DNC Pelosi Refuses To Demand Child Molestor Rep. Cardenas Resign

It should be utterly obvious now, not that any mainstream Bilderberg news will report this, that the hysteria over Trump’s sex life is stupid and very hypocritical.  Whenever a DNC tool is accused of say, RAPE, including Bill Clinton, the DNC and media giants cover this up or claim the females are all lying or whatever.  In Cardenas’ case, child molestation, no less!  A lady of the night claims Trump had sex with her once, this is evil.  So, DNC rape is OK and paid sex by Trump is evil.  Also, the new communist mayor of Paris wants to turn city into a migrant camp for Muslim men so they can loot, rape and burn Paris.

“Is Paris Burning?” ending scene + “Echoes of France” by Django Reinhardt – The recent election that saw a young Marcon win was a triumph of the Bilderberg International.  They got what they wanted: a renewed flood of illegal aliens.  Now, these people have bolstered the left and the left is doing what it is best at doing: destroying civilization.


Paris Mayor Backs Communist Party Plan to Turn Public Park into Migrant Camp: This is rather funny.  I wonder why the French don’t park these Muslim invaders inside the Louve.  Remove all the nude paintings and statues and replace these with Muslim art and voila: the Neo-French Culture arises from the ashes of a dead civilization.


Communist Party councillors elected to the Council of Paris have demanded that part of the Bois de Boulogne park be allocated for asylum seekers to set up a new shelter, with the support of Mayor Anne Hidalgo.


The Communist Party councillors have asked for a part of the park, the former hunting grounds of French kings, be allocated for the use of migrants as the number of new arrivals continues to grow, Le Figaro reports.


The site proposed for the project encompasses almost ten acres and is located near the Longchamp racecourse.


It is always very interesting, watching a civilization literally die.  The French natives have embraced zero population growth and actually it is below replacement rate like in Japan and Germany.  So, to boost the population numbers, all the ‘leaders’ in Europe have allowed a flood of illegal aliens to come into their countries due to lack of children.


Meanwhile, these very same Bilderberg bozos are worried about CLIMATE CHANGE and want everyone to reduce their energy and stop having… more children.  This schizophrenic hysteria is most amazing to watch.

Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) | Twitter

Paris is being systematically destroyed and this mayor is terrified it may be slightly warmer in the future.  The biggest snow in decades just fell in Paris. Here’s what it looked like. – The Washington Post last February.


This is total insanity.  It is so insane, Dr. Freud would flip over in his grave, it is so crazy.  They really, really want everyone to believe that we will roast to death.  This is a top priority for them.  Also, starting WWIII with Russia is on the menu, too: US Navy Resurrects Its Cold War-Era Atlantic Fleet To Counter Russia.


It isn’t enough, pouring millions of angry Muslim/African males into Europe, these stupid people want zero diplomacy with Russia and got it after Trump tried and tried only to be slammed with accusations that he is a Russian agent so instead, we get WWIII with Russia!  And people are now blaming Trump for this!  Wow.


“Our National Defense Strategy makes clear that we’re back in an era of great power competitionas the security environment continues to grow more challenging and complex,” said Admiral Richardson.


The Pentagon is frightened that Trump has done successful diplomacy.  They want more money!  So with help from the massive Bilderberg media systems, they have pushed and pushed and screamed and yelled for Russia as the Evil Empire and got it now and Europeans get to be scared of Russians while being abused by Muslims at the same time.  Wow.


The re-establishment of the US Second Fleet is part “of re-orientating the US armed forces towards a world of renewed big power competition and away from the counter-insurgency campaigns they have been fighting over recent decades,” said BBC.


Doing diplomacy with Putin is super easy.  But our Real Rulers ruled this out.  I bet most people in Europe are beginning to figure out that their own leaders are evil and Putin is the only person who can save them from destruction but then, how can they figure this out?


The internet in Europe is now as heavily censored as in communist China!  No one is allowed to talk about the Muslim invasion there.  But rage is building in the streets and getting worse by the day.  Perhaps the people will revolt!  I recommend this highly.  Now, on to foolishness in the USA:

Several minority University of Florida graduates are yanked away as they walk across the stage | Daily Mail Online

The video above shows a frustrated university (sic) staff trying to hold his arms around goofy ‘students’ to get them off the podium so others can collect their ‘degrees’.  This ‘school’ is one of the top ten PARTY schools.  The degrees are mostly worthless.


The juvenile behavior of the students is legendary.  They can’t behave themselves, this is all about running riot and goofing off…before being enslaved deep in debt.  This neo-slavery business is being sold to black children (they are not adults even at graduation) as a way to get rich, quick.  Only it is really debt slavery.


Of course, the poor man trying to move along a line of 5,000 kiddies, he is being punished and the school has announced they surrender to the party kids yet again and now, graduation ceremonies will be nothing but students twerking and squealing and storming all about the stage, hogging the limelight.  And the ceremony will take 24 hours for each to perform their antics.  Good luck with that.



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10 responses to “DNC Pelosi Refuses To Demand Child Molestor Rep. Cardenas Resign

  1. Melponeme_k


    Silence on the racism of this mural that was originally placed in a public school.

    If these racist idiots think that they are going to be able to insult this country without bodily harm in the future, they have another think coming. Disgusting. I’m Native and there were no Aztecs in this country. PLUS, Cortez was well within his rights to go to war with that sick tribe. I could only imagine what hell he thought he walked into when he saw them all in the midst of their celebrations, blood everywhere, severed heads everywhere and the priests screaming to their sun gods. Was anyone really surprised that he attacked them all?

    Also everyone seems to forget that Cortez was helped by smaller, local tribes who wanted to see the Aztecs ground into dust.

  2. Moe

    Pelosi thoroughly disgusts me. I almost heave whenever I have the misfortune to see her in media.

    Her suit’s color in the article photo is apropos: pretty close to jumpsuit orange.

  3. Lou

    4–she co owns ‘Goat Hill Pizza Parlor”–goat = satan.

  4. Oguy

    It’s unfortunate that goats got stuck with this association– leave it to humans to engage in such perversion. Goats are lovable creatures.

  5. Sunger

    elaine you are an idiot.

    So what? Maybe she will do it tomorrow. Maybe it’s not her job. You can’t indict her for not commenting on bad behavior.

    And you are implying that all who have ever voted Democrat are in approval of this behavior?

    You are bad for America.

  6. KHS71

    In other news, the Attorney General of New York has resigned due to allegations of physically beating 4 women. In this case the NY Governor did ask for his resignation.


  7. Petruchio

    @#8: I’m guessing there are a few DEMOCRATS who are now being blackmailed BIG TIME over sexual harassment type information on them. Elaine is right about sex scandals bouncing back on Dems/liberals/Bilderbergers badly. I guess the Dems never thought it possible that two can play the blackmail game. Maybe it’s because the Clinton murder their enemies at the drop of a hat. LOL! Ya can’t murder everybody, not even the Clintons can do that. And the MSM will take another hit to its almost totally non existent credibility by covering up the Dems sexual scandals. This could get fun to watch.

  8. Lou

    Dominoes falling, but no BIG players imprisoned, yet.

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