Mainstream Fake News Refuse To Report Important Release of Unredacted FBI Files

The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback


The entire conspiracy to frame Trump as a traitor and Russian agent is in full collapse now. After months of mainstream Bilderberg news operations howled about all this, all traces of it has vanished and been replaced with howls of rage that Trump gave a hussy some money to not talk about sex in order to protect his marriage.  Oh, the humanity!  Someone call the Kennedys!  Well, the conspiracy to overthrow an election is now being uncovered as the FBI top staff are caught conspiring to create a COUP and this is only in pro-Trump news, dead silence in the mainstream Bilderberg news.


Example one is the news and it is highly important news, that Comey was being protected by the DOJ and FBI so his crimes could remain concealed from Congress. Congress had to twist arms very, very hard to get this basic information.


The FBI and DOJ staff lied to Trump and his staff as well as Congress and pretended this information was top secret (HAHAHA) and thus, even the President!!! could not see it!!!  Well, now that we all see it, it turns out to be a total fraud and a weasel attempt at hiding their criminal actions. Arrest them all.


Mueller is dead center in this coup and I expect him to be arrested eventually.  I highly recommend arresting him.  I was very pissed off when Nixon wasn’t punished many years ago and I will be pissed off again if it happens yet again.  People were sent to prison based on false information or illicit grilling, perjury traps, etc.  So the people who did this should definitely see significant prison time.


And here is the Bilderberg big shot New York Slimes typical daily ‘hate Trump’ top headline story: How Michael Cohen, Trump’s Fixer, Built a Shadowy Business Empire – The New York Times. HAHAHA.  


There isn’t one word about the release of these documents which the NY Slime reporters were so elated about, falsely reporting via ‘leaks’ that these documents would prove Trump is evil.  Since it shows the reverse, in typical Bilderberg fashion, this rag simply pretends there is no news.


Here is a Google search for NY Slime stories about the Bilderberg gang:

One story from over a decade ago, and it is hilarious.  How dare anyone hatch ‘conspiracy theories’ about super secret meetings by the global elites so they can plot in secrecy, how to rule the entire planet earth!  HAHAHA.  Silly.  This year, the NY Slime had a ‘let’s praise our evil rulers’ story instead.  They claim very falsely that the ‘little people’ have benefitted by this evil rule.  Note how ‘free trade’ and ‘let criminals destroy our former manufacturing cities’ is good for the rest of us!

Here are four more stories from the Gateway Pundit which was attacked by vicious hackers this month and now requires a back door entrance to their site to protect them from being annihilated by the globalists.  One would think that the story, ‘House Intelligence Committee Nunes says, send in the G-men to arrest John Kerry’ would be a top story at the New York Times!


Also, the FOIA story about how we forced the FBI to cough up information they were hiding, all about how they did NOT secure Hillary’s server while she also was allowed to hammer and burn and wreck all her communication devices in order to conceal her many crimes.


Now to the front page of the Washington Pest, this is the top story today: As the ‘King of Debt,’ Trump borrowed to build his empire. Then he began spending hundreds of millions in cash. – The Washington Post.  HAHAHA.  How dare he do what all the Bilderberg gang does!!!  Imagine that.


The DNC is desperate now.  They are unleashing their evil California creeps to destroy the internet by banning everyone and anyone all the time if these people do stuff the fake liberals hate: Trump-Supporting Comedian Sam Hyde of MDE BANNED From BOTH YouTube And Instagram This Week!


Following his Instagram suspension, Sam Hyde’s YouTube channel “Million Dollar Extreme” has been permanently removed. Heading to the page itself leaves visitors with only this: “…terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” and nothing more. Sam Hyde’s external project “Hyde Wars” remains untouched as of now.

(1) My Important Opinion on the Tragic Youtube HQ Shooting (H3H3 please check-in as safe) – YouTube


I just got this news via Gateway Pundit chat: Trump TV and Terrence Williams (a black comedian who supports Trump) have been banned from Twitter, Trump TV is permanent and is also banned forever from one of his You Tube sites (one site is still running):

TRUMP TV ™ (@SJavner) | Twitter

Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) | Twitter

That very funny picture of MS13 NBC is why both were punished!  Good lord!  Terrence, being a black man, thinks that he won’t be banned forever like his friend but note how freaked out the mainstream media is now that Kayne West, a mega-celebrity, has jumped from the DNC slave ship and is swimming away.


Mainstream media is now attacking him full force utterly incapable of seeing how this is backfiring very badly.  Here is another anti-Trump story at the anti-Trump Daily Mail which I find very, very funny:

Trump should know better: one is supposed to surrender to the Nazi invaders!  In this case, the neo-fascist Muslim invaders!  Note how French people cannot defend themselves anymore neither can the formerly brave Brits who are totally disarmed and told recently that if they carry a steak knife in public, they can be arrested, too!  None of this draconian disarmament has made either place safer at all.


Liz Hurley ‘in terror’ after burglars raid her £6million Herefordshire mansion while she was hosting a dinner party, an armed gang entered her home and stole jewelry, etc.  The crooks are now unleashed and free to roam England as law and order breaks down, London has a higher murder rate than NY City and of course, the leftist mayor of NYC wants to disarm everyone in my state which is causing rising fury in the countryside where we shoot bears.




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2 responses to “Mainstream Fake News Refuse To Report Important Release of Unredacted FBI Files

  1. Lou

    Am I missing something or delirious?
    What about yesterdays ‘Boys and the arts?’ piece?

  2. Jim R

    I dunno, Lou. I don’t read MSM any more.
    What about the boys and the arts? Never mind, I don’t care.

    Yeah, it was interesting to read this stuff on ZeroHedge yesterday.

    Elaine, I’ll share your outrage if nobody gets arrested over this. The rampant crminiality in Washington is getting old. They’ve punished whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, they want to crucify Julian Assange, but these obvious leakers and traitors are still walking around? Feh.

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