England Is Destroying Free Speech, Will Put Any Opposition Leaders In Prison If Followers Are RUDE Online!

This Week in Stupid (13/05/2018) – YouTube


England is leaving the EU but the Real Rulers in London hate this and are dragging their feet in leaving the EU.  Meanwhile, the elites in England are busy killing the internet so citizens, like in Sweden and Germany and France, will be put in prison for posting the ‘wrong stuff’ online especially talking about Muslim terrorists like the one who attacked and killed in Paris this week.  All discussions about the Muslim invasion of Europe are forbidden by Bilderberg operatives in Europe and Canada and other no-free speech countries.


Sargon, who comes from the Middle East and now lives in London, talks about all these verboten things.  Anyone in Europe who is against the destruction of society via inserting millions of angry Muslim males, is censored on the internet but due to being increasingly popular, the Real Rulers are now openly passing rules and regulations allowing them to imprison people if FOLLOWERS are found to be ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Muslim’.


Then, they can put the top resistence people into prison for up to two years due to what their followers post online.  Of course, government agents can post racist/anti-Muslim stuff online and then rig an arrest.


And they know this perfectly well.  When I was young, they did this sort of thing, too.  I had to be very alert about being framed and WAS framed which caused a riot when I was arrested and then they tried to blame the riot on me, not themselves.  Well, I had proof that I told everyone to stand back and do nothing because this was a set-up.


So I couldn’t be charged with ‘inciting a riot’ but the police know how to rig these sort of ‘crimes’ and Europe’s rulers are now very anxious as more and more people vote to exit the messed up EU which is oppressing them and destroying civil order deliberately.

The Suicide of Europe – YouTube


The deal the Real Rulers made with native Europeans is, ‘We will give you welfare and goodies if you allow us to do was we please,’ so voters go for this over and over again but now the pain of these Bilderberg actions is hitting harder and harder as angry Muslim males take over streets, public transport, parks, pools, everywhere and are systematically attacking and destroying whoever is nearby.


People Actually Found A Way To Use Melania’s Surgery To Attack Trump is in the news: the First Lady has kidney surgery which is no laughing matter and the ‘humanitarians’ on the left who wail and whine about people being hurt…go out of their way to attack a lady in a hospital and joke about her health and hope she dies.  This disgusting, inhuman behavior of people who claim to love humanity doesn’t surprise me: all communist societies are heartless and cruel towards the ‘little people.’


University’s Alleged ‘Hate Crime Epidemic’ Dries Up After 400 Security Cameras Installed:the liberal schools were hotbeds of racism and sexism…all attacks nearly uniformly carried out by ‘victims’ trying to frame white males.


[…]The vast majority of the incidents last fall were racists notes slipped under students’ doors or left in mailboxes, as well as racist vandalism and racial slurs “overheard” by others. Some anti-Semitic graffiti has also been reported.


It has been obvious for quite a while that racists are the ‘victims.’  These fake attacks happen at very liberal schools that are run by SJW teachers.


During the spree of reported hate and bias incidents, there was much racial unrest and protests on campus. The cameras appear to have helped nip all that in the bud.


[…]“The cameras have certainly augmented our existing security on campus. Plus, an increase in diversity and inclusivity educational programming has taken place over the last several months, led by the areas of Academic Affairs and Student Life. Such programming has resulted in productive discourse and conversation on these important topics,” [school spokesperson Tricia Oliver] said. “What we have seen, is a greater sentiment of unity.”


This ‘training’ is actually Maoist indoctrination.  There is no such thing as a ‘liberal’ school anymore.  The SJW gang has destroyed liberalism.  Now, we have indoctrination.  No dissent of any sort is tolerated.  One cannot discuss genetics, for example.  The ideology claims very falsely that men and women are the same, there is zero differences and the races have the same skill sets and body strength, etc.


At the same time, no one on the left discusses why nearly all basketball players, sprinters, etc. are black.  Or why high IQ people are mainly Chinese, East Asians, Jews, etc.  Any distinctions based on obvious sex/race facts is verboten.  The fact that virtually no women on the planet are in the top 500 math geniuses or chess players is…verboten.


Our schools are being systematically destroyed due to this insane ideology, our systems are beginning to malfunction more and more due to women being treated like ‘men’…for example, weakening fire fighter forces, military forces, police, construction, etc by inserting weaker women to do work men do easily.


As a construction person, I knew I was weaker than the men I hired to work for me!  At the same time, I did my best, my real skill was figuring out how to do things, organizing things and expediting things but I did the cement/carpentry, etc. work alongside the men.


This ideology that women and men are identical harms WOMEN.  It endangers everyone.  It is stupid.


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25 responses to “England Is Destroying Free Speech, Will Put Any Opposition Leaders In Prison If Followers Are RUDE Online!

  1. Petruchio

    “This ‘training’ is actually Maoist indoctrination. There is no such thing as a ‘liberal’ school anymore. The SJW gang has destroyed liberalism.” Destruction is what these people are all about. Not fairness. Not equality. Not “Justice”. These SJW types–and their Fellow Travellers–are about destroying White Western Culture. Why? Because they want Power. They want to impose their World View on the rest of us and they know they can’t achieve their goals honestly. There’s no arguing with the SJW people. You have to oppose them with Force.

  2. Racism and sexism are increasingly deemed unacceptable in the mainstream because they’re bad economics. Presuming what people can and can’t do based on these criteria leads to inefficiencies. So our culture is evolving.

  3. Christian W

    These are important issues. What is so annoying is that they have been weaponized to cause as much frictions as possible, precisely to cause havoc in our societies instead of progress. People here blame ‘communists’ but it really is part of the Neoliberal 1 % eilte attack.

    Action – reaction leads to crystallized interest groups always attacking each other ie. Divide and Conquer. Same forces pulling ALL the strings.

    Neoliberalism = Cannibalism.
    Cannibals = the Elites
    Food = the rest of us.

  4. Oguy

    “Presuming what people can and can’t do based on these criteria leads to inefficiencies. So our culture is evolving.”

    Well, our culture may be evolving along a few vectors, but few of us with halfway open eyes would be able to dismiss the multiple countercurrents that have been accompanying them. It’s like moving one step forward and two steps back, all at the same time. What happens? You get split apart– the first step that leads to disintegration.

    You could include among these countercurrents the broad-based tendency to reduce questions of moral and aesthetic value to pure economics, whether measured in terms of “efficiency” or just plain dollars.

    No doubt racism does generate inefficiencies. But what about presuming equality of ability a priori, independently of demonstrated skill, even short of any agenda of “reverse racism”? Doesn’t this also lead to inefficiencies? If so, which set of inefficiencies is greater? Is there perhaps a happy medium between these two approaches– one that might be empirically rather than ideologically based, and exercised on a individual rather than collective basis? OK, maybe not as far as electoral politics is concerned, with its need to generate and appeal to broad voting constituencies, just to mention one other major source of inefficiency 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    “Sargon, who comes from the Middle East […]”

    Either Swindon, Wiltshire, England is now considered to be in the Middle East or Elaine couldn’t be bothered to do basic research. AGAIN.

  6. I meant HIS ANCESTORS. Thanks for the correction, I know he lives in England. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. Anonymous

    Sargon of Akkad is an English bloke named Carl Benjamin.

    I don’t have a clue what supposed Middle Eastern ancestors of his you’re talking about and I suspect neither do you.

  8. Oguy

    Sargon of Akkad. It would make a great name for a hair stylist.

    Failing a detailed genealogy for this Sargon character, “The Benjamin surname is derived from the Hebrew personal name Benjamin, which literally means “son of the south,” or “son of the right hand.” … Thus, the Benjamin surname is Hebrew in origin, but English as a surname, and may be carried by either Christians or Jews.”


    ELAINE: AND…this means I was 100% correct his family comes from…the MIDDLE EAST. Thanks.

  9. Lou

    4–some of us study real cannibals.
    Check John Podestas ‘art work.’

  10. Oguy

    A cannibal suffering from indigestion went to his witch doctor, and so the witch doctor asked the cannibal to describe his most recent meal.

    “Well”, said the cannibal, it was this guy with a shaved head who wore a robe, a crucifix and a pair of sandals”.

    “And how did you prepare him?” asked the witch doctor.

    The cannibal replied, “You know, the usual way– we boiled him in a kettle”.

    “No wonder you’re sick”, said the witch doctor, “that man was a friar”.

  11. Tom W Harris

    Don’t say nothin’ bad about muh hamhead…

  12. Lou

    I found this, CENTURION said…The Wedding—

    As for the Royalty. Here’s a really far out (but feasible) theory:

    This is planned. Hairy Prince Harry has basically no chance of becoming Kang. He is like 4th in line, so what better way to F the masses, and show them “the truth, the way, and the light” than INTENTIONALLY marrying a non-White.

    Think about it. She is half negro. Their kids are going to be mulatto, ugly, defective, mutants and is that not what the One World elite want? They want to exterminate the White race and who says they won’t sacrifice their own?

    Numerous books/articles have mentioned the way they pick wives/mistresses/girl-friends so as to maximize the characteristics in the Sons who are to carry on the goal of World domination. They are EXTREMELY thoughtful on who marries whom. It is well known they pick “surrogates” for their sons to breed with, beyond just a wife, so as to have more potentials to pick from. Wives agree to this BEFORE any wedding.

    These are greedy, self-righteous, cruel people. I can see the “Royals” and advisers sitting in their conference rooms, inside their Banks, planning all this. Prince Henry lives high and has it made for his entire life and what does he care if his “sons” are Sambos since he, like his dad, his dead race-traitor mom, etc, RULE the World? Do you think somebody raised in that kind of elite world has normal feelings? If by marrying down he can advance his families World Control, along with their Bank Family buddies, then….so be it.

    This is being used to exterminate the remaining Whites of England. The Elite (those being sacrificed for the good of the Banking Cartel) can hold up the mustard-turd first born saying; “Hey, British girls, you too can have one of these hip and modern mulatto nigglets if you just turn your back on the boring White boys and f@ck one of these Africans we have imported just for you !!!

    The plan is to make having NON-WHITE, negro babies, the Modern British way of life. The killer blow. Brilliant move. A negro is the Royalty over the Whites. Brilliant.

    How’s that for a realistic move on the part of the Elite to exterminate us?

    May 19, 2018 at 11:17 AM

  13. Look, Lou, the British empire ruled much of Africa for generations. This unites both the native Brits with their former colonies. Both are going off the economic cliff together.

    Lou, you are a racist and can’t see where strengths are, you hate black people mindlessly. Black people had to survive without civilizations arising for all time until conquered by outsiders who imposed modern civilization on them but it is rapidly devolving back to where Subsahara Africa was 100 years ago.

    Britain is going backwards just as fast. All of Europe has invited invaders who are strong physically but weak in intelligence but then the British royals are renown for being STUPID.

    Inbreeding! They are now out-breeding but not to super smart people but to people who are at the same intellectual level as they are. If they were smart, they would be very dangerous.

    Luckily, they are dumb.

    And very ‘white’ ‘NORMAN’ who, after 1,000 years ruling Europe, are bred for stupidity once they stopped dying in battle.

  14. Lou

    15–Actually I dont hate anyone. That is not the right term. I am a race realist.

    but it is rapidly devolving back to where Subsahara Africa was 100 years ago.–actually with White Mans JuJu the afros are a billion and increasing in numbers,

    It is not racism to note, Hollywood has shifted so that 100% of the “bad guys” in movies are White men. Usually nationalists. Muslims are typically the gentle compassionate characters. White women are the intelligent ones who come up with the ideas, while black men and women are the ones who put ideas into action. It’s a tried and true formula.

  15. Jim R

    Royal Wedding 2018 in Black Pigdin

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don marry!

    Di ceremony happen for Windsor Castle and plenti celebrities full ground.

    Na British designer Clare Waight Keller do di dress wey di bride wear.

    Prince Charles, wey be Prince Harry papa, na him hold Ms Markle hand waka inside St George’s Chapel.
    Royal Wedding 2018: How Meghan fit change Britain royalty

    Afta di wedding, di couple go cari di title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


  16. Lou

    17–Your humor escapes me this time.

  17. She isn’t from Jamaica. I wish she was, they have a wonderful accent.

  18. Jim R

    Someone posted that in another forum, and I found it amusing. And to me, it was interesting that the BBC translates their news/propaganda into Pidgin. They probably have a Yiddish version of it as well … is Yiddish still a living language?

  19. Lou

    20–why was Yiddish ditched? I read theres a conspiracy to that.

  20. Yiddish is very much alive, you schmucks! (joking use of that word I grew up with).

    It lives in the Jewish ghettoes in NY and NJ and Israel. I lived in the middle of all that when I was Mrs. Levy.

  21. Lou

    22-But it is not the official language in Israel, so its officially dead. WHY?

  22. Jim R

    It’s probably more of a living language than Hebrew to be honest about it. Hebrew is like Esperanto or Java, with all its syntax and semantics and arcane rules.

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