Democratic Leader Kerry Continues Secret Meetings With Iran Dictator’s Staff In Paris

JOHN KERRY Continues Shadow Diplomacy — Pictured Leaving Meeting with Iranian Officials in Paris …Update: NOT John’s 1st Secret Mtg in Paris.  Arrest Kerry.  This sort of treason is obviously illegal.  Iran has threatened to blow up as many people as possible and so playing footsie with the Mullahs who are screaming ‘Death to America’ is treason.  But then, the DNC doesn’t believe in patriotism, protecting our borders or anything that irritates international Bilderberg gangsters who hate patriotism.  Of course, this news is carefully hidden from view by Bilderberg mainstream media like the very odious and treasonous New York Times, one of the founders of that international gang of hooligans.

Yes, people are calling for Kerry to be arrested if he comes back to the USA.  I agree, he should be arrested.  I was arrested for giving a speech about entering East Germany back in 1968 so I assume Kerry can be arrested, too.  But of course, he is a big shot member of the international Bilderberg gang and thus, has free rein to run riot across the planet and to commit war crimes.  Speaking about crimes:

The North Vietnamese wanted me to chat with them back in 1968 but I only got so far as Strassbourg when all hell broke loose and the student demonstrations were attacked by French tanks and I fled to the Rhein and swam to Germany…only to be arrested a few weeks later, over in Nüremberg.


Kerry, being a top Bilderberg gangster, feels he can go anywhere, do anything and mess up anyone and there will be no reports, no news stories, no angry leaders.  If he is conspiring with foreign powers, they happily assist him.  Their howls of rage at Trump are amusing to watch.  One by one, they are deserting Kerry and the Clintons and sneaking off to make deals with Trump now that even North Korea is doing this.


As per always, the New York Times reports all Trump triumphs as negatively as possible.  The New York Times 

HAHAHA.  For the last two years, every day, without fail, the topmost NYT story has been utterly negative, open attacks on Trump.  Whatever he is doing, they attack him mercilessly.  They still are doing this but note how the issue of ‘Trump is a Russian agent’ has utterly vanished.  Instead of telling readers, ‘It was all fake news, sorry about that,’ the NYT pretends nothing happened.


The NYT is a war crimes operation.  They tag people to be attacked and killed and then make up news about why we must attack and kill innocent bystanders and then lie about how this is going on when it fails, in all systems, the NYT lies and lies so often, they look more like a rug than a rag.

I love how the crazy Bilderberg gang members who run and own the dying New York Times dispense bad advice!  Yes, in California the conservatives should decapitate themselves right when sane people there are waking up to the huge, ugly mess created by liberal policies.  The state is ‘rich’ while going BANKRUPT.  This is due to DNC policies.  The boondoggle ‘super train’ scheme is extremely over budget and doomed to failure due to lack of interest using it, for example.


It is simple to understand: in the Northeast corridor, AMTRAK works because the big cities, especially NYC, have extensive public and taxi transportation systems so hopping the train to DC to NY is easy.  I have done this many times when doing business in DC.  I can hop a train in upstate NY to NYC to DC easily, too.  Airports are difficult because they are outside the city centers but trains go right to the centers, thus, saving a lot of time going to and from airports which cost a lot of money.


I find is funny that the New York Times actually is letting Bilderberg conservatives publish on their front page.  Wow.  HAHAHA.  It won’t save that rag.  As Trump’s popularity ratings soar, the sourpusses on the left groan with rage.  Ingraham: Killjoy Democrats versus an optimistic nation sums up all this liberal misery in this hilarous video from yesterday:


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27 responses to “Democratic Leader Kerry Continues Secret Meetings With Iran Dictator’s Staff In Paris

  1. This just in: Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari warned Western officials this week that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal.

    HAHAHA. Great news! Please, oh please release all the names of the traitors who took Iranian money! Arrest them all. I just wish we could arrest Ronnie Reagan for taking Japanese bribe money, too.

  2. Nani

    In the past few weeks Trump has achieved some things that i find praiseworthy, like the release of the hostages from North Korea. This was a very good thing.

    I am judging Trump on a case to case basis, and when he does something good he deserves acknowledgement.

    Gays and women are having a hard time in Iran, and yet liberals lashes out at Trump for taking a tough stance against this regime? The liberals ought to remember what kind a regime this is. I sympathise with all those young Iranians who yearn for more freedoms and liberties, and so should these so-called liberals do.

  3. Pete

    Hmmmm …. Is this why Kerry seems so animated?
    Macron? Merkel? Would they take a bribe?
    As the worm turns LOL

  4. Nani

    The Turkish leader is obviously stupid, and doesn’t understand how economics works.

    Lira slumps after Erdogan says interest rates ‘evil’

  5. KHS71

    They still think they’re in charge. Kerry is the big fat arrogant doofus that thinks he knows everything. He helps run the moron brigade.

  6. Ken

    Way, way waaaay off topic.

    I cannot resist passing along a truly bizarre and funny conspiracy theory. It contains all of the elements which people frequenting this site like: Trump, Deep State, North Korea, space aliens, false flags and more.


  7. Lou

    off topic–remember when Antioch was shut down, bc someone was wrapped in a white blanket? I read, not on this link, THAT THE SWAT TEAM SHOWED UP,

  8. Christian W

    China on Thursday (May 10th) launched a freight train service that connects its northern regions to Iran’s capital Teheran.

    The new train route will shorten transportation time by at least 20 days compared with ocean shipping.

    Hoping to see if one of those links above turn into a picture on this page.


    The US economic sanctions on Iran will not work. China and Russia will support Iran through the worst of it, and Europe will lose out on a LOT of business if it succumbs to US pressure. The US no longer serves the best interests of Europe.

    The US tried to destroy Russia by destroying the ruble, this did not work and Russia came out much stronger after the attack. The same is happening in Iran, and will most likely be the case with Venezuela even if Venezuela is hit harder by having US vassal states as neighbors that help enforce the sanctions.

  9. Christian W

    May 12
    Washington gives Renault, PSA (Peugeot, Citroën) & other French companies 3 to 6 months to “get out” of Iran. They got their marching orders & we will see what will be the reaction by the Elysee.

  10. Christian W

    Pompeo Hints at N Korea Sanctions Relief, US Investment if Nukes Destroyed

    This is the same deal the US just had with Iran…

    Now NK sits with a winning hand. The ONLY thing the US has is force, and threat of force. The Koreas (with China, Russia) will keep on doing peace, business and unification and the only thing the US can do about that is to destroy, threaten and manipulate, which is NOT a long-term winning strategy.

    No wonder the Trump regime wants to promote the Torture Bitch Bloody Gina to head the CIA.

  11. Christian W

    @ 1

    No point for Iran to threaten anyone at this stage when Europe is seriously considering to ditch the US over the Iran deal. The only source I see for that claim is a Ziospam account (@Raman_Ghavami).

  12. Christian W

    Bolton threatens to sanction Europe

    US ambassador to Germany complains about Nordstream 2

    Nobody likes a bully. This plays right into the hands of Russia’s and China’s strategy of befriending everyone and looking out for mutual interests.

  13. Lou

    Christian, so when is collapse?

  14. Christian W


    I have no idea. First I think the systems are so integrated with each other and so complex that nobody knows what will set things off. Second of all nobody wants a collapse. But… bubbles are bubbles and they will pop sooner or later. Once China and Russia and allies have finished setting up their alternative to the SWIFT system and petrodollar who knows what will happen.

    And… Japan also renews support for the Iran deal. Looks like the One Belt One Road initiative, growth and business, is more appealing than more Neocon destruction for the benefit of Murder Inc.

  15. Christian W

    Netanyahu’s America. This woman is psychotic. Not a word she said has anything to do with factual reality, it’s all Groupthink/Doublethink Likud propaganda. Scary stuff. And you say you have a Maoist problem too…

  16. Nani


  17. Tom W Harris

    Relax, peeps. Kerry’s meeting with the Iranians was personal, not business. They offered him some free cock, and they were setting up a tryst.

  18. HAHAHA, Harris.

    Some people here think that Trump’s confrontational method is bad. But look at years and years of Obama bowing and scraping and obeying foreign powers!!!!

    GOOD LORD. I do not support the government of Iran because it is a dictatorship that crushes its own people. It is hostile and crazy at the same time.

    Yes, China is making inroads there but China loves one way trade and will suck Iran dry when it gets its hooks on Iran.

    Also, Japan isn’t an ‘ally’ it is a LEECH and has been ruthlessly enforcing one way trade with the US for years and years while bribing our leaders.

  19. Nani

    I don’t mind Trump’s assertiveness as long as he avoids triggering WW3 with Russia or China. That would be a red line.

    However, taking a tough stand against islamism, illegal migration, crime, North Korea or the Iranian regime is a good thing in my opinion. He also seems to be reaching out a hand to the Chinese now on the trade issue to find a mutually acceptable agreement. This is encouraging.

  20. Christian W

    Where are President Donald J. Trump’s words for the victims in Palestine to Israeli terrorism? Israel is murdering and maiming children, disabled people protesting from wheel chairs, journalists, women every day. Thousands have been injured or worse. Yet no words against this slaughter by President Trump.

    And now we have this:

    Trump picks bigot pastor who claims Jews are going to Hell to lead prayer at new Jerusalem embassy

    Rank insanity.

  21. Christian W

    Also, Japan isn’t an ‘ally’ it is a LEECH and has been ruthlessly enforcing one way trade with the US for years and years while bribing our leaders.

    And who forces American consumers to buy Japanese shit? That’s right, NOBODY!


    Moreover Japan has invested over a $1 trillion dollars in US treasury papers, enabling the US to bloat it’s military budget and go on foreign crime sprees like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. So it’s simply not true that it is ‘one way trade’. It’s not Japan’s fault US leaders are wasting the money.

    As for bribes, I think it’s pretty safe to conclude US politicans are for sale to the highest bidders, including murderous Zionists and Wahhabi Islamists. Trump is a sterling example of this.

  22. Pete


    Thanks for the video!
    Now I understand why Trump supports Israel to the Max.

    George Carlin:

    We have elections to give the American people the illusion
    that they have a choice.

    Rothschilds play both sides. Hegelian dialectic!

  23. tio

    You’re welcome.

  24. Petruchio

    Say what you want about Trump, but the alternative was Hillary Clinton. I think we (meaning the whole World) would be in a post World War 3 world by now if Hillary won the Election. I wonder how the Elites are gonna rig the next US Presidential Election. Maybe just declare Martial Law and appoint their choice as President?

  25. Christian W

    @ 25 Pet

    Not to polish the Hillary-turd, but Trump is completely nuts (NPD) in his own right. The marriage between the Likud ZioNazis and Rapture-seeking Evangelicals that is the Netanyahu run Trump White House is almost certain to trigger a global war. If it somehow does not go nuclear the global fallout will certainly make sure that there will be indeterminate Martial Law. You may be stuck with Trump for a long, long time….

    Netanyahu will finally have his war on Iran for Greater Israel. No wonder he is ecstatic.

    And in all of this Julian Assange is about to get disappeared into a torture dungeon by the US/UK.

  26. The End of Times people on BOTH the far left and far right are VERY DANGEROUS because they are INSANE.

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