Iran Attacks Israel So Israel Attacks…Syria

Iran attacks Israel directly for the first time as it fires 20 shells from Syria at military bases  | Daily Mail Online: 

time to talk yet again about the Middle East, the most insane part of our planet.  The hate grudges involving ‘gods’ has nested in this region for the last 5,000 years plus.  This region is where homosapiens invaded Europe and Asia during the last Ice Age.  This bridge between Africa and Eurasia has always been a bone of contention between various empires.  It continues to be the pressure cooker for all things ‘religious.’


A very cynical person (ahem) might suggest that ‘gods’ drive humans insane.  Every human god system firmly believes it and only it is the One True God System.  The tools used for this are two: learning about these various gods and using murderous force to impose these gods on everyone else.


Even religions professing to be kindly and loving humanity turn into monsters when gaining political power over human populations.  For all gods are intolerant and wish only death upon humans who follow other deadly gods.  This madness is a key human characteristic for the last Interglacial cycle.


The Israeli response this morning was one of the country’s largest military operations in recent years and the biggest such assault on Iranian targets, the military said.


Yes, the decimation of Syria continues.  When Assad made progress in stopping the Islamic lunatics, Israel and Saudi Arabia stepped up opposition and NATO allowed both to operate inside Syria’s borders with zero yelling at the UN.


The UN should be shut down since it doesn’t even begin to be a platform for diplomacy.  Trump’s successful diplomacy with North Korea was based entirely on hammering North Korea’s support from China and Russia and thus, forcing Kim to the negotiating table.


‘We hit nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria,’ Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman told a security conference on Thursday morning.


I love how everyone is utterly accurate when making claims about blowing up stuff.  Generally, this is usually lies.


‘They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it’ll storm on them. I hope we’ve finished this episode and everyone understood.’


This is yet another ‘limited event’ but then, everyone will freak out over this because no human knows the limits of any lunatic human action.  Only the hostile gods know and they love toying with humans.


An IDF spokesperson said Iran’s Quds force fired the rockets at several Israeli bases, though would reveal how Israel determined the Iranian involvement.


Syria’s state media said Syrian air defenses had intercepted ‘hostile Israeli missiles’ early Thursday that were fired over southwestern Damascus.


‘Air defenses confronted tens of Israeli rockets and some of them reached their target and destroyed one of the radar sites,’ Syrian state news agency SANA reported, citing a military source. Another rocket hit an ammunition warehouse, it said.


Most of the missiles probably hit bystanders, as per usual in all wars.  Everyone knows that civilians are the real targets in wars.  This is why most bombing from WWII onwards was on cities.


From less than two weeks ago is this analysis from our good friends at the World Economic Forum and Council on Foreign Relatioins which are both hangouts for top Bilderberg gangsters like Kissinger:  Russian and Israeli Military Relations Remain Durable Despite — Syria Deeply


TENSIONS ARE INCREASING between Russia and Israel over Syria, casting a shadow on a strategic partnership built on deconflicting the nation’s crowded and complex battlefield. However, experts say the countries’ relationship remains solid enough for now.


Putin has been playing a very difficult diplomacy game.  The Bilderberg gang want him eliminated but can’t say this openly so they lie about him.  Israel, as per usual, plays a double game with everyone.


This is a very Jewish thing.  Tell each person involved whatever they want to hear and then do as one pleases, ignoring any promises, etc.  Ask Hollywood how this works.  And note how it can blow up, too.


Breaking with convention, Russia named Israel as the suspected perpetrator of the April 9 attack on the T4 Airbase, a Syrian air force installation in Homs province, and publicly complained that it had not been warned of the strike beforehand. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov described the incident as a “very dangerous development.”


The deal was, and I noticed this over time, that Russia would be warned when Israel attacked.  Then, the Jews decided to stab the Russians in the back.  Why?  Well, this is NORMAL.


Ties became increasingly strained earlier this week after Russia said it may provide the Syrian government with an advanced anti-aircraft missile system that could potentially hinder Israel’s aerial capability to target arms shipments to Iranian-backed groups in Syria. Moscow has yet to issue a definitive decision on the issue, but Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that his country would strike at the anti-aircraft missile systems if they fired on Israeli targets.


The Jews are upset that Russia will now retaliate.  They didn’t expect this.  I am puzzled as to why they didn’t expect this.  They don’t control Russia unlike their death grip on the US government.


While the latest developments signal increasing tension between Moscow and Tel Aviv, they are unlikely to prompt a dramatic change in relations or lead to a major escalation in the war, experts told Syria Deeply. They believe common strategic interests and a shared desire for de-escalation will likely contain the possibility of flare-ups.


Nope, the CFR clowns running this news site were dead wrong, no shock to me.  It DID ‘flare up’ as I expected.  And this is due to Israel and Saudi Arabia wanting to ‘flare up’ because of one simple thing: the gang run by the CIA/Mossad which is attacking Assad were LOSING.


From yesterday: Executive Summary for May 9th, 2018 — Syria Deeply


Syrian state media accused Israel of launching an attack on a military position south of Damascus on Tuesday, only hours after the U.S. said it would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, the Associated Press reported.


Syria’s state-run SANA news agency said air defense systems intercepted two missiles targeting the town of Kisweh in the Damascus countryside.


Citing the United Kingdom-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the AP said the attack struck a weapons depot and rocket launchers that are reportedly used by Iran.


At least nine people were reportedly killed, the SOHR said. However, it was not immediately clear whether they were members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards or members of pro-Iranian militias.


Israel did not confirm or deny responsibility for the attack. But Tuesday’s missile strike took place soon after Israel announced it was on high alert because of the “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria.”


Meanwhile, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow on Wednesday, where he will meet Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss military coordination in light of Tuesday’s strikes.


I will note here that in US and Brit news, there is little to no mention of this business of Netanyahu visiting Moscow to talk with Putin.  Ahem: HELLO.  This should be headline news in the West but our various spook organizations and political power systems are not working for Europe or North America.


They work for Israel and if Israel wants to keep a lid on the news, it is imposed across all systems but thanks to the internet, we can pry out some of this information.  Here is the top ‘editor’ of ‘Newsdeeply’:


Lara Setrakian


Lara is an award-winning journalist, strategist and entrepreneur. She spent five years in the Middle East reporting via television, radio and digital platforms for ABC News, Bloomberg Television, the International Herald Tribune, Business Insider and Monocle magazine.


Her 2009 coverage of Iran’s election protests and the Arab Awakening of 2011 garnered industry praise. Lara is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, with a degree in government. Lara enjoys a strong yoga practice, reading poetry and cooking vegetarian meals.


Lara Setrakian – Wikipedia:

She was born in the US but is from Armenian background and thus, hates the Turks.


Her work at News Deeply was awarded the National Press Foundation’s Excellence in Online Journalism Award for 2013.[12]


So, this website, Syria Deeply, was launched the same time the war against Assad began.  And right off the bat, this very connected female was showered with rewards and prizes.  I never heard of this website until I stumbled across it via word searches!


I read a ton of junk every day and never heard of it!  But it is very, very popular with…our Real Rulers!


In 2017 Setrakian delivered a TED talk on three ways to fix the news industry.[13] She gave an earlier talk for TEDxYerevan discussing her career as a Middle East foreign correspondent and five key lessons she learned along the way.[14] She has been a frequent speaker on the future of news as a public service, through delivery models that are designed for the digital age.[15]


HAHAHA.  So, this genius is so great…I never heard of her.  I didn’t ever stumble across her ‘work’.  She is a ‘frequent speaker’ talking about news and I talk about how news (propaganda) is produced all the time.  I bet she talks great about this topic…naw, she lies about everything as do her buddies in the Bilderberg gang!


In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against men in the media industry, Setrakian came forward as one of several women who accused Mark Halperin of sexual harassment while they were working at ABC News, arguing that this kind of behavior is part of a bigger problem in the news industry that needs to be fixed.[16][17]


HAHAHA…and she attacks her buddies because they are sex fiends!  The reporter she accused of being a sex fiend is…I know everyone finds this hard to believe…a Jewish guy!  Well, there are so few non-Jews in US media, this is nearly always likely that any sex fiends will probably be Jewish.


Halperin went to Harvard like this female who hates him…I find this rather funny since both are part of the Machine set up to rule us but they can’t stop attacking each other due to being amoral.


And all these religious wars are amoral, too, isn’t that a fun paradox?  This is what makes religious wars so dangerous.  Here is another article from the Halperin hater: SDF Launches Final Push Against ISIS in Eastern Syria.


The U.S.-backed SDF launched renewed military operations against the so-called Islamic State in Syria this week, a commander in the U.S.-led coalition told reporters, according to Agence France-Presse.


Well, that is accurate.


“This week, following an increase in coalition strikes against the final ISIS-controlled areas in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] resumed offensive operations to clear the final ISIS-held territory in eastern Syria,” British army major general Felix Gedney, a deputy commander of the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS, told Pentagon reporters on Tuesday.


This is, as I keep noting, a NATO thing.  And Britain invaded this area way, way back after WWI and siezed these lands from Turkey.  They, in turn, fought the Jews until they were forced to pull out after WWII.


He said the first phase of operations aims to secure the southeast portion of the Syria-Iraq border in coordination with the Iraqi security forces.


The SDF had paused operations against ISIS after Turkey launched an assault on the northwestern district of Afrin in January. However, hundreds of SDF fighters have returned to the front lines in eastern Syria in recent weeks to resume operations against the militant group.


This is a classic Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.


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32 responses to “Iran Attacks Israel So Israel Attacks…Syria

  1. Melponeme_k


    John Lennon is not dead. He calls himself Mark now and lives in Michigan! HAHAHAHAHA!

    The conspiracy on this says Lennon got in the middle of a turf war in the music industry. He had the audacity to own too much of his own music! Some say that is what happened to Michael Jackson as well. So they were both told to sell at a discount and leave town.

  2. Christian W

    Iran did not attack Israel… That is just Netanyahu spewing his endless lies.

    We have reached the point where Netanyahu and the AngloZionists merely have to say something for it to be accepted as the “truth”, never mind reality.

    “Iran attack”
    Gouta “gas attack”
    “WMDs” in Iraq/Syria etc etc etc

    a never ending stream of lies that are simply accepted as reality by the vast majority of comatose “citizens” whose ability to apply critical thinking was lobotomized a long time ago.

    ‘Gods’ may be driving humans insane, but they sure do have help by elites at the top brain washing the masses.

  3. ziff

    If Iran wants to attack Israel they should get really serious about it, otherwise its like poking a rattlesnake .

  4. ziff

    Way OT , i was watching Mark Dice on the ‘ Bohemian Grove’ . ” a sprawling resort with 115 camps and cabins , lake ,” !!! on and on . So i looked at it on google earth , it seems very modest , half of it is logged with logging trails all over. There are 2 plastic lined ponds , a few building , no visible lake or pond , the small entrance says ‘no through road’ not even a no trespassing . The rest of the property has no fencing even. Everything in the town is named bohemian this or that , just a quiet rural town. Just how would a ‘huge’ resort support itself and staff with just the occasional use by some Bilderbergs who i’m sure have other places to go.

  5. Christian W

    @ ziff

    Exactly. When Iran finally answers Israeli aggression directly the rockets will be counted in their thousands, not a handful of firecrackers that hardly damage anything.

    This is the reason Israel dare not attack Iran directly unless it can use the US armed forces to do the job.

    What actually happened is Syria replied to Israeli attacks by firing back into the occupied Golan heights (which are in Syria and NOT Israel).

    This Netanyahu made into an “Iranian attack on Israel”. If America is at all interested in self preservation it needs to deal with ZIONIST attacks on America decisively.

  6. Jim R

    Most of the missiles probably hit bystanders, as per usual in all wars. Everyone knows that civilians are the real targets in wars. This is why most bombing from WWII onwards was on cities.

    Of course they do. Because if you bomb a military base, they’re likely to shoot back, you know. Military bases are hard

  7. Enough of this

    The new axis of evil is now USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia. They are all completely destructive and lawless, a menace to world peace.

    Putin should just give Syria and Iran a dozen nuclear missiles each and let them have their revenge.

  8. Christian W

    There is always time for nuclear WWIII. For now Russia, the Iranians (non-hardliners), both of the Koreas, the Chinese and the smart parts of Europe are doing there best to avoid one.

    We are living in interesting times and they are about to get much more interesting. What is happening is a gigantic geopolitical upheaval as the AngloZionist Empire (US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia) is collapsing (not instantly but within reasonable time) and Russia and China are growing.

    There is nothing the Empire can do about this fact, unless it adapts to reality, other than start a War to bring Everyone down and hope it comes out on top from the ruins. War is the current US/Israeli regime choice, but it is facing resistance both internally in the US and from allies who do not want to burn (and even in Israel).

    Trump was selected to be elected by the Zionists because he was prepared to take down the Iran deal on behalf of his masters (Adelson, Netanyahu, Kissinger, Bernhard Marcus, Paul Singer etc the most hard-line of the Zionist hawks). The Iran deal was just about the one sane thing Obama pulled off during his eight years as President.

    With the Neocons in charge like never before it remains to be seen if the Pentagon can stop the War. So far the Pentagon have resisted because their War games on the Iran scenarios have been disastrous, quickly going global in scale.

    Atm it looks like Gen. Mattis, aka ‘Mad Dog’, is the voice of sanity in the Trump WH asylum. How long can he last?

  9. Petruchio

    OT here, but every time I see Yoko Ono, I think of the line from “Garden Party”, a Rick Nelson song: “Yoko brought her Walrus. There was magic in the air.” HaHa!

  10. Christian W

    Recent developments:

    – Netanyahu, hopeless nutcase that he is, is pushing for war with Iran. Eventually he will have it unless he is stopped:

    – Unfortunately it doesn’t look likely he will be stopped. The Israeli government recently voted to give War Powers to the Prime Minister (Netanyahu) and Defense Minister (Liberman). This means these two can go to war without consulting Parliament.

    – The Russians, Germany and Iran are trying to keep the Iran deal alive. Lavrov has been talking to the German FM Heiko Maas and Iranian FM Javad Zarif today.

    Russian gas sales to EU hit record highs:

    – EU could impose blocking regulations if U.S. pulls out of Iran deal

    And last but not least:

    – Trump is going to meet Kim in Singapore to offer him a ‘deal’! Hey ho.

  11. Floridasandy

    Christian you are so wrong on this.

    Iran’s first reaction to the US not throwing money at them was to tell us to die. Screw them. There are a lot of Iranians on the twitter feed who hate the regime and want to be free. North Korea may give in (after all their “nuclear mountain” collapsed) and we may see more peace in the world.
    The Iranian pedophile / religious zealot needs to step away for Iran to have peace and a healthy economy.

  12. Floridasandy

    Watch Iranian investment dry up after this.

  13. Christian W

    Some history is in order:

    1902: Britain seizes Iran’s largest oil fields. Winston Churchill commented “a prize from fairy land beyond our wildest dreams”. Of course the Iranian people were kept in poverty.

    1921: British coup to install Reza Khan to further domination over and looting of Iran

    1951: Democratic elections see Mossadegh become Prime Minister. Mossadegh’s nationalization program alarms the British government. PM Clement Atlee sends in the British Navy and imposes an ECONOMIC BLOCKADE to impoverish the Iranian people.

    1953: Britain (MI6) and the US (CIA) lead another coup this time to install the Shah. The democratically elected government of Mosaddegh is overthrown.

    1979: Revolution. Fed up with the Shah the Iranian people turn to the Ayatollahs

    1980: The US launches Saddam Hussein on Iran. Saddam came to power in the 1960s with the help of the CIA who gave him lists of “communists” to execute.

    1980-1988: Iraq – Iran war. The US + NATO friends helped prolong the war to maximize casualties, this included giving Saddam Hussein CHEMICAL WEAPONS which killed hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers (see creepy Donald Rumsfeld).

    Since 1979 the US has imposed increasingly severe economic sanctions on Iran. Of course all the while boosting Israel and Saudi Arabia, the real terrorists in the region.

    The Iranian people may be tired of economic sanctions and poverty, but they are also tired of being screwed over time and time again. They know they will never be allowed to have a ‘healthy economy’ under the US / AngloZionist Empire. The US/Israel will steal all the oil wealth.

  14. OC

    Chinese planning to support Iran and Russia. Trump is good for the Chinese petroyuan. Russia get Iranian oil, mix it with theirs and sell through China. Money goes to them via CHIPS. All the ‘banned’ Chinese stuff will go to Iran now. Including the US knock-off weapons.

  15. OC

    BTW, I think you are wrong about NKorea. It is a trap set by China and Russia for Trump. North and South Korea will now reunite whether US likes it or not. Once that is done, out goes US from South Korea and Japan. Remember no war in Korea peninsula so why is US troops needed in South Korea?
    As South Korea does not have the financial resources to support North Korea and US is unable going to do it; China will pick up the tab and add United Korea as a possible proxy against Japan. Afterall, most Koreans hated the Japanese due to the past.

  16. Christian W

    @ 13 Sandy

    Watch Iranian investment dry up after this.

    It is true that European companies will find it hard to go against sanctions imposed by the US Hegemon. Companies with financial links to the US are bound to Obey US Treasury sanctions etc or face lawsuits.

    This is how the US was able to steal $9 billion from French bank BNP in 2014:

    U.S. imposes record fine on BNP in sanctions warning to banks

    July 1, 2014

    NEW YORK/WASHINGTON/PARIS (Reuters) – French bank BNP Paribas has pleaded guilty to two criminal charges and agreed to pay almost $9 billion to resolve accusations it violated U.S. sanctions against Sudan, Cuba and Iran, a severe punishment aimed at sending a clear message to other financial institutions around the world.


    Clear message yes, don’t cross the HEGEMON or you’ll pay dearly.

    Europe may seem like weenies when it comes to the US, but the system is designed in such a way it is extremely difficult to stand up to the US.

    US sanctions are costing Europe tens, if not hundreds, of billions every year (on top of the refugee problems etc). It is obvious the US is becoming an albatross around Europe’s neck with the shitty policies it pursues.

    Sadly the momentum of decades of obedience and systemic integration (se the Bilderberg gang) is going to take time to fix.

  17. Christian W

    @ 15+16 OC

    Trump’s decision to negate the Iran deal is indeed a MAJOR blunder. It is already pushing Europe towards Russia. The ONLY way the US can keep Europe from not pursuing it’s natural interests towards Russia, Iran and China is by FORCE. That is not going to work in the long run. This is why the US pushes NATO so extremely hard upon Europe.


    Look at how focused and directed Putin is here. He knows perfectly what is going on. He is working with the Chinese, North Korea, South Korea, Germany, Iran, Syria, Turkey etc to BUILD something. Russia is growing stronger and healthier while the US and Israel are obviously going insane internally and externally.


    Europe can no longer rely on US to ‘protect’ it: Merkel

    AACHEN, GERMANY (AFP) – Europe can no longer rely on the United States to protect it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday (May 10), urging the bloc to take its destiny in its own hands.

    “It is no longer such that the United States simply protects us, but Europe must take its destiny in its own hands, that’s the task of the future,” she said, after US President Donald Trump left traditional allies scrambling by ditching the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

  18. OC

    Speaking of the devil; seems like same conclusion drawn by the West:

    ‘As a result, it’s only a matter of time before Iran finds itself locked out financially from the world.

    Or rather the Western world, because as the US and Europe fade away as key partners for Iran, China is about to step in again.

    As Bloomberg reported today, “to develop its $430 billion economy, Iran is being forced to rely on political allies in the east. Trade with China has more than doubled since 2006, to $28 billion. The biggest chunk of Iran’s oil exports go to China, about $11 billion a year at current prices.”

    China is “already the winner,’’ Dina Esfandiary, a fellow at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College in London, told Bloomberg. “Iran has slowly abandoned the idea of being open to the West. The Chinese have been in Iran for the past 30 years. They have the contacts, the guys on the ground, the links to the local banks.’”

    And they’re more willing to defy U.S. pressure as Trump slaps sanctions back on.

    In short, the more Trump pushes Iran – and the broader middle-eastern region – to comply with the will of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the closer Iran will get with China whose influence in the middle-east, where it is ideologically aligned with Russia, will only grow…

    Trump is China’s best friend..

  19. OC

    On a slightly different track, China is working with the saner Japanese govt to rid US influence:

    What sane person/govt wants to war when there is wealth to be made and shared with neighbours/friends? You can’t make money from enemies.

  20. Christian W

    @ 19

    Yes, Trump’s policies is pushing the Eurasian world together strategically, politically and economically, the very thing the Brzezinski Doctrine and a 100+ years of US/UK (the global naval powers) strategic thinking see as THE ONE THING that must not happen.

    On top of that we have the US Dollar starting to lose it’s reserve currency status plus insurmountable US debt, all the while the US political system is more corrupt and defunct than ever since Zionism is the only option allowed.

    That is why we see NATO pushing up on Russia’s borders and why World War III is inching closer.

    It really is up to the US to, for the first time in it’s entire history, find another means of diplomacy than brute force.

  21. Christian W

    The Baby Dragon (Now with Nukes TM) visits the Dragon for further instruction before meeting Ms. Liberty who foolishly just chopped her foot off with that bloody sword of hers. Ouch!

  22. Mewswithaview

    This was published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in February.

    The Israeli police announced on Tuesday that there was sufficient evidence indicating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took bribes in two separate cases and acted “against public interests.”

    The two cases are the so-called Case 1000 – in which Netanyahu is suspected of accepting lavish gifts from wealthy benefactors in return for advancing their interests – and Case 2000, which alleges that Netanyahu tried to strike a deal that would have provided him with positive coverage in Israel’s second largest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, in exchange for hurting its free rival, Israel Hayom.

    According to the police, in Case 1000, Netanyahu received champagne, cigars, jewelry and clothing, by demand and systematically, valued at over one million shekels (around $280,000). The gifts he received from the Israeli-American Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan increased significantly once Netanyahu was elected prime minister.

    Nuttyahoo is provoking a war to save his own ass. Erdogan in Turkey will be doing the same as he comes under pressure in Turkey and will attack Greece. The EU leaders will gladly go along with the expansion of the war to distract their populations rising discontent.

  23. I am a rather old lady now and have seen quite a few things over the years. The situation in the Middle East is very, very stubborn and it is also a TRAP.

    I feel sorry for everyone stuck there in this old trap. Once you get ‘gods’ involved in territorial disputes, it is pure hell. There is no fix for this except for religions to cease being powerful. Good luck with that!

  24. Lou

    25–Israel is hoping we fight their war of expansion?

  25. Christian W

    @ Lou

    There is not a hair of difference between the US and Israel.

  26. Moe

    Buchanan, usually somewhat sane, loses it this time on the Iranian and North Korean issues. Who knows, perhaps he’s merely assumed or been assigned the mantle of ‘moderation’.

  27. Lou


    Its Israel’s confession that their soldiers are ordered to kill Palestinians at every opportunity but can’t due that and send them 10 months to Jail if caught on camera. Thus cameras are ilegal if used to record those events. The Zionism agenda is above any state democracy or freedom of speach.

  28. Moe

    OT: From The Saker Interviews Hofffman

    This guy Hoffman is a must-read for those interested in Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, and Zionism.

    Excerpt (note that this is in reference to Orthodoxy): “Judaism…. Israeli Zionism…. But…both of those institutions are at their core fundamentally anti-Judaic…”

    And: “Orthodox Judaism, which is the scion of the religion of the ancient Pharisees, is above all, self-worship, and pride is the paramount destroyer. In the occult scheme of things, the ideology closest to it was Hitler’s National Socialism, in that it shares this predominant characteristic of pathological narcissism.”

  29. Lou

    Israel, yuk,

    Israeli Hostel Child Sex Trafficking Bust. #PIZZAGATE #PEDOGATE
    JEW W HOSTEL IN South America,

    Those arrested include foreigners, hotel owners, policemen, a navy captain who forced his victims to tattoo his name on their bodies, and a Colombian woman known as “Madame” who authorities say led a sex trafficking ring.

    15 other suspects arrested for suspected involvement in sex ring that exploited 250 women and girls as young as 14 and forced them to have sex with tourists;

    Israeli-owned hostel one of 13 sites raided in weekend crackdown.,7

  30. Lou

    As USA goes for bankrupt, They side with China,

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