England Repeatedly Arrests Mr. Tan For Speaking Out About Destruction Of London

Speakers Corner Tan Shouts ”Allah Is A Pedophile” To Sadiq Khan! Gets Escorted Out! – YouTube


England has zero free speech.  No country in Europe allows free speech.  In the Land of the Free here in the USA, we still have free speech.  The Bilderberg gang wants us to go to war against Muslims who live next to the Jews-only state of Israel while at the same time, demanding we import Muslims to Europe and North America!  This schizophrenic system is causing chaos which is the goal of the elites: have citizens constantly fearful and physically attacked at home.  This is also backfiring, badly.


Like Tommy Robinson, the hero of Braveheart proportions, Mr. Tan is fighting the elites, demanding they stop importing hostile Muslim males.  He was arrested when giving a speech about this at Speaker’s Corner.  This is the same site that Tommy gave a series of speeches, first, he was threatened with arrest but finally, the mayor, a Muslim, let him speak in London.


London is undergoing a huge crime surge after the elites disarmed all citizens so only illegal aliens have guns.  Citizens and even the POLICE are disarmed and only special forces protecting Paliament and the Queen get to bear arms.


So crime is shooting upwards.  What a shock.  I remember when NYC was disarmed.  I managed to arrest around 100 people while not carrying a gun but in Tucson, I was certainly armed and used guns when arresting people there.


Now, citizens are discouraged from arresting or fighting criminals!  This change has been very toxic and I am 100% against this.  I am armed today, and can take down anyone wishing to trespass and attack me.

WARNING: TAN SILENCED BY SECTION 5 – STEVE ABUSES AND HARASSES UP RIGHT BRITISH POLICE 😳 – YouTube: this video shows Tan, the man hauled out of the meeting, being arrested for giving a speech and then was menaced by angry Muslim males who are very violent people.


Many Brits are being arrested if they irritate the Real Rulers and the storm troopers of the rulers, that is, Muslims and other entities who hate the Christian population.  The Hitler joke pug dog is in the news in Britain yet again: YouTuber Count Dankula Refuses to Pay ‘Gross Offence’ Fine, Donates Money to Children’s Hospital.


YouTube comic Markus Meechan, better known as Count Dankula, is refusing to pay the £800 fine handed to him by the courts for a ‘grossly offensive’ joke, donating the money to Glasgow Children’s Hospital instead.


He is daring the State to arrest him again.  This was. a very smart move.  He is defiant which freaks out the Bilderberg gang who are used to people ducking and hiding after being hit by clubs wielded by the State in order to terrorize citizens.


Good for him.  He is a hero.  People who never really fought the State don’t realize how much guts it takes to rise up a SECOND time and fight the State again.  The State has great powers, I have seen this first hand when the State arrests me or deports me.


But going toe to toe with the State when the State acts like a thug: this freaks them out.  This is why my name nearly never appeared in the news, they figures, if I was hidden, I would be less effective.


They first tried to hide Tommy Robinson in England but he is a loud mouth who just went back into the streets and continued his actions, a truly brave, brave man.  Others see this and are now following his fine example which is why Count Dankula is doubling down and daring the State to attack him again.


And the State will attack him only they can’t hide this anymore and they look stupider and stupider doing this.  It takes a lot of guts for the young man and his little dog to take on the Wicked Witch State and we should salute his bravery.

The Scotsman was handed the fine for uploading a comedy skit which shows him trying to turn his girlfriend’s pug dog Buddha into the “least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi”.


Note how the mainstream news media giants are praising the ‘comedian’ who was so rude, crude and stupid at the stupid, rude, crude Press Club award ceremony.


The stupidest part of that ceremony was the fake news media handing out awards to each other for…utterly fake news!  HAHAHA.  Arrest them all.


The Scotsman enjoys considerable public support, with a fundraiser for an appeal to “nuke [his conviction] from orbit” smashing its £100,000 target in less than a day.


I now can call this ‘The New Peasant’s Revolt’.  Periodically, the good peasant people of Britain rise up and defy the Real Rulers.  I hope they storm the Queen’s palaces, too, and eject her family.


Others have welcomed the conviction enthusiastically, however, such as comedy writer Graham Linehan, who has appealed to GoFundMe to shut down Meechan’s legal fundraiser several times on social media.


Yes, the ‘liberals’ who are petted by the mainstream fake news media is attacking this brave man and they hate him for being ‘racist’ but the person in this story who is attacking Count Dankula and his little dog, too…is a racist creep and here is proof:

Meanwhile, in the land of California where creeps rule and creeping chaos is destroying all systems, a top tech university run by the State has students openly defying the creepy President of their school to run a serious discussion about politics so…since it is the conservative students doing this, the school can’t attack them physically or deny them space so the President of the school had this bright idea:  Cal Poly tries to upstage conservative event with magic show!


California College Republicans Chairwoman Ariana Rowlands told Campus Reform she found Armstrong’s alternative event “rather hilarious,” and expressed amusement that “the liberal response to free speech and hard-hitting exposés of fake news is to host a magic event with temporary tattoos that sounds like it could be mistaken for a kindergartener’s birthday party.”


HAHAHA.  Too stupid to figure out that this is a dumb idea, low IQ time here at the top, yes: this ‘solution’ is silly.  But then, the mainstream media is very silly, too.  So are our Bilderberg leaders: in public, they look very stupid.


“While attending a magic show is a better response to right-wing speakers on campus than setting things on fire and throwing a tantrum, they’re both exhibitions of childish behavior,” she argued, adding that “if you can’t tolerate different opinions without adopting these immature coping mechanisms, I don’t think you should be in college at all.”


Bingo!  This young lady has a very high IQ.  She has a bright future, too.  And the ‘liberals’ will defame her, sexually attack her, try to make her cry, beat her up physically or even kill her.  These lunatics hate smart women with a passion next to hating smart black males, too.


The panel itself went on without interruption. Participants engaged in lively debate about the topic of fake news followed by a civil question & answer session with a surprise appearance by investigative journalist Laura Loomer.


When the radical left is locked out, riots don’t happen.  So far, not one riot against leftist meetings has happened, anywhere.  It is always ANTIFA and BLM rioters attacking anyone else.  Talking about attacks, the Gateway Pundit has been under sustained cyber attacks this last week and yesterday, was taken down entirely for a while:

They are back up now.  I hope this is finished.  The leftists fight dirty.  The more they fight dirty, the more they lose.  They can’t figure this out.  Facebook ‘Downvote’ Button to Help Censor ‘Fake News’ 

Yes, dying Facebook is going to commit seppuku.  Good for them.  Die!  Right now, they want people to downvote ‘fake news’ and ‘bad people’ and I hope they do this.  The young people who hate the SJW/ANTIFA gangs are flexing their muscles and hoping to have a cyberwar with the leftists.


This will destroy Facebook and good riddance.  It is sucking away information to sell to corporations and governments.  It is a super spy system set up to steal information.  It is now pure evil.


Facebook is going to join My Space in outer space, that is, zero g and zero oxygen.  A stagnant cyber pool.


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24 responses to “England Repeatedly Arrests Mr. Tan For Speaking Out About Destruction Of London

  1. Sunger

    Study Links Low Intelligence with Right-wing Beliefs
    Globe and Mail

    “Lead researcher Gordon Hodson told LiveScience that the results of the study indicate a vicious cycle, in which people with low intelligence are drawn to socially conservative ideologies. In turn, those ideologies can contribute to prejudices.

    “Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order,” he said, explaining why those with lower intelligence may gravitate toward the right. “Unfortunately, many of these features can contribute to prejudice.”


  2. Sunger

    How Breitbart Fell Back in Love With Alt-Right Troll Milo Yiannopolous


    When Milo Yiannapoulos’ life exploded in scandal, his editor at Breitbart News denounced him. But with the publication of his new book, an old friendship has been revived.

    For anyone who’d cherished the impossible dream that Milo Yiannopoulos would suffer for his sins, his triumphant resurrection in recent days must come as an irksome and chastening spectacle.

    It turns out that even Yiannopoulos’s most hateful outrages—bursts of racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and self-loathing homophobia, delivered with campy performance skills, preening contempt and a posh English accent—are irresistible catnip to the media-political complex.

    Even Bill Maher—who absorbed a raft of criticism for his kid-glove treatment of Yiannopoulos during his Feb. 17 appearance on Maher’s Real Time HBO show—is courting the alt-right’s most notorious troll for a return engagement.

    Yet a few days after Yiannopoulos’s lovefest with Maher five months ago, it all came crashing down. He was forced to resign in disgrace from his nominal technology editor job at Breitbart News, lost a $255,000 book deal, and was disinvited from a prominent speaking role at the Conservative Political Action Conference—all for defending the criminal practice of pedophilia on an all but forgotten podcast.


  3. Sunger

    Does this vid need a commentary?

  4. Oguy

    #1 — This study appears to “link” low intelligence with social prejudices and authoritarianism, and then equates social prejudices and authoritarianism with right wing ideology, as though these defects were somehow unique to the right. Do I detect a minor sleight of hand in this last move? Well, I admit that the left generally adopts a more elaborate strategy to conceal, deflect or sublimate these qualities within its collective psyche, or to call them something else, all of which may admittedly be a sign of a certain kind of intelligence. The more complex an ideology, the more elaborate its subterfuges? Maybe someone will develop a survey to differentiate the self-deception strategies of the left vs. the right, and of those individuals with supposedly low vs. high intelligence. I’d love to see that one. Maybe if it defines these categories cleverly enough, it will even predetermine its own outcome. You can’t get a more airtight argument than a tautology, after all— especially one that’s oh so cleverly disguised.

  5. Lou

    ‘Sunger’ does not seem too smart.

  6. Oguy

    Unneeded comment on Video 🙂

    Yiannopoulos– yeah, another person who’s made cultivating an image and getting a rise out of people his basic career MO. Although he does it with what passes as a certain aplomb— maybe not in Oscar Wilde’s league, but still a definite career asset in terms of marketing his brand. And nobody whose brand is based on provoking people as a method of gaining attention can afford to be moderate, especially in the field of political entertainment.

    So in accordance with Frank Zappa’s comment that “Politics is the entertainment branch of industry”, maybe in this TV and internet age entertainment has become the paid mistress of politics. Set your expectations accordingly.

  7. Melponeme_k


    Frank Zappa was a spook elite baby. And like all of his ilk he LOVES to rub the truth in the face of the proles. Politics is a scam. Frank Zappa and his music was a scam. I doubt the man wrote or composed any of that crap he put on vinyl. All by some no name CIA wage slave and then attributed to the Zappa. The same as ALL the stars we call stars.

    There is no politics. There is no entertainment. There is no science. There is no there there. It’s only the elite doing the hootchie koo around bonfires and hoping we don’t wake up. But we are waking up and the old dances aren’t working anymore. Fortunately for us, their gene pool has become significantly shallow and now they are infighting for the last bit of power scraps.

  8. Oguy

    # 7 — Zappa was a pretty decent guitar player and played live with a couple of world-class musicians– that much cannot be faked, regardless of what anyone might think about the quality of his music in general. I sense that you greatly overestimate the degree to which all that occurs in the public arena is theater— the game could never work on that premise, and would become too transparent if it did. Besides which, all attempts to manipulate reality towards personal advantage generate unintended consequences– genies let out of the bottle soon demonstrate their own will. But that’s an old tale, as cited on the Wikipedia page for Goethe’s original poem titled the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Der Zauberlehrling), as opposed to the second-hand Disney version (yes, we’ve all heard about Disney) :-):

    Other related stories

    Similar themes (such as the power of magic or technology turning against the insufficiently wise person invoking it) are found in many traditions and works of art:

    Strega Nona
    The Man Who Could Work Miracles (and numerous other works by H. G. Wells)
    “The Monkey’s Paw”
    “Sweet Porridge”
    Forbidden Planet
    “The Master and his Pupil”
    Abhimanyu in Chakravyuha in the Mahabharata
    The Sañjīva Jātaka story about the boastful pupil who is killed by the tiger he brought to life with a spell, without yet being taught the counter-spell by his teacher.[

  9. Melponeme_k

    No Oguy, I don’t overestimate. In fact, I think, I UNDERESTIMATE.
    Zappa was a military spook brat. His father taught in the Naval Military Academy in CA. He worked in defense so that means SPOOK. The Mother’s French ancestry is hidden. So that means BLOODLINES! They don’t let just anyone teach in their elite shindigs. Believe me.

    Zappa was part of the Laurel Canyon scene which was CIA all the way. The CIA started what we know as the 60s to mess up the young people actually fighting for change. They all ended up as strung out junkies or left the movement altogether. Leaving it all free for the CIA to create their fake movements.

    But even early rock was controlled by spooks. The Beatles were a Tavistock creation from the word GO! This also includes the rest of the British Invasion. And all of these people are bloodlines. Dig deep enough and you’ll see the elites giving their inbreds a chance to be STARS! Even if they don’t have a speck of talent.

    You don’t think that is fair do you? Imagine all the premium artists in music, literature and fine art that have gone to the grave without anyone knowing their names. Just so some elite inbred can be ARTSY!

    The Spooks have been into black magic since John Dee’s time. They control or have tried to control mass media from its beginnings. We only read, watch or listen to what they want us to. It is a given that most of what we peruse is black magic.

  10. Oguy

    I wasn’t suggesting that the controllers of mass media don’t exercise strong premeditated favoritism to determine who gets promoted to positions of prominence, with or without an ancestral pedigree of some type. Nor was I suggesting that the media and their controllers don’t deliberately attempt to influence public tastes, dispositions and attitudes— of course they do. It’s in many ways their primary mission, perhaps even more so than making money for themselves. But there’s also a limit to how far the effects of these manipulations can be held in check without having them take on a life of their own, quite outside the control of the original manipulators. It’s in that connection that I brought up the bottled genie and sorcerer’s apprentice as exemplars of this dynamic That’s aside from the extent to which public gullibility and malleability also have their limits, beyond which point their exploitation can begin to backfire.

  11. Melponeme_k

    “But there’s also a limit to how far the effects of these manipulations can be held in check without having them take on a life of their own, quite outside the control of the original manipulators.”

    There is no limit when you own the platform and everything else on it. There is no alternative anything. And if there was or ever has been, it is been either co-opted or destroyed.

    You have to understand, the human brain is vulnerable when it comes to entertainment. Music and stagecraft easily bypass the logical centers of the brain straight to the reptilian. The elites have known this since Plato’s time but it was only in modern times (our time) that they have exploited this to an almost insane degree. They have built a little mirror maze around us and fooled us into thinking the distorted images are our real world. In fact they make fun of us and our gullibility by showing us images of mirrors broken and otherwise in their music, movies, books and TV shows.

    To bypass this maze means to totally unplug from all media. When I see people on the street, all with their noses in their phones, I don’t see that happening. Maybe there are some people who are making a run from the slaughterhouse, but they don’t view us as threats. If the majority is on board for the one two cattle prod punch, it’s all good in their eyes.

  12. Oguy

    “They have built a little mirror maze around us and fooled us into thinking the distorted images are our real world. In fact they make fun of us and our gullibility by showing us images of mirrors broken and otherwise in their music, movies, books and TV shows.”

    Consensus “reality” is as old as the hills. As is the concept of maya— “beginningless”, the veils of illusion are said to be. And yes, the medium has kept up with the times. But the “they” who are presumably in control are as much captive to the illusion as those who have succumbed to their manipulations. Why else would they even attempt to perpetrate them?

    Unplugging from the media is effortless and natural when it’s plainly seen to offer little of substance, and when its machinations become too ridiculously transparent.

  13. Melponeme_k

    “But the “they” who are presumably in control are as much captive to the illusion as those who have succumbed to their manipulations. Why else would they even attempt to perpetrate them?”

    They have their own worlds with their own associations, a breakaway economy and living conditions. So much so, they encode it into our entertainment. What do you think Harry Potter was all about? Them! Any time you see a super villain with a secret hideaway and secret organizations that is all them. They like to rub it in our faces and laugh.

    I keep pointing out the real use of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a temple to the Goddess. They are celebrating May Day, Floralia etc. tonight with their “costume ball”. Watch the photos and you’ll see the black magic. Meanwhile we fools think the building is only for art.

    Why do they do it? Because they are only a few thousand and we are MILLIONS. If they want their little Wizarding World, this is what has to be done.

  14. Christian W

    England has zero free speech. No country in Europe allows free speech. In the Land of the Free here in the USA, we still have free speech.

    On the one hand you are telling us that Trump, the very President of your Nation, is NOT free because he will be killed if he pursues his own policies. On the other hand you are telling us that the US has Free Speech.

    Sorry. This does not add up.

  15. Oguy

    #14– In a comparative sense, and most likely due to constitutional protection, US citizens still possess greater immunity from government prosecution (though maybe not from extrajudicial assassination as you suggest :-), based on their speech than do the current citizens of most EU nations– or at least so it appears from recent news. Europe may still have some advantages over the US, and vice-versa, but I see freedom of speech as one of the vice-versas. Demonstrating that a relative truth becomes false by virtue of a single counterexample when made absolute is a neat trick, but …

    #13— ” I keep pointing out the real use of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a temple to the Goddess. They are celebrating May Day, Floralia etc. tonight with their “costume ball”. Watch the photos and you’ll see the black magic.”

    This is hardly the behavior of mature human beings— they’re more like a twisted cult of the developmentally arrested. Adolescents playing Dungeons & Dragons with the universe. Oddly perverse too, that l celebrations and archetypes which are positive in their essence (Goddess, May Day, etc) are used as tools for black magic. That sort of f**ing with the natural order of things can hardly have a long-term positive impact on those who practice it. These people are deluded fools pretending to be an elite, though maybe enjoying their fleeting dream of imaginary power.

  16. Ken

    First, let me congratulate Sunger on presenting actual arguments, with supporting authority, instead of insults and name calling. Much better.

    Second, I think the studies showing liberals as having higher IQs is inherently suspect. The groups with the lowest IQs are blacks and Hispanics and native Americans. These groups are disproportionately on public assistance, and therefore support liberal policies which perpetuate this assistance. Whatever study Sunger is pointing to must be selectively biased, otherwise the low IQ groups would drag the overall liberal IQ scores into the mud.

  17. Christian W

    @ 15 Oguy

    It’s kinda funny that Elaine claims the US has free speech, while pointing to England as having no free speech, when BOTH nations are run by the same powers. Both are AngloZionist along with France. Germany is under the control of the CIA as an extension of the AngloZionist powers. US, UK, France + Germany. The AngloZionists are the real Deep State, of which the “Bilderberg gang” is but one of many sideshows.

    Its pointless to claim the US has more freedom when it is patently not true. Europe, apart from France, have no direct equivalents to the PATRIOT Acts that allow the US government to disappear, even murder, any of it’s citizens based on secret evidence.

    What Mr. Tan got booted for protesters in the US have been booted for, even tasered, or jailed, in the recent past. The US has been known to SHOOT people exercising their first amendment rights. Germany has appalling anti-free speech laws imposed by it’s rulers.

    Here Mr. McGowern did not even speak, he did not even interrupt Hillary Clinton’s FREEDOM speech, all he did was stand up and turn his back on her. But in America Mr. McGowern does not even have the right to his own person, he was brutalized and physically dragged out of the room.

  18. Christian W

    How the British MSM works:

    Greg Philo of @glasgowmg: “I spent time with BBC journalists and a senior producer said to me ‘We wait in fear for the phone call from the Israelis. I have had journalists on the phone to me minutes before a broadcast checking what they can say, which words they can use’.”


  19. Oguy

    “Its pointless to claim the US has more freedom when it is patently not true.”

    More freedoms in some areas, no doubt less in others. The fact that the US and the European countries may share a single ruler behind the scenes, does not erase all differences between them. Nor does the fact that one can cite similar abuses of law on both sides.

  20. Oguy

    Then again, there are other respects in which the rest of the world can rightfully laugh at the US:

    US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is America’s most popular politician according to a study by Quinnipiac University, CNN reported yesterday.

  21. Hey! I knew Zappa back when we were both hanging out in the Haight and he performed at there. We were almost all ‘insider’ brats! It was an inside joke with us all!

    We were freaks who were freaking out, we were not ‘hippies’ we called ourselves FREAKS. Zappa, like myself, got his LDS from Tim Leary. Yes, that dude. It was top level real LSD. It has been unavailable for the last 40 years or so.

    Real LSD is amazing and very dangerous. You literally can’t see reality during the deepest part of the trip which lasts for at least six hours, the deep parts are about an hour long. To stop the worst of the hallucinations, one drinks orange juice, it really slows down the effects and makes them milder.

    You guys are giving me flashbacks!

  22. Lou

    Zappas claim is ‘I never did drugs.’


    ELAINE: and never had sex with cute teens! HAHAHA.

  23. Melponeme_k


    Are you really surprised Frank “Emperor with no clothes” Zappa is a liar?


    Too bad you couldn’t convince Zappa to NOT TORTURE all of us with his crappy music.

    When I think of all the truly talented musicians out there, toiling away only to be stolen from….then that faker gets to be the face of the era due to the CIA buying all his records and concert tickets pretending he is actually above mediocre (NOT)… Wow. That just shows the funhouse mirror world we all live in. And I bet the CIA used our tax dollars to make Zappa rich.

  24. Lou

    Zappas estate [his record label] was sold for 30 million, if I recall.

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