY. And gave them lots of trouble from the inside. I have a very clear idea what is going on here.

    I warn the Jews that Zionism is backfiring on them and they don’t care. They are suicidal. This is bad, very bad but we can’t stop this machine at all, it is very big and very stupid.

  49. Lou

    Fred On Everything has a piece about jews and how even Nepalese dislike them.

  50. Petruchio

    This is off topic directly, but indirectly I believe there is a tie-in. On Page One of the St, Paul paper (04/28), a headline reads, “Bill lowers bar for sex harassment, and not all are pleased” The key provision in this bill states, “An intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment…does not require the harassing conduct or communication to be severe or pervasive.” I should note here that this bill was passed out of Committee by a VOICE vote. The politicians are too cowardly to admit to voting in favor of this Bill. The have to use a voice vote so they can deny it later. I don’t know. Obviously harassment in the workplace shouldn’t be allowed, but how do you stop it? Whose definition of harassment do you use? Yours or mine? Can this new harassment Bill–if it passes–be used maliciously? Of course! Everybody is against harassment. In the workplace or wherever, but how do you decide? I know of cases where a male–and let’s face it, these harassment laws are aimed at males, almost exclusively–got into trouble for giving a female a “nasty” look!. Managers at companies already are wary of speaking with women employees in private because of the potential consequences.

  51. Christian W

    @ 48 Elaine

    It will not backfire on “Them” it IS backfiring on YOU, the collective “You,” the collective US.

    This is not a matter of “Zionism” or “Muslims” or “Whites”. The US is on track to borrow $2 TRILLION this year… In One Single Year. Nobody has that kind of money to borrow, especially since China and Russia stopped buying US debt.

    Do note that Gnome Mnuchin is only giving empty platitudes about robust markets taking up the slack (that nobody can take up….). This means the printing presses are going overtime and computer graphs are being manipulated to look good on the screen.

    There is a reason the Zionist Masters and their Puppets (such as Trump) are gearing up for WAR and Neocolonialism. The US is BROKE. We are back at one of the tried and tested turning points of history. One Old Broke Empire, New up and coming hungry Competitors. The one thing that keeps the US Empire afloat is still the Dollar Reserve Currency, but this is crumbling now.

    Trump’s trade wars and tariffs are just means to try and stop the inevitable using muscle rather than genuine attempts at controlling the budget.

    It is time we found another solution instead of yet another World War.

  52. Petruchio

    An amazing News story: People who criticize Michelle Wolf are Sexist(!). This is amazing to me because Wolf can tear apart people like Huckabee, but NO ONE is allowed to criticize Wolf. Is that really the mindset of the SJW crowd? Why would anyone take these folks seriously? These folks are obviously spoiled rotten, overindulged, overinsulated, spoiled rotten little rich kids. Which is why people should give these juvenile brats a dose of their own medicine. Sexist. Homophobe. Xenophobe. People like Wolf use buzzwords to label people they don’t like. They give the very strong scent of being programmed, brainwashed even. Rational debate with these people isn’t possible.

  53. Jim R


    A mere $2T? No problem for the gnomes — how many zeros? 12? Fine, there ya go.

    Of course, we’ll be joining Zimbabwe at that rate.

    Thing is, really balancing the budget would mean Taxing the hell out of all the elites, but not really raising anyone out of poverty. Balancing the budget means poverty all around, and that isn’t a popular course of action.

    So we shall all eventually be trillionaires.

  54. Stop patrolling the planet and that reduces debt greatly and also stop exporting production…DUH. The deficit began with the Vietnam War and then we went ‘free trade’ which caused it to explode. Period.

    Trump at least is trying to stop the bleeding of trade business. He is the ONLY ONE in the last 60 YEARS to do this.

  55. Christian W

    @ Jim

    I watched the collapse of Zimbabwe with interest. The markets were BOOMING while hyperinflation took off.

    The money the rich have stashed away in the Queen’s tax havens are the exact equivalent to the budget deficits… funny that huh.

    Poverty is a relative term, isn’t it.

  56. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Stop patrolling the planet? Patrolling, aka the Military Boot Print, is a prerequisite to prop up the Petrodollar ie the dollar as world reserve currency. Might as well start to reform out of the current FED system straight away if the US stops military power projection to subjugate vassal states to the dollar system…

    Trade tariffs is like a heavy drug addict going vegan for health reasons, it does nothing to fix the core problem.

    US Federal Governments sovereign debt $20 trillion, debt-to-GDP ratio 105%. Add in private, household, corporate, municipal city debts, and unfunded future liabilities, pensions, medicaid and Social Security and America is technically bankrupt.

    In this context Trade Wars look artificial and superficial.

  57. So, Christian, you propose…NOTHING! Great move there.

  58. Lou

    Trump at least is trying to stop the bleeding of trade business. He is the ONLY ONE in the last 60 YEARS to do this.–It was with Clinton that
    the nightmare began. The off shoring was minor before him,

    MFNS for China, NAFTA, TPP is yet to be [or not to be, that is a question].
    What else? Agenda 2030.

  59. Christian W

    @ 57

    I am proposing something all the time. What do you think I am arguing against? When in a hole, stop digging. Break the DNC/GOP duomonopoly, deal with the Israel Lobby. Stop the Super PACs. Take on the Kleptocrats. Make your votes count for something. Scientific research shows that voting in the US system doesn’t change anything because the Permanent State already has all the policies set and on track, as Trump found out.

    Stop going to war for the elites. Stop playing their stupid games.

    These are all domestic policies. if you leave it to the elites, nothing will change but things will keep getting worse. If you, the US public, fracture along racial, cultural, religious, social, economic, political and now sexual identity lines etc, imposed by the elites, where is that going to take the US?

    If American citizens avoid domestic political reform out of fear of their own elites, where does that leave foreign nations subject to the US Military Foot Print (or threat thereof)?

  60. We just got Trump, a total outsider, the first non-Bilderberg person as President and you, Christian, complained bitterly and nonstop.

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