Feminists Lie About Women’s Physical Powers All The Time, Destroying True Feminine Powers (Birthing/raising Children!)

(3) Serena Williams Destroys Racquet | Australian Open 2013 – YouTube


The women’s rights movement, of which I was a huge part way back in the 1960’s, has run into a ditch of delusion.  When I sued for more access to ‘boy’s classes’ in school, I was mocked for wanting to be a boy when all I wanted was more skills.  I never asked for special advantages, just equal chances.  Now, women are demanding men be handicapped and women given a free ride to the top!  This is evil.  Now, women are delusional about women’s ability to be as strong as men.  This is insane.


In movies these days, slender, slight females are depicted as great physical warriors who can fight hand to hand combat with men as equals or worse, as much stronger.  So many movies show 130 lb skinny little freaks beating up 6’6″ burly men, throwing them around like rag dolls.


This leads to silly females thinking they can do this in real life.  One of my favorite sports for many years when I was doing heavy lifting construction work was to do medieval battles where we really hit each other very hard.


I even broke an arm this way, we fought so hard.  I was one of less than 1% of the medieval fighters, there were very, very few women doing this sort of dangerous sport.


Even with doing heavy lifting at work and working out at a gym each evening to keep fit, I was one of the weaker fighters on the field of battle.  I did have a skill: cunning.  I knew how to do tactics which partially comes from supervising teams of men at the worksites.


Women are being told today in movies and TV shows and commercials that they are stronger and worse, more clever than stupid, weak men.  This perculates into everything so women now think they can challenge men all over the place and then…they lose, every time.


Not even in intellectual fields, can women win!  Chess, math contests, the Japanese Go games, on and on, all top intellectual fields see women rarely, if ever, beating the top male brainiacs.  Even with such utter proof, the myth that women are better than men continues relentlessly like in today’s news: John McEnroe: Trump Offered Me $1 Million to Play One of the Williams Sisters.


This story unleashed the usual female rage:


“It was after Serena and Venus started talking about how they could beat a lot of guys,” (several years ago) McEnroe recalled on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.” “I was calling a match and suddenly I get this envelope and it’s from Donald Trump, who is promoter galore. … [H]e wrote me a letter, ‘Dear John, I want to offer you $1 million again to play either Serena or Venus.’”


Trump wanted this on TV because it would have been very rewarding, financially.  Of course, this is now in the news because it is supposed to show how Trump is an anti-strong female male who is evil.


Unfortunately, it really shows how anyone can make good money playing this game of ‘call out the feminists on their clap trap nonsense.’  I am all for that game because it ticks me off how feminists lie to young ladies, giving them bad information and advice.


CNN’s Christine Brennan: Either Venus, Serena Williams ‘Would Have Pummeled’ John McEnroe | Breitbart Note how CNN leads the baying pack of female wolves and their beta male fellow wolves in attacking anyone who suggests that even women on steroids can’t beat men in sports!


Brennan said either of the female tennis stars “would have pummeled” McEnroe, the former top men’s player in the world who is now 59-years-old.


“I think Serena or Venus would have pummeled him, a la Billie Jean King over Bobby Riggs back in 1973,” Brennan declared. “Serena Williams is such a powerful player. We have never seen anyone like her, and obviously, her record speaks for itself.”


So, young ladies in their prime might beat elderly men who have retired!  Wow!  I was very unimpressed with Billy Jean back in 1973.  I was involved in demanding the Olympics have women fencers taking up saber fighting for I was training with my boyfriend who was a top saber fighter, to do that sport.


I didn’t demand I fight men!  I knew my boyfriend could finish me off without breaking into a sweat!  But I wanted to expand the women’s sport.  At that time, though, I discovered I was pregnant and had to stop fencing of any sort.  I found this out when my back threw out when lunging while doing a saber fight and found out at the hospital, I was pregnant and this is why my back went out.


So much for school or fighting or anything!  The fact is, women’s sports has made very few steps forwards since 1973.  Psychologically, it has gone off a cliff.  Delusional females abound now, boasting about their strength when they are not anywhere near as strong as men.


#1 Question In Women’s Tennis: Has Serena Williams Been Doping With Steroids? – The Millennium Report


The point is that prolonged steroid use has multiple consequences, both physical and psychological.  Overuse of such body-altering and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) among female athletes is much less understood, however.  Steroid doping may explain the frequent and unusual medical incidents that Serena has experienced over the past 5 years.


Isn’t it time for the International Tennis Federation to pull it’s head out of the sand?


Just as Lance Armstrong was able to prevent exposure of his team’s systematic doping over many years, winning the Tour de France year after year, many other top-tier bicyclists have admitted to doping with a variety of PEDs.


The doping issue is a health issue.  To many steroids kill.  Women on steroids have many health problems over time including not being able to have children.  The rage problem is a huge problem.  Men on steroids kill their wives, for example.


Women on steroids are equally ill tempered and dangerous.  Besides that obvious problem, steroids don’t make women better chess players!  Women pumped up on steroids become as strong as the average man, not anywhere near as strong as a man pumped up on steroids.


It open ill temper of the Williams sisters was obvious, very obnoxious, and was killing women’s tennis.  Women who used to float around the courts, looking good while playing have been replaced by over-muscled females who are obnoxious, violent and make strange grunting noises while playing.  It is ugly to watch and even then, the females continue to be weaker than the males.


By destroying the grace and beauty of women’s tennis, this has turned it into a weaker version of male tennis.  And women destroying property due to being too pissed off to control their evil tempers is horrible: this is how babies are killed by their mothers.


Babies are immensely irritating, they have to be demanding and loud so they are not neglected and die!  Patient, loving mothers are successful mothers, angry, ill-tempered mothers are much less successful.  This is what ruined Sparta: if they fought no one, they did fine with a very nasty form of child-raising that was brutal.


Once they began really fighting, they quickly used up their gene pool and the Spartan ethos didn’t survive even 50 years of real fighting that decimated their ranks.  They never recovered their fighting spirits after tha.


Destroying feminine love and patience is what modern young females are being taught.  Instead of teaching them in school that loving mothers are great women, it is the opposite!


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26 responses to “Feminists Lie About Women’s Physical Powers All The Time, Destroying True Feminine Powers (Birthing/raising Children!)

  1. Pete

    Female BOSS slaps group of men in the Face!
    Gotta see this, too Funny LOL

  2. Melponeme_k


    Pure mind control. Can you see it? They are creating a dissonance in the brains of these men. Attractive young female that creates desire. This is automatic and natural no matter how much it is controlled. Then they are subjected to a humiliation ritual that equate their pain and suffering with natural desire.

    This is the heart of all mind control torture. Sex is magic and this is magic ritual. Plain and Simple.


    The Williams “sisters” are men who have been changed from birth. You can’t change the male skeleton no matter how much you try. If you see those small tiny hips and big shoulder bones and still say they are women than you are lying. Their bad behavior is totally due to the battle of natural testosterone that wants to be released against the estrogen that is being pumped daily into their bodies.

    There are no real women in the arts, sports or just about anything that matters at all. They are all inverted due to the religious beliefs of the elites.

  3. Petruchio

    @#1 Pete: about the video. This is about the only way women can get away with doing something like that. A guy loses his job if he doesn’t just stand there and take it. But every single one of those guys, if he decides to hell with this job and punches out this slap happy woman, will be able to wipe up the floor with her. I mentioned in an earlier post how the MN State Legislature is trying to pass through a Bill making sex harassment claims easier. There’s a fair amount of case law here and it IS a topic worth debating, but this Bill will make it easier to make successful harassment claims. And this is a feminist powered Bill of course because 90% of sex harassment claims are made BY women AGAINST men. And of course most of these men are White. Don’t think for a second that is a coincidence.

  4. Petruchio

    @#1 Mel: Right on about the Williams sisters!! Check out the physique on Serena and Venus. There are Linebackers in the NFL who aren’t as muscular! And this isn’t a Black Thing. NO female human looks like the Williams sisters. To me it looks pretty obvious how “male-like” muscular the Williams sisters are.

  5. The build of their bodies is due to using male hormones.

  6. Lou

    6—roids are so 30 years ago. Now there are pro hormones, growth factor, insulin. Also exercise that burns body fat makes a woman more manly, as women usually have 20% BF or so..at 10% they stop cycling their periods.

    The Williams “sisters” are men who have been changed from birth—not from birth, how did she have a baby?
    What gets to me is how SW is pushed as ‘beautiful’–there was a huge image of her face on a building.

  7. Lou

    Black women have higher test levels than other types of women. hence the muscle, athleticism and violence. Black women in packs will attack.

  8. mothers day is this sunday it has been over thirty years since my mother died she was an addicted cigarette smoker and died from lung cancer


    ELAINE: My sincere condolences. Addiction is hard.

  9. Melponeme_k

    The base skeleton of all the inverts we see in Pop culture is male. No amount of hormones, growth drugs and inhibitors is going to change the skeleton.

    Male and female skeletons are so different it is amazing. But this information is deliberately being destroyed.


    You think you were looking at a pregnant belly on that Mr. Williams? Really?


    Why didn’t Mr. Williams blow up during pregnancy? Where was the softness in his face, arms and legs? Why was it wearing stiletto heels while “pregnant”?

    I know from my sister’s pregnancy, her feet were so swollen, she could barely handle sneakers on her feet. And she wasn’t an isolated case of that problem! Not only that she was terrified of falling at the end of her term. Wearing big ass heels was the last thing on her mind.

    Not only that none of them EVER sit down as if they are carrying weight in that area. I know from family and friends during their pregnancy that sitting was hard and getting up even harder.

    Don’t make me laugh by defending these things.

  10. Vengeur

    I tuned in to a women’s tennis match a few years ago, and the loud, obnoxious GRUNT/BARK that they would blurt out every time they hit the ball was so annoying that I quickly turned the thing off. Do men do this too?

  11. george greene

    1998: Karsten Braasch vs. the Williams sisters/ ranked 203 among male tennis players at the time, he beat Serena Williams 6-1 and turned around and beat Venus 6-2 after drinking and playing golf. This took place while all three were at the Australian Open.

  12. Petruchio

    Mel: I think you’re right about the likes of Jessica Biel and some of the other popular actresses. If you search the Internet for pictures, you can see some pics that are a tip off that “she” is not a she, “she” is a He!! I’ve seen this with pictures of Jessica Biel. I’ve done some searching of Jessica Biel There are some masculine looking pics of Biel out there.

  13. Melponeme_k


    Yes, Biel is a man raised as a female. They are quite good now with the fat implants but they can never hide the skeletal traits.

    Quick Good way to tell.

    Trace the outer part of the knee cap to the hip. This is generally where the hip joint will be. Trace the hip joint up to the shoulders. If the shoulders are larger, it is a male skeleton.


    A investigator showed how different males and females are to one another due to this trait alone. Her experiment was:

    Take a chair that can be lifted easily and not too heavy. Holding the chair in front of you will automatically engage the stomach muscles. In my voice classes my teachers would have me sing entire lessons this way in order to teach control.

    Now, stand in front of a wall with the chair back against the wall. Bend over and place your head on the wall and you are looking straight down at the chair. Technically you should be at a 90 degree angle. Reach down with your arms and pick up the chair. Now don’t cheat and push off the wall with your head.

    If you are male, you will not be able to stand up while holding this chair. Why? Because your center of mass is high on the body to accommodate your shoulder width.

    Females will be able to stand up with chair in hands without a problem. This is because our center of mass is toward the hips. This is to accommodate pregnancy.

    This is how different males and females are in skeletal development. It can not be changed.

  14. Jim R

    OK, just out of curiosity I looked for some images of Jessica Biel. I don’t usually give a damn about celebrities.

    Yeah, you’ve got a point. Most of the pictures are only face shots, but when you can see her whole body, it isn’t all that feminine looking.

    But still, in the big picture, this is a very temporary phenomenon. Darwin will take care of it. Those individuals who fake their gender will not pass the trait along to future generations.

    I think a lot of blame for this phenomenon belongs with plastics. We have all been exposed to an astonishing array of insidious chemicals in our plastic environment for the last half century or so..

  15. My daughter who was born ‘male’ had female hips. So when she finished the changes, she looks and walks exactly like any woman. But then, she was born ‘different’ in the first place.

    There are plenty of women built like men! Entire populations are this way, such as African tribes, a number of women have ‘men’s bodies’ on the lower build and they get pot bellies and don’t have ‘hips’ that hold fat.

    There are many Asian groups that have this, too. Most European tribal people on the other hand, women tend very much to have fat on the hips, not the stomach.

    This is probably an Ice Age situation whereby storing fat on hips was a survival element.

  16. Melponeme_k


    If your daughter had wide hips and the skeletal build of a female, she was always female. The elite have always been interested in what we are as a species. And I don’t believe they reveal the half of what they know about our development.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a woman with hips smaller than their shoulders. Are they out there? Maybe, but not to the extent that we are led to believe. And I have never come across any built like that and I’ve been looking. I pull up tribal pictures of African women and yes they have a different shape. But all of them have hips that match their shoulders. They may be narrow but their hips are consistent with the shoulders.

    I’m Athabaskan and I have fat on the hips and the stomach. I’m not overweight. I’m stocky and broad shouldered but I have hips to match those big shoulders.

    This is the insidious problem. The elite transgendering themselves is causing horrific social problems. Which is what they intended. Men mistrust women and women mistrust men. Our conception of what is healthy and natural is being destroyed.

    Women developed to hold a certain amount of pudge on their bodies. Even the thinnest of women will have a slight pooch in the belly plus soft arms and legs. People are now comparing healthy women to prepubescent boy bodies and declaring healthy women OBESE! A woman will never be as sleek bodied as a man. And if they starve themselves to be so, they will lose all the secondary feminine traits that make them attractive in the first place and they will lose the ability to conceive children. And THAT is the goal. Apparently the elite don’t want us to procreate.

  17. Jim R


    I’ll have to disagree here. People come in all shapes and sizes. True, that actress isn’t particularly feminine shaped, but it doesn’t mean anything. There isn’t any grand conspiracy to disguise people’s genders.

    For the last century or so, humans from all over the planet have been moving about, and interbreeding and medical technology has been rapidly advancing. So those evolutionary factors that enforced the differences in males and females are no longer in effect, while a variety of shape/size factors from different races have intermixed.

    Something like 20% of human births are now C-Sections. 150 years ago, it was approximately 0%. … For example.

  18. The hourglass European beauty of the previous 4 centuries in Europe has been replaced by the narrow hips, big tits look of Africa/Asia during my own lifetime. I saw it up close and personal.

    Suddenly, in around 1965, girl’s dresses couldn’t fit my hips. The ‘pretty girls’ were now girls with no hourglass shape.

    I have a very Victorian figure and way back in the 1960’s I began to buy second-hand Victorian clothing to show the difference between miniskirts and women’s dress.

    The hourglass figure still is mocked as ‘fat’ when it is not ‘fat’ in the wrong way: women who hold their fat in their stomach area DIE earlier than women who have fat on their hips.

  19. Jim R

    In addition to these evolutionary factors, we have pollution.

    Remember the smell of those vinyl shower curtains when they were new? I kind of liked the smell, because it was associated with being clean..

    Well it turns out that stuff, the plasticizer, is a powerful endocrine disruptor.

    I suppose I didn’t get much of a dose of it, because around our house we would keep the shower curtains until they almost crumbled to dust. Later on, my mother got cloth shower curtains (before the cloth curtains were popular). Mom and dad were biologists, and perhaps they heard the news about the BPA before most..

  20. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Yes, people will be different shapes. Didn’t I say that in my post?

    BUT MEN WILL NEVER HAVE A FEMALE SKELETON!!! Let me repeat. Men will NEVER have female markers on their skeleton. It does not make biological sense. If it did, then women would have been out hunting too and we would all be more androgynous and without sexual dimorphism. But we are not.

    Did you do the the experiment I wrote about in my post? DO IT. And get a wife, sister, daughter or female friend to participate. You’ll see first hand how different men and women are…right down to the BONE.

    It takes a long, long, long time for hereditary traits to change. The tech society is not even an eye blink in terms of time.

    Are the elites inundating us with hormonal blockers and other hormones in our food and water? YES. They admit it in all their books and white papers. POINT BLANK.


    Fashion was changed to hide transgendering, which the elites took part in long before mass media. Big breasts are the only way to distract from a barrel chest that is still too large to be hidden by any size of added breast tissue.

    In regards to fat. Yes, women are being punished for a bit of pudge that used to be celebrated in more tribal days. A woman who could hold on to subcutaneous fat, even when the whole tribe was under starvation rations (due to bad harvests), were women who were highly prized. And that makes sense. It shows, first hand, to any man that this female is strong and will birth healthy babies even during starvation. There was a very good reason why all the goddess statues of early man were portrayed as fat women. Starvation was constant spectre of horror for our ancestors.

  21. Petruchio

    @#14 Mel: well I have to come right out and ask, di Jessica Biel–and others–actually go through with the full transgender thing? Meaning did Biel have her penis removed and replaced with a vagina? Is that even possible? I admit to be a little uninformed in gender changing medical procedures. I assume Biel can have sex but not have babies?

  22. Melponeme_k


    No way to tell. There are open transgenders on Youtube who have done videos on how to tape the genitals back towards the behinds…with duct tape. If they are to be believed. I can only imagine how painful it must be.

    There are videos that show how organs are transitioned to their opposites. It can be done.

    In regards to pop idols and elites, I would think they retain their original sex. Simply because it would mirror their image of god. They believe that god is hermaphroditic.

    If they don’t use a surrogate, the “men” have the children. I’m sure they hold the image of a pregnant male very sacred.

  23. Lou

    20–There are many talks on you tube about plastic and being poisoned by plastic food containers, etc. Leachate.

  24. Jim R

    Are the elites inundating us with hormonal blockers and other hormones in our food and water? YES. They admit it in


    No, it wasn’t like that. Back in the ’50s they figured anything that didn’t kill you outright was OK. So they had this oily stuff that could be used to make vinyl soft and pliable. Using cyanide on the vinyl was very unpopular.

  25. Melponeme_k

    No Jim R. It was like that.

    The studies regarding chemicals changing the brains and characteristics of human beings were first done in Nazi Germany. The Rockefellers and other Nazis in our country, got all these scientists into the United States. Where they were able to continue their studies. It is well known that Flouride in the water was originally a Nazi plan for Germany. Most of the discoveries in mind control technology and practices were from Nazi scientists.

    They want to control us. They deliberately poisoned water and food to change us. Most of the alternate sites think that the elite want to kill us. But I’m starting to move away from that opinion. I think they want to KEEP us here in this level of reality. This is a reality that they control and live in luxury. They don’t want to leave. They don’t want to face the judgement at the end. So they want to cheat death and have little minions around them (us) to cater to their whims and be their fanboys and girls.

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